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Here you’ll find all of our informative, yet entertaining, music related content. Many songs, artists and bands are listed out here:

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This category contains all of our articles related to guitar. We have many tips, tricks and guides related to guitar, as well as more opinion based content surrounding the world of guitar:

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About Music Grotto

Music Grotto started as an instructional music website where people seeking information related to singing, guitar, piano, and other skills could come to learn more about their craft.

Now, it’s transformed into a website creating editorial style content related to our top music picks, interpretations and more. We work with over 30 music and media journalists to provide expert opinion and fact to every piece we publish.

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This category contains all of our content related to singing. All of our top lists related to famous singers exist here, along with our breakdowns of specific singing techniques and exercises:

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This category contains all of our content related to piano. More lists related to pianists can be found here, as well as skill related pieces to help learn to play the piano.

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