24 Best Songs About the Beach

If you are searching for songs about the beach, you can find many songs that have catchy lyrics, an excellent rhythm, a custom chorus and multiple types of music. You could also examine the theme of the song, the musician and the history of the song, and you may easily compare many types of songs.

1. Island in the Sun – Weezer

Weezer - Island In The Sun

During 1992, Weezer created this famous song, and since the 1990s, the well-known band has produced more than 25 albums. The song features lyrics that describe the sea, enjoyable holidays, local beaches and many types of activities.

Several musicians played guitars, yet the band also contained a famous drummer who improved the quality of the song. According to multiple reviews, the song has a relaxing rhythm that can substantially reduce stress. When you visit the beach, you could play the song in the background, and the song can improve the experiences of beachgoers.

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2. Some Beach – Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Music Video)

In 2004, Blake Shelton released a song that described a picturesque beach, and the singer describes a faraway beach that has a sizable umbrella, warm waters and soft sand. The lyrics also mention large trees that are situated on the beach. When Blake Shelton created the song, he also added lyrics that describe beachgoers who are drinking margaritas. Additionally, the singer mentions that the beachgoers can observe the beautiful sunset during the evening, and the singer also describes visitors who are dancing on the beach.

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3. Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters

The Drifters - Under the Boardwalk

During 1964, the Drifters created a song that describes beachgoers, a long boardwalk, the gorgeous sunset and a local beach. After the band released the song, the band received several types of awards, and since the 1960s, the popularity of the song has increased. While visitors explore local boardwalks, some guests may listen to the song and many fans have created outstanding reviews that describe the song.

4. Only the Ocean – Jack Johnson

In 2010, Jack Johnson released a song that describes the ocean, the tide, the beach and multiple types of seasons. When the artist created the song, he added background music that promoted relaxation, enhanced well-being and reduced anxiety. The musician also created a music video that featured multiple surfers, and during the music video, the surfers described several animals that are located within the ocean. The surfers also relaxed near the beach, and the athletes described the benefits of surfing, several types of waves and the changing tides.

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5. Summertime – Will Smith

This song was written by Will Smith, and the well-known actor created the song in 1991. The lyrics describe the summer months, fun activities and multiple sports. The singer also mentions the warm temperatures, and the artist briefly describes people who are washing their cars. During the last decade, the popularity of this song increased, and according to multiple reports, more than 5.5 million fans have downloaded the song.

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6. Beyond the Sea – Bob Darin

Bob Darin is a famous musician who has created many types of songs, and during 1958, he released a song that described the beach, the sea, the soft sands and the benefits of sailing. The lyrics also mention the birds that frequently fly above the beach. The singer received several types of awards, and since the 1950s, many filmmakers have created movies that feature the song.

During 2007, a fan posted a video that complements the song, and according to several reports, more than 20+ million people have watched the video. Many fans have also created excellent reviews that describe the song, the lyrics and the well-known musician.

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7. Soak up the Sun – Cheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow - Soak Up The Sun

In 2002, Cheryl Crow released a song that describes friends who would like to visit the beach. The musician plays the guitar, and she created lyrics that mention the local beach, enjoyable activities and the benefits of sunlight. The musician also created a music video that shows beachgoers, large waves, palm trees and talented surfers. Multiple movies feature this song, and once a filmmaker adds the background music, the producer can create detailed scenes that show characters who are enjoying the beach.

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8. Catch a Wave – The Beach Boys

Catch A Wave (Stereo/Remastered 2001)

Since the 1960s, the Beach Boys have created many popular songs that have positive lyrics, fast-paced music and a cheerful message. During 1963, the well-known band released a song that describes talented surfers, and the lyrics mention the beach, the waves, the coastline and the warm sunlight. The musicians indicate that surfing is the greatest sport, and during the last 59 years, many surfers have frequently listened to this song.

9. Summer Nights – Grease Cast

In 1978, two musicians created a song that examined summer weather, local beaches and enjoyable nights. The lyrics also mention the sunshine, and the song describes a romantic relationship, a friendship and the benefits of the summer weather.

Initially, the musicians wrote the song because the musicians were creating a local movie, and the song complemented multiple types of scenes. Once the filmmakers released the movie, the popularity of the song increased, and since the 1970s, many radio stations have frequently played the famous song.

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10. At the Beach – The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers have created multiple songs that describe local beaches, and in 2004, the band released a song that describes the shoreline, the picturesque sky, the gorgeous weather and the large piers. The lyrics mention people who are dancing on the beach, and the lyrics also encourage the listeners to reduce stress. The band manages an annual music festival that has improved the popularity of the song. If a guest attends the music festival, the visitor can see the band, enjoy the song, purchase multiple types of souvenirs and meet other fans.

11. When the Sun Goes Down – Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney, Uncle Kracker - When The Sun Goes Down (Official Video)

During 2004, Kenny Chesney created a song that can help visitors to relax at the beach. The lyrics mention the warm water, the benefits of sunlight, a summer night and several types of sunglasses. The song also describes a beachgoer who is relaxing in a hammock, and the visitor is enjoying a cold beverage. The musician also created a music video that shows beachgoers, a historical van, palm trees and a local beach. During the music video, the musician plays the guitar, and he encourages many people to dance on the beach.

12. In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry

Mungo Jerry - In the summertime

Mungo Jerry is a famous artist who has released several types of songs, and during 1970, the musician wrote a song that describes the summer months, the warm weather, the beautiful sky and fun activities. The song mentions friends who are relaxing near the beach, yet the song also describes beachgoers who are swimming in the warm water.

After the musician released the song, a local band also created another version of the song. In the United Kingdom, the musician received several types of awards, and during the 1970s, many musicians praised the innovative song, the musician and the alternative version of the song.

