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Music Grotto is a leading music entertainment website with content primarily focused on editorial music lists and music information. Looking for some juicy songs, albums, bands and more from the past, present and future? Look no further than our information-focused music & entertainment content.

We launched in 2018 as a skill focused website related to singing, guitar and piano. Later on, we expanded into creating music lists and focused our energy primarily on providing entertaining music content for readers to enjoy. While we still produce some skill focused content, we have shifted the bulk of our focus to providing interesting fact and opinion pieces related to all different aspects of music. Now, we operate as a small team that works directly with passionate music lovers and journalists to provide our readers with detailed music insight.

Our content is created by working with journalists and writers across the globe who have unique experiences creating media and/or music content for different publications. We then review, edit and format content to fit our brand’s opinion and publish the content for readers to enjoy. It’s important for us to ensure that every piece of content provides high-value entertainment and intelligent opinion related to Music Grotto’s editorial processes. Everyone involved with content production at Music Grotto has a unique passion for music, whether directly related to various musical skills or simply a hunger to listen to and form knowledgeable opinion on songs, artists, bands, and more.

Liam Flynn – Head Editor

Liam is the head editor and founding member of Music Grotto.

Liam created Music Grotto in 2018 as a side project while attending college at Oregon State University. An avid music lover, editor and writer, he enjoys forming music opinion pieces for the website and distributing content to monthly visitors. He’s been learning the editorial ropes since 2015 and is excited to bring music content from some of the best media journalists across the globe to his audience on Music Grotto.

He received a Bachelor’s in Finance from Oregon State and moved into an Industrial sales role after school, whilst simultaneously continuing his passion for writing, editing and producing music content for Music Grotto. Liam is continuing to hone content production on this website, and his goal is to further expand the content production and distribution of music content, whilst also maintaining and improving upon editorial standards.

Jana Exconde – Editor

Jana is an editor at Music Grotto.

Jana’s experience working as a digital marketing associate for an IT company lends itself well to her role at Music Grotto. She has extensive experience with creating articles and other content pages, white papers, PR articles and more within WordPress.

Jana is also a very multi-talented person! She plays the piano proficiently and is currently learning ukulele, too. Some of her favorite musicians are Billy Joel, Michael Bublé, and Celine Dion. Her love of music attracted her to this role and her attention to detail is what sets her apart from the rest.

Jenna Lee – Graphic Design

Jenna is a Graphic Designer at Music Grotto.

Her talent with graphic design is readily apparent, as her fantastic designs are featured prominently on Music Grotto. She’s worked in various industries creating outstanding graphic design materials and is constantly honing and refining her craft with tools such as Adobe Photoshop to stay on top of the latest trends in graphic design.

Her specialties include creating graphics for editorial magazines, social media marketing materials, brochures and infographics.

Some of Jenna’s favorite music artists are Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande and she likes to listen to Pop & R&B/Soul!

Contact Addresses

Head Editor – Liam Flynn – liam@musicgrotto.com

Editor – Jana Exconde – jana.exconde@musicgrotto.com

Editor – Janiz Adlawan – jadlawan@musicgrotto.com

Graphic Designer – Jenna Lee – lieolaes@musicgrotto.com

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Jenna Carson – jenna.carson@musicgrotto.com

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Products: Making music can be as expensive or inexpensive as the artist needs, but we find that most artists are always looking at different products to help them expand their capabilities. That’s where our top tier round up reviews of different products in respective music categories come into play. Look no further than Music Grotto to find the products you want and need!

Guides & Tips: We also help artists with specific tips and guides to further develop their craft. While most tips may be geared to beginners, some tips are also useful for seasoned performers. We are actively striving to be a hub resource for different music makers to learn, refine and expand their musical interests.

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