37 Songs About Brown Eyes

While many people feel like blue eyes get the most compliments, there are plenty of brown-eye lovers out there as well. There are just as many tracks extolling the beauty of brown orbs as well, from massive famous hits to lesser-known ballads that are just as good. In this article, we’ll look at 37 songs about brown eyes. 

1. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (Official Audio)

Yep, we have to start the list with the most famous and obvious song about brown eyes out there. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison is an all-time classic that was released in 1967 and became an overnight hit. The lyrics mostly focus on the simple joys of being young and falling in love during the summertime, backed by a catchy melody. Despite now being nearly 60 years old, the track is still near and dear to many people’s hearts. 

2. Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times (Official Audio)

Good Times Bad Times was the very first track on Led Zeppelin’s debut album and the first you would hear if you bought and played it when it was first released. The lyrics talk about a man at different stages of his life, telling his coming-of-age story. At 16, he falls in love but loses the girl to a brown-eyed man who stole her away. It’s an interesting song because it places the brown-eyed description on someone other than the singer’s love interest. 

3. Brown Eyes – Destiny’s Child

Destiny's Child - Brown Eyes (Official Audio)

Destiny’s Child released Brown Eyes on their 2001 album Survivor, and despite not being one of the most popular songs on the album, it was one of the best at showcasing harmonies. It primarily focuses on a loving relationship where the feelings coming from each partner are obvious. All the singer needs to do is look into the brown eyes of their lover, and they know how much they’re loved. 

4. Brown Eyes – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga released Brown Eyes on her 2008 album The Fame, and in interviews, she revealed that the song was about herself. Trying to cope with heartbreak, the singer talks about watching a love leave through brown eyes but that isn’t the only time she uses them in the track. She also uses them as a metaphor for the man she loves. Several times throughout the song brown eyes are used this way, giving perspective on herself as she went through life.

5. The Look – Roxette

Roxette - The Look

The Look is one of the most famous songs Roxette ever released. A number-one hit single, it focused on how attractive a woman was and served as an ode to a woman who could get anyone to do anything for her just with her looks. The narrator of the track asks her what could possibly make her brown eyes turn blue, a trend we see a lot in songs that mention brown eyes.

6. Brown Eyed Women – Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead - Brown Eyed Women (Chicago, IL 6/22/91)

Grateful Dead’s song Brown Eyed Women tells the story of the narrator’s father. He worked hard through the Great Depression, bootlegging alcohol and making a living for his family, but always had a hard time. At the end of the track, a roof cave-in kills the man’s wife, and it utterly destroys him. He never recovers from the loss and goes to his grave mourning the love of his life who assumedly had brown eyes. 

7. Brown Eyes – Fleetwood Mac

Brown Eyes (2015 Remaster)

Brown Eyes was one of six songs Christine McVie wrote for Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk album in 1979. While not a long track, it’s able to pack in plenty of messaging. The narrator has apparently been done by men with brown eyes in the past, which ultimately leads her to be hesitant despite her attraction to a new man, thinking he might just be another liar. 

8. Brown Eyed Blues – Ben Harper

Brown Eyed Blues is a song full of beautifully contrasting components. It has an overall upbeat and funky feel to it but that hides the sadness in the lyrics. The narrator has lost the woman he loves, assumedly for not treating her well enough, and now, he’s the one with the blues. His brown eyes are now blue thanks to his tears, and it doesn’t appear that there’s any hope of her coming back to him anytime soon. 

9. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue – Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle - don't it make my brown eyes blue

Crystal Gayle was already an established country music star in 1977, but this was the year that she found her biggest hit and signature single. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue focuses on a breakup and the stages of grief that come after losing the person you love. The brown eyes turning blue line is meant to represent her sadness over the heartbreak and her essentially pleading with her partner not to do this to her.

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10. Ebony Eyes – Bob Welch

Ebony Eyes is a touching love ballad for brown eyes by Bob Welch. It was released in 1979 on his album Three Hearts and includes some of the best and most layered instrumentation on the album. The narrator of the song pines for a woman with ebony eyes, coming off as heartfelt rather than as a supplicant, earning him a hit single. 

11. Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) – Mint Condition

Mint Condition - Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (Official Music Video)

Mint Condition produced their biggest hit in 1991 when they released Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes). It’s a quintessentially-boy-band song, mixing R&B with synthesizers and vocal harmonies that were incredibly popular at the time. The sentiment in the track is timeless though, portraying a man who wants their lover to stop hurting them because the only thing they want to do is love them. His lover’s brown eyes are pointed out multiple times as the thing that draws him to them so deeply. 

12. Brown Eyed Lover – Allen Stone

Allen Stone – Brown Eyed Lover (Live at Sound Emporium)

Allen Stone spends the entirety of Brown Eyed Lover lauding their partner and their captivating brown eyes. The romantic ballad features an incredible vocal performance and has some powerful and soulful melodies in it as well. It serves as a true depiction of what love and devotion should be like, making an example for others to follow and extolling the virtues of the narrator’s lover. 

