51 Best Taylor Swift Songs (Top T-Swift Hits)

Although the T-Swift has had an expansive career with many hit records, there were a few tracks along the way that made a lasting impression. It’s evident that the singer has a knack for writing hit records, and this article is going to focus on the 51 best Taylor Swift songs of all time.

1. White Horse

Taylor Swift - White Horse

There are many special qualities about this record. It may have a relatively somber tone, but the acoustic melodies come with a rather optimistic contrasting sound. Even if the lyrics delve into a melancholic tune, the instrumentation carries the song in an upward direction. Overall, the storytelling in this track is excellent, and Taylor’s vocal dynamics couldn’t be any sweeter to the ear.

2. Fearless

Taylor Swift - Fearless (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video)

Carrying that sound that Taylor is known for, Fearless offers all of the catchy tropes that pop music has to offer. The percussion isn’t too jarring, but it does a great job of acting as the driving force for the rest of the song. Her vocals float across the instrumental with ease, and the mix is extremely clear through every layer of the track. 

3. ME! feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco

Taylor Swift - ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) ft. Brendon Urie

Part of why we love this record so much is due to the collaboration with Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco. Aside from that, the song moves with a fair tempo, and a majority of the focus is on Taylor’s stellar vocals. They have an excellent layering to them that does wonders for the track’s dynamics. ME! was featured on her album Lover, which was released in 2019 and is still widely listened to today.

4. Sparks Fly

Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly

Boasting heavy emotions across every layer of the instrumental, this record takes a blended influence from pop and country music. The percussion is crisp, yet it doesn’t distract from her lofty vocals. Once the hook comes around, the song’s energy increases dramatically, and it has many infectious qualities that simply can’t be ignored.

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5. I Know Places

Released back in 2014, I Know Places has a relatively simple production value, but it’s still one of the best Taylor Swift songs in our opinion. There’s a very dramatic tone to the dynamics of this record, and her voice sounds purely angelic once the chorus comes around. Each verse is pretty calm in comparison, which gives the track plenty of room to build back into the chorus. It also features a clean yet addictive bass line that sticks out all on its own.

6. Should’ve Said No

With plenty of influence from country music, the record features acoustic guitar and banjo melodies that reel you in. There’s a bounce between the percussion and main melodies that give the record a nice, swaying groove. Should’ve Said No is one of the older songs on this list, as it was released in 2006 and featured on her self-titled debut album.

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7. 22

A danceable record that drives a heavy kick, it’s hard not to get into the vibe this song has to offer. Taylor’s vocals are pretty relaxed during each verse, but once the hook comes in, it almost turns into an entirely different track. This track is the perfect recipe for a radio hit, and the chorus is something that’s still stuck in listeners’ heads today. 

8. Begin Again

Taylor Swift - Begin Again

If you’re looking to sink into your thoughts and feelings, Begin Again is a record that’ll easily get you there. Every melody in this track is ethereal, to say the least, and her vocals are delivered in a direction that makes them seem like a conversation with a close friend. One of the best Taylor Swift songs from her album Red, this made a significant impression on fans. 

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9. Shake It Off

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

This is a record that shows the versatility that Taylor is capable of, as it has a rambunctious and upbeat nature to it. Many of her tracks can be pretty heartfelt, and Shake It Off became an instant hit upon release for its infectious qualities. From the instrumental to the dynamics of her vocals, this warrants a full listen.

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10. Don’t Blame Me

The vocal layering is what stands out the most, in our opinion, and the instrumental has a rather downtempo yet futuristic sound to it. There are a few influences from synthwave music in this record, from the percussion and heavy synth pad melodies. Aside from that, Taylor’s vocals are mixed with a decent amount of reverb to envelop listeners.

11. Picture to Burn

Taylor Swift - Picture To Burn

At this point in her career, Picture To Burn is really nostalgic for any of her fans. Another song from her debut album back in 2006, this record follows many tropes from country music that people love. It’s clear that her fans latched onto this track as it’s still being played today. Overall, the energy this tune brings comes with a decent amount of passion that’s bound to uplift your mood.

12. Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

Easily one of our favorite Taylor Swift songs, we feel Look What You Made Me Do has excellent production and a beating tempo that’s beyond addicting. The instrumentation starts off pretty simple, but she makes it evident where she’s taking the track as it progresses.

