21 Best Songs About The Sun & Sunshine Of All Time

The earth’s living things gain much from the sun’s light. For example, because the sun is known to exude beneficial energy, it is mentioned in a number of songs to depict feelings of happiness and positivity. Here are is a list of the best songs about the sun and sunshine ever made:

1. “The Sound Of Sunshine” – Michael Franti and Spearhead

Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine

Michael Franti had a near-death experience in 2009 after suffering from a ruptured appendix. Franti was relieved to be alive after his recovery, especially since the sun could not shine on him while he was in the hospital. After the experience, Franti decided to record the song in 2010 while he was on the road, which John Meyer then used as an encore. Franti suggests in the song that we should cherish the presence of sunlight whenever it shines on us. Through the song, Franti conveys his experience of how the sun feels so good while you’re attempting to heal your body.

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2. “Sunshine” – Matisyahu

Matisyahu - Sunshine

Matisyahu wrote this pop song in 2012 with the help of his producer Kool Kojak and guitarist DP Holmes. The song, according to Matisyahu, is about reconnecting with your history by having methods to go back in time. You can reconnect with your youth in a variety of methods, including recollection, meditation, and songs. You should never forget where you came from since it is why you are where you are now.

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3. “Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun” – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

This track is one of the songs about the sun, as the title suggests. This song was released in 1968 and appeared on Floyd’s second album. According to Roger Waters, this song was just one of his that he thought highly of. Except for the title, the phrases from the songs were inspired by a collection of the Tang Dynasty. The inspiration was Chinese poetry with which Roger Waters had.

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4. “Sunshine On My Shoulders” – John Denver

John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulders (Official Audio)

On an early spring day in Minnesota in 1971, John Denver never stops explaining how he penned this song. When Denver composed this song, the weather was cold, and rain fell gently. Denver realizes that he preferred the warm weather as it made him happy. As time goes on, he begins to look forward to spending more time outside and basking in the sun. He sings about how lovely the landscape is and how the sun felt on his shoulders. A great ode to sunshine, if we do say so ourselves.

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5. “Walking On Sunshine” – Katrina And The Waves

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (Official Music Video)

This song was written by Kimberly Rew, the founder of Katrina & the Waves, in 1983. This track is a pop song about pure happiness. The lady in the song was insecure about her love. She later learns that her crush is in love with her. The lady appears to be doing a happy dance as she is ecstatic to meet him and hopes he will stick with her. Her face must be sparkling as she has sunshine in her soul. This is probably one of the most prominent songs about walking of all time.

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6. “The Sun Will Rise” – Kelly Clarkson

The pop song was released in 2011 and features a character who gives a buddy heartfelt comfort for how the problems they are facing in their lives right now will not break them. You will always manage to break through, no matter how difficult circumstances are. In the sun, the sun symbolizes hope. The sun will rise one day, and everything will be fine because what does not kill you makes you stronger. Therefore, this is the song for those who used to be bullied and harassed at home, school or place of work—the sun will always shine on them to give them comfort.

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7. “You are My Sunshine” – Ray Charles

You Are My Sunshine

In 1962, this Grammy-winning jazz song was released. Ray Charles penned this song as a tribute to his little girl, who was the sun in his otherwise dark skies. Ray says in the song that he has no joy when he is separated from his young girl. When he is with his young girl, though, there is never a dull moment. This young girl is his life, and she gives him meaning and motivation to confront the challenges that lie ahead.

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8. “Blister In The Sun” – Violet Femmes

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

This track is among one of the best sunshine songs ever and was written by Violent Femmes’ lead singer Gordan Gano and initially appeared on the band’s album in 1983. At the time of its release, Gordan Gano was only 19 years old. Gano has been tight-lipped about the song, but he has stated that it is about the strung-out sensation that comes with substance addiction. In the 1980s, this song developed a cult following and was popular on American university radio. It has now been regarded as a genre masterpiece.

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9. “Trip Around The Sun“ – Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney - Trip Around the Sun (Official Video)

The pop track is one of the most well-known sunshine songs, released in 2009. The narrator of this song is bored of the gloomy weather and grey clouds in his life, implying that he is dissatisfied. The people around the narrator appear to be content and happy because the sun is shining brightly on them. The narrator then begs those who have a lot of sunshine to share it with those who don’t have much because they can achieve great major accomplishments together.

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10. “Brighter Than The Sun” – Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than The Sun (Official Video)

This song was released in 2011. Colbie sings about the highs and lows of her romance with Justin Young in the song. The song says that they both enjoyed some really pleasant and unforgettable moments, particularly at the start of their relationship. The majority of the words in this song describe how wonderful sentiments are during a healthy romantic relationship. These lovely moments exemplified the relationship’s sunshine.