13. Beautiful Brown Eyes – The Brothers Four

Beautiful Brown Eyes

The Brothers Four’s version of Beautiful Brown Eyes is a classic folk song from the 1960s. Their four-part harmony declares a simple folksy message about the narrator’s admiration for women with brown eyes, as they tend to be his weakness. For them, it turned out to be one of their most popular tracks and an enduring folk hit for them that still sees some play today.

14. Brown Eyes Baby – Keith Urban

Keith Urban - Brown Eyes Baby (Official Music Video)

Keith Urban has a distinct sound that helps him stand out among other country artists of the last 20 years, and it’s on full display in Brown Eyes Baby. It’s a pretty simple song on the surface, with the most important lines being about being able to take the blue out of his woman’s brown eyes. He is basically saying he will do his best to make her happy and help her get over whatever heartbreak has befallen her. 

15. Looking in Your Big Brown Eyes – Bob Marley

Bob Marley - Looking In Your Big Brown Eyes (Inner Circle - Sweat)

Looking In Your Big Brown Eyes paints the picture of two lovers dancing with each other and enjoying themselves as they stare into each other’s eyes. The singer has a hard time approaching the girl with big brown eyes, as he finds her so attractive that he becomes nervous. But once he gets over it, they pair have a great evening and might even find love. This reggae tune from the illustrious Bob Marley was released in 1993. 

16. Sparkling Brown Eyes – George Jones

Sparkling Brown Eyes

Sparkling Brown Eyes was released by George Jones in 1963 and is a timeless classic from the very beginning of the rock and roll and country genres. It mostly focuses on a man traveling back home to be with the love of his life, with her sparkling brown eyes waiting on him there. He wishes he could grow wings to fly home since it would be faster, but he knows she will be waiting on him no matter how long it takes.

17. Pair of Brown Eyes – Peter Case

Peter Case "Pair Of Brown Eyes"

Peter Case released Pair Of Brown Eyes on his eponymous 1986 album. The brown eyes described in the song belong to the narrator’s lost love, with them lamenting the fact that they lost the person and wishing they could be staring into their eyes again. It’s a classic of the folk-rock genre and leans on the universal themes of love and loss that everyone can get behind. 

18. A Pair of Brown Eyes – The Pogues

The Pogues - A Pair of Brown Eyes

A Pair Of Brown Eyes is probably the most Irish song on this list, complete with a few choruses about going rovin’ in search of the brown eyes the narrator spotted several times earlier in their life. This 1985 hit single was the first by them to make it onto the UK Top 100 and was sung in a traditional folk style. Unfortunately, it appears that the narrator never finds the pair of brown eyes he so fervently searches for. 

19. Brown Eyes View – JUSTHIS And Paloalto Feat. CIFIKA

Brown Eyes View (feat. CIFIKA)

Brown Eyes View is one of the most interesting songs on this list. The track opens in an electro and robotic style but quickly shifts into a solid rap single. It’s much more fit for a bar or a dance club than it is sitting around and listening to music, but this 2018 single by Paloalto is a fun song to throw on no matter where you happen to be.

20. Sore Brown Eyes – Howie B

Sore Brown Eyes isn’t a song that will leave your eyes sore from crying, it’ll leave your legs sore from getting up and dancing. The opening has several rises and falls that are full of energy and the rhythmic nature of the track persists even when the energy seems to drop down a bit. It was released on Howie B’s 1997 album Turn The Dark Off

21. My Little Brown Eyes – Crispian St. Peters

My Little Brown Eyes

My Little Brown Eyes is an endearing love song from Crispian St. Peters. He talks about the doubts his lover has towards him and the way people view him, dispelling rumors about being a liar, a cheater, and other things. He asks if she thinks he could ever love her and walk away, with “little brown eyes” being the loving name he calls her. 

22. Little Brown Eyes – Freddie and the Dreamers

Little Brown Eyes is a song about the brown eye that reminds the singer of a love he lost in the past. His biggest wish is that they would come back to him, but he sees them in his memories like a haunting vision. It’s a nice track from Freddie And The Dreamers‘ heyday back in the 1950s and 1960s. 

23. Brown Eyes and All the Rest – Carnival Youth

Carnival Youth - "Brown Eyes And All The Rest"

Brown Eyes And All The Rest was released by Carnival Youth in 2014. The song starts off slow before exploding into a rocking single, though the meticulous and deep vocal performance gives it a somber feel despite the music. It’s a deeply sad track about wondering what life could be like if more effort was put in or if the singer was given another chance. There are plenty of lines about wanting to be better, though the brown eyes in the song are a fear for the singer as they would be able to see through their facade. 

24. You Make Me Wanna (Brown Eyed Girl) – Owen Barney

You Make Me Wanna (Brown Eyed Girl)

You Make Me Wanna (Brown Eyed Girl) by Owen Barney is as close as you can get to the cover of a song as you can get without making one. It’s almost the same as Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl but comes off as a modern version of the track with quite a few changes. Released in 2021, this country version of a timeless classic is a refreshing take on a much older song that still hammers home the singer’s love of brown-eyed girls. 

