25 Best Songs About Sunday

There’s nothing quite like a Sunday. It’s perhaps the most relaxing day of the week when many of us choose to sleep in and get some light chores done around the house or just watch football or a movie. Because it’s a favorite for so many, plenty of tracks have been dedicated to what is considered to be the beginning or end of the week. Here are the 25 songs about Sunday that stand out the most:

1. Easy – Commodores

Easy (Extended Version)

The list starts off with the Motown classic Easy, which helped band member Lionel Richie launch his career. He wrote this to actually be a breakup song, but the mood is one of serenity and relief. As for the Sunday aspect, he said his hometown would be extremely quiet and serene on Sunday mornings.

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2. Groovin’ – The Young Rascals

Another one of those songs that really puts the listener at ease, Groovin’ focuses on the afternoon aspect of our favorite day. It perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being in love and totally relaxed. Band member Felix Cavaliere wrote the track, basing it on his girlfriend at the time, Adrienne Buccheri.

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3. Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning (Closed Captioned)

One of their first-ever singles, Maroon 5 released Sunday Morning in 2004 as a jazzy and upbeat tune that helped propel the group to superstardom. It is about the only day of the week that singer Adam Levine gets to spend with his love. Many of us can relate to being incredibly busy throughout the week and only having Sunday mornings to unwind.

4. Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2

Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live From Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado, USA / 1983 / Remaste...

Many of the songs on the list are about Sundays in general, but U2 had a hit track that was about one particular Sunday. This is a reference to the 1972 civil rights protest in Derry, Northern Ireland. On that day, some protesters were shot, and Sunday Bloody Sunday served as an anti-violence anthem.

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5. Sunday Morning – No Doubt

No Doubt - Sunday Morning

Maroon 5 isn’t the only band that can sing about Sunday mornings. No Doubt had a song of the same title released nearly a decade earlier in 1995. Their version of Sunday Morning, though, is a faster-paced track that’s more about the breakup between a couple rather than the cutesy Sunday mornings they spend together.

6. Sunday Morning – Nico and the Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground, Nico - Sunday Morning

Another member of the Sunday Morning list, this song by The Velvet Underground is actually the very first track from the band’s debut album. It has a deep meaning about paranoia and looking behind your back as you stay up all night, but the tone of the song makes it much more peaceful and easy to listen to.

7. Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down – Kris Kristofferson

Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

First released by Ray Stevens, Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down became a big hit when performed by Kris Kristofferson, reaching number one on the charts. A lot of us have had that feeling of going a bit too hard on Saturday night and that’s what this song is all about.

8. Sunday Girl – Blondie

Sunday Girl (Remastered)

The follow-up to the hit song Heart Of Glass, Blondie released Sunday Girl in 1979, which was written by guitarist Chris Stein. The track is actually about a specific cat that lead singer Debbie Harry had and loved very much. Thus, a cheery and upbeat song was born. 

9. Sunday – David Bowie

During the early 2000s, David Bowie started to tap into his more spiritual side, releasing Sunday from his album Heathen in 2002. He said that the song was written in reference to the Catskill Mountains where he was staying during his writing session for the album. It was a far cry from the urban landscape he was used to.

10. Everyday is Like Sunday – Morrissey

Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday

Released from his debut solo album, Morrissey tapped into his soul with the 1988 release of Everyday Is Like Sunday. A lot of us prefer the mundaneness of a Sunday since it’s our only day off. That wasn’t the case for Morrissey, though, who found Sundays to be too boring for his liking.

11. Pleasant Valley Sunday – The Monkees

Pleasant Valley Sunday (2007 Remaster)

Though not the original version, The Monkees made Pleasant Valley Sunday famous in 1967. Some people are just made for bigger cities and rural areas instead of the suburbs. This is about just that, wanting to get away from suburban life.

