How to Record Guitar on PC and Mac (Quick Guide)

If you play guitar, you may be interested in recording yourself. This offers many practical benefits, from allowing you to track your progress to letting you build-up a lick library. The great news is that the recording technology available for guitarists today is better than ever. You can record easily in your own home using … Read more

How to Make a Guitar Pick (7 Fun & Easy Ways)

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How to Record Guitar (15 Essential Tips)

Whether you’re a novice guitarist or have years of experience, you need to know how to record guitar. Quality audio recordings can help you listen and better your skills or provide you with an excellent sample for producers. No matter your reasoning, use the following tips to get started. How to Record Guitar with Your … Read more

13 Essential Blues Licks (Must Try These)

Blues guitar is one of the most influential types of music, providing the basis for much popular rock music. Since it is so popular and fundamental, it’s vital to master every part of blues, including the licks. To get started, we’re going to look at 13 essential blues licks. Components of Blues Licks Before we … Read more

How to Play Rhythm Guitar (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

Tackling rhythm guitar is a great place to start as a beginner. All you need are a few chords, a sense of timing, and a desire to improve! With rhythm guitar, there is plenty of room to grow and learn new techniques. For now, though, let’s start with the basics. What Is Rhythm Guitar? Rhythm … Read more

How to Play Jazz Guitar (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

The smooth sway of jazz guitar has won many fans over the last century. Its complexities and intricate patterns astound listeners but simultaneously make it hard for guitarists to conquer. Still, it’s not impossible! Take the leap and learn how to play jazz guitar with some beginner pointers below. Basic Jazz Chords to Get Started … Read more

Perfect Guitar Practice Routine (1 Hour or Less Each Day)

Learning an instrument takes time and dedication. With the following routine, you’ll feel confident playing the guitar in no time. We’ll review various elements to consider and why they are important. Feel free to shorten this routine as needed or just focus on a few sections at a time. 10 minutes: Scales Scales. As a … Read more

How to Teach Yourself Guitar (Best Ways Today)

Signing up for in-person guitar lessons gives you the benefit of learning with an experienced musician. However, these lessons can be expensive. You have to stick to a schedule, and you might not have access to instructors who have a lot of experience in your area. If you’re wondering about how to teach yourself guitar … Read more

How to Attach a Guitar Strap – Put on Guitar Straps

Guitar straps are helpful for increased mobility and comfort while playing. However, attaching it can be challenging, especially if your guitar doesn’t come with the necessary pieces to install a strap.  Here are some tips to help you attach guitar straps easily. Using Two Strap Pins If you look at your guitar strap, you’ll notice … Read more

How to Tune a 12 String Guitar (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

The only thing better than one guitar would have to be, of course, two guitars. Even though a 12 string guitar isn’t exactly like two separate 6 string guitars, the sound you’ll get is richer, more resonant, and perfectly suited to fingerpicking. The caveat concerning any instrument is tuning. You can put loads of work … Read more

Top 55 Easy Rock Guitar Songs to Learn Now

Rock is a wildly popular genre for guitarists. If you are a beginner guitarist, you no doubt want to learn to play some rock classics. Many are strenuous and daunting but don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of easy rock guitar songs. 1. TNT – AC/DC This commanding classic, “TNT,” from AC/DC relies on percussive … Read more

5 Best Guitar Chord Progressions (Quick & Simple)

Many things besides individual chords and single notes make up pieces of music, like guitar chord progressions. Composers use these progressions to put guitar chords together into the songs you play. We’re getting into music theory, but it’s important because that will help you better understand the music you play.  First, Explaining the Use of … Read more

33 Easy Guitar Songs (Top Beginner Guitar Chord Songs)

If you want to rise to the ranks of guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page, you need to start at the beginning. Luckily, starting from the basics doesn’t have to feel tedious if you know what songs to play.    Top Easy Beginner Guitar Songs Plenty of songs exist with easy … Read more

Top 17 Easy Christmas Guitar Songs

Do you want to learn guitar, starting with easy guitar songs while possibly feeling festive?  Christmas songs are one of the best ways to start! With the following easy Christmas songs, you’ll be able to celebrate the holidays while perfecting your guitar skills.  Christmas Songs on Guitar – List Get ready for some festive music … Read more

9 Easy Jazz Guitar Songs For Beginners

In playing jazz guitar, guitarists can take their playing to new heights and showcase their skills. Jazz is an intimidating genre for novice guitarists, but fear not because there are plenty of easy jazz guitar songs you can learn today to get familiar with playing this style. 1. Summertime Summertime is one of the best … Read more

