21 Best Pump Up Songs for Sports

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Getting ready to pump up your sport’s party with an awesome playlist? Take note of the following songs that we’ve rallied up just for you. These songs will have you rocking before you sit down in the stands. They will move you through halftime and straight into the endzone.

The Pre-Game Pump Up

I know most of us will be watching from our homes. However, some of us will be at a game. It does not matter what type of sport either. You can call any sports day get-together a tailgate party. Throw some meat on the grill and hook some tunes up to the speakers. Let us get into the best pump up songs for sports day!

1. “I Believe That We Will Win” – Pitbull

Pitbull - I Believe That We Will Win | World Anthem (Official Video)

A fight song that is not only relevant for what we all have been through these past few years but a perfect chant and beat to get people excited before game time. In an interview with Good Morning America, Pitbull said he got the idea for this song when he was attending a basketball game. The audience was chanting this very line. Therefore, I think this will become one of those perfect sports pump up songs. After all, it started on a sports day!

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2. “Stronger”- Kanye West

Kanye West - Stronger

One thing we know about Kanye West is that he knows how to drop a beat. His pounding lyrics in this song make a great tune to shake your booty to while in the backyard barbecuing and getting ready for a sports match-up. The beginning of the song is enough to make fans giddy with anticipation.

“Work it, make it, do it–make us harder, better, faster, stronger. Th-that, that, that, that don’t kill me can only make me stronger.”

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3. “The Boys of Fall” – Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

Let us add a little bit of sentiment. What artist can belt out a song that tugs at our heartstrings better than country superstar Kenny Chesney? He is known for his meaningful, wholesome lyrics. This song is about the players and their integrity on the field of whatever sport is played. This one may be better at a tailgate party when it is time to settle down and eat some grub. It has a solemn vibe, but it will get you in the mood for a showdown.

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4. “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond

Who can have a pumped-up party and not include “Sweet Caroline?” A song that all generations know and love. I mean, come on, “Good times never felt so good.” It is a bit of a Kum-ba-ya song. But it gets us in a great mood before a game. It makes us feel united. It showers us with the happy emotions that we want to have on game day.

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5. “Throwdown” – Pillar

Not to leave out fans and players who get down to headbanging, fist-pumping beats. This one will help you get motivated for the riot on the field. It is a hardcore rock song that gives a positive feeling. This Christian rock band can strike up a fire inside us, and we will feel electrified and ready for the big game.

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6. “Symphony No. 94 in G major “Surprise” – Franz Joseph Haydn

J. Haydn - Hob I:94 - Symphony No. 94 in G major "Surprise" (Brüggen)

Here is one for the classical crew. Not everyone who loves sports will be a ramp-up and party-down type of fan or player. Matter-of-fact, we should discuss pregame pump-up for all kinds of players and fans. I found this classical symphony when I came across an old article about the former football player, Austin Roberts. Austin mentioned that he gets psyched up for a game by listening not to rap or rock but classical. It makes sense if you are into classical music. This piece starts off fun and whimsical and then rises and falls dramatically throughout the song.

7. “Welcome to the Party” – Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump

Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump ft. Zhavia Ward - Welcome To The Party (Official Music Video)

It is time to be high on adrenaline. The game is about to start. This song can easily be included on a playlist of the best pump up songs for sports. The name alone will get you in the spirit to sit in the stands and run onto the field. It is a call out to the competitor-a lyric that invites the fight.

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8. “Lose Control” – Missy Elliot

Lose Control (feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)

The party is about to move to the stadium. But before you settle down in the stands or on your couch, move to the groove of hip hop diva Missy Elliot. Her songs can get temperatures rising and make you lose control of all your worries. Upbeat and digitally mastered, her songs have the swagger you need for game time. Go Missy, go missy, go-go-go missy.

9. “Pump It” – Blacked Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It (Official Music Video)

At this point, it is time to watch the game, so grab a power boost from this song. The clapping, with the continuing “Pump it” chant. It is a song that talks you into being in a hyped-up mood instead of fading out early.

“Turn up the radio. Blast your stereo right now. This joint is fizzling. It’s sizzling, right….”

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10. “We Will Rock You” – Queen

Queen - We Will Rock You (Official Video)

What better song to listen to when you are about to get serious and enter the fight? With its stomps and claps, this song is a roaring call to the team you are not supporting—a good bet for the players and the fans to rock out to right before a rivalry begins.

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The First Half of the Game Playlist

Sports fans have now loosened up, and stress levels are just right. A little high. A little low, and a bunch of ready to go! Everyone is settling in to watch their team make a statement. If you are watching in the stadium, you will hear a lot of fantastic music on the jumbotron. You might have your headphones in to listen to your personal playlist. If you are watching from home, you have a stereo ready to blast a song that fits the plays. However, let us start by putting on our list a rallying song for the teams who will be coming out of the tunnels and dugouts.

