25 Best Funny Meme Songs Of All Time

To find a funny meme song that passes the test of time is like discovering gold. Whichever social media post you make using a funny timeless piece guarantees its validity for years. The right meme song speaks volumes, and it’s a form of expression that captures the viewer’s mood perfectly.

Below are 25 funny meme songs of all time that will have your followers laughing uncontrollably.

1. Into The Thick of It! – The Backyardigans

The Backyardigans - Into The Thick Of It! (Lyrics)

It’s questionable how such a song achieves top status in the list of funny meme songs of all time. But when you’re done scratching your head, remember that most of the people who improvise on social media to make memes have an amusing side and creative streak. Which explains why a meaningless yet straightforward song, “Into The Thick Of It,” still plays on the internet.

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2. Never Gonna Give You UpRick Astley

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)

This 1987 hit song by Rick Astley has a sentimental yet funny vibe that captures the hearts and attention of many. “Never Gonna Give You Up” is considered a funny song because of the original singer’s nostalgic sense of humor. This meme song stays on replay in anyone’s mind when paired with any meme post.

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3. Shooting StarsBag Raiders

Something about the instrumentals on this song makes it blend so well with different meme scenarios. “Shooting Stars” is featured on several animation shows and hundreds of memes online. It lives on and makes an excellent choice for poorly edited funny cartoon videos and memes.

4. Gangnam StylePSY


What anyone could blow off as a silly song ended up spreading like wildfire when a little-known Korean artist, PSY, dropped “Gangnam Style.” The 2012 song has racked up billions of views on YouTube and has become a global sensation identifying with people of different cultures and backgrounds. The witty dance moves, funny visual gags, and “Oppa Gangnam Style” catchphrase make this an excellent song for your memes.

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5. My Heart Will Go OnCéline Dion

Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert)

Two lovers standing with their hands stretched at the tip of a giant ship in the Titanic movie is what triggers many to choose this song for their memes. Not to mention the enchanting melody that rings non-stop in your head after you hear it on the radio. It’s indeed a timeless song perfect for funny memes.

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6. Hide and SeekImogen Heap

Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Official Video)

If you want to post a sarcastic reaction without seeming too upfront, a meme featuring the “Hide And Seek” song is an excellent way to do it. This iconic 2005 song has a somber mood, but when played on SNL’s Lonely Island Parody, The Shooting, it became an instant sensation. It also remains etched in time because the TV show The O.C. featured it in one of its dramatic scenes.

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7. Ocean ManWeen

When the SpongeBob SquarePants movie played this song in the credits, a switch went on in many millennials’ minds. The 1997 song suddenly rose back to life in 2016 long after it had lost its popularity, but things turned for good when it featured on numerous Vines and YouTube videos.

8. Mr. BrightsideThe Killers

The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Official Music Video)

This song’s ability to evoke emotion, humorous allure, captivating melody, and enchanting lyrics is what keeps it relevant through time. “Mr. Brightside” is a 2003 single from a Vegas rock band that seemed forgotten but has made a surprising comeback. In this social media-obsessed era, young people will jump on the train to be part of a viral trend.

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9. AfricaToto

Toto - Africa (Official HD Video)

The cringe-worthy lyrics by the artist Toto make this ensemble quite funny. The song was first released in 1982, but people didn’t pay much attention to it until someone pointed out how funny the lyrics sounded. That marked the immortalization of the song, which now, like terrible artwork, refuses to fade away.

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10. A Thousand MilesVanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

This anthemic piano tune makes this 2002 hit an epic choice for memes. If you think of the lyrics literally, you realize how funny it sounds. Who falls into the sky and walks a thousand miles in one night? However, when we focus more on the meaning behind the words and see the picture Vanessa Carlton was trying to paint, the song metamorphosizes into a sentimental ballad that complements any meme.

11. Harlem ShakeBaauer

Baauer - Harlem Shake [Official Audio]

When Filthy Frank, a popular vlogger, did the Harlem Shake dance in one of his videos, the Baauer song caught fire and became a viral craze everyone wanted in on. Millions of people across the globe, including the Norwegian Army, swerved and wiggled to this tune, making it the number one funny meme song for anyone who wants to do a funny dance.

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12. PhotographNickelback

Nickelback - Photograph

Upon the release of this 2005 single, the internet raved on and on about the framed photoshopped picture held by Chad Kroeger appearing at the beginning of the song. Nickelback is known for its funny edge and captivating music (despite the hate they’ve received over the years). No wonder they joined in on the fun to make fun of themselves in a lighthearted spirit.

13. Take On MeA-ha

a-ha - Take On Me (Official Video) [Remastered in 4K]

It’s hard to believe that a song from 1985 can still dominate the internet like this hit by a-ha does. The song is probably the very first production inspired by comics. Considering how popular comics were when the music video was released, it was a sure bet that this song would be top of the list.

