25 Best Songs About Wednesday

When it comes to days of the week, Wednesday is hardly a star. In music, hump day is cast aside to bemoan Monday or celebrate Friday—looking at you, Rebecca Black. It’s time to give some love to the middle of the week and celebrate our favorite tracks about Wednesday. Here are the 25 best songs about it:

1. Wednesday Night Interlude – Drake

Wednesday Night Interlude

Featured on Drake’s surprise 2015 mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, was never a single. In this song, he reminds us that he’s super lonely, which makes it one of the best for wallowing in our feelings. Wednesday Night Interlude is like a soft lullaby that relaxes us before we’re jolted back into the bravado of Used To.

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2. Wednesday – Tori Amos

Tori Amos is known for her passionate vocals that hit us to the core. Wednesday, from the 2002 album Scarlet’s Walk, starts out as a fun, musical ditty befitting of any college coffee shop in the early 2000s. Then its tone shifts, smacking us in the face with seriousness. Its decisive shifts from upbeat to brooding take us on a two-minute-and-a-half journey.

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3. Wednesday Morning – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore - Wednesday Morning

Set to the backdrop of a smooth, mellow beat, Macklemore’s Wednesday Morning, penned in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, initially made us want to curl up under a blanket. Instead of being angry, he chooses a subtle, uplifting approach with his song. Its message about love and acceptance helps counteract the hate that surrounded the 2016 election cycle.

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4. Wednesday Morning Atonement – Curtis Harding

Curtis Harding - "Wednesday Morning Atonement"

An expert nod to classic 1970s soul, Wednesday Morning Atonement, from the 2017 album Face Your Fear, resonates with us on multiple levels. It features a battle between bluesy guitar riffs and bold instrumentals which highlight Curtis Harding’s strong vocals inspired by songwriting and a story about an estranged father.

5. Wednesday Girl – Elijah Who, Kudasai, Aso, and Peachy Feat. Slchld

elijah who/kudasai/aso/peachy!/ - wednesday girl [feat. slchld]

Released in 2018, Wednesday Girl by Elijah Who is a timeless nod to 1990s R&B. The song evokes memories of the first time we spent alone with our crush. Its smooth groove makes a great soundtrack for relaxing, driving, or hanging out with someone special.

6. Wednesday – Harriette

Harriette - Wednesday (Official Music Video)

Released in 2021, Wednesday is Harriette’s second single. It personifies this day of the week, with speculative lyrics detailing the day’s life as a misfit. Like many songs about hump day, it is slower and harkens back to another era. This one is an interesting mash-up of 1990s alt-rock and modern pop-rock.

7. It’s Already Wednesday – Freya Clausen  

It's Already Wednesday

Danish artist Freya Clausen released It’s Already Wednesday in 1999. An ode to procrastination and the swift passage of time, this song has the potential to give us an existential crisis. But its depressing lyrics play on top of a sunny, bubblegum beat making it a fun listen.

8. A Wednesday Car – Johnny Cash

No list of Wednesday songs would be complete without this Johnny Cash classic from 1977. In it, he expertly laments each day of the week for working people all from the perspective of quality control in car manufacturing. It’s cheeky and relatable and makes us tap our toes.  

9. Wednesday’s Song – John Frusciante

If you’re not familiar with John Frusciante, he is a guitarist for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. His 2004 song Wednesday’s Song reminds us of the band’s By The Way era, which was recorded at the same time. This track about hump day presents a wistful, nostalgic vibe. It’s slow, eerie, and a little emo, making us reflect on our life choices.

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10. Wednesday Evening Blues – John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker - "Wednesday Evening Blues"

Packing multiple sentiments into a single chord, John Lee Hooker’s 1960 tune Wednesday Evening Blues embodies the blues. This is the sullen tune we expect from the guitarist. When we need to lament and sink into our feelings, we put on this tune about contributing to one’s own heartbreak.

11. Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. – Simon & Garfunkel

Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.

From the iconic duo’s 1963 debut album, Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. offers a glimpse into what would become Simon & Garfunkel’s signature sound. It’s built around vocal harmony and a simple guitar, making us lean in to capture every word.

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12. Wednesday Lover – The Gap Band

The Gap Band’s Wednesday Lover is truly a love song from another time. It features the heavy synthesizers and sappy beats common to 1980s R&B, transporting us back as soon as we hit play. For an updated version, check out Jagged Edge’s cover from 1997.

