51 Best Pump Up Songs For Sports (Hype Hits)

Sports and music are inextricably linked together. Whether you’re an athlete trying to create the perfect playlist to get you in a zone before stepping out on a field or a fan needing just the right track to match the rising energy before a game, the right pump up song can make or break an experience. In this article, we’ll go over the 51 best and most iconic pump up songs in all of sports, from old classics to newer jams.

1. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor 

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Official HD Video)

Eye Of The Tiger may be one of the most iconic sports songs of all time thanks to its inclusion in the hit film franchise Rocky. The entire track is about how thrilling it is to compete, rise to any challenge that comes your way without fear, and respond with vicious ferocity.

It might still be best served as a song related to fighting sports, but you’ll hear it in arenas across the country at every kind of sporting event you can imagine. It was Survivor’s biggest hit track and still a beloved classic rock song to this day.

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2. Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes 

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Official Music Video)

From one classic to another. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes has one of the most iconic riffs of all time. It’s utterly infectious and almost impossible to not be energized by. The intro alone could be played on repeat, and you’d have the perfect musical structure to get pumped up before your game. But once you continue through to the lyrics and the further bass drops, you’ll be the one feeling like a massive army wouldn’t be able to stop what you’re about to do to the opposing team. 

3. Remember the Name – Fort Minor 

Remember The Name (Official Video) - Fort Minor

Fort Minor released Remember The Name in 2005, and in the years since then, it’s been used in several different films and played at sports venues constantly. It’s a unique blend of rap and rock with some of the best athletic lyrics you’ll hear today. The song describes the percentages of what makes a good athlete, from the luck involved to the hard work put in behind the scenes.

Once you add everything the narrator has up, it gives you 100% reason to remember their name. It’s an amazing pump up song and the lyrics are a great thing to live up to, getting you hyped up for the game while also reminding you of what’s really important.

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4. Thunderstruck – AC/DC

AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Official Video)

What can one truly say about how amazing AC/DC is as a band? They’re one of the titans of the rock and roll genre, pushing envelopes and developing a signature style that has lasted well over 50 years at this point. Songs like Thunderstruck are absolutely electrifying. Impeccable electric guitar riffs, rising emotion, and deafening lyrics are all it takes for them to get you pumped up; a front that this track in particular succeeds at indubitably.

5. Jump Around – House of Pain 

House of Pain - Jump Around (Official Music Video) [HD]

Jump Around is one of hip hop’s best pump-up anthems. It’s completely infectious in its beat and the commanding nature of the verses will make anyone listening ready to jump around the room. That jumping is exactly the sort of thing athletes want to do before a game starts, helping them get their blood flowing and be in the zone before the game even starts.

The song itself also references several big figures in sports, from John McEnroe to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Overall, a classic pump up song of the sports world. 

6. Till I Collapse – Eminem 

Eminem is going to have at least a couple of entries on this list, as the high-energy rapper delivers some amazing pump up songs that come with a side of lyrical genius. Till I Collapse may be his very best track when it comes to getting yourself hyped up for a sporting event, as it describes being able to push through the pain and overcome obstacles on the road to greatness.

It was a global hit for him and came with one of the most energetic beats in all of his songs. You’d be hard-pressed to be able to not walk out on a field ready to go after listening to this track.

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7. Stronger – Kanye West 

Kanye West - Stronger

Kanye West’s Stronger is a pump-up anthem for the ages. Even I’ve listened to this one while working out to try to find that extra motivation to push myself further than ever before. Sampling Daft Punk’s Better, Harder, Faster, Stronger, he includes one of the most uplifting messages an athlete can hear. The things that don’t kill you make you stronger.

Whether that be a painful injury, a brutal workout, or suffering a horrific defeat, you’re sure to bounce back better than before, and this song can give you exactly the confidence needed to do so. 