Famous TV shows like Family Guy have parodied this song several times in some of the episodes, while a well-known band, Weezer, made a fantastic cover song, allowing the piece to live on through the airwaves.

14. In My FeelingsDrake

Drake - In My Feelings

The KiKi challenge is among the many trends that Drake’s songs have ignited. The 2018 song “In My Feelings” became an instant meme sensation because of the perilous stunt of someone jumping out of a slow-moving vehicle and doing a simple dance. Drake has a funny personality that many are eager to see and associate with. What better way to jump in on the viral trend than posting this meme song on your timeline?

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15. Every time We TouchCascada

Everytime We Touch

Finding a track that’s easy to dance to is the key to choosing the right meme song. This 2006 release by a German EDM band is the most danceable song of its era. As more people perform TikTok videos and post different cover songs of “Every Time We Touch” on their social media, this tune continues to exist long after other songs from the same era die away.

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16. PonyGinuwine

As the most pronounced R&B singer of his time, Ginuwine outdid himself upon releasing the raunchy slow hit dubbed “Pony.” The 1996 jam became fodder for some internet fun, mainly due to his sensual moves. The potential for the lyrics to have different meanings makes it the perfect funny meme song for an awkward dance or simple imitation.

17. The Sound of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence (Audio)

Unlike most of the songs in this list which captures the listener’s attention from start to finish, things are quite different with this entry. This 1964 classic has the lyric, “Hello darkness, my old friend,” which has meme lovers excited beyond imagination. Despite its gloomy sound, the song is perfect for different memes with different meanings.

18. Jack SparrowThe Lonely Island Featuring Michael Bolton

Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

When famous all-time musicians like Michael Bolton and The Lonely Island Band meet, you already know that the results will be phenomenal. “Jack Sparrow” is nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s no wonder it remains an internet sensation decades after its release. It’s something about the nostalgia and humorous nature of the collaborating artists that makes this song stand out and appeal to all music lovers.

19. SeptemberEarth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Official HD Video)

During September, the tune “September” seems to come alive as more people on the internet quote the song with their memes. This classic song makes for a tune that creates a sense of nostalgia for the past, but has an exciting allure that makes many want to look forward to autumn. Nothing stands out too much about the song as far as what makes it so “memeable”, but it’s still a great reference to September and sounds super fun.

20. All StarSmash Mouth

Smash Mouth - All Star (Official Music Video)

Speaking of songs that continue to amaze people and remain relevant for decades, “All Star” is like a gift that keeps giving. When a musician like Smash Mouth provides us with a song that is not only funny but grips our attention the entire time, people are likely to find more uses for it. The 1999 tune continues to rack up parodies and references in memes and other social media activities with no sign of it fading away.

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21. The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)Ylvis

Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]

The persistent question in this song, “What Does The Fox Say?” keeps everyone curious. The song by the hilarious duo Ylvis never seems to answer this burning question, but this doesn’t take away from how dominating the song was in the 2010s. It continues to feature in many online videos and memes across social media platforms today.

22. Bring Me to LifeEvanescence

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Official HD Music Video)

Drama and exciting lyrics are the two main ingredients that make an excellent funny meme song. The 2003 tune by Evanescence has plenty of raw intensity and some cool lyrics, which, if paired with different memes, is fodder for instant gags and laughs. By far, one of the best meme songs on this list.

23. We Are Number OneLazyTown

Lazy Town | We are Number One Music Video Videos For Kids

When news of Stefán Karl Stefánsson’s cancer illness spread through the internet in 2016, people launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with personal and medical costs for their idol from the Icelandic kid’s TV show. “We Are Number One” is a song from the show that also became the meme song people chose to help popularize the campaign.

24. Let It GoIdina Menzel

Idina Menzel - Let It Go (from Frozen) (Official Video)

Frozen is a Disney show that targets kids and young teens. For some reason, its song “Let It Go” seems to have captured the hearts of many, surpassing all age brackets. Credit to the song’s empowering lyrics for the unforeseen popularity. Since its release, social media has been awash with the song’s parodies, GIFs, and covers, so why not introduce the tune to the meme world? It fits right in.

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25. What Is LoveHaddaway

Haddaway - What Is Love [Official]

Memes, if you look carefully, have been present for years. We just didn’t know what to call them. “What Is Love” by Haddaway was featured on one of The Roxbury Guys’ skits on Saturday Night Live in 1996, marking the first time the tune debuted in the meme world.

Later in 2005, the song featured an edited GIF showing different actors nodding to the music in seamless harmony. This event re-introduced the classic tune to the internet, with many others using the song in memes and other short videos.

If you are part of the crowd on social media who love memes but struggle to find meme songs to feature in your videos, above are excellent funny meme songs that will never grow old.

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