33 Best Songs about Spring of All Time

Over the decades, songs about spring have been popular for not only their imagery but also the ability to cheer us up, remind us of romance or even give us the hope found in new beginnings. Every type of music, from nursery rhymes to pop to big band-fueled jazz tunes use spring themes in their lyrics and imagery to portray these universal themes. Let’s look at 33 of the best songs over the years about springtime and the hopefulness it brings to us through the music.

1. I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash

I Can See Clearly Now

Written as a pick-me-up song by Nash who was recovering from painful surgery, this song has become an anthem for anyone needing a positive outlook. Nash’s optimism about the bright, sun-shiny days that spring brings is captivating. This song correlates leaving behind the dark, difficult days of winter in favor of the hopeful blue skies straight ahead in spring.

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2. Up with the Birds by Coldplay

This mournful, haunting song by Coldplay speaks of the hope that the springtime birds have for a relationship. Springtime and its avian spokesperson, the birds in this song, profess a hopefulness for a new relationship to last. Everyone can relate to the feeling of this song that has ever pined for the love of another, and Coldplay captures the essence of the newness of a relationship that may not be meant to be and the newness of spring all in one tune.

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3. Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer - Keep Your Head Up (+ Lyrics) Album out now!

This catchy tune captures the hopeful feeling we all have as we look for the rainbows that inevitably come after the rain. Grammar penned this tune as he was grappling with his music being slow to catch on with an audience. Ironically, his anthem about looking for the positive became his breakout hit song, bringing Grammer’s cheerful sound to new listeners and garnering him a spot on top pop and R&B lists.

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4. April Come She Will by Simon and Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel - April Come She Will

This 1966 song by songwriter Paul Simon compares the fickleness of the springtime weather with the changing affections of a girl he once loved. April Come She Will has the calming, hypnotic sounds that Simon and Garfunkel are famous for combined with the relatable theme of the changing of seasons and weather in the spring months.

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5. Beautiful Day by U2

U2 - Beautiful Day (Official Music Video)

This 2000 song by indie rock band U2 pays homage to the ability to bloom like a flower even in harsh or bleak conditions. Listeners of Beautiful Day will recognize the references to difficult times as parallels to rough springtime weather. U2 croons about the possibility of bringing something beautiful out of the hard times, a common theme by this band that often brings in real cultural and political themes in their music.

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6. Mr. Blue Sky by ELO

The driving beat of this electronic rock song from 1977 recalls how much a stunning blue sky is appreciated when we have had so many stormy, difficult days in our lives. Mr. Blue Sky personifies the iconic gorgeous days of spring that signify a new beginning and new possibilities. ELO captures the excitement and positive feelings experienced by everyone on an unexpected blue sky spring day.

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7. Can’t Stop the Spring by Flaming Lips

Can't Stop the Spring

Even though this song is decades old, its timeless appeal has kept this musical rendition popular with listeners of all ages. This 1987 alternative indie song exemplifies the inevitability of things changing and moving forward. The Flaming Lips capture the concept of seasons changing and life moving on whether or not our love life and things we cherish do too. Can’t Stop the Spring reminds us that spring and the new changes it always brings will show up even if we are not ready for it to come along.

8. a Beautiful Morning by The Rascals

The Rascals - A Beautiful Morning (Official Audio)

This wildly popular song from 1968 uses a catchy refrain of “it’s a beautiful morning” to remind listeners that every day and every season brings new life and possibilities. Written during the tumultuous social and political late 60s, the Rascals wanted to bring some lightness and hopefulness to their listeners. This song reminds us that every season will always turn into a new, changed season that will have sunshine and growth, just like springtime does.

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9. Centerfield by John Fogerty

John Fogerty - Centerfield

The boys of spring play a central role in this song. Rocker Fogerty’s anthem to baseball, America’s springtime passion, connects a boy’s desire to have his coach put him in to play with the hopefulness many feel with the first sunshine of spring. Centerfield recounts his hopes to play baseball to prove his worth and join in on the game to get his “moment in the sun.” we can all relate to wanting an opportunity to shine, just like Fogerty’s song, and the connection of America’s favorite pastime adds a unique twist to this springtime themed tune.

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10. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most by Bette Midler

Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most

This 1986 melody contrasts the hopeful expectations brought on by the change into the spring with the crestfallen emotions of lost love. Midler’s spectacular voice puts an almost mournful sound to this common experience of feeling hopeful about love at the start of a new year but by the time April rolls around, it is gone like a ghost of springtime. Instead of focusing on the beautiful blooming love spring may bring, Midler’s song reminds us that spring doesn’t always bring us lasting love.

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11. Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

Here Comes The Sun (2019 Mix)

We can all relate to wanting to start over. Here Comes the Sun, released in 1969, offers a hope of renewal with the sunshine promised in spring. As we look toward a new dawn of a new season, this song about spring reminds listeners that everyone has the opportunity to start over with a fresh start.

