Every Song on Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” Album Ranked

Taylor Swift dropped her new album Midnights, and a lot of fans want to know which songs are worth listening to first and which tracks might be a hard pass. Well, keep reading as we dive into every song on Taylor Swift’s Midnights album ranked just for you, so you know what to check out on this record. 

1. Anti-Hero 

Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero (Official Music Video)

The first song we wanted to tell you about is Anti-Hero, which is one of the best tracks on Swift’s album Midnights. This song is all about her insecurities and vulnerabilities, including the fact that she is her own worst enemy. She goes into the fact that she’s the problem in her own life and talks about how our mindset is all determined by the perception we have of ourselves.

One of the best lyrics in the track talks about staring at the sun all day long but never staring into the mirror. We all can relate to feeling insecure about our bodies or how we look, and this delves into those insecurities she feels about herself like no other song on this album does.

2. Bejeweled 

Taylor Swift - Bejeweled (Official Music Video)

The second-best song from Midnights is Bejeweled, which is one of her more passive-aggressive tracks that deals with a significant other. There is a lyric in the song that talks about him walking all over her and her realizing she’s been way too kind to him.

It’s a track that goes into how she knows her self-worth and believes that she deserves better than what her partner is giving her. While it’s catchy and also pretty lighthearted, there is a serious and important message in the song about knowing she deserves someone who will treat her right and not take advantage of her kindness. 

3. Karma 

Taylor Swift - Karma (Lyric Video)

Karma is also one of the better songs on this album, and it’s an upbeat track that lets all of us listening know that she is going to get the last laugh and be on top at the end of the day. She has a lot of confidence in this song, and it’s one of those happy tracks where you can tell she’s motivated by being done wrong in her life.

There is a possibility that Scooter Braun is the subject of this song, although there is no direct confirmation of that. He famously purchased all of her album master copies, which led to her re-releasing her previous albums under the name “Taylor’s version.” 

4. You’re On Your Own, Kid 

Taylor Swift - You're On Your Own, Kid (Official Lyric Video)

You’re On Your Own, Kid is a song on Midnights that we think is just really good because it’s honest and brutal at the same time. This track doesn’t tell a direct story like some of her other songs do, but there is a point in this track that’s obvious to the listener. When you hear the song, you can tell she has grown not only as a musician but as a woman.

She talks about having an eating disorder as well as relationships, but it’s an empowering track for women about doubting yourself and struggling to figure out who you are. The beginning of the song delves into her isolation and feeling lonely, but at the end of the track, she realizes she’s resilient and can do things on her own without needing anyone. 

5. Sweet Nothing 

Taylor Swift - Sweet Nothing (Official Lyric Video)

Sweet Nothing is next on our list, which is a soft song that’ll remind you of a lullaby. There is a piano in the track that helps convey the emotions of the lyrics, which are all about love and the little things she loves about her significant other. Even though everything within our world is messy and not always great, having someone to come home to at the end of the day makes it a little better and easier to handle. 

6. Midnight Rain 

Taylor Swift - Midnight Rain (Official Lyric Video)

Coming in at number six on our list is Midnight Rain, which is a song that’s all about how she wants one thing in life while her significant other wants something else. Her significant other is yearning for a more traditional type of life and wife while she is looking to make her own way.

In the track, she is liking herself to the midnight rain, which means she’s more unpredictable and wild whereas the guy she’s talking about in the song is more predictable and simple, and they aren’t the same people. It is simply a track that talks about all of the people she had to leave behind in her life to make her own way and become the huge celebrity she is today.

7. Mastermind 

Taylor Swift - Mastermind (Official Lyric Video)

Next is Mastermind, which is a song about how she is the mastermind behind her relationships and the one wearing the pants so to speak. The track is feminist and is all about how wise she is as a woman and how she gets to dictate everything involving her relationships and her life. It’s a song for women not to be a pawn and to make sure that they are the ones who get to choose their path in life. It’s witty and a sweet track, even though when you look at the lyrics, you might find it more creepy than it really is. 

8. Question…?

Taylor Swift - Question...? (Official Lyric Video)

Question…? is one of the songs on the album that is all about her looking back and trying to figure out what happened in her previous relationship. There are some rhetorical questions she asks in this track, and you can hear the heartache and hurt in her voice as she looks at the past to try to come to terms with the end of that relationship. While the lyrics may seem aggressive, it’s conveying a vulnerability, and it’s such a catchy song that it’ll be stuck in your head all day. 

9. The Great War 

Taylor Swift - The Great War (Official Lyric Video)

The Great War might be one of the best songs on Midnights in terms of her writing. In this track, she is using war as a metaphor for a relationship. There are a lot of hard times when you’re in a relationship and you’ll experience loss, trust issues, and hurt along the way.

She talks about there being bloodshed, but you’ll make treaties in good faith to keep the peace. When that relationship ends, you’re left with a garden full of memories, and it’s like a memorial for those lost in war. When you listen to this song, you’ll quickly understand she is hoping for peace in her relationships instead of one where it’s a constant battle and a warzone, which is something most of us can relate to. 

10. Glitch 

Taylor Swift - Glitch (Official Lyric Video)

Glitch is a song on Midnights that you might like or dislike, and this track doesn’t have strong lyrics like a lot of other songs on the album. What we love about this track is that it’s a lighter song that’s talking about someone having feelings, but is trying their best to just play it cool. This is a pop track where she uses her more casual voice to convey her emotions and thoughts, even though there are vulnerabilities laid out there in the song.

It is one of those tracks that’ll make you continue to root for her even if you don’t like the person that she is falling in love with. She is trying to use a computer glitch as the metaphor in the song for her relationship but that falls a little short in executing the comparison. 

