35 Best Songs For Testing Bass

We all love the booming sounds of bass in our ears whether we’re listening to music in our living room on our surround sound or through earbuds. Bass is an essential element of the music-listening experience, and there are several tracks that allow you to check your bass to see how your speakers handle the low-frequencies emitted. 

Here is our list of the 35 best songs for testing bass that spans all genres! 

1. Angel – Massive Attack

Massive Attack - Angel

Angel by Massive Attack, released in 2006, is one of the best songs for testing bass. Several of their tracks could be used for this purpose, but this one is simply a work of art in the way that the bass starts off slow and then builds as the song progresses. 

We love the fact that by the middle of the track, you can feel the bass thumping in your chest like a crazy-fast heartbeat. It feels like you’re driving a car and shifting the gears, starting in first and then speeding up and going into fourth, which is where the bass really comes into play. You’ll know what your sound system can do by the end as the song goes deeper into chaos the closer you get. 

2. Act Like You Know – Fat Larry’s Band 

Fat Larry's Band - Act Like You Know

Act Like You Know was released in 1982 by Fat Larry’s Band, and it’s an iconic R&B song that is known for having heavy bass. The track is funky, and you’ll hear the bass riffs in the early part of the song that’ll make you want to start grooving. The juxtaposition of the vocals on the other side of the spectrum just makes the bass stand out even more! 

What we love about this track is that in the middle, there are instruments that begin to mimic the bass from the beginning, so you get a double dose of heavy, funky, and punchy bass that will go up and down the frequency spectrum throughout the song.

3. Mango Drive – Rhythm & Sound 

There is so much texture and frequency to Mango Drive by Rhythm & Sound that it truly is one of the best bass testing songs. It came out in 2001, and you can tell by the space-like sound that it’s a more revolutionary style. 

We enjoy listening to this track because it made us smile from ear to ear after hearing its unique style and beats while testing our bass. The fact that you can not only test the low-end of your bass but the high-end as well makes this an all-around go-to every time.

4. Raven – GoGo Penguin

In 2018, Raven released GoGo Penguin, and this song will test out the lower frequency of your bass, and it’s strong like a double espresso. There are piano and drums in the track that are layered differently, but it creates a beautiful instrumental vibe that just fits. 

When we listen to this song, we get feelings of darkness and evil mixed with spots of light, so you’re going to feel a range of emotions while you hear that lower bass register on your system. It takes about 60 seconds to find the bass in the track, but once you hear it, it’s going to make you happy you waited for it. 

5. Age Of Consent- New Order 

New Order - Age of Consent (2020 Remaster) [Official Music Video]

New Order released Age Of Consent in 1983, and it’s one of the top bass testing tracks because the bass line is quick to appear and will stay around throughout the whole track. The texture and hook will catch your attention, and the bass coming from Peter Hook is recognizable and iconic. You’re going to have a mixture of emotions while you listen to this track since it’s heavy and dark but, at the same time, motivating. 

6. Bullet In The Head – Rage Against The Machine 

Rage Against The Machine - Bullet In the Head (Official HD Video)

Rage Against The Machine is no stranger to heavy and in-your-face bass, which is also true for the 1991 song Bullet In The Head. This track has a steady bass from start to finish, and the political anger in it just makes you want to bang your head and rage. If you’re a fan of shredding like we are, then you’re going to love the two minutes of just pure shred by Tim Commerford. It’s the consistent bass that makes it a great choice for testing your bass since there’s no getting away from it! 

7. Moondance – Van Morrison 

Moondance (2013 Remaster)

A timeless song that almost everyone has heard at least once in their lives that will test your bass is Moondance by Van Morrison, which was released in 1970. The bass in this track is emotional and pairs well with the desire and promise found in the lyrics and will leave you feeling that same yearning. 

We tapped our foot to the beat for the entire song, even during the piano solo in the middle, which feels more like jazz than class rock. We also enjoyed how the vocals are often carried by the bass in the track, but then other times the bass outshines all of its other components.