8. We Will Rock You – Queen 

Queen - We Will Rock You (Official Video)

There may not be a more classic or anthemic arena rock song than Queen’s We Will Rock You. While for some people it may be overplayed, the track is sure to get any crowd fired up as they stomp and clap and sing along with the lyrics. It also tells your opponents that no matter how big and bad they believe themselves to be, today is going to be a day of reckoning.

Queen developed the song specifically to allow fans a way to interact and join in with them when they’re on stage. On this front, the track is a wild success, with multiple generations knowing and loving this song.

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9. Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne 

Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (Official Animated Video)

Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train is another classic staple that is nearly impossible to not get pumped up for. From the opening lines of being told to board his crazy train to the heavy guitar riffs and slowly building energy of the song, I challenge anyone to listen to it and not feel the least bit excited. This one is yet another one of those classic sports arena tracks, often played for all kinds of sports like hockey, basketball, and football. It does also make a great walk-up song for baseball players. 

10. The Final Countdown – Europe 

Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video)

The Final Countdown is one of the most amazing and hype glam rock pieces of all time. It was a worldwide hit in 1986 for good reason. While it was talking about all life on Earth could end and we were in our final days, there was a bit of hope left inside of the song.

But, it wasn’t the lyrics that made this track so powerful. The instrumentals of the song are amazing, using synthesizers as horns to blast out one of the most amazing intros and backgrounds of all time. Prevalent use throughout the track will make it impossible to not get hyped up listening to it. 

11. Sleep Now In the Fire – Rage Against the Machine 

Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now in the Fire (Official HD Video)

In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter which Rage Against The Machine song you pick, they’re all absolutely full of energy. The embodiment of rage in music, they have been dropping amazing hype tracks since they first came onto the scene in the 90s. Their style of punk rock is unrivaled in its anger, with Sleep Now In The Fire being one of their most powerful songs to date. It’s the perfect track to get you pumped up before that opening whistle blows, whether you’re an athlete or a fan. 

12. Lose Yourself – Eminem 

Eminem - Lose Yourself (Lyrics)

Lose Yourself is a bit more inspiring than our earlier Eminem track, and it’s just as good as a pump up song for sports. The main focus of the lyrics is being able to step up to the plate and deliver, regardless of the pressure you might be feeling.

You may only get one chance to achieve greatness, so you have to be ready to do whatever it takes to not let that moment slip away from you. Thanks to its appearance in the film 8 Mile, this is one of the biggest hit singles he ever released, and it makes an amazing sports pump up song. 

13. Back in Black – AC/DC

AC/DC - Back In Black (Official Video)

AC/DC is another amazing band to listen to if you need some music to help pump yourself up. Their classic rock sound goes heavy on the guitar and even heavier on the wailing vocals that will wake up every dormant bit of energy inside of you.

Back In Black is the perfect song to walk out to, a driving and energetic yet controlled explosion on the guitar that will give you all the swagger you need to get out there and perform. It’s also one of the tracks you’ll hear most often if you’re attending a sporting event, alongside the likes of We Will Rock You and Eye Of The Tiger.

14. Party Up (Up In Here) – DMX 

DMX - Party Up (Up In Here) (Enhanced Video, Edited)

Party Up is best described as one of the most hype-inducing hip hop songs of all time. The inner athlete in you is going to respond to the numerous whistle blows throughout the track, but it goes deeper than that. The beat, the rhythm, the rapping style, and the energy of the song all combine to create something that will get you just as pumped for a sporting event as it would heading out to a party for the night. 

15. Killing In The Name – Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name (Official HD Video)

Again, we turn to Rage Against The Machine for one of the most hype tracks of all time. Killing In The Name was released in response to a series of riots in Los Angeles in 1992, a protest song raging against systemic racism and police brutality. But in the years since it was released, it has become an all-time classic and one of the greatest tracks of all time.

You can feel the rage bubbling through the song, exploding at different points. The energy of the track is a vibe that you can’t help but match while listening to it, making it an unbelievable song for getting hyped up for a sporting event. 

16. Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin 

Immigrant Song (Remaster)

Led Zeppelin is one of the most iconic rock bands of all time and has produced several tracks that have been featured on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Immigrant Song is the one people point to when they want a Zeppelin track to pump them up.

It’s an absolute masterpiece, from the opening guitar lines to the superb drum skills to the screeching of Robert Plant. There are a lot of songs that get you pumped up but very few that have you ready to march off to war. This one falls into the latter category. 

17. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Ray Dalton


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis knew what they were doing when they crafted the music for Can’t Hold Us. The mixture of piano chords and tempo is the perfect way to introduce a track you’re going to be bouncing off the walls listening to, and their lyrical delivery perfectly matches the energy of the music.

No matter where you go, no matter who stands in front of you, nobody is going to be able to hold you down. It’s the perfect message for athletes and one of the reasons why it became a theme song for several sports teams and sports broadcasts in recent years. 

18. All I Do is Win – DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross

All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross)

Dj Khaled’s All I Do Is Win is one of those songs that’s completely integrated into the sports world. While it’s just about winning at everything in life, it’s served as a solid baseball walk-out sound, a pregame single to get you hyped up, and an awesome workout track.

The vocals are totally exciting, the beat is incredible, and this quickly became one of the most-played songs of the year when it was first released. It might have had a quick run on the radio, but it’s lived on in sports venues for years, and will likely continue to do so. 

19. Bodies – Drowning Pool 

Drowning Pool - Bodies

Drowning Pool’s Bodies is the track you want to listen to before you step out and—hopefully figuratively—murder your competition. There’s not really a better song to get you ready to lay someone out if you’re playing a contact sport, channeling the rage and energy inside of you to help you reach that perfect point of readiness. From killer workouts to pumping yourself up for a tough game to even getting fans in the stands excited, this heavy rock track is one of the best sports pump up songs out there. 

20. On to the Next One – Jay-Z Feat. Swizz Beatz

JAY-Z - On To The Next One ft. Swizz Beatz

From the very first second to the final word out of Jay-Z’s mouth, On To The Next One is a hype train. The best way to describe the song is propulsive. It pushes you forward, through the track, and likely through a brick wall if you chose to try running through one. The song is all about winning, constantly evolving to reach greatness, and always looking ahead to the next challenge instead of dwelling on small successes. It’s exactly the kind of thing an athlete needs to hear before walking out onto a big stage. 

21. Pump It – The Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It (Official Music Video)

Speaking of getting pumped up, was anyone ever as pumped as The Black Eyed Peas were when they were performing Pump It? This one is an absolute jam, a song that will get you hyped up and ready to go regardless of the activity you plan on engaging in. And while they were talking about living your life in a free way, turning up the music, and dancing, this track is every bit as good as a sports pump up song. 

22. DNA. – Kendrick Lamar 

Kendrick Lamar - DNA.

While Kendrick Lamar’s track Humble gets the nod for some other people’s lists, I have to say I prefer DNA. as a pump up song. It’s full of powerful messages and statements regarding his Black culture and heritage, but as a standalone track, it’s incredibly hype.

The line delivery, the beat, and everything about it get you pumped up. There’s nothing in it that really ties it to sports aside from the fact that it’s such an exciting track, but it’s worthy of both a deep dive into the lyrics and an addition to any sports playlist you happen to be working on. 

23. Get Back – Ludacris 

Ludacris - Get Back (Official Music Video)

Get Back is the perfect mixture of a thudding beat and aggressive rap lyrics that will hype up absolutely anyone. It’s been a major song in sports since it was released in 2004, serving as the perfect track to play for your team before you take the field. You won’t just have your heart rate rise a little or nod your head along to this one. You’ll be jumping out of your skin and just itching for the chance to show your opponents exactly what you’re all about after listening to this one.

24. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses 

Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome To The Jungle serves two purposes in the sports world. Hyping up the home team and scaring the daylights out of the opposing team. Guns N’ Roses nailed everything great about an energetic rock song with this one. It’s a psych-out track for the ages and with Axl Rose screaming in the background you’ll feel absolutely unstoppable.

While this is a list of the best pump up songs ever, few tracks channel as much energy into you as this one. You’ll hear it across the nation at just about every American sporting event you go to, from high school to the pro leagues. 

25. Made of Scars – Stone Sour 

Stone Sour - Made Of Scars [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Stone Sour has released some incredibly deep songs over the years that are almost always sure to tug on your emotions. Made Of Scars is no different, though this one has a different energy than their more famous releases. It’s an utterly amazing alternative metal jam from their second album Come What(ever) May in 2007 that deals with haunting emotional wounds.

In sports, it can easily relate to pushing through any injuries and obstacles in your way and performing to the best of your ability regardless of the situation you find yourself in. 

26. Before I Forget – Slipknot

We can’t do a list of hype sports songs without including at least a little heavy metal on here. Slipknot tracks are great for working out, but they’re also amazing for getting you pumped up for any sporting event. Before I Forget is one of their most well-known songs, serving as the third single from their third album. The track is all about standing your ground and doing what you know you should be doing, regardless of what other people think about it. 

27. Enter Sandman – Metallica 

Enter Sandman (Remastered)

Enter Sandman is a masterclass of a metal song, but it’s been forever linked to athletics. It served as the introduction track for legendary Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, letting everyone know that he was about to put the game to sleep as soon as he was called upon.

It has a calm energy about it, a way to hyper-focus yourself and get yourself ready to burst at the seams with energy, but in a controlled manner. Plenty of incredible guitar riffs and energetic moments in the song will also help you let loose and pump you up like no other track. 

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28. Hate To Say I Told You So – The Hives 

The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So (Official Music Video)

Hate To Say I Told You So is probably the best garage rock track to make our list. It’s full of ragged guitars and logic-defying vocals. Together, it makes for one of the best pregame rock songs of all time. It’s all you need to get ready for a big game, but it’s just as rocking to see The Hives play it in concert. Few bands get their audiences as pumped up as they do with their performances of this track. 

29. The Power – SNAP!

SNAP! - The Power (Official Video)

The Power by SNAP! has been a great sports song for three decades now, thanks in large part to its energetic beat and lyrics describing incredible personal strength. Few tracks make you feel as confident in yourself as this one will, so whether you’re a runner or a solo sport athlete, this uptempo single is the right one for you to listen to. Heck, even if you’re just a fan at a sporting event wanting to dance around and go crazy for your team, this is an awesome song choice. 

30. Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop [Official Music Video]

Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is an absolute hype song. The rising energy of the intro is incredible and sure to get you moving. It starts off fairly soft with the guitars, exploding into a funky and rocking instrumental that will get your blood pumping no matter what style of music you typically listen to. It was one of their best tracks, one you can be sure to hear in sporting venues across the US, and a song that had a big run on the rock charts when it was first released. 

31. All My Life – Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters - All My Life (Official Music Video)

Foo Fighters really have produced some of the best arena rock anthems of all time, which is especially awesome considering their best work came in the late 90s and early 2000s, well after the glam and arena rock craze in the genre.

All My Life is a dream pump up song, rising and rising before dropping in a screaming crescendo that will have you ready to utterly destroy anything and anyone that stands in your way. It’s an awesome sports track on its own, but it’s also just an amazing song to get you up and ready for the day in the morning. 

32. The Middle – Jimmy Eat World 

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle (Official Music Video)

The Middle is a lot lighter than most of the songs on this list, coming in as an alt-rock anthem about learning to fit in and not writing yourself off. While it may not have the weight behind it that the hip hop and heavy rock tracks on this list do, it’s anthemic in its own right, serving the pop-punk and emo crowds with one of their most iconic pump up songs of all time. You’ll definitely hear this one at a few sports arenas around the country, and Jimmy Eat World should be proud of how this track eventually turned out. 