13. Cornelia Street

Taylor Swift - Cornelia Street (Live From Paris)

A record that truly comes from her heart, Cornelia Street is nearly five minutes long, which gives Taylor plenty of room to tell a full-fledged story. We’re particularly fond of the dynamics in the main melodies, and the acoustics between the instrumentation and her vocals perfectly match each other. 

14. Everything Has Changed feat. Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran

Featuring big pop percussion and layered vocals between the two artists, Everything Has Changed boasts an honest story that many people can relate to. The softness and dynamic range in both Taylor’s and Ed Sheeran’s vocals layer together in the best ways possible. This is another record that was featured on her album, Red, and the collaboration remains to be a fan favorite for many people. 

15. You Need to Calm Down

Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

What we love about this record is the heavy combination between the bass and percussion which is bouncy, to say the least. Of course, Taylor doesn’t miss when it comes to the catchy vocals, and her flow is beyond addictive and does a great job of reeling you in. You Need To Calm Down was released in 2019, and it’ll continue to be relevant for many more years.

16. Willow

Taylor Swift - willow (Official Music Video)

The peaceful nature of this record is sweet to the ear, and willow is the widely regarded intro track to her ninth album called evermore. You’ll notice a small amount of layering in her vocals, which is just enough to make it sound like she’s emulating your thoughts. Her calming vocals are accompanied by an excellent acoustic melody that’s beautiful all on its own.

17. Tim McGraw

Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw

This is another record from the early part of Taylor’s career, yet the track still peaked at number 40 on the Hot Billboard 100 charts. As the years passed, she continued to chart many more songs, and Tim McGraw is still considered one of the best country love tunes the singer has ever produced. 

18. You Belong With Me

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

When you consider that this song was released in 2008, you can immediately tell why the production value was so popular. Nevertheless, You Belong With Me has one of the most iconic hooks in Taylor’s discography. The track appeared on her album, Fearless, which is still in rotation for many fans and is a great example of her ability to blend pop and country music.

19. Long Live

The instrumentation of this record keeps a melancholic tone to give Taylor’s vocals the spotlight. Rippling and swaying notes in the background travel from ear to ear, and you can tell that the song is building up to something bigger. As the layers stack up, they abruptly all come together during the chorus, where her vocals reach new heights. 

20. Ours

Taylor Swift - Ours

Focusing on emotions that many of us go through, Taylor shows a contrasting light to these emotions by showing listeners everything will be okay. With faint instrumentation that holds an upbeat tone, it’s hard not to radiate the positivity that comes from this record. Ours was a part of her album Speak Now, which was released in 2010.

21. Tell Me Why

Taylor Swift - Tell Me Why (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video)

With orchestral and acoustic melodies at the forefront of this record, we feel this is one of the best Taylor Swift songs. Tell Me Why comes with a lot of passion behind the story, and it still has that country flair she was known for at the time.

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22. Holy Ground

Taylor Swift - Holy Ground (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video)

Featuring a heavy pop influence, the song sways between a period of upbeat energy and a downtempo melancholic state that comes with perfect transitions. The record may be somewhat repetitive, but it never gets old, as the catchy, infectious qualities are enough to keep you listening. Her vocals come with a light amount of layering but just enough to make her sound larger than life. 

23. Mean

Taylor Swift - Mean

A staple from her album, Speak Now, this song was a hit when it was released back in 2010. It definitely hits the mark on Taylor’s niche sound at the time. You can hear influences from country music with a pop-driven tonality in her vocals.

24. …Ready For It?

Taylor Swift - …Ready For It?

Offering a lot of grit, …Ready For It? definitely takes an alternative route with heavily distorted bass and an instrumental that’s inspired by the rap and hip hop genre. This may not be the norm for the artist, but it works in more ways than one. It also transitions to electronic music abruptly and quickly spins back around to rolling hi-hats and knocking bass.

25. My Tears Ricochet

Taylor Swift – my tears ricochet (Official Lyric Video)

A truly heartfelt record that you can feel in your soul, this is a song where Taylor takes an unfiltered approach to the realities of love and her personal experiences with the feeling. It can’t be argued that the supporting piano melodies are nothing short of beautiful. This record can be found on the deluxe version of her 2020 album folklore, which is stacked with excellent tracks. 

