21 Best Songs about Sunsets of All Time

A sunset’s beauty fill our evenings with the best of thoughts. It comes to our cities and towns as the earth’s poetry.

Songs about sunsets are both enchanting and motivating. If you want to listen to great tracks while gazing at the red ball or want to listen to tracks with sunset lyrics, then this article is perfect for you.

1. Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication (Official Music Video) [HD UPGRADE]

“Californication” is the first song that comes to mind when discussing sunsets. The song lyrics talk about a person moving from New York to Los Angeles and finally getting to a beach somewhere in California. The track is quite poetic but chill, and it is laced with great vocals and instrumentals. It is undoubtedly one of the best song about sunsets.

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2. Riders On The Storm – The Doors

The Doors - Riders On The Storm

This track talks about a person striving to preserve sanity while he rides with waves roaring and winds blowing. The song bears a spooky but lovable vibe, which will enthrall you while listening. “Riders on the Storm” blends Ray Manzarek’s harmonious keys and Jim Morrison’s voice to gift the world a fantastic track.

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3. Inner City Blues – Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

What is there not to love about this track? Like many of his other songs, Marvin Gaye tackles social issues like racial segregation and drug and substance abuse. In this piece, he describes a man feeling trapped within his environment and seeking freedom from all the wrong things. It is an emotional song that has jazzy instrumentals. Hence, a piece of music to listen to when feeling funky.

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4. Submarines – The Lumineers

The Lumineers - "Submarines" (Official Video)

The lyrics tell a story of a guy saying goodbye to his better half because he will soon go away. The animated video paints a picture of what the singer is talking about – a golden sunset, the color of tangerines. The “Submarines” is a perfect song if you are pinning over an ex-lover or you want to listen to a relaxing piece.

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5. Sunset – Kid Ink

“Sunset” is a famous track that portrays the character’s attributes. The lyrics beautifully describe Sunset Blvd, a long-popular strip in Los Angeles.

Because Los Angeles borders the Pacific, sunsets are quite a huge deal. Many describe feeling like they are driving into the sunset when cruising on the boulevard.

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6. She’s A Rainbow – The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow (Official Lyric Video)

The Rolling Stones released the song as a part of their 1967 “Their Satanic Majesties Request” album. The song was met with mixed reactions upon its release, but people rightly appreciated it over time. The banger made its debut as a single and peaked at No. 25 in the United States, making it a timeless sunset jingle.

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7. What Makes the Sunset? – Frank Sinatra

What Makes The Sunset?

Frank Sinatra’s “What Makes the Sunset” is the lucky number seven-song on this list of the top songs about sunsets of all time. The song was released in 1945, a sunset year for World War 2, and it is found in the album Anchors Aweigh. It is always a pleasure to have Frank Sinatra’s spellbinding voice and memorable melodies bless your ears.

8. California Sunset – Neil Young

“California Sunset” is a track from the Old Ways album that is the most upbeat about sunsets on this list, which people can listen to amd emkpu. The lyrics describe California as Canaan (The Promised Land), the state’s best vantage point in numerous tracks.

Neil Young celebrates the “Golden State” and appreciates it for its magnificent cove laced with lovely sunsets. The track brags of a perfect blend of guitar melodies and vocals are crucial when describing sunsets.

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9. Gooey – Glass Animals

Glass Animals - Gooey (Official Audio)

Glass Animal’s “Gooey” is perfect for sunsets. Bayley’s voice underscores the message by generating a free-feeling tone. Percussions and xylophones create a joyful feel, adding to the track’s fantastic sound. The artists did an excellent job in gifting the universe a bubbly sunset song.

10. Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset (Official Audio)

In the history of The Kinks, “Waterloo Sunset” is the most incredible piece that they ever made and is the most acclaimed. In this 1967 classic, the artist visualizes a couple crossing a bridge as a third-party remarks on their budding bond. The song ranks at No. 14 in Rolling Stone’s top 500 most fabulous music pieces, meaning that people have appreciated this song for decades.

