33 Cool Songs About Being Bulletproof

Most of the time when someone uses bulletproof to describe something, they don’t mean impervious to literal bullets. The true meaning of it lies in invincibility, being unshakeable and unstoppable. These feelings are some of the best confidence boosters, so there are plenty of tracks out there that talk about being bulletproof in one way or another. In this article, we’ll look at 33 cool songs about being bulletproof and the feelings that come along with it. 

1. Bulletproof – La Roux

La Roux - Bulletproof

La Roux’s song Bulletproof is the one you’ll find most often referenced when people talk about tracks like this. It speaks about being bulletproof from the perspective of being unafraid and unbothered when heading back into the dating scene. Putting past traumas and emotions behind you can be hard, but there’s a liberating feeling to not worrying about falling in love, what someone else thinks of you, or acting out because of your past. 

2. Bulletproof – Godsmack

Godsmack - Bulletproof (Official Audio)

Sometimes, people make themselves bulletproof when it comes to specific things. You can’t be bitten by a snake if you never grab one, and you likely don’t share secrets with people who don’t keep your trust.

Godsmack’s song Bulletproof is about being guarded around people who have hurt you in the past, never caring what they think, and making their opinion of you not matter in your mind. It’s a track about acting bulletproof when you’re hurt too, but sometimes that charade is the very thing that protects you from it happening again.

3. What I Got – Sublime

Sublime - What I Got (Official Music Video)

What I Got isn’t your typical song about being bulletproof. It doesn’t talk about being tough, facing hardship, or being uncaring. This classic Sublime track is all about being appreciative of the life you live and the people you love. The things that matter are your relationships and the impact you have on others, not the possessions you have. Knowing and accepting this fact makes one able to act with love and be bulletproof in the sense that you aren’t going to let things that don’t matter affect you.

4. The Champion – Carrie Underwood Feat. Ludacris

Carrie Underwood - The Champion ft. Ludacris (Official Music Video)

Carrie Underwood wrote The Champion for NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl LII, and it was included as a bonus track on her album Cry Pretty. The song is full of cliches and references to being bulletproof and standing atop the mountain having won it all. From the confidence of living for battle to being unstoppable, unshakable, and unable to be hurt. 

5. Over – Drake

Drake is totally unfazed by the shifting landscape of his industry or his social circle. Over was a massive hit, thanks in large part to the unflappable persona he portrays in the song that displays his love for “doing him” and how uncaring he is about what other people think of it. He goes on to talk about being unable to complain because there just isn’t anything bothering him, as he’s bulletproof against his haters, critics, and everything else around him. 

6. DNA. – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar - DNA.

If you’re looking for a hype song to make you feel bulletproof, look no further than Kendrick Lamar’s DNA. The track is incredible in its confidence, with him dropping line after line about how he’s built for anything that comes his way and that he can overcome any odds. He’s seen the worst of people and comes out still standing, the very definition of being bulletproof. 

7. Till I Collapse – Eminem

Till I Collapse is a song about finding strength when you can’t go on and turning it into a bulletproof vest that can keep you standing until you literally collapse from the effort. It stands as a proclamation of Eminem’s place in the hip hop game and his motivation to continue his storied career. 

8. Invincible – Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way - Invincible

Speaking of hype songs, what about a rock anthem about being totally invincible and unstoppable? Invincible by Adelitas Way is a track about coming out on top no matter who you’re up against. It draws on the feelings of finally being fed up with everything and putting on a bulletproof vest of anger and effort to make your desires come true. It was released in 2009 from their eponymous album and never got the credit it deserved as an awesome hype song, making it an awesome option for pregame routines in athletics. 

9. POWER – Kanye West

Kanye West - POWER

POWER might have been a hint of Kanye’s eventual slide into delusion, but it was a banger all the same. It’s one of those songs that makes listeners feel bulletproof or even like a god walking among mere mortals. It’s a track where he describes all the power he feels like he has in the industry. It sees him take back his memories, his childhood, and the responsibilities of his life. It’s a great workout song and one that’s perfect for when you need a daily confidence boost too. 

10. Indestructible – Disturbed

Disturbed - Indestructible [Official Music Video]

Disturbed’s song Indestructible is as much a war cry as it is a song about feeling bulletproof. The hard rock track is about an invincible soldier who is a master of war and portrays himself as being bulletproof, alleviating any fears he would typically have as he heads into battle. It’s a mindset that helps you perform, whether that be in combat or as an athlete, but it has to be managed carefully to avoid making mistakes. 

11. Bodies – Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool - Bodies (Official HD Music Video)

Yes, being bulletproof does seem to be the exact opposite of what most of the people in Drowning Pool’s hit song Bodies have going for them. What makes this a track about being bulletproof is the apparent invincibility of the narrator. They seem completely in control of their—rather violent—situation and the one person who’s around that is going to come out on top of it. 

