21 Best Songs about Trust, Honesty, and Integrity

This article gives you the best list of 21 songs about trust from a dynamic variety of musicians.

There are millions of songs in the world with great messages and unique styles. A good number of them revolve around Trust, Honesty, and Integrity themes. Without further adieu, let’s get into the top songs about trust.

1. “Honesty” – Billy Joel

Billy Joel - Honesty (Official Video)

Joel’s song tops the chart of best songs about honesty and integrity. It is in the pop genre, thus trendy to people of all ages. Joel addresses honesty and the need to have this virtue in a relationship. He acknowledges that honesty is rarely found since many people are untrue. Nonetheless, he insists that his partner must be honest for their relationship to work. The song was released in 1970, but it has maintained its top position ever since. The song was and remains impactful to the society and music industry which inspired Beyoncé to re-record it in 2008.

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2. “Integrity Blues” – Jimmy Eat World

This is one of the best songs by the American rock band Jimmy Eat World. It was released in 2016 in the 9th album by the band. The song’s message is simple; do what your heart pleads. Pursue your path without worrying about people’s perceptions. Listening to the song will not only entertain you but also educate you. Don’t keep on saying I want this or that without pursuing it relentlessly. Your future is in your hands, and you should not worry about what other people are saying. Just assume they are not there!

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3. “Honesty” – Rodney Atkins

Honesty (Write Me A List)

This all-season Country music masterpiece was recorded in 2003. The song has a sad mood. It involves a divorcing couple where the husband instructs the wife to write a wish list of things he wants from him before they separate. Interestingly, the wife does not write about properties or money. She fills the paper with “Honesty, sincerity, tenderness and trust.” She wants them to rejuvenate the love. This song has a great message to today’s generation, and probably that’s the reason it still tops the list.

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4. “I Won’t Back Down” – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - I Won't Back Down (Official Music Video)

This song was first released in 1997. It is one of the best songs that address integrity. It highlights the importance of standing your ground. and reminds the audience that they should be determined to defend what is right. The musicians say that ‘I will stand my ground and I will never back down.’ The popularity of this song was ignited by the September 2001 unfortunate occurrence. It united the nation and was also used for political campaigns.

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5. “Honestly” – Cartel

This is one of the best love songs ever composed in our opinion. It has a powerful and honest message to the audience about declaring their position in a relationship. The singer addresses a breakup in a relationship. When his lover decided to end their relationship, the narrator in the song responded with honesty. He begged the girlfriend to reconsider the decision and give him another chance. He laments that he won’t have an easy time moving on. This pop song has a magical instrumental that may influence you never to get tired of listening to it.

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6. “Tell me Honestly” – Harem Scarem

Harem Scarem - Honestly

This is one of Harem’s most famous songs. It addresses honesty in marriages and relationships. It’s one of the better songs depicting differences in relationships. He wants to know if his lover honestly still loves him. Honesty lyrics in the song include ‘Tell me honestly if you love me.’ In another line, the narrator demands that his lover looks straight into his eyes when talking. If there is no honesty in her words, it would be effortless to detect it in her eyes.

7. “Said I Loved You But I Lied” – Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton - Said I Loved You...But I Lied

The title of this song is designed as a clickbait. It also has a sarcastic message. Most probably, the audience may think the singer is honestly telling the lover that he no longer has feelings for her. Wrong! The lyrical song lines send a deep and honest confession that what the singer feels is more than love. It is an understatement to call it love. This is one of the best songs you can dedicate to that person you dearly love beyond imagination.

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8. “Truth and Honesty” – Aretha Franklin

If you are in a relationship or plan to start one soon, this song is for you. The singer highlights the importance of being candid with your partner. You must embrace truth and honesty if you want to go far. She insists that you should not worry about vulnerabilities for declaring your love. She says that we only need truth and honesty to hold up unceasingly. She also addresses the importance of being open in a relationship and letting the other person read your heart.

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9. “Everything but the Truth” – Lucinda Williams

Everything but the Truth

Lucinda Williams’s message revolves around the integrity of standing by the truth. She states that ‘everything may change: But, the truth will remain the same.’ This song has a powerful message to the world about trust and integrity. It teaches people to be the things they want in life. If you need a good friend, the first step is being that good friend first. It also reminds the audience that they have the power to change the world. However, they must be willing to do so.

10. “Follow My Feet” – The Unlikely Candidates

The Unlikely Candidates - "Follow My Feet" [Official Lyric Video]

Apart from the truth and integrity message, this song is very danceable to! A combination of drums, guitar, piano, and other instruments makes it very entertaining. The song is about making a wise decision when you are in a dilemma. Doing what you love is summarized as following your feet. In today’s world, you may get a million opinions from the people you know or the online community. However, be truthful to yourself and follow your passion. That’s what integrity is all about.

