15 Best Aaron Carter Songs, Ranked

Aaron Carter might be best known as the younger brother of Nick Carter, famously one of the Backstreet Boys. While he would sadly pass away in 2023, his unique vocal style and television appearances made him a household name that would stand on his own. His four solo albums made him a star among teenagers in the 2000s and in this article, we’ll take a look at the 15 best Aaron Carter songs, ranked. 

1. I’m All About You

Aaron Carter - I'm All About You

I’m All About You would appear on Carter’s third studio album, Oh Aaron, in 2001. It’s pretty easy to point to it as his best and most popular song, rising to over 20 million views on YouTube. While it does have the typical melodic sound you would expect from a bop of a pop track, it’s a bit deeper than that.

The song is full of meaningful lyrics that are perfect for telling someone just how much you care about them. I’d wager that plenty of people were sent this track by their partners in the months after it was first released. It was the third and final single to come from his third studio album that reached platinum certification.

2. I Want Candy

Aaron Carter - I Want Candy (The Video)

I Want Candy was originally written and recorded by The Strangeloves in 1965, with their version just missing out on the top 10 of the Hot 100 by peaking at number 11. Carter released his version of the song as the seventh single of his career and the second single from his 2000 album Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). His version begins with a phone call that discusses a girl named Candy.

He promoted the track by performing it on the show Lizzy McGuire and having his brother Nick Carter—of the Backstreet Boys—play the role of his friend on the other end of the phone call. His version of the song wound up rising to number 31 on the UK Singles Chart but failed to become a hit in the US. Despite this, millions of kids around my age now end up hearing this track and know most of it by heart even today.

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3. Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)

Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party (Come Get It) (The Video)

Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) was the title track and first single to be released from Carter’s second studio album. In the US, it was his only hit single. The song eventually peaked within the top 40 of the Hot 100 by reaching the number-35 spot. Outside of the US, it made it to number 51 in the UK and number 71 in the Netherlands.

A music video would eventually be produced to promote the track, mostly showing him at a house party with his friends while his parents were out for the evening. They would eventually come home to find out about the party and ground him, every teen’s worst nightmare in the early 2000s. 

4. Sooner or Later

Aaron Carter - Sooner Or Later (Lyric Video)

Carter had a pretty distinct sound. It wasn’t anything particularly unique or special, but it was a mold that most of his songs could easily fall into. Sooner Or Later was a departure from that, but held onto the catchy and addictive qualities of his earlier music. The track came out in 2018 on his EP LØVË, incorporating the pop elements that he was known for while actually showcasing his abilities as an artist. It wound up being an example of him maturing over time and growing into his music career. 

5. That’s How I Beat Shaq

Aaron Carter - That's How I Beat Shaq

That’s How I Beat Shaq was another single from Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) that was released in 2001. If you were concerned that the Big Diesel would have been offended and could have crushed Carter like a Pepsi can, don’t worry about it. He had total permission from Shaq to record and release the song.

It was essentially about beating Shaquille O’Neil in a 1-on-1 basketball game, with Carter distracting the big fella to score a few points. He ends up winning, which is as ludicrous as any story he’s ever told. But the track was featured in the trailer for Hey Arnold!: The Movie. A rematch and another song would be produced in 2013 with drastically different results to the game.

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6. Do You Remember

Most people who aren’t big fans of Carter probably missed out on Do You Remember. It wasn’t a huge hit, but it’s a severely underrated song from him that deserved a lot more recognition than it ended up getting. Of course, fans will always remember it as one of his best. It’s got a catchy melody, just like all of the other tracks on this list, but it has an elevated level of songwriting involved in the lyrics that help it become something that’s just a little bit better than many of his other songs. 

7. Fool’s Gold

Aaron Carter - Fool's Gold (Audio)

Fool’s Gold was released as the lead single from Carter’s album LØVË. Fool’s gold is a substance that often looks like gold and would fool a lot of people into believing it is, however, it’s a vastly worthless material. It’s been used as a metaphor quite often for people describing things that may not exist or may not be as valuable as you think.

That’s exactly why Carter used it for this song, describing the fear of failure and his chase for music success, wondering if it’s even something that can become a reality or if it will be worth it in the end. The melody feels hopeful, while the lyrics are uncertain. It’s the perfect backdrop for a track titled “Fool’s Gold,” serving to create one of the most interesting songs of his career. 