12. Good as Hell – Lizzo

Lizzo - Good As Hell (Video)

Good As Hell is as good an example of a song about being bulletproof as you’re going to find. It epitomizes the entire idea of being bulletproof in your life, from having self-respect and taking the time to make sure you’re in a good place to being unfazed by the opinions of others and enjoying life in the face of adversity. No matter what helps you regain confidence or put yourself back in a good place, it’s important to make time to do those things. 

13. Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

Even bulletproof vests get dented when they stop bullets, so why would you think being knocked down makes you any less bulletproof? Tubthumping is the perfect anthem of being bulletproof, a mantra to get you through any challenges that might come your way. It’s a cheerful exclamation that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you’ll be getting back up again and can’t be kept down by any means. There’s a layer to the song that feels triumphant on top of the sheer willpower it takes to operate this way. 

14. Bulletproof Heart – My Chemical Romance

Bulletproof Heart uses some incredible layers of imagery to talk about the way lovers can be a safe place for each other. When you’re with the person you love, the stress of life and the challenges you face sort of melt away. A bulletproof heart in this song means a shield that protects your partner from the things that get them down or make them worry. It’s a beautiful track about the way love can empower people and make them unflappable. 

15. Feel Invincible – Skillet

Skillet - "Feel Invincible" [Official Music Video]

Knowing that someone is going to have your back gives you the confidence to achieve things that wouldn’t be possible alone. Whether it’s the love of God or a good friend supporting you, it can completely change your mentality when faced with challenges. Skillet absolutely nailed this idea in their song Feel Invincible, a banger rock song about feeling unstoppable thanks to the people backing you. 

16. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

I Will Survive might not be a song that particularly mentions being bulletproof, but it’s been an anthem of empowerment since it was released in 1978. It encapsulates what it means to persevere against anything that comes against you, letting you know there’s no shame in initially being afraid but that standing up for yourself is what will get you through. It’s also a powerful track about individuality, resilience, and being bulletproof when it comes to taking care of yourself. 

17. Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof – Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt - Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof (from Live & Kickin')

Alcohol has been described as making people feel bulletproof since bullets have been around. It gives many confidence that they would otherwise not have, with their inebriation taking away the part of their mind that tells them some actions aren’t a good idea. Travis Tritt’s song Ten Feet Tall And Bullet Proof is the tale of a night at the bar when the alcohol made the singer feel invincible, making him want to dance and pick fights but look like a fool in the process. 

18. Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (Official Music Video)

Stayin’ Alive is all about standing strong in the face of adversity and overcoming any odds, and what’s more bulletproof than that? It’s inspirational, both as a dance track that spawned numerous dance crazes and as a song to help you get by when things get tough. Interestingly, it also has the perfect beat for giving CPR, so make note of that in case it comes in handy one day. It is a celebration of life, being bulletproof, and not being afraid. 

19. Survival – Muse

Survival is a song all about fighting against the odds and the power of choosing to keep going. It talks about how choosing to survive and the resilience to follow through are all you need to succeed. It stands as a powerful testament to willpower and why approaching life with the right mindset makes all the difference. There’s always going to be a challenge that gets in the way or something ahead that needs to be chased, but you can’t ever reach your goals without deciding that you’re going to achieve them in the first place. 

20. WILSHIRE – Tyler, the Creator

Relationships are tricky enough that involving yourself with someone who already has a lover only compounds the problems. But sometimes, people think they’re so invincible that it doesn’t matter and it’ll work out in their favor. But in general, if they cheat to be with you, they’ll cheat on you. Tyler, The Creator sums this up pretty well in his song WILSHIRE, discussing a time he felt like he could entangle himself with someone who was already involved and how karma came back to bite him later.

21. Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live) (Official Music Video)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot is a classic rock jam that uses being bulletproof as a metaphor for the toughness of Pat Benatar. The imagery of standing and waiting for shots to be fired, unyielding in the face of harm, is meant to represent her being unfazed by the unfair treatment of her lover. She isn’t going to fall apart no matter what he does or how badly he acts, and this song serves as an anthem of empowerment and strength. 

22. Unstoppable – Foxy Shazam

When there’s an important thing coming up in life that you need to spend time on, everything else seems to be pulling in the opposite direction. But it’s an incredible feeling to overcome that and achieve your goals. Unstoppable is an ode to the persistence it takes to do something meaningful and how important it is to believe in yourself when times get tough. Those aspects form a bulletproof vest around you that makes you, well, unstoppable. 