13. Wednesday Week – Elvis Costello

When we’re looking to light a fire that ignites motivation, we put on Elvis Costello’s Wednesday Week. It was ahead of its time, released in 1978 but sounds like 1980s new wave mixed with 1990s ska. It starts out fast and hectic, eventually ending on a calmer note, which we found to be a clever metaphor for the week in general.

14. A Wednesday in Your Garden – The Guess Who

A Wednesday In Your Garden

A 1969 song by The Guess Who, A Wednesday In Your Garden is arranged beautifully, with multiple instruments playing in perfect harmony. The melody is enhanced by Burton Cummings’ characteristic voice and passionate singing style. The song showcases a jazzier side of the Canadian folk band, and we love its groovy vibe.

15. Wednesday Night Melody – Bleached

Bleached - Wednesday Night Melody (Official Video)

Indie rockers Bleached hit it out of the park with the 2016 song Wednesday Night Melody. It’s an excellent slacker anthem, encouraging us to “waste the day away.” The catchy chorus gets stuck in our heads in a good way. If you’re looking for a bop that’s not too commercial, this is your song.

16. Wednesday Love – Marquis Hill

Another slow jam, 2019’s Wednesday Love by Marquis Hill is a departure from similar songs. This one loops his signature trumpet over a slick beat in a way that’s almost jarring. But once the track settles in, it’s sexy and simple. Just like its lyrics, this tune catches us off guard and sucks us in, so by the end, we are in love.

17. Wednesdays Like a River – Sheila E.

Wednesday Like a River

Wednesdays Like A River isn’t one of Sheila E.’s most well-known, but it’s one of our favorites. It was written by Prince and released in 1987. Featuring many hallmarks of a classic Prince track including suggestive lyrics and a catchy beat, this song still makes us dance while thinking of what it’s like to be in love.    

18. Wednesday – Fischerspooner

A space-aged intro neatly folds into various stages of synthpop as this song ebbs and flows from beginning to end. Its repetitive lyrics fade into the background letting various keyboard melodies take center stage. Instead of being jarring, the conflicting tunes take our minds on a ride as we dance from beginning to end.  

19. Ready Wednesday – Snarky Puppy

Snarky Puppy - "Ready Wednesday" @ Music Lab at Jefferson Center

Snarky Puppy is a music lab where artists get together and collaborate. Written by Bill Laurence and Michael League, Ready Wednesday is everything we love about music in one song. It’s an upbeat jazz number that showcases each instrument beautifully with a rhythm that sucks us in and keeps us hooked until the end.

20. Wednesday Morning – Chicano Batman

Released in 2014, Wednesday Morning by Chicano Batman is psychedelically soulful. It’s a great nod to Southern California, which is where the band formed. Between sick guitars and a hippie-esque backbeat, this one is a classic party jam.

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21. Wednesday Morning – Slackstring

This 2002 song from alt-rock band Slackstring puts some pep in our step as lead singer Eric Lyman tells us that things will be brighter. When he sings over a bubbly guitar and distant harmonicas, we can’t help but think he may be right.

22. Waiting for Wednesday – Lisa Loeb

Waiting For Wednesday

From Lisa Loeb’s debut in 1995, Waiting For Wednesday fits into the album’s overarching breakup theme. It still psychs us up to meet challenges head-on, whether it’s having a painful conversation with our significant other or talking it out with our BFF. Plus, it takes us back to the golden era of 1990s pop-rock.

23. Wednesday – Energygod Feat. Mt. Oddo

Wednesday (feat. Mt. Oddo)

Part of a 2020 mixtape called Trap Motivation, Energygod’s Wednesday was inspired in part by frustrations he experienced during the pandemic lockdown. It starts slow and builds to an orchestral crescendo that perfectly captures the artist’s frustration.

24. It’s Only Wednesday – Crash Kings

It's Only Wednesday

A peppy song that hides an air of frustration, It’s Only Wednesday gets us through the highs and lows of the week. This 2009 song offers an introduction to people who want to dip their toes in the indie rock pool without being pretentious. And it’s a toe-tapper.

25. Good Morning Wednesday – Kojo

Good Morning Wednesday

When we feel like getting our dance on to a laid-back EDM track, we put on Good Morning Wednesday by Kojo. It doesn’t rely on thumping bass, instead opting for a trippy melody laid over a slower beat. We like winding down to this song after a workout or a night out.

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