33. Sabotage – Beastie Boys 

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Songs from the Beastie Boys are almost always high energy and angsty, exactly the kind of thing you want from a sports pump-up single. But Sabotage takes that energy to a whole new level. Jumping from singing to screaming and bringing a punk-rock rap style to the table netted them one of the best rock-rap combinations we’ve ever gotten.

No matter your sport, the builds to the heights of energy in this song are maddeningly good. There’s a reason it’s been featured on several sports video game soundtracks as well, Madden NFL being chief among them. 

34. Jump – Kriss Kross

Kris Kross - Jump (Official Video)

If you need a song to make you jump around, or just jump that little bit higher once your game starts, look no further than Kris Kross’s Jump. Interestingly, this one samples six other tracks and fits in an incredible amount of pop energy for only being three minutes long. It’s catchy, it’s infectious, and it’s high energy.

It is an awesome pump up song and one of the most perfectly-blended tracks in the history of early hip hop. You’ve probably heard it several times in arenas while watching sporting events, but you should be adding it to your own pump-up playlist.

35. Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (Official Music Video)

Look, there’s no denying there’s a bit of a reputation that comes with loving Limp Bizkit’s most famous song. Break Stuff is ridiculously aggressive, angsty, and an explosion of frustration. But it’s also hype as hell.

It’s the kind of powerful rap-rock track you want to be listening to to get hyped up before taking on an opponent. It’s just about everything you could ask for from a pump up song, especially when you’re exhausted from a long week of practice and you’re ready to let out all your frustrations during a game. 

36. Kickstart My Heart – Mötley Crüe

Kickstart My Heart (2021- Remaster)

Kickstart My Heart is another classic rock track that brings the fire and energy you desire in a sports pump up song. The driving guitar riffs in the track would be enough on their own to get you fired up while mimicking a motorcycle accelerating is just an added bonus. It’s another one of the classic rock songs that appear in arenas quite often, but this one may be played less often than some of the other ones on our list.

37. Forever – Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, And Eminem

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem - Forever (Explicit Version) (Official Music Video)

Pretty much any song that sees Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Eminem team up is going to be an extremely hype track. Forever was written and produced for the 2008 documentary More Than A Game, focusing on the life and career of one LeBron James. It was a huge smash hit, rising to the top of the rap songs chart and eight on the Hot 100.

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38. Song 2 – Blur

Song 2 has one of the most catchy openings you’ll ever hear. While only running for two minutes, it’s one of the most exciting alt-rock songs you can listen to and is sure to get everybody involved in the performance. Whether or not you actually know the lyrics to the track is irrelevant. You can always “whoo-hoo” along with the chorus and spout and scream some nonsense along the same lines as the actual lyrics and you’ll be just fine. It’s an amazing choice to draw out some extra energy.

39. Turn Down for What – DJ Snake And Lil John 

DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Turn Down for What

Almost no artist in the world knows how to put energy into their songs the way Lil Jon does. Everything he does is hype, injecting pure energy into every single person listening. Turn Down For What is the perfect mix of him shouting rap lyrics and DJ Snake’s EDM skills, producing one of the best arena anthems of all time.

It works as a walk-out track for baseball, it works as an intermission song for fans, and it even works as a great track to jam to in some headphones for athletes. What more could you ask for?

40. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Part 1 of 11

Two of the things that make a great sports pump up song are rising energy in the track and big drops. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy is a masterclass in both. Each verse slowly builds, eventually culminating in a huge energy spike that drops perfectly into the chorus, energizing even the most exhausted athletes. 

41. I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston

If you’ve ever heard a pump up song with a bit of an Irish twist, it was probably this banger from Dropkick Murphys. I’m Shipping Up To Boston has long been used as an entrance theme song for Boston sports teams. Its uptempo introduction played through synths or horns comes off like an Irish war track. It’s impossible to not get pumped up and dropkick your way through a door when you’re listening to this song. Just remember, if you do kick down a door, you’ll probably have to pay for it. 