8. Hysteria – Muse 

Muse - Hysteria [Official Music Video]

Muse is a rock band that is more unique than others. They released Hysteria in 2003, and the bass in this track is fuzzy and rough, and that’s what makes it one of the best songs for testing bass. 

When we hear this track, we hear grunge and dirty sick riffs that hit both the higher and lower frequencies of bass. There is also a component of the bass that’ll leave you feeling empty like you haven’t eaten in days, so it’s a true bass-heavy song that we crave to hear again and again. 

9. Wildfire – SBTRKT

One of the useful tracks for testing bass is the 2011 track by SBTRKT called Wildfire. This song will test your bass since it includes both higher and lower frequencies, and the texture changes along with the tone. 

When we hear this track, we can tell our bass is working as it should since it’s both an entertaining song and very cohesive as it bounces from high to low. We also enjoy this track since it doesn’t have a lot of drums, which makes the bass stand out more, and we get the pulsating feeling in our chests. 

10. The Rite Of Spring – Igor Stravinsky 

Stravinsky The Rite of Spring // London Symphony Orchestra/Sir Simon Rattle

Igor Stravinsky hit it out of the park with his 1913 song The Rite Of Springy, and it’s a classic track if you’re looking to test your bass because it contains raspy and angry sounds. It’s a classical piece that has a range almost unheard of in the instrumental world. There is an ominous feeling to this song like something very bad is about to happen, and we get that pit in our stomachs when we listen to it.

11. Hey Now – London Grammar 

London Grammar - Hey Now [Official Video]

In 2013, London Grammar released Hey Now, which is an abstract track that makes our list of the best songs for testing bass because it’s consistent and builds throughout the track to a heightened sound for the second half. 

We listen to this song and are just mesmerized at how subtle the build is of the bass in the second half, and the lower key vocals just fit so well as to not overshadow the incredible instruments working in harmony with her style. 

12. Badge – Cream  

Cream is known for having some memorable riffs and bass, and in the 1969 song Badge, your system is going to be stretched to the max. We can’t help but smile when we hear the iconic bass that makes us feel energetic, vibrant, and driven to complete our next task. It’s bouncy and edgy with quick landing notes that contrast well with the depth found in the bass.

13. YYZ – Rush 

YYZ by Rush, which was released in 1981, is a fun track and deserves a spot on our list of best songs for testing bass. It’s rock mixed with jazz and a little funk which brings the bass highlights that you’ll find within the track. The instruments in the background provide a happy vibe to the song, and it’ll leave your body feeling like you’ve just had an all-over massage. 

14. Limit To Your Love – James Blake 

James Blake - Limit To Your Love

James Blake released Limit To Your Love in 2011, and you’re going to be highly impressed at the bass in this song, which will shake your windows, couch, and body into a state of euphoria. We aren’t kidding when we say this track will vibrate you from head to toe, and the quickness of it is impressive and a great way to test your bass. 

15. Pony – Ginuwine 

Released in 1996, Pony by Ginuwine is going to bring the house down with the growling and thunderous bass that is constant throughout this popular R&B hit. It’s a thumping and pulsating bass that is low and that we felt under our feet the whole time. 

You’re going to feel like you just need to get up and dance along to this track, and the bass is what gives you that powerful feeling right from the start. When it comes to R&B songs for testing bass, this song is a must! 

16. Uh Uh – Thundercat 

Thundercat - 'Uh Uh'

Thundercat released Uh Uh in 2017, and it’s an R&B track that combines funk, jazz, and blues to create this monster bass of a song. It’s quick, heavy, erratic, and going to work out your bass in both high and low frequencies. 

17. Pyramids- Frank Ocean 

In 2012, Frank Ocean released Pyramids, and this track combines elements of old eighties funk soul, and R&B music with elements of new R&B. That’s what makes this one of the top songs for testing bass since you’re going to get low frequencies and high frequencies that are melodious and raucous. 

We were impressed at not only the fact the track is 10 minutes long but how it can combine the high intensity and energy of dance music with the slow sensual sounds of soul and R&B and you can feel all of those within the bass.


AWOLNATION - Sail (Official Music Video)

The bass found spreading like peanut butter in Sail, this is a 2011 song by AWOLNATION that allowed them to become a household name. While the track doesn’t have a standout bass that’ll blow you away, it’s memorable and clearly audible. 

