Welcome to Music Grotto!

My name is Liam, the founder and editor of this website/blog. I’m an American guy who has had a love for music for years upon years now. I still remember many nights spent in my room listening to my favorite artists over and over again, and pretending I was them as I danced and sang on my bed. Music has been and will always be a critical passion of mine, and I wanted to create this website to help people with learning specific aspects of music and growing with their desired craft.

My mission with this website and blog is to help inspire and educate aspiring artists. Through repetition, in-depth absorption of content, and intuitive functioning, one can become a much, much better musical artist than one is now. Many people believe that artists were born amazing at the craft, which is not the case in 99% of musicians. Practice makes perfect!

Sure, talent can be a great thing to have, and it will certainly allow you to enjoy the process of studying and honing your musical craft, but it won’t make you the best that you possibly can be.

Through the blog, I want to help people become better at their desired musical talent.

Please enjoy my blog and if you’re studying to become the best you can be, then be sure to come back again and again as we release more content!


Main Writer - James Croad

Hey! My name is James! I’m the primary writer for MusicGrotto.com. I’ve been a singing instructor for 15 years now and write for the site on the side. I have a deep passion for music and love unlocking the abilities in others. Please reach out to james.croad@musicgrotto.com for any special inquiries.


HR/Marketing - Jenna Carson

My name is Jenna and I’m the HR and Marketing Director for MusicGrotto.com. I have 20 years of HR management experience and am very excited to make an impact on the team!