26. Anti-Hero

Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero (Official Music Video)

What we love about this record is the instrumentation’s light synthwave tone, which gives the track a nostalgic sound even though it’s one of Taylor’s most recent songs. There’s a very dreamy dynamic in the instrumental as a whole, and the lofty reverb makes her vocals sound like the subconscious thoughts in your own head. 

27. Welcome To New York

Welcome To New York

Starting off with catchy pop melodies and percussion, you’re immediately interested in where the song is going to take you. The track comes with a danceable tempo and does an excellent job of stacking layers to slowly increase the energy. Her vocals sound larger than life, and once the main percussion comes in, the kick resembles that of a beating heart. 

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28. Back To December

Taylor Swift - Back To December

With rippling guitar melodies swaying in between the main acoustic melody, Taylor pours her feelings into every word. This record made an impact on us due to the raw approach she takes with her emotions, as her feelings easily overlap with your own. The percussion and melodies definitely take a dramatic route, and the singer’s vocal dynamics remain rather calm for the most part.

29. Lavender Haze

Another hit record from Taylor’s album, Midnights, the song offers a late-night vibe that’s very fitting for the album’s title. The track also peaked at number two on the Hot 100 chart and continues to be on replay as it has amassed hundreds of millions of streams. Lavender Haze does a good job of showing the best parts of her modern sound as it flourished into a blend of pop, electronic, and synth-heavy styles.

30. Gorgeous

Taylor Swift - Gorgeous (Lyric Video)

With a curious synth-pluck melody, it leaves the track open for new instrumental layers to be added as the record progresses. It has an intriguing nature to it that makes it one of the best Taylor Swift songs, in our opinion, and although it features a thumping kick, it delivers a relatively light dynamic. The singer’s vocals are layered in a way that wraps around you, and the rising synth melodies act as the perfect transition for changes in her vocal direction.

31. We Are Never Getting Back Together

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Released as the lead single to her fourth studio album, Red, the song features heavy percussion, which is a prominent part of the track’s dynamics. Casual acoustic strums carry the main melody, and her vocal delivers a substantial amount of range. The record also features heavy synths, especially around the chorus, and it effectively brings the energy that a hook needs.

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32. Cardigan

Taylor Swift - cardigan

An honest message in the lyrics is where most of this song’s power comes from. There’s a tone in the story that can be hard for some to swallow, and there’s plenty of open space for the instrumentation to ripple through and support the story’s dynamic. The track was so popular that it received numerous awards and nominations for its grandiose production quality and overall addictive values.

33. Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

Delivering a beating kick drum and cinematic, orchestral backing strings, this is among some of the best Taylor Swift songs. Most of the track’s focus lies on the singer’s vocals, as they’re riddled with effects that give her all the power. Although the record is almost ten years old, the production quality still sounds very recent, which is partially why it continues to be a favorite for many people who appreciate her music.

34. Call It What You Want

Taylor Swift - Call It What You Want (Lyric Video)

A record that’s appreciated by many of her fans, Call It What You Want is the perfect song to listen to by yourself late at night. It takes influences from rap and R&B music, and the singer reels you in with a catchy flow. She stays pretty calm all the way throughout, and the broad synth pads really help sell the tone of the track. It carries a sound that’s not only nostalgic but induces reminiscence. 

35. Lover

Taylor Swift - Lover (Official Music Video)

Offering a beauty that can’t be ignored, Taylor made an impact with this song, and even if she’s reflecting on her own experience, the story shares moments that anyone can attach to their own. There’s an ethereal sound that comes with the melodies, and she delivers a lot of passion as she sings from the heart.

36. Today Was A Fairytale

Today Was A Fairytale

A song of hers that was released back in 2010, Today Was A Fairytale is considered to be a classic by many of her fans. It has that excellent blend of pop and country styles, with calming verses and hooks that stretch the lengths of the track’s dynamics. It was also released as a supporting single for the movie Valentine’s Day, which was also released in 2010.

37. Delicate

Taylor Swift - Delicate

Her vocals in this song offer a gorgeous mix of electronic effects, which are fitting to the overall direction of the production. She bounces across the track, and her voice is accompanied by long, drawn-out synth melodies that fill any open space in the record. We feel there’s a sense of self-reflection in this song, and the message sounds rather personal to Taylor’s experiences in her career.

