25 Best Songs About Tuesday

Tuesday has a reputation as a day of the week that is …well, a bit boring. You’re easing into the routine of the week but over the transition from the weekend. But surprisingly, there are many songs about Tuesday. These often play on the theme of Tuesday as a dreary or boring day, showing how amazing things can happen at the most unexpected times. Here are our 25 best songs about Tuesday.

1. Love You Till Tuesday — David Bowie

Love You Till Tuesday

Love You Till Tuesday was one of Bowie’s early songs, recorded in 1967 when the singer was just 20 years old. The song is a declaration of love, with subtle references to couples of lore such as Romeo and Juliet. The singer says his passion is never-ending, but then says that if their affair starts on Sunday, he’ll love the object of his affection until Tuesday. The song ends with a tongue-in-cheek outro: “Well, I might stretch it ‘til Wednesday.”

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2. Lockdown on Date Night Tuesday — J.S. Ondara

Ondara - Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday (Audio)

Lockdown on Date Night Tuesday was written during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when restaurants were closed for the foreseeable future and everyone was ordered to stay at home. The singer contrasts his current situation with his life before the pandemic when he and his partner would go on a date every Tuesday night. Since they’re stuck at home, he invites her to put her red dress on and meet him at their own table for dinner.

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3. C U Next Tuesday — Kesha

Innocent people might have the lyrics of this song go over their heads, but most of us will get the in-joke. In this sassy breakup song, Kesha tells an ex to hit the road. She says that maybe they’ll see one another again on Tuesday. In case you didn’t know, C U Next Tuesday is a clever way to call someone a word that you can’t say in front of your grandmother. 

4. Groovy Tuesday — The Smithereens

Groovy Tuesday [Demo]

Tuesday has a reputation as a gloomy day, a day when you’re settling into the humdrum rhythm of your week. But in Groovy Tuesday, The Smithereens point out that any day can be good because of a host of small things. The song has a hippie-era “go with the flow” message, saying that the singer is still lost and wandering through life, but feels OK because his mind is clear.

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5. Tuesday Morning — The Pogues

The Pogues - Tuesday Morning

Have you ever had something change drastically in the blink of an eye? The Pogues’ 1993 indie rock song Tuesday Morning compares the ending of a relationship to the change from Monday evening to Tuesday morning. On Monday, the singer was still happy with her significant other, but now Tuesday is here and everything has changed. She wishes that this Tuesday was like every other week — something most of us can understand.

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6. Tuesday Heartbreak — Stevie Wonder

Tuesday Heartbreak

The end of a relationship is always hard, but it hurts even worse when the person who ended it doesn’t seem to be upset. Stevie Wonder’s 1972 hit Tuesday Heartbreak describes feeling like a breakup was simply penciled in on a calendar. The woman who left him acted like the breakup was just a job to be done — but for him, it feels like his world fell apart. Most of us can probably relate to this kind of heartbreak.

7. Cold Shower Tuesdays — Bowling For Soup

Cold Shower Tuesdays

No one can do a breakup song with a splash of humor like the early 2000s indie rock bands. The song is all about talking to a mutual friend after a breakup. The singer asks them to tell their ex that they’re doing great — but the truth is that they’re regretting ending the relationship, as evidenced by the way they remember all the small parts of their old life. 

8. Tuesday Heartache — Steve Perry

One of the strangest parts of having a relationship end is how life keeps going afterward. The world doesn’t care that you’re heartbroken — it’s business as usual. It never feels stranger than when you find yourself having a breakdown on a Tuesday, right in the middle of your daily routine. 

9. Tuesday — ILoveMakonnen feat. Drake


As you get older, finding time to go out with friends can be difficult. Everyone has different schedules and it can take some coordination. Tuesday is about going out to a club on the weeknight that works for everyone. I guess it goes to show that life changes as you get older and sometimes, you have to take what you can get. 

10. Tuesday’s Gone — Lynryd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone - 3/7/1976 - Winterland (Official)

Lynryrd Skynyrd’s Tuesday’s Gone isn’t about a day of the week. It’s actually about a woman named Tuesday, who the singer is leaving. He skips town on a train, reflecting as he goes that “Tuesday’s gone with the wind.” A pretty brutal song with a unique twist on the theme of Tuesday.

11. Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday is Just as Bad) — T-Bone Walker

Call It Stormy Monday but Tuesday Is Just as Bad

T-Bone Walker was one of the earliest blues musicians of the 20th century. His song Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday is Just as Bad) was recorded in 1947. The song is about how every day of the week is difficult when you’re grieving a lost relationship. There’s nothing to look forward to because every day is the same. This song is quintessential early blues, perfect for working through a heartache. 

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12. Tuesday Afternoon — The Moody Blues

Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)

Sometimes, amazing things can happen in the midst of a regular day. The 1967 song Tuesday Afternoon imagines having an epiphany — compared to being lured into the forest by voices from another world. We never do find out what the singer is being drawn to on the other side, as the song ends as they decide they need to follow the voices in the trees. 