17 Easy Fingerpicking Songs for Beginners to Guitar

Fingerpicking, also known as fingerstyle, is one of several entertaining guitar techniques to learn. Playing the notes individually rather than strumming the chords together may seem like a daunting task. However, with the following easy fingerpicking songs, you can quickly sound like a fingerstyle master. 1) Dust in the Wind by Kansas “Dust in the … Read more

13 Easy Folk Guitar Songs to Learn Quickly

A lot of folk music is simple on the guitar. That is why they are so useful for learning how to play the guitar. Not only will you practice the basic chord shapes, but you will also work on changing between chords for chord progressions. Learning these folk songs will help you develop your chord … Read more

15 Best Campfire Guitar Songs to Learn

What campfire is complete without someone whipping out their guitar to jam out for a sing-along session? None. Luckily, you don’t need to have professional, rockstar guitar skills to master some classic campfire hits.  Keep reading for 15 easy campfire guitar songs to learn that even beginners can overcome.  1) “Stand by Me” by Ben … Read more

Best Guitar Duet Songs To Learn

Are you ready to start jamming and performing with your friends? Then, a guitar duet is the perfect idea!  Here are 23 of the best guitar duet songs to learn from all genres, including metal, pop-rock, and more. Best of all, they’re also fun to practice! 23 Best Guitar Duet Songs Now, get ready to … Read more

9 Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar

You know you need to master your fundamentals to play guitar music. However, most people, especially beginners, learn best when they put their fundamentals lessons together with easy songs for guitar, and Beatles songs fit that bill. There are many easy Beatles songs to learn, but the following nine are our favorites.  9 Easy Beatles … Read more

How to Play Blues Guitar

Learning blues guitar is a fundamental step for anyone learning to play guitar. Guitar greats such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix honed their skills playing blues. Blues guitar is a simple technique that you can improvise with, modify, and individualize. Plus, you can learn it in a few hours! 3 Simple Tips For Playing … Read more

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords (How to Play Happy Birthday)

There are a few staple songs that everyone learning to play the guitar needs to know, and happy birthday is one of them. Next time you are at someone’s birthday party when everyone is singing happy birthday, you will be able to grab your guitar and play. How to Play Happy Birthday on the Guitar … Read more

6 Essential Guitar Scales for Beginners

When you’re a beginner on any instrument, one of the first things you learn is how to play scales. Usually, those are simple major and minor scales, like C major or A minor. However, the guitar is a unique instrument, particularly regarding its fundamentals. Let’s look at six scales that beginners should learn and practice. … Read more

How to Play Funk Guitar (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

Learning how to play funk guitar can be a very rewarding process for musicians. It comes with original beats that are tricky, but cool and groovy. Still, it can look challenging to follow for beginners. Here, we’ll cover the fundamentals for you to master how to play funk guitar. What Is the Funk Guitar? First, … Read more

Ab Chord, How to Play A-Flat Major Chord on Guitar

How do you play an A-flat major chord on guitar? As with all chords, there are several ways to do it, and you’ll learn them as you gain proficiency. The Ab chord has an upbeat, almost perky sound, making it essential to music that’s supposed to sound fun and a bit reckless.  The Challenges in … Read more

Db Chord, How to Play D Flat Major Guitar Chord

The Db chord may not be one of the most often played chords, but it frequently appears in jazz standards. If you are interested in playing jazz, funk, or rock guitar, you’ll want to learn D flat major. Below are a few different techniques to play the Db chord. What Is D Flat Major? The … Read more

A# Chord, How to Play the A Sharp Major Guitar Chord

Learning guitar chords is fundamental to your guitar-playing journey, and one of those key chords is A# major. Like other chords, there are several different ways to play it, and you’ll be able to progress from the easiest methods of playing it to more challenging ways as you continue practicing. The Challenge in Learning the … Read more

Abm Chord, How to Play A Flat Minor Guitar Chord

While the Ab minor chord may not be the most well-known guitar chord, it is very useful for some popular songs, like “Lights” by Ellie Goulding. Whether you’re a novice or intermediate player, there are several versions of this chord that you can use. How to Play A Flat Minor Before we look at the … Read more

Bb Minor Chord, How to Play B Flat Minor on Guitar

You can use several different chord shapes to play B flat minor on guitar. The two most popular shapes for playing B flat minor are barre chords. There are also several variations of Bbm that are not barre chords and are more beginner-friendly.  The B flat Minor Chord  Like all minor chords, the B flat … Read more

D# Major Chord, How to Play D Sharp Guitar Chord

There are many ways to play D# major on guitar, several of which use barre chords. However, if you are a beginner, there are other, more comfortable methods for your fingers. Although you won’t see the D# major as frequently as D major, you’ll need it as you continue your guitar journey.  D Sharp Major … Read more

