My name is Liam, the founder and editor of this website/blog.

My mission with this website and blog is to help inspire and educate aspiring artists. Through repetition, in-depth absorption of content, and intuitive functioning, one can become a much, much better singer and musical artist than one is now. Many people believe that artists were born amazing at the craft, which is not the case in almost every person I've ever witnessed.

Sure, talent can be a great thing to have, and it will certainly allow you to enjoy the process of studying and honing your musical craft, but it won't make you the best that you possibly can be.

If you don't think you have any talent, then think again! 

Much of musical learning comes from your practice and techniques that you utilize to approach the learning process, rather than being born just 'good at it'.

Through the blog, I want to help people become better at their desired musical talent. Currently we write about singing the most, as it's the skill that's most often thought of as 'innate' or one you must be 'born able to do'. While you can have great talent to start off, it's certainly not a necessity to becoming great, so don't think you have to be a good singer now to be a good singer period. You can learn and develop your voice and all musical skillsets with practice and proper guidance.

Please enjoy my blog and if you're studying to become the best talent you can be, then be sure to come back again and again as I release more content!