12. Sunday Sunday – Blur

Blur - Sunday Sunday (Official Music Video)

From their album Modern Life Is Rubbish, Blur released Sunday Sunday in 1993. This is the day of the week when we just sort of sleep, go for walks, and kind of waste time until Monday comes, and that’s what this song describes.

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13. Sunday Best – Surfaces

Surfaces - Sunday Best (Official Music Video)

One of the more upbeat songs, Sunday Best became a sensation for Surfaces in 2019. For those that are coming out of a depression, it is the anthem for that feeling. As Surfaces singer Forrest Frank says in the track, “Ay, everyday can be a better day despite the challenge.”

14. Blue Sunday – The Doors

If you’re a musician and found love, you want everyone to know about it. When you listen to the lyrics of Blue Sunday, it’s clear that Jim Morrison is singing very specifically about his true love. The title and tone are dreary, but the lyrics are incredibly heartfelt and upbeat.

15. Sunday Kind of Love – Etta James

Sunday Kind of Love

Sunday Kind Of Love is about a relationship instead of just a Saturday night fling. Etta James says we’re all looking for that one person that we want to wake up with on Sunday mornings.

16. Feelin’ Kinda Sunday – Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra

Feelin’ Kinda Sunday

A fun team-up between father and daughter, Feelin’ Kinda Sunday was released by Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra in 1966. This day might be a lazy day for many people, but others are energized by a good Sunday fun day. The Sinatras wrote the anthem for the latter group of people.

17. Sunday Morning Call – Oasis

Oasis - Sunday Morning Call (Official Video)

Released in 2000, Oasis featured Sunday Morning Call on their Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants album. Not everyone gets to relax on Sundays, and that’s what’s described in this song. There are plenty who have to work, and it can be frustrating when everyone else is enjoying a quiet day.

18. Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon – Queen

Queen - Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (Official Lyric Video)

Queen had some very short songs to go along with their longer ones, and Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon was definitely one of the shorter ones. You don’t have to read deeper than the title to get beyond what this track’s all about. It’s just a quick little ditty about hanging out on Sundays.

19. Loving You Sunday Morning – Scorpions

Scorpions - Loving You Sunday Morning (Live In Munich)

Loving You Sunday Morning was released in 1979 as part of the Scorpions’ Lovedrive album. Earlier we talked about Etta James and wanting that Sunday morning type of love, this one is kind of like the hair metal version of that song.

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20. Sunday – Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth - Sunday

Sunday was released in 1997 along with a music video starring Macaulay Culkin. All about falling in love and enjoying each other’s company in near silence, it is a very chill song that we could spend all Sunday afternoon listening to.

21. Another Park, Another Sunday – The Doobie Brothers

Another Park, Another Sunday (2006 Remaster)

The upbeat tone of Another Park, Another Sunday hides a bit of the meaning, which is actually about breaking up with someone in a park. The song sounds like just having fun in the park though. Either way, it’s a great Sunday tune.

22. Sunday Papers – Joe Jackson

Before the internet, most people would read the papers on Sunday mornings, and in Britain, tabloids have always been popular. Joe Jackson’s song from his album Look Sharp! is a critique of the papers themselves, using a lot of sarcasm along the way.

23. Another Sunday in the South – Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert - Another Sunday in the South (Audio)

In the south, Sundays just mean a bit more due to the religious nature of the region. You can spot almost everyone you know going to church and then hanging out and eating afterward. Thus, Another Sunday In The South by Miranda Lambert is a sort-of sequel to the 1989 song Sunday In The South by Shenandoah.

24. That’s What I Love About Sunday – Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan - That's What I Love About Sunday (Music Video)

Craig Morgan talks about the same Sunday traditions that Miranda Lambert was singing in Another Sunday In The South. There’s a lot to love about a calm Sunday, and he is a huge fan of that lifestyle.

25. Sunday – The Cranberries

We’ve all received mixed messages from someone whom we have feelings for, and that’s what Sunday by The Cranberries is all about. Sunday is the day when you get to mull over all of those potential meanings.

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