11. “Here Comes the BOOM” – Nelly

Here Comes The Boom-Nelly (HQ)

Imagine your team coming to the field. This song is playing. Nelly sings about how he is in it to win it. An excellent reference to start a duel on the green. A type of warning for the opposing team to buckle down and prepare for the “BOOM!” The beat is on point and will get the fans out of their seats to cheer.

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12. “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” – Jock Jams

Lets get ready to Rumble Jock Jams

You cannot have a proper game day without playing this energizing music. The teams are in. The quarter was tossed. It is time to rumble. Can you hear the roars? That is the universe saying, “Get ready for this.” It is time to throwdown in game town. A rhythm that rocks an exciting, synthesizing beat. The players will be ready to show off some big plays on the field.

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13. “Never Scared”- Bone Crusher

Bone Crusher - Never Scared (Official HD Video) ft. Killer Mike, T.I.

Did your team make a big play, and do you want to hear an in-your-face anthem in honor of the glory? This song would be perfect for turning up during a myth-making obstacle run. The words to this rap song are hardcore and in your face. With bells ringing in the background and Bone Crusher’s scratchy deep voice daring you to try to stop him. Great to play for defensive plays when a team stops the offense or vise versa.

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14. “Party Up (Up in Here)” – DMX

DMX - Party Up (Up In Here) (Enhanced Video, Edited)

Are you ready for a song that calls out for redemption after making a blunder? With this famous song, the team that dropped the ball could blast their determination to make up for it. The raspy voice of the rapper, DMX, will start a fire with the players who need to redeem their mistake. Fans will like the trigger-fitting words. The lyrics will coerce the other team to watch out because their squad is coming back with a vengeance.

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The Halftime Show Playlist

It is mellow out time in the locker room and up in the fan stands. Sit back and enjoy some music that will ease your mind and bring you back into the game with a renewed outlook.

15. “I Won’t Back Down” – Tom Petty

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - I Won't Back Down (Official Music Video)

During a halftime break, this song will be one that will give you confidence going into the second half of a game. It can relax and restore the player or fans soul with melodic guitar riffs. Petty’s humble undertone and encouraging lyrics keep us going no matter what. Songs make us feel specific ways and put us in a mood. This song makes us move toward the finale without giving up hope.

16. “Beautiful Day” – U2

U2 - Beautiful Day (Official Music Video)

This song will also help us stop and appreciate the magic and madness that a sports day brings. Maybe indulge in some fun conversation with friends or even strangers at the concession stand. The sunshine breaks through with this lyric and upbeat song. You will start to feel the beauty of the experience, no matter if your team is winning or losing.

The Second Half of the Game Playlist

At this point, it is time to get hyped up for the final plays. It is all a whatever game from here. It is good if your team wins and good if they do not. The takeaway needs to be fun with a positive team spirit.

17. “Sicko Mode” – Travis Scott ft. Drake

Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

This crazy rap is perfect for swinging our energy back into the game after halftime. The starting beat verses from Drake is an excellent intro into the rap words that start-up heavy by Travis. It is a come-back strong song and has at least 55 different vibrations and instrument sounds. It is full of traps to keep us in a match mode.

18. “Seven Nation Army” – White Stripes

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Official Music Video)

Huddle up and bring it to the center field. This anthem hit will make you wonder what plays are about to be called while waiting for the lineup to form. This song taps to a single rhythmic beat of the drums and carries a deep bass strum on the electric guitar. Perfect for prepping for the next strategic move on the field.

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19. “Born to Run” – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (Official Video)

This song can be celebratory to an extended field touchdown or even a deep high ball catch outfield. Those are always exciting, and this is the perfect “Boss” song to put on your sports pump up songs playlist for those types of exhilarating moments. The high-fives and the chest bumps during the saxophone solo in this track make for a gleeful team comradery.

20. “Thunderstruck” – ACDC

AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Official Video)

The tension is high, and the game is almost over. Is there a tie? Will it end in complete destruction for one team? This song will bring suspense. The fast played electric guitar and the unique shouting voice of the lead singer will make the ending of a well-fought duel exciting.

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21. “We are the Champions” – Queen

Queen - We Are The Champions (Official Video)

It is all over. The winner is determined. Teams fought hard, and fans raised the roof in support. It was a bittersweet day for some and will be a massive hit at home for others. This song is an excellent anthem to put on your best sports pump up songs list. The high-powered music and epic voice of Freddie Mercury is a grand finale tune to play after any sports game. Remember, We are all champions of the world.

Finally, we have arrived at the endzone of this playlist. I hope you will find that it is a great one to play on sports days. It has songs that will pump you up before and during the game. Lyrics and music that will bring anticipation, excitement, and pride to what you are watching. Picks from a variety of genres for all tastes in music. You can pick some. Leave some. But just have some FUN!

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