11. Vigilante Shit 

Taylor Swift - Vigilante Shit (Official Lyric Video)

Vigilante Shit is similar to Look What You Made Me Do, and by that, we mean this song is talking about revenge. It’s unknown who this track is all about, although some speculate it’s about Kanye West or Scooter Braun, although it could be Scooter’s former wife. Either way, she talks about dressing for revenge and not dressing up for men or women. You will find that the bridge is a little creepy while the chorus is very smart, but it’s not a song that has a catchy beat so it’s a little lackluster. 

12. High Infidelity 

Taylor Swift - High Infidelity (Official Lyric Video)

Up next on our Midnights ranking is High Infidelity, which is about how a relationship has been destroyed because someone was unfaithful. It’s not known which guy in her life this song is about—if any of them—although you can tell it’s personal as she goes into what having a partner who cheats does to you. There isn’t a lot of depth in this track, but if you’ve ever been cheated on, then you’ll understand and relate to this song. 

13. Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve 

Taylor Swift - Would've, Could've, Should've (Official Lyric Video)

Next on our list is Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve, which is all about her relationship with musician John Mayer and all of the regrets she has. She dated him when she was 19 while he was 32, and obviously, this created some issues right off the bat. One of the lyrics is about her acknowledging she was only 19, saying that he should give her back her girlhood. She has grown a lot since that relationship and has a lot more clarity now than she did, and this song conveys those emotions and feelings in a new light. 

14. Labyrinth 

Taylor Swift - Labyrinth (Lyric Video)

Labyrinth is next on this list, which has a lot of repetition in the lyrics, while her vocals are more warped, and it’s going to make you feel like you’re in a labyrinth the whole time. It’s the longest song on the album, and the beat is slow in this track, which makes it seem like it’ll never end.

While not the best song lyrically, it’s definitely one of those tracks that transports you into a different world. If you listen to this song right before you go to bed, you’ll find yourself dozing off to sleep because it’s dreamy and it’ll make you feel like you’re drifting off into an alternate dimension. 

15. Snow On The Beach

Taylor Swift - Snow On The Beach (Lyric Video) ft. Lana Del Rey

Snow On The Beach is one of the more beautiful and calming songs you’ll find on Midnights, and Lana Del Rey is featured in the track. She is mostly the background vocals, so you won’t hear much from her in the song, but it’s great because Swift is essentially whispering through the whole track, giving it a vibe of being gentle and delicate.

As she says “It’s coming down,” you’ll feel like you’re watching the snow fall down on the beach in your mind. You can listen to this song late at night, and it’s one of those tracks you’ll quickly fall asleep listening to because of her smooth, soft, and whispering vocals. However, we do wish Del Rey had a bigger role in this song because both she and Swift have such beautiful voices, and they meshed well together. 

16. Lavender Haze 

Taylor Swift - Lavender Haze (Official Music Video)

Lavender Haze is a song that she came up with during the COVID-19 pandemic when she was watching Mad Men. It’s the opening track for Midnights, and it’s energetic since it’s all about her having to ignore the stuff the media says about her to keep her relationship going strong. As far as who this song is about, it’s about Joe Alwyn and her need to keep the public opinions and media out of her mind, thus, putting herself in a lavender haze.

We all can imagine how hard it is and challenging to deal with the media while trying to keep your life private, and that’s what this track is all about. The phrase “lavender haze” was used in Mad Men, and it’s used to talk about being really deep in love, so it was a common phrase in the 50s. She took that phrase and then put it into this song, which was just genius. 

17. Maroon 

Taylor Swift - Maroon (Official Lyric Video)

Next is Maroon, which is a song that’s emotionally strong and lyrically one of her more brilliant tracks, with it being similar to Red. It’s somber and talking about one of her relationships that went wrong. One of the lines in the song is about the guy thinking he bought roses, but they were carnations, and her saying that’s their relationship.

It’s similar to Red but a lot darker since Maroon is looking back with regret and pain instead of looking back with happiness and excitement. Her voice in this track really conveys those feelings of loss and sadness as well as pain.

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18. Bigger Than The Whole Sky 

Taylor Swift - Bigger Than The Whole Sky (Lyric Video)

When we talk about Midnights, Bigger Than The Whole Sky is a song you will want to check out because it’s one of the more serious tracks on the album. This song is all about dealing with loss, specifically the loss of a significant other.

While this track is so haunting and beautiful, it also sounds repetitive at times because there is no bridge in it. However, what we love about it is that she utilizes the sky and nature to talk about the loss and saying goodbye to someone. It’s heartbreaking, and if you’ve ever lost someone special in your life, you’ll relate to this lyrically mature and melodically somber song. 

19. Dear Reader 

Taylor Swift - Dear Reader (Official Lyric Video)

Dear Reader is a good song from Midnights that delves into some advice that she has for everyone, including how you don’t have to answer a question just because you’re asked. She offers pearls of wisdom from her life experiences, and that’s why the track is titled the way it is because she is singing directly to those listening to her.

One of the lines in the song that we love is how she talked about burning the files and deserting the past life you had, and when you can’t recognize that person, then you’ve done it right. The melody is repetitive and the track is somewhat self-deprecating, but you’ll find some good advice hidden in the slow melody. We enjoyed this song and think that it’s a brilliant way to talk to fans and lend some advice to those who need it, without seeming too confrontational. 

20. Paris 

Taylor Swift - Paris (Official Lyric Video)

Last on our list is Paris, which is a great song that has a bridge and verse we love to listen to, and it might remind you of 1989. This is more of a pop track than some of the other tracks on the album, and it’s all about how she can get away from everything by being with her significant other and going to Paris. You’ll get the feeling of living carefree and being in love when you hear it, and it paints a picture of how romantic and special Paris, France, is if you are in the mood to get lost.

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