13. Cake By the Ocean – DNCE

DNCE - Cake By The Ocean

During 2015, a popular band created a song that describes multiple types of parties, and the young musicians usually enjoy parties near the beach. When the musicians customized the song, the artists created positive lyrics, improved the theme and enhanced the background music. The musicians also made a music video that shows a band near the ocean, and the music video features many beachgoers who are enjoying a party.

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14. The Boys of Summer – Don Henley

If you enjoy songs about the beach, you may frequently listen to this song, and the lyrics mention the empty beach, the empty streets, the summer weather and the healthy sunlight. The lyrics also describe a love story, and the musician reminisces about the summertime. When Don Henley created the song, the famous song quickly increased the popularity of the musician, and in 1984, he received multiple types of rewards. The musician has also created many songs that describe several relationships, the benefits of love and the summertime.

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15. I Want to Go to the Beach

I Want To Go To The Beach

A well-known band released a song that describes palm trees, the local beaches and the warm water. The song has a relatively slow tune, and when the alternative brand created the song, the musicians modified the lyrics, utilized multiple types of lyrics and created a music video.

16. All Summer Long – Kid Rock

Kid Rock - All Summer Long [Official Music Video]

Kid Rock is a famous artist that has released many popular songs, and the band has created rock music, country music and pop music. In 2007, the artist released a song that focuses on the summertime, yet according to him, the storyline originated in 1989.

The song describes friends who are located in Michigan, and the friends frequently explored the local beaches, enjoyed camping and visited the nearby docks. The friends also swam in the water, and despite the warm weather, the water was usually cold near Michigan. The song describes the friends who were relaxing near the lake, and the friends frequently watched the sunset.

During the last 15 years, the artist has received multiple types of awards, and many musicians have praised the song, the musician and the lyrics.

17. Sea and Sand – The Who

The Who - Sea And Sand

During 1973, a rock band created a song that mentions the beach, the sea and the soft sand. The lyrics also describe parties near the beach, yet the lyrics also mention multiple people who may encounter tough situations. During the 1970s, the group released similar songs that substantially increased the profitability of the album. The band also hosted music festivals that attracted more than 100,000 visitors, and while the band was promoting the song, the group earned several awards.

18. Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (Official Music Video)

Otis Redding is a famous musician who created the lyrics of this song, and the musician released the song during 1967. Moreover, Steve Cropper helped the musician to write the song. Steve Cropper is a well-known guitarist, and since 1958, he has worked with more than 12 musicians.

When the musicians wrote the song, the musicians remembered a local pier that was situated near a shipyard. Many people frequently sat on the dock, and the visitors could observe the beach, the large boats and the sunset. The guests also described the tide that affected the boats, the swimmers, the surfers and the shipyard, and when the tide was high, some visitors enjoyed surfing in the bay.

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19. Knee Deep

Zac Brown Band - Knee Deep Feat. Jimmy Buffett (Official Music Video) | You Get What You Give

This song describes a man who is standing in the water, and the man is watching the nearby beach. The man can feel the warm breeze, the fast-moving water and the refreshing sunlight. He also notices the high tide, and he observes a picturesque sunrise. The lyrics indicate that the ocean substantially improved his mood. While he is exploring the beach, the ocean reduced anxiety, enhanced well-being and increased energy.

20. New Light – John Mayer

John Mayer - New Light (Official Audio)

John Mayer is a famous musician who can play the guitar, and since the 1990s, he has created many popular songs. This song encourages the listeners to examine new perspectives, and lyrics describe a man who is traveling to Malibu, California. Once he reaches Malibu, he can explore the beaches, the beautiful city and the nearby parks, and while he is relaxing on a beach, he could observe the sunset, the waves and the palm trees.

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21. Somewhere on a Beach – Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley - Somewhere On A Beach (Official Music Video)

During 2016, a well-known musician wrote a song that describes a traveler who would like to visit a beach. The traveler visited local beaches, enjoyed multiple parties and watched the sunset, and the visitor also enjoyed the summer weather. The lyrics also mention a beach towel, stylish sunglasses and the refreshing sunlight.

22. Wipe Out – Surfaris

Surfaris - Wipe Out

In the 1980s, a famous band examined several songs that are related to surfing, and eventually, the group created a song that describes surfers who encountered large waves. Many of the surfers were unable to remain upright, yet some athletes were able to follow the large waves. The song describes the warm water, the picturesque beaches and multiple types of waves.

Since 1988, multiple filmmakers have added the song to movies, and these films feature experienced surfers, amateur athletes and beachgoers. The band also created a music video that complements the song, and if you watch the music video, you can examine historical instruments, numerous types of surf boards and the acoustic guitars.

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23. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (Official Music Video)

If you are searching for a cheerful song, you could listen to this song, and the lyrics describe a person who is exploring a beach. The person is enjoying the sunlight, the warm breeze and the picturesque ocean, and the sunlight can substantially enhance well-being, reduce anxiety and stimulate creativity.

The band created the song during 1983, yet since the 1980s, the popularity of the song increased. Many fans frequently listen to the song before they visit local beaches. The fans could also watch a music video that features a famous singer, and when the fans watch the music video, the fans will see beachgoers, a picturesque park and a sizable lake.

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24. Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun (2019 Mix)

During 1969, the Beatles wrote a famous song that describes the sun, and the catchy song mentions sunlight that can improve well-being, promote relaxation and melt the ice. When the Beatles created the lyrics, the band examined the sunlight during the springtime. The sunlight can quickly melt the snow, and the sunlight can help many plants to grow. According to several reports, the musicians wrote the song in a large garden, and the band utilized acoustic guitars that enhanced the tune of the song. Since the 1960s, the popularity of the song has increased, and multiple movies have featured the well-known song.

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