21 Best Christian Love Songs of All Time

Love songs are as common in the Christian music industry as they are anywhere else. In fact, some of the biggest names in Christian music have been known primarily for their love songs, and there’s no shortage of memorable ones out there. Here’s our list of the 21 best Christian love songs ever recorded.

1. How He Loves – John Mark McMillan

John Mark McMillan ft. Kim Walker-Smith - How He Loves (Live)

John Mark McMillan captured lightning in a bottle when he wrote How He Loves. The song, which is best known for its unassuming cover by John Smith’s band, Jesus Culture, digs at our hearts with lyrics that read like a long love letter.

As John Mark McMillan sings: “He is jealous for me, Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, Bending beneath, The weight of his wind and mercy, When all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, our hearts are opened to the truth about God’s incredible love for us. “ This song can be found on McMillan’s album The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Dawn.

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2. Brother – Needtobreathe (Feat. Gavin DeGraw)

NEEDTOBREATHE "Brother feat. Gavin DeGraw" [Official Video]

This song is not just about romantic love. It’s about unconditional, selfless, and sacrificial love for others that Jesus calls us to have. This music video also does a great job depicting compassion towards those in poverty. The band focuses on Jesus as their source of strength, reminding us that he leads us through whatever we may be facing.

Love covers a multitude of sins, and no matter what mistakes we make, God forgives. He loves us when we’re at our worst and can still lead us out from darkness into his glorious light.
God sends his Son to die so that sinful humans like me can be set free from sin; so that I can become part of his family forever. That act of eternal love changes everything: it brings beauty out of pain, redemption out of a ruinous life, hope out of despair. There is no greater or more beautiful act or thing than God’s gift to humanity– his son, Love wins!

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3. I Have This Hope – Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North - I Have This Hope (Official Music Video)

A grand, sweeping ballad that combines explosive rock with intricate layers of strings, Tenth Avenue North’s “I Have This Hope” radiates pure hope. The lyrics capture a sense of longing for peace and security in a world filled with pain, fear and disappointment.

“When it feels like there’s no one else to hold you, when it feels like your life is slipping away, and you feel alone in a crowded room, when you feel afraid to step into tomorrow.”

Who else can say they know what that feels like better than Christians? For anyone who has ever felt hopeless or unable to carry on without God in their lives, Tenth Avenue North might lift you up with their inspiring anthem.

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4. My Lighthouse – Rend Collective

Rend Collective - My Lighthouse (Official Video)

One of our favorite modern worship bands, Rend Collective, has an incredible song called My Lighthouse. The lyrics are powerful and deeply spiritual. The choir harmonizes in a way that can really hit home if you’re familiar with their style. There is a feel-good ambiance to it which makes it easy to sing along. This is probably one of our favorite contemporary Christian love songs out there.

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5. One Thing Remains – Passion Music (feat. Kristian Stanfill)

Passion - One Thing Remains (Official Lyrics And Chords/Live) ft. Kristian Stanfill

One Thing Remains is a collaboration between Passion Music and singer/songwriter Kristian Stanfill. The song is an ode to God’s unfailing love in three movements: In Your Eyes, Your Love Never Fails and When I’m with You. The first movement emphasizes that, even though we are sinful, Christ still loves us deeply and personally. The second movement reminds listeners that, despite our shortcomings and mistakes, God’s steadfast love has never changed.

The third movement describes how God’s presence and His ability to meet us in our times of need comforts those who seek Him. This simple, moving worship song will inspire anyone struggling with doubt or guilt. “You alone are my source of strength,” Stanfill sings in his resonant voice on repeat as he professes his adoration for God.

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6. Only Hope – Switchfoot

Switchfoot - Only Hope [Official Audio]

Released in 2002, it was ranked number 26 on a decade-end compilation of modern worship music by CCM Magazine. This song truly captures how deeply God loves us and how our faith in him should be grounded more in his unconditional love than anything else. We often think that we must earn his approval, but God’s love is constant and so deep that there’s no real way to wrap our minds around it. In fact, only hope comes close. But don’t take our word for it: Give Switchfoot’s Only Hope a listen.

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7. Good Day for Marrying You – Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes- Good Day For Marrying You (AUDIO)

This song features a great beat, with both rhythmic lyrics and upbeat instruments that make it one of those great background songs for when you’re having a party. The lyric theme follows through with true-love lyrics that are perfect for any kind of celebration.

Sometimes simplicity is key, and Dave Barnes knows how to do it right. He simply packs happiness into his music and lets it flow. This song will put a smile on your face even when things are rough, so don’t forget to bring it out next time someone gets married.

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8. Something to My Heart – Joy Hanna

Something to My Heart

This song is one that reminds you of how much you truly love your spouse. Joy Hanna’s voice is beautiful, and it makes a heart-wrenching song even more so. The lyrics are also superb, combining sweet promises with endearing terms to express her passion for her beloved. It’s a must-hear for newlywed couples and those who still have that newlywed spark.

“And on my knees, I pray, For something better than before, And while I dream away, Of holding onto you again…“

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9. Love Will Be Enough For Us – Brandon Heath

Love Will Be Enough For Us

Brandon Heath is known for his Christian music, which he mixes with pop. This song might get stuck in your head as you think about your relationship with God. The music video shows Heath playing piano as many different people have flashbacks in their lives that are triggered by hearing his beautiful song. This truly puts you into their shoes, knowing how powerful it can be to hear a moving song, prayer, or even just scripture that can change someone’s life forever.

