17 Best Brent Faiyaz Songs, Ranked

Brent Faiyaz is one of the best and newest R&B singers in the music industry, releasing incredibly successful albums over the last few years that have cemented his place as one of the greats. He’s known for his introspective themes and incredible vocal talent, which pairs well with his ability to craft vulnerable pieces of music with stripped-down instrumentals. In this article, we’ll look at the 17 best Brent Faiyaz songs so far. 

1. Gravity

Brent Faiyaz Feat Tyler, The Creator "Gravity" (Audio)

Gravity was released in 2021 as a single from Brent Faiyaz that featured an appearance from Tyler, The Creator. In the song, the two artists trade verses about their struggles with relationships and finding love, looking at the two from the perspective of being a music star. The pair harmonize well and show a lot of chemistry over the smooth guitar melody of the track and notably blends soulful R&B with experimental hip hop to create a seamless and beautiful combination.

It’s a song that was deeply personal for both artists, showcasing vulnerability and honesty while also serving as an outlet for their frustrations and sadness. The main themes of the track are universally relatable, giving listeners something to sum up their own thoughts. 

2. Dead Man Walking

Brent Faiyaz - DEAD MAN WALKING [Official Audio]

Dead Man Walking is a song that stands out among Brent Faiyaz’s music for not dealing with love or relationships, instead focusing on dealing with mental health problems and the pressure that comes with rising to fame. It starts out with very little instrumentation but builds throughout the track in a way that mimics the isolation felt by those dealing with depression and problems with self-love.

It serves as a look into the mind of the rapper, but it’s also one that provokes introspective thoughts in the listener as well. Full of soul and heart, he lays out problems that many listeners also face in a vulnerable and raw way. 

3. Trust

Brent Faiyaz - TRUST [Official Audio]

Trust is an incredible song that proves sometimes less is more. The instrumentation on the track is minimal, leaving Brent Faiyaz’s vocal delivery of poignant lyrics the main focus that’s only backed by a subtle guitar melody and some atmospheric sounds. He dives deep into it, discussing the struggles he’s faced with trust in relationships, the problems with vulnerability, and his own insecurity at times.

The chorus is the part of the track that brings it home, talking about how he doesn’t want to get close or let someone in because of his fears. It’s a passionate performance and one of the most raw songs of his discography but remains universally relevant and relatable. 


Brent Faiyaz - ROLLING STONE [Official Audio]

Brent Faiyaz’s vocal talents are well-documented and unquestioned, but if you’re looking for evidence to prove how great they are, look no further than Rolling Stone. The high notes he is able to achieve and the way he blends the lyrics and notes together are incredible.

And while vulnerability is a key theme of many of his songs, few show it better than the hook in this one that states “I’m sorry in advance if I let you down.” That single line provides more emotion and insecurity than most artists can put in an entire track. It was a standout song from a standout album in Wasteland.

5. Been Away

Brent Faiyaz - Been Away (Audio)

Been Away is a song that explores a lot of the themes Brent Faiyaz holds dear to his heart. It talks about his rise to fame and the pursuit of wealth but comes at it from the perspective of trying to figure out if his potential lover is with him for the right reasons.

He spends the beginning of the track asking her if she would step out on him and warns that people want to be with her because he is with her now. Asking her if she’s pretending is a hint of the vulnerability of his other songs, but the later lines that almost beg for her to not do him wrong show the cracks in his facade. 

6. Wasting Time

Brent Faiyaz Ft Drake - Wasting Time [Official Audio]

Brent Faiyaz and Drake are both known for their smooth line deliveries and their ability to throw down a seductive track. Wasting Time is the perfect example of both artists’ abilities with both of those traits, but it also shows the clear chemistry between the two on a soulful and emotional level.

The pair trade verses about their respective love interests, dealing with themes like love, attraction, and what they hope to gain from a potential relationship. It’s a bit of a departure from his typical style though. Rather than minimal or precise production, the song is backed by elaborate and smooth instrumentals, creating a standout track in a sea of the best Brent Faiyaz songs. 

7. Clouded

Brent Faiyaz - CLOUDED [ Official Audio]

Clouded is an interesting introspective track from Brent Faiyaz that deals with him reflecting on his legacy rather than a relationship. He spends it chewing on whether he will have any meaningful impact on the world before he dies and what aspects of life are important. Society may tell us that sex, money, and drugs make the world go around, but is that significant enough for him? It serves as a look into his mindset going forward, as he tries to figure out what he wants to prioritize in his life. 

8. Talk 2 U

Talk 2 U is another universally relatable song from Brent Faiyaz, but it can relate to a number of situations. From wanting to approach a potential partner to wanting to comfort someone going through a tough time, the lines in the track about not knowing what to say to someone you want to talk to can be applied to so many situations.