12. Spring Affair by Donna Summer

Donna Summer - Spring Affair

In the Queen of Disco’s album about seasons, Summer sings a cool tune about starting a hot relationship in the bloom of springtime. Spring Affair recounts this breathy tale about falling for someone set to the beats of the 1976 disco sound Summer was famous for.

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13. Waiting for the Sun by the Doors

Waiting for the Sun - The Doors

In classic Doors fashion, this 1968 tune sparked interest and popularity because it was so different than any other song sung by Jim Morrison at the time. Waiting for the Sun is all about bringing joy and looking forward to the sunshine to come in this unexpected song about springtime sunshine.

14. Spring Again by Biz Markie

This hip hop song became popular in 1990, riding on the popularity of Biz Markie’s previous hit song, Just a Friend. But Spring Again doubles down on the well-known theme of the beauty of renewal brought on by springtime by comparing it to new love as well.

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15. Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

This easy, soulful 2015 song by then-newcomer Rae hints at the coming of spring by noting that the birds have come back in the opening stanzas of the tune. Put Your Records On recounts the end of spring and the start of summer. As a friendship blooms, friends encourage each other to find their own strengths within themselves. The relaxing repetition of the titular phrase reflects on the easy friendship during these warm days that builds their confidence to chase dreams.

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16. It Might as Well Be Spring by Frank Sinatra

It Might As Well Be Spring

Sinatra croons about spring fever in this 1962 jazzy tune when it isn’t even springtime. This song strikes a chord with anyone who is longing for something or someone new in their life. It Might as Well Be Spring retells the story of someone feeling happy and hopeful without a real reason for the giddy mood, just like many of us feel when springtime’s new life buoys our spirits each year.

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17. Cranes in the Sky by Solange

Solange - Cranes in the Sky (Video)

Instead of focusing on the hopefulness that spring often brings, this 2018 song brings a different perspective to spring-themed songs. Solange admits that Cranes in the Sky is actually a reflection of her inability to comfortably respond to questions about a previous musical relationship with megastar Beyonce. This song relies on expressing the angst and malaise we feel when we don’t want to express our feelings, much like when the wintery weather has not yet broken out into spring sunshine.

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18. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten (Official Video) (as featured in Anyone But You)

This 2009 soulful song reminisces about life’s unwritten book of our lives. Bedingfield sings of the spring rain that cleanses us, providing a reminder that only we can feel and experience the best of our own lives and that we are the ones who can write the story of the rest of our lives.

19. The 59th Street Bridge Song by Simon and Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel - The 59th Street Bridge Song (Audio)

This catchy song from 1966 is an anthem to slowing down and experiencing all of the great things in life. Masterful pair Simon and Garfunkel sing about the simple pleasures in life that make us feel “groovy.” If we take the time to enjoy spring’s new flowers when they arrive each year, sing this power duo, we will feel better and have a happier life.

20. Daydream by The Lovin’ Spoonful

Lovin' Spoonful - Daydream

Everyone can relate to getting lost in a daydream on a beautiful day. The Lovin’ Spoonful’s lighthearted tune reminds us of how sweet it is to imagine about those we love during a lazy, hazy day of getting lost in our daydreams.

21. April in Paris by Count Basie

Count Basie - April In Paris

Even without lyrics, this stunning Swing Big Band song expertly trumpeted by the inimitable Count Basie oozes the feeling and romance that visiting the iconic City of Light evokes. This jazzy, upbeat song was first produced in 1956, but Count Basie’s classic big band sound had been popular around the world before this recording made history.

22. Come in with the Rain by Taylor Swift

Come In With The Rain

Springtime rains play a part in this song about lost love. Swift’s 2008 tune sings about leaving her figurative and literal window open for her love. She invites him to come in with the rain even though she knows he probably will not. The song echoes the theme of love that has gone stale even though she longs for the day that their love was strong.

23. Butterflies by Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves - Butterflies (Official Music Video)

Musgrave’s gorgeous storytelling in this 2018 country-crossover hit recounts the springtime love feeling of butterflies. New love is always equated with the newness of spring, and Butterflies captures the essence of a new love feeling that is delicately balanced and may not actually materialize.

24. When It’s Springtime in Alaska by Johnny Cash

When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below)

Cash and his sidekick and love June Carter croon about the change of season in Alaska that doesn’t bring warmer temperatures but instead is still 40 (degrees) below. This mournful tune recounts how a visitor to the northern state mistakenly dances with another man’s wife and ends up dying for his mistake.

Cash and Carter’s song about springtime in Alaska reminds listeners that even though we may expect happy outcomes in life, the way that springtime gives up hope for something new like love, life doesn’t always turn out that way. A mistaken twirl on the dance floor with love ended up in the coldest experience offered in the arctic area of Alaska instead of the warm sunshine-filled place he was expecting.

25. Spring Vacation by the Beach Boys

Spring Vacation - The Beach Boys

This 2012 song by the iconic Beach Boys is an ode to looking forward to the fun things in life. Written in a reported astounding five minutes’ time, Mike Love says that Spring Vacation helps us forget about the tough parts of our life and lean into the good vibes that taking time off in the spring can bring us.