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11. Wasted Sunsets – Deep Purple

Deep Purple - Wasted Sunsets

“Wasted Sunsets” is an upbeat song describing sunsets launched by Deep Purple in 1984. The song plays at 138 beats per minute (BPM), and it is the group’s slowest ballad. Though some fans criticize the hit for not blending in with other songs within the album, other people applaud it for the guitar solo and wonderful lines.

12. Early Sunsets Over Monroeville – My Chemical Romance

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

Inspired by the classic horror flick, “Dawn Of The Dead” this 2002 track by MCR is about all of the best horror elements (such as escaping vampires). Monroeville is a location in the movie, hence the name of the song. Give this track a listen for a different flavor than the rest of the songs on this list.

13. Electric Feel – Henry Green

Henry Green - Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)

Henry Green’s “Electric Feel” brings an ambient sound to this list, making it a great choice to include for some variety. It is the one of the best cover songs ever made (in our opinion).

14. Watching U – Miles Away

Miles Away - Watching You

“Watching You” is an artistic song laced with an original tempo. The song features soft beats and a fantastic rhythm that makes you relax as you look at the beautiful evening skies.

15. Slow Ride – Sublime

“Slow Ride” is the track that you should listen to while staring at the golden orange horizons despite the message conveyed being a little confusing. The lyrics imply a sensual tension as the woman wants to slow things. Nonetheless, one of the lovebirds contacts the other, suggesting that the relationship is over. Many consider “Slow Ride” as Sublime’s most outstanding work because of the harmonious sound, which will have your head bobbling with the first note. Bradley’s coarse voice crushes with the words and flawlessly blends with the melody’s sound.

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16. Indian Summer – Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf - Indian Summer (Official Music Video)

An article listing the best songs about sunsets is never complete without Jai Wolf’s “Indian Summer.” The song is a perfect blend of chill melodies and upbeat tones, which creates a highly memorable song. The landscape shots of this song are outstanding. Therefore, if you are in need of a song to push out to your next adventure, Indian Sumer will get you packing your bags.

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17. Two Suns in the Sunset – Pink Floyd

Two Suns In The Sunset

“The Suns in the Sunset” track concluded Floyd’s 1983 idea album known as The Final Cut. Floyd narrates the United Kingdom’s phobia of nuclear attacks. “The sun is in the east, even though the day is done” line refers to the bright fireball generated by nuclear detonations. The crooner constantly reminds us to live in the moment and cease worrying about the future. In Pink Floyd’s discography, this track signifies the epitome of the band’s greatness and is one of the most fantastic sunset songs in our opinion.

18. Into the Sunset – Bonnie Tyler and Mike Batt

This is a love ballad talking about lovers and sunsets. The song is contained in Mike Batt’s album, The Penultimate Collection. It was launched in 1990 and found its way into our hearts. Hollywood confirmed the duo’s prowess when “Into the Sunset” was made The Dreamstone’s film background music. Batt and Tyler’s vocals are undeniably breathtaking, and when they interact with beautiful lyrics, the world stops. The song is so good that we suggest you play it when gazing at a sunset.

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19. Love Like a Sunset Part II – Phoenix

Love Like a Sunset, Pt. 2

“Love like a Sunset Part II” is a fantastic track comparing love to sunsets that symbolize breaking up. The lines of the song came about as Thomas Mars was out on a road adventure. This beautiful track uses instrumentals of the “Love like a Sunset Part 1” while the lines refer to love’s ephemeral nature. The track hits different as you sip your wine and glare into the beautiful twilight and far away skies.

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20. Rendezvous at Sunset – Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue - Rendezvous At Sunset

Richard, Julian, and Kylie penned this banger. It is over three minutes long and was launched as the B-side to the hit “Can’t Get You out of My Head.” It is one of the greatest pop jingles with nu-disco effects discussing sunsets. This hit was made during Kylie’s eighth studio album, “Fever”. It was a big hit although it did not make it to the final track listing of her album.

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21. Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset (Official Music Video)

Within the country genre, “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” is considered the greatest and the most famous sunset song. The artist paints a picture of a summer romantic relationship between two young lovebirds. This 2017 hit infuses smiles and love into your life when you listen to it while gazing at the sunset, alone or with your better half.

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