11. “Honestly” – Stryper

Stryper - Honestly (Original)

Although composed and released in 1987, this song still rules the airwaves today! It has a powerful message about honesty. The narrator speaks from the deepest part of his heart. He promises never to betray the love his friend has for him. He honestly expresses his feeling and shows his commitment to always be on his friend’s side. This is the kind of honesty we deserve from our friends and partners. If you love someone, do not hesitate to declare your feelings openly. More so, show integrity by never betraying your friend’s love.

12. “Matter of Trust” – Billy Joel

Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust (Official HD Video)

This song is one of Billy Joel’s most popular and biggest hits of all time. It is in the rock genre, thus retaining its popularity over the years. The song is about the importance of trust in a loving relationship. According to the music, there reaches a point when the wave of passion subsides in a relationship, and the partners have to think more about each other. Billy is best-known as a “piano man” (see what we did there?) because he performed most of his songs behind a piano, but he also plays guitar excellently in this song.

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13. “Count On Me” – Bruno Mars

Count On Me - Bruno Mars (Lyrics) 🎵

Musically, Count On Me is a folk record. Bruno Mars, in this song, talks about trust between friends. He tries to relate what friends should do to each other. Its lyrics support this idea hence conveying the central message of the song. It was released in 2010 and is one of the best songs about trust you can dedicate to your best friend to assure them you will always be there for them when they need you.

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14. “As I Am” – Justin Bieber Ft. Khalid

Justin Bieber - As I Am (Visualizer) ft. Khalid

Here’s one of the latest songs about trust, as it was released in 2021. It is in the pop genre, making it very popular (obviously). The song’s lyrics support the theme of this article as Justin talks about how he feels unworthy of love. He continues to admit that he may be challenging to live with but urges his wife to trust him and accept him as he is. This song will remain impactful in society, advising couples to take each other’s weaknesses and trust in them.

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15. “Won’t Let You Down” – Jesse Labelle

Won't Let You Down

This song is in the pop genre released in 2012. The song is a song written to appeal to every listener’s emotional side. Jesse narrates how his partner may have been hurt before and assures them that they can trust him. The lyrics of this song support the main idea and recap the importance of trust. In our lives, we have been betrayed, and we would like to hear such assurances. With this kind of message, this song will remain popular for many years.

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16. Trust – Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz - TRUST [Official Audio]

Brent Faiyaz’s song “Trust” is in the R&B / soul genre making it very popular today. Brent mentions many instances in the lyrics where he needed someone to be on his side during tough times but ended up alone. In the song, he wants to be close to someone he can trust, share his troubles with, and save him from his sorrow. The song lyrics support his main idea and shows that even men want someone they can trust and share their problems with.

17. “Be Still” – The Fray

The Fray - Be Still (Lyrics)

This lullaby song was composed by Fray vocalist Isaac Slade. He sang this song to his brother, who called him complaining he had a hard time sleeping. It is one of the unique songs about trust because the artist did not write it but he sang it and recorded himself the same day. The artist depicted trust in the song when he assures his brother that he will if no one is standing beside him. Having someone beside us is something we always crave in our lives. Find more songs about sleep here.

18. “Trust Fall” – Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha - Trust Fall [Official Audio]

Trust fall is a pop song released in 2021. In the lyrics, she recaps how she is worried to trust someone who will later betray her. In the music, she shows how much she wants to trust her partner. This experience can be related to many young people who have been betrayed in their lives and want to regain trust with their partners. It is an excellent song to listen to as it explains the value of trustworthiness in a relationship.

19. “Life Is Now” – John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp - Your Life Is Now

If you are thinking of waiting any longer before taking that life-changing step, Mellencamp reminds you to do it now. This song got a Grammy Award 1998 nomination for its candid message about life. Major themes in the song are honesty and integrity. The singer encourages the audience to stand up, embrace opportunities and make a difference in the world. The music does not dictate what you must do to shine. In contrast, the singer states that ‘this is your time to do whatever you want to do.’

20. “You’ve Got To Stand For Something” – Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin - You've Got To Stand For Something

The song teaches the audience the importance of having a stand. The narrator speaks about his father, who wasn’t hesitant to stand by what was right. This is one of the best 1991 country music songs with truth, honesty and integrity themes. Standing by what is right also means that you must be doing the right things. Make wise decisions and always follow your principles is critical. You might not get a song that passionately advocates for integrity like this Tippin masterpiece.

21. “Honest” – Kodaline

If your lover is not honest with you, that relationship is not destined to last longer. This Kodaline rock song released in 2015 highlights the importance of demanding your partner’s honesty, truth, and integrity. The narrator laments the cheating behavior of his girlfriend and demands to know if she is willing to change. You can listen to this song and learn the importance of letting your friend know what you are feeling. It is not worth enduring reprehensible behavior in a relationship without demanding a change.

This list is not static. It can go on and will continue to grow since musicians are releasing new songs every day.


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