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11. “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” – Bill Withers

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine (Official Audio)

This track is a famous song written by Booker T. Jones and released in 1971. In the song, the narrator’s spouse occasionally just leaves him at home alone without informing him if she will return. In addition, the narrator has no idea if his spouse will be back. The narrator considers his spouse to be his sunshine. As a result, her behavior causes his entire world to come to a halt, and there is no sunshine or warmth for him.

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12. “Chasing The Sun” – The Wanted

The Wanted - Chasing The Sun

This song was released in 2012 and was an electro-pop hit. The song is about pursuing one’s life goals. It encourages people to pursue their dreams while enjoying having fun in the process. Individuals should not give up since problems are inevitable in life, but only by overcoming them will you thrive. The clear message delivered by this song is that it is never that serious, so just chase that sun.

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13. “Soak Up The Sun” – Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow - Soak Up The Sun

In 2002, this pop song was released. Crow is mentioned as not having enough money to buy items that would make her more comfortable in the song. On the other hand, Crow chooses not to focus on her sadness because she knows it will not help her. Instead, she decides to face the world with a smile on her face. This song suggests that money cannot buy bliss and that when you don’t have any, you should be appreciative of the real joy in your life.

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14. “She’s Only Happy In The Sun” – Ben Harper

She's Only Happy In The Sun - Ben Harper

In the song, the narrator compares the feeling of being in the sun to be high on substances. The song describes how wonderful it is to be in the sun, and we all enjoy sunny days. The character in the song is always pleased when she is out in the sun because she is usually high on substances. On the other hand, the song warns about substance abuse, particularly overdose and addiction.

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15. “Sunshine Of Your Love” – Cream

Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love (HD)

In 1967, this song was released. This song uses the metaphor of sunshine to convey the personal love a vocalist has for his girlfriend. They complement each other and bring out the best in each other. The lyrics to this song were considered vulgar at the time it was released. On the other hand, some comparisons seem to point to the idea of a sensual encounter in the song.

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16. “Sunshine Song” – Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz - Sunshine Song

This is a well-known pop song from the year 2009. Sunshine symbolizes happiness and joy in the song. The song’s narrator complains about grey clouds from his end, while the sun appears to shine even brighter in all the other people’s lives. As a result, the narrator encourages those who have enough sunshine to share some with him so that they might join forces and do great things. The song emphasizes that it is always a good idea to check in on someone going through a difficult period, no matter how indifferent you are. Offer assistance and let them know they are cherished if they are struggling with depression or any other condition.

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17. “Seasons In The Sun” – Westlife

Westlife - Seasons In The Sun (Official Video)

This track is a popular song from the year 1999. The narrator accepts his fate in the song and bids farewell to those he loves when death approaches. The song emphasizes that all seasons come to an end at some point, and we must embrace the small moments we cherish and move on when the time comes. The narrator uses the song to express gratitude to his child filling his life with happiness, a childhood buddy for their escapades, and his dad for educating him on morals.

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18. “Lovers On The Sun” – David Guetta Ft. Sam Martin

David Guetta - Lovers On The Sun (Official Video) ft Sam Martin

This song was released in 2014. The single was written by Avicii and contained a Spaghetti Western music video. The inspiration for this song came from Ennio Morricone, an Italian composer. Ennio also is the one who also composed the soundtrack many of the films you know and love. The song is about a sultry, passionate romance between lovers whose love is compared to lovers in the sun.

19. “I Can See Clearly Now” – Johnny Nash

I Can See Clearly Now

Nash wrote this reggae-influenced tune in 1972. The song conveys a message of hope and courage. It encourages those who have faced misfortune in their life to continue to persevere. The narrator uses this song to emphasize that just beyond life’s most tough roadblocks lie bright sunshine, opportunity, and hope and that you should not give up when faced with difficulties. Remember that life has its ups and downs, and you must keep your head held high through them all.

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20. “Sunrise” – Kygo Ft. Jason Walker

Kygo - Sunrise ft. Jason Walker (Official Audio)

This track is one of the best summer songs with a laid-back vibe. The song was released in 2017. The song is about a guy who has been using substances and writing songs about the person he loves all evening at home. His girlfriend has revealed some information to him and taken him somewhere he has never been before. The guy then hopes to meet up with her at sunrise at their secret location. The sunrise shown in the song depicts a joyful location where lovers can easily connect and feel at ease.

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21. “Away From The Sun” – 3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down - Away From The Sun (Official Music Video)

This rock song was released in 2001. The song’s narrator struggles to make something meaningful out of his existence. He feels trapped in a dark hole, but he can’t seem to figure out what’s causing it, whether it’s despair or substance abuse. For him, the sun is a source of happiness and hope. In addition, the narrator believes the sun to be the light to guide him out of his dark pit. You should never allow yourself to be subdued by problems that come your way, just as the sun’s beams continue to exude positive energies. Always choose sunshine!

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