Best Guitars for Small Hands

Getting a guitar of the right size for you (or the person you’re giving the guitar to) is essential to being able to play songs as they’re written. With that in mind, here are some of the best guitars for small hands currently on the market, as well as some additional information about guitars and … Read more

Jamorama Review

The internet has dramatically changed guitar instruction. Previously, your options were personal tutors, guide books, or DVD courses if you wanted to learn. I remember my first guitar “teacher” was a booklet that I struggled to keep open while I held my guitar in my lap!Times have changed, with online guitar instruction now the most … Read more

How to Tune a Guitar

Whether playing your guitar alone at home or in front of a crowd, you want to sound your best. Unfortunately, the quickest way to ruin the music is by playing guitar that’s out of tune.I used to have the worst time tuning my guitar. I’d know something was off with the sound, but often had … Read more

How to Hold a Guitar – Proper Posture & Positioning

Many of us probably think we know how to hold a guitar, but did you know that how you hold this instrument influences how you play? Holding your guitar correctly and with proper posture can make it easier to learn how to play, save you from aches and pains during longer sessions, and improve your … Read more

How to Hold a Guitar Pick

Knowing how to hold a guitar pick is an essential skill you need before you begin to play, but did you know that multiple styles exist that allow you to play the instrument differently? If you already know how to play the guitar, then you know what a guitar pick is, but these small accessories … Read more

How To Read Guitar Tabs

If you’ve learned the traditional way to read music, then you understand scales, notes, staff notations, and the other things that you need to read sheet music. Reading music this way will help you play any instrument. However, it can be challenging for novices who are learning the guitar. I first struggled to learn the guitar. I … Read more

How to Play Guitar for Beginners

girl sitting in wheat grass playing guitar hippie

A long time ago, a certain young man, born in Louisiana, decided he wanted to play guitar. This boy didn’t read or write so well. But they say he could play the guitar like ringin’ a bell! There you have it in a musician’s own words. If you’ve ever worried that you need formal schooling or … Read more

ArtistWorks Review

No matter how passionate you are about playing music, becoming a better musician isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes consistent practice, tons of dedication, and a variety of capable instructors. ArtistWorks aims to provide exceptional-quality online lessons for musicians of all types and learning levels. If you’re serious about improving your guitar skills, or interested … Read more

TrueFire Review

Today, learning online is more popular than ever before, with lessons from celebrities frequently appearing in ads posted everywhere. Amazingly, you can now take a guitar lesson from Carlos Santana. However, it’s interesting to note that this kind of online learning started way back in 1991. All this time, TrueFire Online Guitar Lessons have been … Read more

Fender Play Review

In my quest to keep refining my guitar skills, I’ve gone through several guitar lessons designed to teach new skills and music. However, I know in-person classes aren’t for everyone.Online lessons – whether they’re through an app or a website – can be a convenient way for people with busy schedules to learn guitar at … Read more

JamPlay Review

Before I started working on Music Grotto, I wanted to learn about playing the guitar. While I knew of a handful of different guitar lesson services, I had no idea which one would work best for me. During my learning process, I stumbled upon JamPlay. This course wasn’t the only ingredient in my journey from novice … Read more

Guitar Tricks Review

As a music enthusiast, I’m always intrigued by the unique beats and sounds musicians attach to their songs. It’s for this reason that I decided to learn more about the guitar and how to play one.  However, settling for a one on one session with my guitar coach wasn’t as easy as I found my … Read more

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Thanks to the convenience of the internet, driving to an in-person guitar lesson is less of a necessity and more of an option. The other option? Online guitar lessons.Taking guitar lessons online is a more comfortable, more convenient option for many, especially if you’re too busy to schedule an in-person lesson. Online lessons are often … Read more

11 Basic Guitar Chords

Learning guitar is one of the most rewarding things you can do – but it can also be one of the most challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of basic guitar chords that can bolster your skills without driving you crazy along the way. With these 11 basic guitar chords, you’ll be able to gain a … Read more