13. Tuesday’s Child — Steven Curtis Chapman

Did you ever hear the old song about children born on different days of the week? “Monday’s child is fair of face, Tuesday’s child is full of grace …” In this Gospel song, Steven Curtis Chapman reflects on the rhyme and how he most resembles Thursday’s child, who has “far to go”. But ultimately, he wants to be Tuesday’s child. 

14. Tuesday Maybe — Way Out West

Way Out West - Tuesday Maybe

Electronica group Way Out West released Tuesday Maybe in 2017 as a club dance hit. The song samples the song Petrococadollar by Scritti Politti. The track doesn’t actually have a lot of lyrics, simply a single line repeated several times: “Try to think again about Tuesday maybe”. Between the ambiguous lyrics and the heavy beat, it would seem it’s up to listeners to interpret the song in a personal way. 

15. Ruby Tuesday — The Corrs 

Ruby Tuesday (feat. Ron Wood) (Live in Dublin)

Ruby Tuesday is a 2002 track from the Irish rock band The Corrs. The song is about a mysterious woman referred to as Ruby Tuesday, though the lyrics imply that isn’t her real name: “Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday, Who could hang a name on you, When you change with every day?” This is just one of the many songs that refer to an enchanting woman named Tuesday.

16. Taco Tuesday — Migos

Migos - Taco Tuesday

In 2020, Atlanta-based hip-hop group Migos released a humorous spin on the Tuesday theme. Don’t think too deeply about this one — it really is all about how much they love tacos. Taco Tuesday has become a tradition for many restaurants and households, though for most people, it doesn’t get quite as crazy as what’s described in the Migos song. With all the songs about love and sex, there should be more songs about tacos. 

17. Sweet Tuesday Morning — Badfinger

Sweet Tuesday Morning (Earlier Version / Bonus Track)

Do you remember a moment when you felt completely at peace? So often in life, it’s not about grandiose moments or events. It usually hits us during the small moments — like on a Tuesday morning with the person that we love. This simple love song is about experiencing that feeling and knowing that everything is exactly as it should be, for that moment at least.

18. Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning — Cowboy Junkies

Cowboy Junkies - Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning (Official Video)

“Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning” is about a woman getting used to single life again after kicking her partner out. She wakes up and realizes that he forgot to close the blinds — then remembers that it was her because he’s not around anymore. The rest of the day follows the same old routine, with a few key changes: because now, she lives alone. 

19. Tuesday Moon — Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel is a pretty weird name for a band, and their song Tuesday Moon is just as strange. It’s a love song, but beyond that, we’ll leave it up to you to interpret. We can’t even say what a Tuesday moon is or what “vegetable hand on my perfume” means, but at its core, it is a poetic ode to a person that the singer loves. 

20. Tuesday I’ll Be Gone — John Anderson feat. Blake Shelton

Tuesday I’ll Be Gone (feat. Blake Shelton)

Tuesday I’ll Be Gone is a country song by John Anderson featuring Blake Shelton. The song is about a man deciding that he needs to leave his town and hit the open road to find a new life. He doesn’t have a solid plan beyond that — his only plan is to leave by Tuesday afternoon. Many of us have been in a similar situation where we don’t know what we need to do, but we know something needs to change. 

21. Tuesday’s Dead — Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Tuesday's Dead (Live, 1971)

It should come as no surprise that a song from the early 70s — especially one from Cat Stevens — has some ambiguous, soul-searching lyrics. Stevens never came forward about the real meaning of Tuesday’s Dead, though fans have long come up with their own interpretations. Some people think that the song is full of Biblical references, while others think it’s a commentary on personal identity. 

22. Gentle Tuesday — Primal Scream

What is it about the theme of Tuesday that results in ultra-poetic music full of ambiguous but lyrical themes? In 1987, Scottish rock band Primal Scream recorded Gentle Tuesday, with words that are anything but clear: “Confusion colors cruel designs, Unhappy girl, you’re out of time, Gentle Tuesday sat on broken eyes.”

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23. Tuesday’s Broken — Sugarland 

Sugarland - Tuesday's Broken (Audio)

Tuesday’s Broken is a 2018 song written about school shootings in the United States. It was released several months after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, which resulted in the deaths of 17 people (though the incident occurred on a Wednesday). The song is about how, for the children who experienced these mass death events, their entire life is changed in the course of one school day. It speaks from a parent’s perspective as they wonder how to approach the issue with their teenage children.

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24. Tuesday Night — Josh Abbott Band

Josh Abbott Band - "Tuesday Night" (Official Audio)

Tuesday Night is about the joys of a simple weekly routine with friends. Back when the singer was younger, he and his friends used to be wild and party every week — but now that they’re getting older, they enjoy meeting up at the bar every Tuesday for drinks and dinner. It’s a sweet observation of how your priorities change as you age, and how you come to find pleasure in the things that you once might have considered boring or unimportant.

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25. On Tuesday — Men Without Hats 

Have you ever had something so momentous happen in your life that you always remember when it occurred? On Tuesday is about thinking back on meeting someone special and how it was such an important event that they always remember the day of the week. “On Tuesday, you saved my life, I was nothing but a wall, On Tuesday you made me high, I was flying on the floor, ’Cause love is something I adore.”

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