25 Best Songs About Saturday

Saturday is one of the best nights of the week because most people are off work and love to go out and party. It also leaves a day on the weekend for recovery and rest to get us back to work for another week!

Here are 25 songs about Saturday (or have “Saturday” in the title):

1. “Saturday Night’s Alright (for Fighting)” – Elton John

Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) (Remastered 2014)

This is a party-going song for sure that seems to always end up in a fight. Elton John rocks this song on the piano and can get a crowd pumped up for bar brawls and old-fashioned friendly fights out in the backyard parties.

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2. “God Bless Saturday” – Kid Rock

Kid Rock - God Bless Saturday

This song is about the grind of the workweek as Kid Rock goes through each day of the week. Things come alive on Saturday as we all feel the stress go away with the parties. It feels good, as everyone can relate to whether you party on Friday or Saturday, the thankfulness is still there.

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3. “Saturday in the Park” – Chicago

Saturday in the Park

Chicago has a way to take you back in time and this song is about a perfect summer day spent in the park with friends and family. This is certainly a nostalgic song that will make you long for simpler times. It brings back those happy memories that we just love.

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4. “Saturday Love” – Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal

Cherrelle - Saturday Love - Lyrics

There is something about Saturdays and close connections for lovers. Here is a song about a young couple in love spending their Saturdays together. It is a sweet, romantic song that will make you feel love. Remember those courting and dating days? Awe yeah!

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5. “Saturday Night” – the Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night (Audio)

Roll down the windows or put the top down to this song. It is about going out on Saturday night and having a good time. It is an upbeat, happy song that will put a smile on your face and make you feel like living it up.

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6. “Night Fever” – the Bee Gees

This song is about the disco craze of the 1970s. It is an iconic song that will make you want to get up and dance. It was also part of the John Travolta craze and song title soundtrack where most guys wanted to be him in the dance halls and girls wanted to be with him everywhere else.

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7. “Saturday Sun” – Vance Joy

Vance Joy - Saturday Sun [Official Video]

This peaceful song is about finding happiness on a Saturday after a long week. It is a mellow, acoustic song that will make you feel at ease. Folk music is alive in this song for sure.

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8. “Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week)” – Frank Sinatra

Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night In The Week)

This song is about being alone on Saturday night and feeling lonely. It is sad, but a relatable song that many people can relate to. No one can do it better than Sinatra. His voice in this song makes you feel the strain.

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9. “It Always Rains On Saturday” – Reba McEntire

It Always Rains On Saturday

Not all Saturdays are happy and carefree. Sometimes the heart gets beaten down on the day most associated with positive thoughts and leisure. Reba McEntire expresses a forlorn attitude in this track that many of us can relate to. The last portion of this song is truly heartbreaking, so listen to it prepared for some less inspired sentiments.

10. “Saturday” – Rebecca Black and Dave Days

Rebecca Black & Dave Days - Saturday

We think that Rebecca Black did a great job at parodying her own (less than stellar) “Friday” song. Sometimes when you receive criticism from the rest of the world, it’s best to just accept it and get better. We commend Rebecca Black for doing just that with her song “Saturday” which is comparatively better than the aforementioned track. Listen to this one for another fun, young excitement track.

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11. “Saturday Night” – The Misfits

Looking for an interesting song off the beaten path? Check out this track from the Misfits for some inspiration.

12. “Another Saturday Night” – Sam Cooke

Another Saturday Night

A Saturday song for those lonely hearts, Sam Cooke created a great hit that allows for us to all lament our sadness from time to time. Listen to this if you’re looking for some solace in being alone.

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13. “One More Saturday night” – Grateful Dead

One More Saturday Night (Live in England, 1972) (2001 Remaster)

The Grateful Dead are one of the most popular rock bands of all time, and for good reason! Their unrelenting guitar jams are some of the most legendary works of music in history, and their devoted fanbase of dead heads never fails to make their music stick. Listen to this Saturday song from them and relax!

14. “Saturday Morning” – Ee;s

Eels - Saturday Morning

The melody takes you deep into this song as you will not want to get out of bed with your lover for a few more hours. It is about a perfect Saturday morning spent with the one you love. It is a mellow, feel good song that will make you feel love. 

15. “When Saturday Comes” – Def Leppard

Def Leppard - When Saturday Comes

The band Def Leppard can rock the house and get anyone ready for a Saturday night party. Their song is about looking forward to the weekend and having fun. It is an upbeat, rock song that will get you moving. It is a great song to play when getting ready for a night out or just hanging out with friends. You can feel the excitement in the lyrics and music.

16. “Saturday Nights” – Khalid

Khalid - Saturday Nights (Official Audio)

Khalid’s song is about going out on Saturday night and enjoying yourself. It is an upbeat, fun song that will get you grooving and moving. This is one of those “real good, feel-good songs.”

17. “Saturday Night” – The Underdog Project

The Underdog Project - Saturday Night

Looking to turn up the music on Saturday night and cut loose? Check out this great track and get going!

18. “LA on a Saturday Night” – Hearts & Colors

Hearts & Colors - LA On A Saturday Night

Saturday night in Los Angeles has a certain meaning, and we don’t always feel so great in the morning. Check out this song if you live in the city or just want an interesting message to hear.

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19. “Saturdays – Chevelle

The first few seconds of the song will control your brain and drag you into this addicting song. Check it out now.

20. “Saturday Nite Live” – Masta Ace Inc. Feat. Lord Digga

Masta Ace Inc. feat. Lord Digga - Saturday Nite Live

Here we have an upbeat, danceable song that will make you want to hit the dance floor. It is about going out to do what most people do on a Saturday night, which is a party! The beat will last in your head all night, and you can dance and feel free with the music.

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21. “Juke Box Saturday Night” – Glenn Miller Orchestra

1942 HITS ARCHIVE: Juke Box Saturday Night - Glenn Miller (Marion-Tex-Modernaires, vocal)

An oldie but a goodie, listen to this throwback and get transported to the past.

22. “Saturday Night Special” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Saturday Night Special

A gun that was used in a crime on a Saturday night is the topic of discussion in these lyrics. It is a dark, but catchy song that many people can relate to. Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of the greatest Southern rock bands of all time and can tell a story like no other band. 

23. “Drive-In Saturday” – David Bowie

Drive-In Saturday (2013 Remaster)

This song is about a future world where there is no emotion and people have to learn how to love again. It is a deep, thought-provoking song that will make you think about the world we live in today. Bowie’s unique voice and lyrics will take you on a journey with this song.

24. “Saturday Sun” – Crowded House

Crowded House - Saturday Sun

This song is about a perfect day spent with someone you love. The sun is shining, and the weather is just right. It is a mellow, acoustic song that will make you feel love and want to spend some time in the sun for a while.

25. “Louisiana Saturday Night” – Mel McDaniel

Louisiana Saturday Night

There is nothing better than a Saturday night in Louisiana and Mel McDaniel can get you in the mood for some ho-down good ol’ times on the farm. It has the perfect country beat and feels like making you want to grab your woman and dance to the music and “have a little fun when they turn out the lights,” which also ends the list of some good songs about Saturday.

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