This will test your system, and it’s an iconic song full of basslines that is enhanced by the single-word chorus “Sail.” It’s also a very catchy track that will be in your head all day long after hearing the thumps reverberate out of your system. 

19. Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes 

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Official Music Video)

The White Stripes is known for powerful bass and drums in all of their tracks, but one of the best songs for testing bass is the band’s 2003 hit Seven Nation Army. The bassline is pulsating and robust that’s in your face from start to end. We felt like we were in a trance while listening to the bass in this track just repeating the beat over and over again.

20. New Life Baby Paris – Mala 

New Life Baby Paris

In 2008, Mala released New Life, and the bass in this song is one you’re going to hear and feel from your skull to your toes. The sub-bass in the track is simply amazing and deserves the label as one of the best songs for testing bass. 

In the song, you can feel the control in the bass and in the rhythm, which is complex and deep. Not only will your system be tested throughout the song, but you’re going to dig the reggae components of the track that’ll make you feel like you’re sitting on a beach in Jamaica.

21. Horns – Bryce Fox

Bryce Fox - Horns (Official Video)

Horns was released in 2017 by Bryce Fox, and it’s one of the more recent alternative rock songs for testing bass that we have on our list. Our guilty pleasure is listening to this track just as the guilty pleasure that is found in the lyrics, which is all about infatuation. 

Listening to bass appear and disappear in the track gives you a feeling of yearning and that emotion is what drives the entire song. It’s going to test your bass in more ways than one, and you’ll keep going back to it because it’s just that good. 

22. Hip Hop – Dead Prez 

dead prez - Hip Hop (Digital Video)

A hit from 2000 that is still being played today and will assault your system like no other, Hip Hop by Dead Prez has to be on our list. Rated as one of the best songs for testing bass, this track has the low-frequency bass starting out and then it goes to a higher bass that’ll rattle your entire system and house. 

We love the sub-bass in this song, and it’s what shines and is unique compared to other tracks. Every time we listen to this song we feel our brain rattling inside of our skull from the non-stop bass that just speeds up towards the end to hit a climax we’ve never felt before. 

23. Candy Paint – Post Malone 

Post Malone - Candy Paint (Lyrics)

Released in 2017, Candy Paint by Post Malone will test your bass at different times in the song, so this isn’t a track that’s going to give you that bass from start to finish. When the bass is there, it’s going to rock your socks off, as we experienced when we first heard this song! This is a more laid-back track so it’s not as powerful as some of his other work, but regardless its rich bass is felt by anyone who listens to it. 

24. Thursday – Morphine 

Morphine - Thursday (Official Music Video)

Thursday was released in 1993 by Morphine, and it sounds similar to other grunge and rock songs from this era, which means it’s going to have a strong bass that rumbles in a steady fashion from beginning to end. 

We felt both happiness and regret while listening to this track since it’s just nasty and dirty in a good way. You can’t talk about the best songs for testing bass without mentioning this track since the bari sax and bass just go so well together to create a masterpiece. 

25. Just Like A Pill – Pink 

P!nk - Just Like A Pill (Official Video)

P!nk released Just Like A Pill in 2001, and she blended elements of pop and rock to create this monster hit with an even bigger bass. When talking about songs for testing bass, we have to hand it to her for creating a masterpiece with high and low bass throughout the entire track starting within the first 20 seconds. 

When I hear this song, I hear a more subdued track both vocally and instrumentally, so it’s a track that’s going to make you want to sit there and reflect as opposed to dance. The deep and dark bass underneath her powerful voice will test any system whether it’s in your house or car. 

26. Say My Name – Destiny’s Child 

Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Official Video)

Multiple female vocalists that utilize vocals in the background are awesome for testing bass, and you’ll hear every lyric in the background with the amazing bass in Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. This song was released in 1999 and is one of the most popular R&B tracks of its time, but what we love is the bass that just takes over and matches with the vocals of the group. 