25. Brown Eyes – Kano

Kano’s single Brown Eyes delves into themes like being faithful to your partner and the pain of infidelity. The brown eyes of their lover are the thing that reassures the narrator that spending the rest of their life with their partner is the right thing to do. This 2005 R&B song has a great groove and serves as an outstanding love track despite the narrator’s conflicting feelings. 

26. Beautiful Brown Eyes – Roy Acuff

Beautiful Brown Eyes by Roy Acuff

Beautiful Brown Eyes is a traditional country song that was recorded by Roy Acuff in the 1950s and would go on to be covered by numerous other artists over the following decades. His original version was backed by a fiddle and acoustic guitar and described the narrator’s admiration and love of women with brown eyes. As one of the most enduring country ballads, it certainly earned a spot as one of the best classics out there. 

27. Pretty Brown Eyes – Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson - Pretty Brown Eyes (Official Music Video)

Pretty Brown Eyes was released by Cody Simpson in 2013. It’s meant to be a feel-good summertime song, with the narrator pining about how much he likes a certain girl with brown eyes. While this probably just talked about the short-lived love of summer, the track helped him gain a following in the pop world and anchored his career for a few years. 

28. A Ballad For Brown Eyes – Naethan Apollo

A Ballad for Brown Eyes

Naethan Apollo does, what might be, the best ballad about brown eyes you’ll ever hear. He takes a negative comment made about them, like comparing their color to dirt, and spins it into a positive. The song spends its duration lauding the beauty of brown eyes, comparing them to topaz, coffee, caramel, and beautiful Autumn leaves. If you ever feel like brown eyes don’t get the compliments they deserve, this is the track you need to hear today.

29. Brown Skin Girl – Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges - Brown Skin Girl (Official Audio)

Leon Bridges’ song Brown Skin Girl is a short single about a cute girl he spies across the room. Her skin and eyes are both gorgeous to him and he uses compliments to endear himself to the apparent stranger he is so attracted to.

30. Deep Brown Eyes – Bedside Kites

Much of Deep Brown Eyes focuses on a young man who has fallen for a beautiful young lady and gets shy when she’s around. You can bet it’s her brown eyes that melt his facade of stone. This country single from 2019 is the perfect song to help you get over your own shyness when it comes to romance. 

31. Brown Eyes – Keeley Elise

Brown Eyes - Keeley Elise [Official Music Video]

Brown Eyes by Keeley Elise flips the love of brown eyes around to talk about the boy she’s on a first date with rather than herself. It’s an adorable pop single from 2021 about the beginning of a relationship, the butterflies of new love, and the endless possibilities ahead of them. It’s also a song that romanticizes traditional relationships and dates, which is not often seen in modern music. 

32. Summer Shandy – The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms: Summer Shandy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Summer Shandy by The Front Bottoms seems to be a song about a conflicted narrator. He lives a bad-boy life and isn’t even true to himself there, but he feels like he found a place he belongs and is seemingly happy. But after a girl with hypnotizing brown eyes walks into his life, he begins contemplating what life could look like for him if he changes a few things.

33. Brown Eyes – DJ Okawari Feat. Brittany Campbell

Brown Eyes feat. Brittany Campbell

This 2011 song from DJ Okawari starts off with a piano lead-in before speeding up, mirroring the emotions of being frozen and then utterly devastated. It talks from the perspective of a woman who has been cheated on and deceived by her lover, capturing her tearful and angry revelation. 

34. Brown Eyed Boy – Ken Hensley

Brown Eyed Boy seems to be a bit of an autobiographical track. The boy in the story has brown eyes and is a musician. After spotting a lovely lady while hanging around outside, she asks if he can play a song for them to dance to. It’s a great track for concerts and not bad for dancing either. 

35. Brown Eyed Woman – Bill Medley

Brown Eyed Woman was a great showcase song for Bill Medley’s soulful singing style. The track focuses on being able to know when someone is no good for you, with the singer using their blue eyes and their lover’s brown eyes as a symbol of them not being a good match. In spite of their incompatibility, he continues to want to be with her and tries to find a way to make it work.

36. Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Bachman & Turner - Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (Live At The Roseland Ballroom NYC)

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet is an interesting song because Randy Bachman didn’t see the track as a success when they recorded it. It turned out to be Bachman-Turner Overdrive‘s signature song, and the biggest hit they ever released, reaching number one in 1974. It talks about brown eyes before each repetition of the chorus and was actually meant as a prank for the band member with a stuttering problem. 

37. Brown Eyes, Brown Hair – Caleb Hearn

Caleb Hearn - Brown Eyes, Brown Hair (Lyrics)

Brown Eyes, Brown Hair was released on Caleb Hearn’s debut album. The acoustic style of the song gives it more of a folk style than a modern country one, serving as the perfect background for lyrics musing on living a simple life with the brown-eyed woman of the narrator’s dreams. It’s a great introduction to his songwriting talents and is one of the best examples of his unique style of music.

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