23. Bullet Proof … I Wish I Was – Radiohead

Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was

Radiohead has a unique way of framing things that puts them in perspective in ways many didn’t think of before. Their song Bullet Proof … I Wish I Was talks about the fact that people don’t protect their emotions in healthy ways as often as they should, and this can lead to disappointment when we aren’t the heroes we thought we were. Most people want to be bulletproof to provide answers and protection to others, but the reality is that this is rarely the case. 

24. Heat – 50 Cent

50 Cent - Heat (Official Music Video)

Rapper 50 Cent probably isn’t the best representative of being bulletproof, at least if that definition means that bullets can’t touch him. But if surviving bullets is the goal, he’s your man. Heat is a song of unrelenting power and a declaration that he hasn’t changed because of the fame he achieved. He still operates by the rules of the street, but his fame has placed him in a position of power. It’s a warning to his enemies that he isn’t to be trifled with. 

25. Titanium – David Guetta Feat. Sia

David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)

Titanium is thought of as one of the strongest metals out there, and it’s the perfect word to use for the title of this song. Alongside Sia, David Guetta’s track Titanium describes a protagonist who refuses to be broken or stand down when people get in her way. Lines in the song like “I’m criticized, but all your bullets ricochet” and “You shoot me down, but I get up” embody the whole idea of being bulletproof and are more than enough to get any listener motivated when they’re down.

26. Singing in the Rain – Simple Plan

Simple Plan - Singing In The Rain (Official Video)

Sometimes, being bulletproof just means not letting things get you down. The narrator of Singing In The Rain has just had his heart broken, a fortune teller tells him he’s doomed, and it’s about to rain on him. Despite it all, he sings and dances his way through the street thanks to a smile he receives from the person he’s addressing in the song. Not only is he bulletproof, but the track talks about how even small gestures can give us the fuel we need to move on from the bad parts of life. 

27. Bulletproof – The Score FEat. XYLØ

The Score - Bulletproof (Audio) ft. XYLØ

The Score’s song Bulletproof isn’t a confidence-laden track or a song meant to empower the listener. It serves as an outlet for the singer, with the narrator of the track sharing all the self-doubt, fear, and overwhelming sadness in his heart. It’s a song that wishes to be bulletproof, to not feel all of those things. And yet it resonates with fans because it’s a simple wish that just about everyone has made for themselves at one point or another. 

28. As Good As I Once Was – Toby Keith

Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was

Feeling bulletproof when you aren’t can lead to some pretty big trouble. Toby Keith’s hit single As Good As I Once Was sees the singer give in to the urge to act like a 20-something again, drinking too much and picking fights he can’t win. It doesn’t turn out well for him, he gets beaten and wakes up with a killer hangover. In the end, he has to accept he isn’t as good as he was in his youth at doing those things, serving as a testament to how age catches up to everyone eventually. 

29. Unstoppable – Sia

Sia - Unstoppable (Official Video - Live from the Nostalgic For The Present Tour)

Sia uses sunglasses and emotional armor as a bulletproof vest in her 2016 hit single Unstoppable. Those things allow her to feel more confident and powerful, helping her avoid showing emotions in public and looking weak. The psychological armor does come with drawbacks though, as it ends up cutting off many of her important relationships. Rather than feel exposed or vulnerable, she chooses to be bulletproof, invincible, and cold. 

30. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) [Official Video]

It’s an old saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and in many cases, it’s a true one. Kelly Clarkson took the message to heart when she was recording her 2012 single Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), a song that describes the way she picked herself up after a nasty divorce. The pain and trauma of it all were real, but she survived and learned valuable lessons to carry with her in life, and nothing is more bulletproof than that. 

31. Hold My Beer – Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen

Hold my beer is a phrase almost always uttered right before someone does something stupid, whether it be a stunt or the start of a fight. This song by Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen leans into the bad decisions people can make when they’re around their friends and feeling confident. Whether that bulletproof feeling comes from the beer, the friends, or the fear of looking chicken in front of them, we can’t be sure. 

32. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (Official Video)

Ariana Grande describes a dangerous woman as someone who isn’t afraid to take a stand, be herself, and be honest. For her, that’s the definition of bulletproof, and it was embodied in her 2016 slow jam single Dangerous Woman. It was a track that revealed her savage side, unafraid of criticism or opinions, totally locked into who she wanted to be.

33. bulletproof – Jamie Fine

Jamie Fine - bulletproof (Audio)

Plenty of things can make you feel bulletproof and some of them give you the traits to really be invincible. Jamie Fine’s song bulletproof talks about growing up in her family and all the mistakes she made as she navigated life.

The love and support of her family made her bulletproof in a way because she always had a solid foundation underneath her and a soft place to land if things didn’t go her way. It also imbued her with the strength to make her own way and take risks without having to worry about whether or not they paid off.

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