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26. After the Storm by Kali Uchi

Kali Uchis - After The Storm ft. Tyler, The Creator, Bootsy Collins

Inspired by the sounds of the 1970s, Uchi’s 2018 song featuring Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins reminds us that flowers bloom after the biggest storms. Just like springtime, our life may bring stormy times, but we can always anticipate happier, brighter days ahead.

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27. Some Other Spring by Billie Holiday

Holiday’s silky-smooth voice of Some Other Spring mournfully sings of lost love and hopefulness of loving again in the next year. Holiday’s tune speaks of missing out on the warmth and bloom of new love like one expects to have in spring. Instead, she has a heart as cold as ice that cannot imagine feeling that rosy love again soon. In the expectation of maybe experiencing love again in another spring, this 1957 romantic ballad asks if this love is even going to be possible when spring rolls around again.

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28. Spring is Here by Nina Simone

In 1966, Simone’s haunting ballad asks the question of why her mood doesn’t fit with the romantic, happy expectations usually brought on by spring. This sad song shows off Simone’s melodic voice while expressing what many feel: the desire for love and to be loved. With the realization that she needs a partner and wants someone to love her, Simone sings about all of the things she expected to enjoy like waltzing, gazing at the stars and the warm breezes of springtime.

Spring is Here was originally recorded by Ella Fitzgerald over a decade before but both renditions found large audiences and remain popular.

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29. Spring Rain by Pat Boone

Pat Boone - Spring Rain

Masterful songwriter and singer Pat Boone’s 1960 love song speaks to a seventeen-year-old that was heartbroken. Comparing the youngster’s tears, anguish and pain to the light rains of springtime, Boone comforts the lovelorn teen. The song reassures her that she will find love again and that the emotions from this seemingly devastating loss will pass. This lighthearted take on heartbreak feels like a parent comforting a child who has lost their first love, and the child can only understand the comparison with something as commonplace as spring rains.

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30. Weeds by Marina and the Diamonds

MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - Weeds [Official Audio]

Cleaning out the old, especially in a garden, is the best way to make way for the new. This 2015 song compares the pruning of weeds to the plucking out of an old, dead relationship, no matter how difficult. Just like springtime weeds that take over a new garden without constant attention, some relationships must be painfully pruned out of your life.

31. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year by Carly Simon

Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year (A Duet With Jimmy Webb)

This stunning Carly Simon love song recalls a year where heartbreak makes one feel like winter cold will stick around instead of the warmth of spring arriving. The cold, dark feeling of losing someone is paralleled to the harshness of winter, and Simon’s ballad recalls the feeling that the lack of love will delay the happy, loving feelings usually brought on by beautiful springtime in her life.

Luckily, she sings that she knows her heart will heal with time. So even though she is heartbroken, she knows that spring and the return of love and happiness will eventually show up even if it is later than normal.

32. Spring Breakdown by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Spring Breakdown (Official Music Video)

Country crooner Luke Bryan released Spring Breakdown in 2015 about losing someone you love. When we think of spring break, visions of sunny beaches and spending time with those we love fill our thoughts. But Bryan’s anthem focus on feeling like having a breakdown over losing someone and experiencing the “lasts” with someone during this spring holiday. Instead of having a romantic, happy spring break, Bryan’s tune retells the sad story of someone on the verge of losing the one they love and having to experience a springtime alone, without them.

33. It’s Gonna be Me by *NSYNC

*NSYNC - It's Gonna Be Me (Official Video)

Not many songs by the wildly popular boy band that were released in the 2000s earned as much radio play as It’s Gonna Be Me. While not explicitly one of the songs about spring that reflect on the change of seasons or even new beginnings, this catchy tune has another claim to the season. With the inflection of lead singer Justin Timberlake’s voice, the chorus is widely sung as “it’s gonna be may,” landing this hit song squarely in the realm of a springtime tune that is hard to forget.

After the cold, dark season of winter, spring’s promise of renewal and new life is welcomed by all. Musical lyrics have always reflected this desire of mankind to look towards the new, fresh start that the season of spring gives us. Flowers bloom and barren landscape greens up after refreshing spring rains. And songs about spring have been popular for decades since listening to the promise of a new life, new love or a new beginning is a universal truth understood by everyone, regardless of age or culture. Spring is the time of fresh blooming flower gardens, often compared to the new blooming of love and relationships. Other times, spring rains are often compared to the refreshing renewal of life that spring brings or a needed cleansing in our life. Lyricists and musicians have long used the symbolism and references of springtime to bring life, joy and love to their music.

No matter the era or decade, themes of springtime are universally popular because they resonate so closely with everyone. We can all relate to the time of renewal that spring brings. Almost everyone can understand how a spring rain will not only cleanse but also refresh and bring the promise of new growth. Even if we have not experienced it, we can imagine how seeing the promise of newly bloomed flowers can make the heartache for lost love or affection in our lives. We can all relate to songs that remind us that when the cold, dark winter ends, spring arrives every year to bring sunshine into our lives. Just like the song says, you can’t stop the sun of springtime or the feelings of joy it inevitably brings to all of us.

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