8. Leave It Up To Me

Aaron Carter - Leave It Up To Me

Leave It Up To Me got quite a lot of exposure on Nickelodeon. It was used as part of the soundtrack for the show Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and stood alongside some of the most fun songs on the soundtrack as one of the best. There were multiple videos produced for the track. One of them sees Carter touring a space museum, on which he’s portrayed as incredibly bored.

An alternative video was featured on the VHS and DVD releases of the Jimmy Neutron film, making it popular with kids and other Nickelodeon watchers. The song would eventually peak at number 22 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming more popular overseas than in the US. 

9. Crush On You

Crush On You HQ - Aaron Carter - HQ music video + lyrics

Crush On You was a song originally released in 1985 by The Jets. Carter made a cover of the track and released it on his self-titled debut album, turning it into a hit in 1997. Over in the UK and Australia, the song peaked within the top 10 of the composite charts. Sadly for him—at least in the video—the girl he’s interested in has no interest in him.

It’s revealed that she only has a thing for athletes, a mold that he definitely doesn’t fit into. It also featured a special appearance from his brother Nick Carter, who appeared in it to console his brother over the unrequited crush he has on the girl in the song.

10. To All the Girls

Aaron Carter - To All The Girls (Sessions @ AOL 2002)

To All The Girls was one of the most exciting tracks on Carter’s final album Another Earthquake in 2002. It stood as a testament to the way his music career matured over time, adding emotional and instrumental layers to his prohibitively pop sound over time.

It tackled the themes of growing up while discussing some incredible memories of summer parties on the beach. It also was meant as a tribute to all the—female—fans who helped him have a successful career in music, shouting them out and wishing them well as he moved on with his life and career. 

11. I’m Gonna Miss You Forever

Aaron Carter - i'm gonna miss u forever

I’m Gonna Miss You Forever is a song that reminisces on the old times. This nostalgic track from Carter is an anthem for kids growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s, remembering the good times that came along with the era and the unique culture of the times.

The song also tackles the challenges that come with being away from the person you love while also expressing hope that it will work out one day. It was a markedly unique track from Carter, diving into deeper themes than many of his most popular songs. But that saxophone solo added an atmospheric sound to it that was largely lacking in other tracks he produced, a definite plus. 

12. Bounce

Aaron Carter - Bounce (The Video)

Bounce was an awesome track that added a bit of a summer vibe to Carter’s signature catchy songs. It had an infectious beat that backed his amazing high notes and even managed to add a layer of soul to the track. It’s all about his desire to dance and have a good time in the summer, full of optimism, hope, and joy. The energy of the song is sure to leave you in a better mood than when you first start listening to it, turning it into a summertime classic that is perfect for when school finally lets out for vacation. 

13. Don’t Say Goodbye

Aaron Carter - Don't Say Goodbye (Audio)

Don’t Say Goodbye was one of Carter’s most emotional tracks and an unforgettable departure from his breezy pop sound. It reflects on how saying goodbye to a loved one is often difficult, but the song takes an upbeat approach to what is often one of the hardest moments in life.

Full of vivid imagery, it’s one of his most heartfelt and honest performances, getting rid of the light touch of his other tracks to really bring home the emotion in his voice. It stands as a strong reminder to love the people around you while you can.

14. Summertime

Aaron Carter - Summertime ft. Baha Men

Summertime saw Carter team up with Baha Men to produce one of the best summer anthems of the time. Starting with an acoustic guitar riff, the song progresses with a light and airy sound that is perfect for listening to on the beach with a cold drink in your hand.

It was one of the tracks that helped cement his place as one of the best crafters of beachy-pop music in the late 90s, reminiscent of what The Beach Boys did with surf rock during their era. It ended up being a huge hit and was one of the catchiest tracks of the time.

15. Crazy Little Party Girl

Aaron Carter - Crazy Little Party girl

Crazy Little Party Girl is yet another summer bop from Carter. It was a hit during the summer of 1997, becoming one of his most popular and danceable singles. The lighthearted song was used pretty often to get parties started, whether that was in a penthouse or on the beach.

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