42. Crawling In The Dark – Hoobastank 

Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark (Official Music Video)

Crawling In The Dark wasn’t just Hoobastank’s debut single, it was also their breakthrough hit song. It focuses a lot on people’s self-doubt, the things that hold us back and make us unsure of what tomorrow is going to bring. But the energetic vocals and overall rocking quality of the track secure its place on our list of the best sports pump up songs ever, allowing it to energize you before your next big game. 

43. Sandstorm – Darude 

Darude - Sandstorm

Darude’s Sandstorm is the only song on this list that is an entirely instrumental track. That being said, it’s one of the most popular songs to be used at sporting events ever. This EDM hit track is best described as intense. It’s exactly the sort of song you want to hear to boost your energy levels and get ready to take on the world. There’s a reason several sports teams have used it as entrance music, but you can use it at home too. 

44. The Pretender – Foo Fighters 

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

The Pretender is another awesome rock pump up song that has its highs and lows. While the verses of the track are almost whispers, listening to Foo Fighters explode in the chorus, almost screaming their frustration with their enemies, is exactly the sort of thing you need to help pump yourself up before a game. This one is generally a classic song in sports arenas, played just before the end of an intermission and before teams head back out onto the field, pitch, rink, or court. 

45. The Distance – Cake

CAKE - The Distance (Official HD Video)

I’ve personally always thought of The Distance as more of a fun novelty song than a true pump-up banger. However, it’s got everything you need to get ready for a sporting event. It drives through the verses with a building energy, and the chorus is all about finishing strong. 

46. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk (Official Video) ft. Bruno Mars

Uptown Funk and Bruno Mars in general aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of a pump up song for sports. However, the funky nature of this track and the energetic flow that comes along with it can be just the right thing to put a little swagger in your step. 

47. Whoomp! (There It Is) – Tag Team 

Whoomp! (There It Is)

Whoomp! (There It Is) is an all-time classic from Tag Team. The track itself is something everybody has heard at least one time in their life. Despite being released nearly three decades ago in 1993, it remains one of the best pump up songs out there for the club, for sports, or for fans.

You’ll be putting yourself in a positive headspace as you rock out to this one, and enjoying it with teammates is even more fun. The only lyrics you need to know to have a good time with this one are literally the words from the title. 

48. Started From The Bottom – Drake 

Drake - Started From The Bottom

Drake has been almost as involved in sports as he has been in music over the last decade or so. Started From The Bottom remains one of his biggest hits to date, describing a meteoric rise from nothing to having everything in life at your fingertips.

It’s exactly the sort of feeling that comes with finding success in sports, making it an inspiring pregame anthem for any athlete looking for a little extra motivation and a reminder of where they’ve come from. While it isn’t nearly as high-energy as some of the other productions on this list, it’s definitely a song to get you locked into the zone and pumped up for whatever event you’re competing in. 

49. Boom – P.O.D.

P.O.D. - Boom (Official Music Video) [HD]

P.O.D.’s Boom is a complete success story, seeing the narrator coming from a place where they never thought they would make something of themselves and finding massive levels of success. It’s aggressive, it’s got great pounding instrumentals, and the rap verses are full of confidence. It’s exactly the sort of song you want to listen to to get pumped up for a sporting event if you’re into the punk rock side of things. 

50. Fight Song – Rachel Platten 

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)

Fight Song is all about finding confidence in yourself and taking a stand for the things you believe in. For any female athletes out there, it’s hard to find a more relatable track to get pumped up to during your pregame routine. 

51. Bleed It Out – Linkin Park 

Bleed It Out [Official Music Video] - Linkin Park

Linkin Park’s Bleed It Out is exquisite. The track is one of the best alternative pump up songs out there, from its rising energy to its explosive chorus. It’s the rap-rock equivalent of many other ones on this list, but may somehow shove more emotion into itself than those other tracks are able to pull off.

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