The minimal production in the song leaves a simple guitar riff and beat to back his silky vocals, with the vulnerable and introspective verses leading the way for the track. It’s a showcase of his ability to create universal music with broad appeal that is still personal, both for the artist and the listener. 

9. Stay Down

Stay Down is one of the best examples of Brent Faiyaz’s versatility as an artist. It’s a hypnotic track that has a funky bassline and a mellow vibe that backs his delivery of smooth and confident verses. He sings about being ready to commit to a romantic relationship, delving into topics like loyalty and devotion.

His saying “stay down” in the song is him saying that he is planning on staying down for his love interest for the long haul. The melody is incredibly catchy, the delivery of the lines is spot on, and it even features a guest appearance from Drake that adds a solid verse to the track. It stands out among his catalog of music because it showcases his songwriting ability and proves he can make something catchy that retains the soul he’s come to be known for. 

10. Gang Over Luv

Brent Faiyaz - Gang Over Luv (Official Video)

Gang Over Luv is a song about Brent Faiyaz’s early years. It talks about him growing up and not having a lot of money but making the most of what he did have while his peers didn’t. It then talks about his early rebellion against academic pressure to perform in school, causing him to get poor grades. The track actually comes right after Home on the album, in which his mother scolds him for those grades. The main focus of the song is that despite setbacks, he came out of it all okay and made his way in life regardless.

11. Outside All Night

Brent Faiyaz - Outside All Night feat. A$AP Rocky & N3WYRKLA [Visualizer]

Brent Faiyaz only provides the chorus for this song, with A$AP Rocky and N3WYRKLA providing the verses. Interestingly, it was the song that hinted A$AP Rocky and Rihanna had gotten married. Faiyaz’s chorus is as poignant as always. It talks about spending the night searching the stars for answers, providing a universal message of searching for the meaning of life or finding the truth in a relationship. 


Brent Faiyaz - JACKIE BROWN [Official Video]

JACKIE BROWN is an awesome song by Brent Faiyaz that sees him try to figure out if he’s made the right decisions in his career or his relationships. He talks about how unsure he is with his new girl, even asking for reassurance, but seems to find none.

Without a record label telling him what to do, he’s also left unsure about his career. Time seems to pass by quickly because he’s able to have fun doing what he wants, but the lack of solid footing with a label means that he isn’t sure how things will turn out and this provides anxiety. By the end of the song, he still isn’t sure what he really wants in either scenario. 

13. First World Problemz | Nobody Carez

First World Problemz | Nobody Carez

This two-part track from Brent Faiyaz showcases not just his incredible singing ability but also his skill as a rapper. The first part features his typical soulful instrumentation and introspective lyrics, focused on struggling with his own fame and success. But the second part is a drastic shift.

The beat gets harder, his line delivery becomes aggressive, and he raps about his frustrations with the music industry as a whole and the fake friends that have entered his life. It serves as a reminder that successful artists aren’t immune to mental health struggles and that success comes at a price. 

14. Missin Out

Missin’ Out is a song that just feels like a Brent Faiyaz track. From the funky bassline and drums to the perfect line delivery, it’s a quintessential song from him. The majority of the lyrics deal with a failed relationship, diving into the heartbreak that follows and the inevitable what-ifs that go through a person’s mind when they lose someone they’re in love with. The title says it all for this one, as it discusses the feeling of missing out on all those potentially great memories with someone. 


Brent Faiyaz - ADDICTIONS FEAT. TRE’ AMANI [Official Audio]

Addictions is both an acknowledgment that Brent Faiyaz is struggling with the fame, women, and drugs that have become a part of his life and a statement that he plans to enjoy them for a while before settling down. This is plain in the lines about how he will continue to make excuses to keep doing the things he wants to do.

But even so, he has something in his mind that makes him question if he’s in the wrong, continuing to repeat the line “Maybe I’m fucked up” throughout the chorus. It’s a song with a deep level of introspection and justification that follows his mental struggle through his search for the things he loves. 

16. Allure

Allure sees Brent Faiyaz drop the vulnerability in his voice in favor of a confident and seductive tone. It’s all about desire, lust, and attraction. Blending his signature R&B style with hip hop fundamentals, he crafts a hypnotic song about the allure of his potential love interest, approaching her not as a supplicant like in other tracks but as a cool and confident partner. It’s a bit of a switch compared to many of the other songs on this list, but his signature crooning style still reigns supreme throughout the track. 

17. Home

Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere, and whether that be a place or a person, it’s a thing everyone craves. Home is a song that explores that theme, alongside other things like heartbreak and love. Brent Faiyaz spends most of it talking about prior relationships and the emotional journey his life has taken him on. By the end of it, he’s found the place he wants to call home in the arms of his lover, a beautiful sentiment that caps off one of his most beautiful tracks.

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