38. Our Song

Taylor Swift - Our Song

Another classic from 2006, Our Song has a wholesome sound to it as it delivers the niche that the singer was known for at the time. Full of country tropes that people love, the message is pretty direct as it speaks of sharing a special song with a loved one. This was featured on her self-titled debut album, and many of the records on this project follow many popular styles of country music. 

39. The Last Great American Dynasty

the last great american dynasty

With the help of a heavy piano melody, Taylor’s vocals send a direct message over a calming instrumental. There’s a lot that can be taken from this record, and the main chorus is easy enough to follow that it immediately gets stuck in your head. You’ll find a light amount of percussion all throughout the song, but it never takes away from the vocal or main melodies. 

40. State of Grace

Taylor Swift - State Of Grace (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video)

State Of Grace begins with a relentless percussion pattern, and as the song moves forward, additional layers start slowly creeping in. Her vocals stay at a dynamic height that sounds effortless for her, and she perfectly matches the changes that occur in the instrumental. Interestingly, this track is one of the first records the singer wrote in Nashville before pursuing music in Los Angeles.

41. August

Taylor Swift – august (Official Lyric Video)

This record focuses on an ethereal tune that’s bound to have an effect on your mood. Taylor’s vocals offer an uplifting sound, but the instrumental is pretty solemn for the most part. The swaying melodies make it really easy to get lost in the dynamics this song has to offer. You won’t find any heavy percussion, but her flow is enough to get you stuck in the groove of the track.

42. Bad Blood feat. Kendrick Lamar

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar

A collaboration that many people didn’t see coming, Bad Blood brought Taylor and Kendrick Lamar together to make a complete banger. Without a doubt, the best part of this song is the hook, where she gives it her all. The track was released in 2014, and the hook is still imprinted into anyone who heard the record so much as once.

43. The Story of Us

Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

Likely to have the fastest tempo on this list, The Story Of Us is a bop from an earlier point in her career. The message is rather wholesome, and it carries a bright tone that’s accompanied by energetic percussion and clean electric guitar melodies.

44. Death By A Thousand Cuts

Taylor Swift - Death By A Thousand Cuts (Live From Paris)

The acoustics in this record is what really stuck with people, and we feel this is one of the best Taylor Swift songs as she takes an authentic approach to its storytelling. Death By A Thousand Cuts appeared on her album, Lover, which is stacked with impactful tracks that have been fan favorites ever since.

45. Dear John

It’s pretty clear who this record is about by the title alone, but Taylor lays out all her feelings without wavering from beginning to end. She blesses us with an honest story, one that many people have experienced themselves. If you’re going through your thoughts and emotions, this song is an excellent backing track.

46. You’re Not Sorry

Taylor Swift - You're Not Sorry (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video)

No one argues that Taylor’s recent music is full of hits, but she’s been in the industry long enough that songs like You’re Not Sorry are considered classics. This track features heavy melodies and swaying percussion that help feed into a melancholic dynamic. Outside of her lyrics, you’re met with passionate orchestral melodies that are the perfect addition.

47. All Too Well

Another one of her records that won’t be forgotten any time soon, All Too Well struck a chord with her fan base as people loved the story in her lyrics. The instrumentation delivers a mix that’s fitting for the tone of her message, and she also created a short film to go with the track.

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48. Betty

Taylor Swift – betty (Official Lyric Video)

Released back in 2020, betty still remains on many people’s playlists as it comes with many timeless qualities. To us, this is a Taylor Swing song that won’t ever fade throughout her career. It’s a wholesome message that’s genuine, and it’s that honesty that made the track stick with people upon its release.

49. Afterglow

Taylor Swift - Afterglow (Official Audio)

Of course, there’s usually a hint of pop in Taylor’s music, but this song is experimental in a few ways. The melody and instrumentation choices come with some influence from R&B music, and her vocals have no issue adapting. Afterglow has a production value that can be appreciated by a broad demographic of music lovers.

50. Clean

This song was released on her album 1989, which has many hits that continue to be a topic of conversation among Taylor’s fans. With light percussion that’s rather punctual, she does what she does best by enveloping listeners in waves of emotional dynamics. This is one of those records where you just want to listen to it on a loop.

51. Peace

Taylor Swift – peace (Official Lyric Video)

Taylor’s vocals take center stage here, as peace doesn’t offer much instrumental support to the story she portrays. This is an outstanding example of the power that the singer’s voice holds. You can hear a faint instrument in the background, and it simply supports the tonality and ominous nature of the song’s topic.

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