27. Burning Down The House – Talking Heads 

Talking Heads - Burning Down the House (Official Video)

The Talking Heads released Burning Down The House in 1983, and it’s one of those songs from the eighties that leaves you wondering what just happened. The bass in the track sounds deep and full and it’s a mixture of punk and funk, and it’s one of the most well-known bass riffs in music 

28. Aura – Bicep 

Bicep released Aura in 2017, and if you really want to see what your bass can do, then there is no other song that’s going to touch the level of bass that’s found in this track. The bass is so insane that when the band played this song live during a performance, it was so heavy that the soundcard vibrated out of the connector port. 

While we didn’t have that happen when we used this song to test our bass, we did notice that it felt like a small earthquake right in our living room! You’re going to be impressed by the bass in this track, and it might be best to sit down as you listen to it just in case it does vibrate you off of your feet. 

29. Friction – Imagine Dragons 

Friction by Imagine Dragons is on this list because while it doesn’t have bass throughout the song when it does have bass, it’s going to rock you from your head to your feet. It’s a good choice since it utilizes the bass during the empty spaces of the track, and it’ll test both your high and low frequency. 

This song was released in 2015 so it offers a slower and much lower lyrical line staccato. Our favorite part of testing the bass is at the end because the track kicks up a notch, and that’s when you’re going to have the feeling of your body vibrating like you’re on a rollercoaster. 

30. Papercut – Linkin Park 

Papercut [Official HD Music Video] - Linkin Park

Released in 2000, Papercut by Linkin Park is always on the list of best songs for testing bass regardless of the type of system you’re testing. You will hear the bass kick in within the first few seconds of the track, which is great since you don’t have to sit and listen to half the song before you know how your bass sounds. 

When I hear this track, it makes me feel dizzy and like I am spinning because the instruments and lyrics together with the bass just make for an insane audio experience. Linkin Park is known for mixing rock and rap together and in this song, you get a little of both which makes you feel like you want to dance while also headbanging to the intensity. 

31. Du Hast – Rammstein 

Rammstein - Du Hast (Official 4K Video)

Rammstein released Du Hust in 1997, and it’s still one of the band’s biggest hits. One reason is the growly, low, powerful bass that we’ve come to expect from industrial metal. 

What we love about this song is that it’s a track everyone sings along to even though we don’t know the words since it’s in German. You’re going to wish you had something to hang onto when you hear the bass in this song and feel it vibrating your teeth and legs until you can’t stand it anymore! 

32. Freak On A Leash – Korn 

Korn - Freak On a Leash (Official HD Video)

Korn is a nu-metal band that released Freak On A Leash in 1998, and the band is known for its interesting vocals and sound, which features bass that’ll leave you dazed and confused. This song is great for testing bass because from the first second of the track until the end, you’re hit with bizarre sounds that make us think we’re standing in the middle of an insane asylum with no way out. 

33. I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys 

Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston

I’m Shipping Up To Boston by the Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys is a classic rock track that was originally released back in 2004. It instantly became a hit for the band and with the bass in the track that just makes you feel like you want to both punch someone and get up on the dance floor, it works well as one of the top songs for testing bass. We love the energetic feel of the track that’ll make you feel like you’ve had multiple energy drinks back to back and want to just run across the world. 

34. Yeah! – Usher Feat. Lil Jon And Ludacris 

Usher - Yeah! (Official Video) ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris

Released in 2004, Usher gave us all something to dance to with the upbeat bass that starts right at the beginning of Yeah! Lil Jon and Ludacris add their voices to this song, and it’s a track we love to blare this song on our systems to test both the high and low frequencies. Not only is this a good song for testing bass, but the upbeat nature of the track will put you in a better mood while doing it.

35. The Chain – Fleetwood Mac 

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Official Music Video) [HD]

The Chain is one of the most well-known Fleetwood Mac tracks that was released back in 1977 and is one of the great songs for testing bass. The bass riff around three minutes into the track is one of the most iconic in rock music history, and John McVie delivers it like no other. 

When we are testing high-frequency systems, we have to use this song because it’s just incredible the way you can feel the bass throughout your body shaking you from head to toe. The bass also adds to the incredible emotions that are felt in this track.


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