Piano Marvel Review

Piano Marvel is a top choice for many who seek to learn piano – but is it actually any good? Many people dream of becoming a pianist, and some reach those dreams through traditional piano lessons. However, these are inaccessible for many people, and they may consider an unorthodox approach. Online piano learning software has … Read more

D# Minor Chord, How to Play D Sharp Minor Guitar Chord

There are several ways to play the D sharp minor chord on guitar. The most common variants use the A-minor and E-minor shape with a barred finger. You can use other finger positions that are not barre chords that will be easier for beginners.  D#m Chord Versions The D# minor chord is also known as … Read more

A#m Chord, How to Play A Sharp Minor Guitar Chord

The A# minor guitar chord may not be a popular choice, but it adds a somber touch to any song. A#m is enharmonic with Bbm, and it is a minor triad with three notes: the root A#, minor third C#, and perfect fifth E# (or F). How to Play A Sharp Minor on Guitar You … Read more

Gbm Chord, How to Play G Flat Minor on Guitar

The G flat minor guitar chord adds depth to songs written in the E, A, and D major keys, and it is enharmonic with the F#m chord. It contains the notes Gb, A, and Db. How to Play Gb Minor On Guitar If you want to play Gb minor on guitar, you can play the … Read more

Dbm Chord, How to Play D Flat Minor Guitar Chord

The Db minor chord, or Dbm chord, is also known as C#m, depending on the key signature of the song you’re playing. You can play either barre chords or simpler chord shapes when learning to play d flat minor. D flat Minor Minor chords utilize the root, minor third, and perfect fifth of a minor … Read more

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Fender guitars are a titan in the music industry; their unique sound and shape set the standard for guitars for decades. However, within their catalog of instruments, Fender Mustangs stand out for their totally unique shape and sound. Fender Mustangs are unlike Fender Jaguars, Stratocasters and sound unique from the Telecaster too. Mustangs are playing in … Read more

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Top 17 Easy Country Songs on Guitar

Some of the most famous country songs prove you don’t need complicated fingerpicking to create a classic. A lot of hits since the 1950s are easy for even first-time players to learn, and most use simplistic guitar chords, too. Below, check out 17 of the best, easy country songs on guitar that you can pick … Read more

How to Play Bass Guitar – Essential Beginner’s Guide

Despite not having the spotlight as much as lead guitar, the bass guitar remains essential in a musical arrangement. No matter the genre, the bass is crucial in gluing the band’s instruments together, giving the music an intimate feel.  Here’s an essential guide on how to play the bass guitar. The Bass Guitar  The bass … Read more

How to Play Acoustic Guitar – Complete Beginner’s Guide

When people think about acoustic guitar, they might think about intimate or stripped-down genres of music. An acoustic guitar is capable of many genres with its unique voice. Though simple in design, the sight of frets and strings might overwhelm beginners. Follow along if you’re looking to get started playing the acoustic guitar! Acoustic Guitars   … Read more

How to String a Guitar- Restring Quick & Easy

It looks simple enough, but it can quickly become complicated – figuring out how to string a guitar can feel a bit like a mess if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Fortunately, you can change guitar strings quickly and easily if you follow a few simple steps.  When Should I Restring My Guitar? Knowing … Read more

How to Tune a Bass Guitar

After weeks of searching, you’ve finally got your bass, and you’re ready to learn to play it. First thing’s first, though— you need to tune it.  Fortunately, learning how to tune a bass guitar is pretty quick, easy, and painless. With just a few easy steps (and possibly a tuning device), you can get rocking. … Read more

How to Read Guitar Chord Charts

Learning how to read guitar chords charts is one of the first skills a guitarist should master. But for newcomers, the lines, numbers, and symbols can look more like math than music. Don’t fret! (Pun intended.) Chord charts are simple to read once you understand each part.  What Is a Guitar Chord Chart? A chord … Read more

How to Play Electric Guitar (13 Tips)

Did you grow up blasting rock music? Maybe you idolized Jimi Hendrix and wanted to take the stage just like him. Whatever the case, we’ve got 13 tips on playing the electric guitar right here – all tuned and refined for you. Read on to learn more! Tip 1: Do the Research on Electric Guitars … Read more

How to Intonate a Guitar (Quick, Easy Steps)

Have you ever had the experience where you just finished tuning your guitar, but somehow it still sounds just a little bit off? You’re not alone. The culprit could be a problem with intonation. This article will explore what intonation is, why it’s essential, and how to intonate a guitar.  What is Intonation? Intonation is … Read more

How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar

Did someone use ‘fingering’ and ‘guitar’ in the same sentence? Yep, that’s right – fingerstyle guitar is a thing. In fact, it’s a beautiful thing for guitarists like Tommy Emmanual and Michael Hedges, and among many more, who have shown the magic of fingerstyle guitar playing through the combination of chords, rhythm, melodies, and percussive … Read more

