Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Review

Have you considered buying an online training course for singing but backed out because the course content seemed limited or dull?Have you found that other online classes forced you into their rigid molds instead of training you to become a unique singer? Well, Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass is none of the things that might have turned you away from … Read more

30 Day Singer Review

The 30-Day Singer is an online singing course designed for beginner and intermediate vocalists.It aims to improve your vocal techniques and, therefore, your singing voice, in a single month (hence the title of ’30 Day Singer’).While you won’t be ready to record your first album after 30 days, these foundational skills will put you on … Read more

How to Sing Louder Without Straining

You listen with awe and wonder, hoping someday that you’ll have that force in your voice. You may even look at howling puppies with that sort of envy because they can be heard for miles and sing with their heads back, proud. I get it. If singing loud isn’t the pinnacle of the singer’s craft, it’s … Read more

What is My Voice Type?

Discovering your voice type is the first—and most important—step in figuring out what your voice is capable of and how much you can improve it. So, how do you go about doing it? While you might not be interested in singing Opera at all, Opera has come up with a comprehensive system for determining voice types.They’ve … Read more

How to Find Your Vocal Range

If you’re new to the singing world, you may be inundated with all sorts of new vocabulary. Words like “timbre” or “tessitura” are abound in choir practice, online singing courses, and music blogs.You are not alone if you’ve already had to search a few to understand what someone is describing!  Many of the specialty terms vocalists use … Read more

Superior Singing Method Review – Is this Course Worth it?

Great singers aren’t made, they’re born— this old adage is just not true!  Despite the popular belief that a person can’t be trained to be a beautiful singer, singing coaches have been around for generations taking skilled and unskilled singers to the next level. Even better, with new technology comes new teaching aids. The rise of … Read more

Singorama Review – The Best Online Vocal Course?

If you’ve ever sung in the shower, the car, or Happy Birthday, there’s a good chance you’ve decided that you can sing, or you can’t.  For years, people have believed singing to be a natural talent that one couldn’t learn. Well, it’s a new age! With a little training and practice, you can train yourself to … Read more

Best Online Singing Lessons – Learn to Sing in 2020

Some of the best moments in our lives relate to music.  From graduation songs to first dances at weddings, music and vocals bring out powerful emotions in people. It’s not surprising, then, that many people long for a desirable singing voice.Singing in the shower not quite the sound you’re looking for? Does the idea of … Read more

6 Breathing Exercises for Singers – Learn the Best Way to Breathe

perfect breath control by pavarotti made him one of the best singers ever.

Breathing is so natural and automatic to us; it’s hard to believe that we could be doing it wrong. Breath exercises for singing can dramatically improve the caliber of vocal performance, though.Masterful control of breathing is how Pavarotti managed iconic sustains, and how Maria Callas perfected the timbre of her soprano performance.In the simplest terms, … Read more

Vocal Warm Up – The Simple 5 Minute Routine

Woman warming up her voice to get ready to sing properly

Warming up before you sing is super important to having a killer session. For starters, it gets you into the right singing mood, and also gets your voice ready to belt out very high-pitch, nuanced tunes. And this is not just for beginner or intermediate level singers, but for professional artists too. We all need a solid … Read more