How to Clean a Guitar

Cleaning your guitar correctly doesn’t have to be a chore because it’s simpler than you think. You can do it right at home and become further bonded to your beloved instrument. Why Does a Guitar Get Dirty? A guitar does not get old or dirty just because we got a little grease (or the occasional … Read more

How to Clean Guitar Strings

When was the last time you cleaned your guitar strings? If the answer is “never,” now is the time! It’s just as important to take care of your guitar’s strings as the rest of the instrument. Here’s how to clean guitar strings safely and effectively.  Why Should You Clean Guitar Strings? Have you ever noticed … Read more

9 Essential Barre Chords – How to Play Guitar Bar Chords

Barre chords are a crucial part of any guitarist’s education. While challenging for beginners, once you master them, you open the world to countless new songs and chord combinations. Below we will cover what bar chords are and how you can play them. What Are Barre Chords? A barre chord, or bar chord, is a … Read more

Gb Chord, How to Play G Flat Chord on Guitar

You may feel surprised to find that you play the Gb chord the same way as the F# chord. So you might wonder why a musician would use Gb over F#. Here, we’ll cover the theory behind both and some extra positions to play the G flat guitar chord. E-Shape Gb Chord Directions: Bar down … Read more

G# Chord, How to Play G Sharp Major Chord on Guitar

One of the first chords many guitarists will learn is G major, but the G sharp major is just as important. Here are a few positions and songs to guide you as you practice the G# chord on the guitar. 4th-Fret G# Chord Directions: Use your 1st finger to barre off all strings across the … Read more

C# Chord, How to Play C Sharp Major Chord on Guitar

C sharp major is a cheery sounding chord that you might recognize from songs by U2 and Ed Sheeran. Thankfully, it’s not too tough to pick up on. Here are the notes, positions, and songs to learn C sharp major. Here are five methods for playing it correctly: E-Shape C# chord The E-shape refers to … Read more

F# Chord, How to Play F Sharp Major Chord on Guitar

Some guitarists feel intimidated by the F sharp major guitar chord. Still, it forms the key of some great hit rock songs. Below, you’ll learn the basic notes and positions of F# major to make it more approachable. How to Play F Sharp Major Guitar Chord Bear in mind that when we refer to the … Read more

B7 Chord, How to Play the B7 Guitar Chord

If you are a fan of the blues, you’ll want to learn how to play the B7 guitar chord, which emanates a melodic and dark sound. There are a few ways to play it, so keep reading to learn about the B7 techniques. Standard Way to Play the B7 Guitar Chord Try the below version … Read more

Fm Chord, How to Play the F Minor Guitar Chord

The Fm chord may not often appear in popular songs, but it provides a clear, dark, and dynamic sound. Even though there aren’t as many alternative voicings to Fm as other major and minor chords, it is still crucial for any guitarist to know. How to Play F Minor on Guitar The Fm chord has … Read more

Eb Minor Chord: How to Play E-Flat Minor Chord on Guitar

The E-flat minor chord plays an important role in guitar playing, and you can play it using a few different fingerings. Like most chords, it’s not especially difficult, but you want to practice it until you’re comfortable (as it is with all other guitar chords you’re learning). So how do you play the E-flat minor … Read more

How to Play Lead Guitar: 5 Key Tips

band playing with microphone up close to show lead guitarist in action

The lead guitar can sound intimidating to new players. After all, it puts your guitar skills at the center of the song. But mastering lead guitar means you can do solos and improvs that bring out the soul of your music. Below, we’ll show you how to play lead guitar with approachable steps. What Is … Read more

How Many Strings Does a Guitar Have?

The typical standard guitar, and the one you’re most likely to own, will have six strings. A six-string guitar is the easiest to find, and it’s often a more affordable option.  However, just because it’s the standard doesn’t mean every guitar has the same number of strings.  The question, “How many strings does a guitar … Read more

Guitar Sizes – Essentials You Need to Know

different guitar sizes in a row to show illustrative example of different guitar sizings

What’s in between a 1/4 and a jumbo guitar? Well, as it turns out, a lot of other guitar sizes. Many brands make unique sizes of guitars, making it hard to shop for the right fit. However, this guide will give you key factors to guide your search. First, How Do You Measure Guitar Sizes? … Read more

How to Play Slide Guitar – Complete Beginner’s Guide

hand up close playing slide guitar

Slide guitar is a fascinating guitar style – and, for some people, a well-kept secret to getting the coolest sounds out of your guitar! If you’re looking to master that classic, voice-like “sliding” sound unique to this style of play, read on! What Is Slide Guitar? “Slide guitar” refers to a specific type of guitar … Read more