People want to feel loved more than anything else. When they know Jesus loves them, they will open up about things important in their lives. More so, they will also feel happier and content knowing that wherever they go and whatever happens, no matter what decisions they make, He has got their back.

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10. I Like You – Ben Rector

No one does it better than Ben Rector, a known favorite among believers. His 2013 album “The Walking in Between” has many great tracks to play for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, but our personal favorite is I Like You.

The song talks about how Rector falls in love with a girl who is perfect in every way and leaves him after she realizes that he wants to be with her forever, which is unrealistic (cough, cough). It also talks about how she has moved on from their relationship and meets someone else who treats her exactly as she wants to be treated.

The song finishes with a happy ending: She hears his voice once again and realizes what she lost. After hearing his voice again, they fall back into each other’s arms. This sweet country-pop ballad will have your girlfriend or wife thinking of you at night when she can hear your voice calling out to her, asking for another chance.

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11. Hold Me – Jamie Grace (ft. Tobymac)

Jamie Grace - Hold Me featuring tobyMac (Official Music Video)

This song was so popular that it would be criminal not to include it on a list like this. There is something about Grace’s voice that draws you in and makes you want to hear more. Her voice carries so much meaning and power, and Tobymac is one of my favorite musicians. Together, they produced a masterpiece with Hold Me.

In a world filled with animosity and anger among Christians, holding onto each other while loving God through it all is more important than ever. This song will remind you of that simple fact. If it doesn’t make you stand up and dance, we don’t know what will.

12. I Believe In Love – BarlowGirl

BarlowGirl is another group that has been around for some time, though sadly, most people haven’t heard of them. Their sound can only be described as an alternative rock/pop style, which can quickly become boring if done poorly. However, BarlowGirl nails their genre every single time. If they aren’t playing music, you can find them ministering worldwide. “I Believe In Love” exemplifies their dedication to sharing Jesus with everyone who comes across their path.

13. Going Together – Dan Bremnes

Dan Bremnes - "Going Together" (Official Lyric Video)

Not only is “Going Together” a fun, upbeat song that you can listen to on repeat, but it also has a great message. Bremnes uses his voice and guitar to tell a story about being perfectly imperfect in romantic relationships. The love he is singing about is less about finding someone who meets your standards and more about accepting your significant other for who they are—their quirks, their struggles, everything. Whether you’re single or looking for new ways to show someone you care, Going Together will quickly become one of your favorites.

14. God Made You Just for Me – Chad Lee

God Made You Just for Me

This song is more than just a simple declaration of love. As sung by Chad Lee, it’s a sweet reminder that we are each created in God’s image, and there was no other person on earth designed to fit our lives perfectly except for us. What makes us happy? What do we want to do with our life?

There is only one person who can tell us what that is, and that person is God. Allowing him to set up our lives for success will lead to deeper relationships, better opportunities, and ultimately everlasting joy. God Made You Just for Me reminds listeners of that fact so they can work more closely with Him in order to live out their purpose on earth.

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15. Love Will Be Our Home – Sandi Patty

Love Will Be Our Home

This is a very emotional song from her album “Make His Praise Glorious,” which was released in 1988. It tells about how God will always be there for you even if it seems like He’s far away. The lyrics are very touching and can make anyone who listens to them feel emotional as well.

I think that this is one of our favorite songs ever recorded by any artist, but especially by Sandi Patty because she has such a wonderful voice and sings with so much passion. It will definitely move you to tears if you listen to it carefully. And if you’re a person who is religious or believes in God, then I think that it would have an even bigger impact on you than on someone who doesn’t.

16. Love Is Here – Dave Pettigrew

Love Is Here - davepettigrew - official lyric video

The song was written by Pettigrew and can be found on his 2019 “Faith and Gasoline” album. Pettigrew’s album is filled with contemporary praise and worship songs that are perfect for any Christian wedding. Pettigrew has an amazing voice, and his gift for songwriting is evident in Love Is Here.

17. Fullness – Elevation Worship

Fullness | Live | Elevation Worship

The song’s message is based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, which describes what true love is like. The lyrics read, “It doesn’t seek its own, but it gives itself away. It doesn’t get irritating. It doesn’t keep track of wrongs. Love has a fullness and a purpose you can live in and share with others. Love never fails….”

To us, that translates to anything with true purpose. In an industry where nothing is guaranteed, and some artists will never get their big break, why do they still pursue their dreams? We believe it’s because even if things don’t always work out for them, personally, they were designed to give life through music or any other passion they pursue.

18. Love Has A Name – Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture - Love Has A Name (Live) ft. Kim Walker-Smith

Love has a name, and it is Jesus. Love comes from Him, and to glorify Him, we need to love each other as He has loved us. The verses in Philippians 2:1-11 help guide us on how to have an authentic, genuine, and selfless love. This song is one that really helps me remember that our Lord really is who He says He is. It’s also a pretty fun tune.

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19. Love Came Down – Bethel

Love Came Down | Jenn Johnson | Bethel Church

This worship song is a reminder that God loves us so much that he would come down to earth and die for us, then revive and conquer death. The entire concept of love comes from God, and when we take it seriously, it changes everything about how we live.

Love isn’t just a feeling; it’s an action: This is the commandment, that you love one another as He has loved you. This song puts our feelings into perspective by reminding us that we’re not called to keep score or hold grudges but simply to love others, no matter what they do. That’s real Christianity in action. A truly inspirational message from an uplifting song. Worship music at its best.

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20. King of Love – I Am They

No doubt, I Am They’s King Of Love isn’t just one of our favorite Christian love songs, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it on our list. The song is an emotional journey through a romantic relationship and explores some of life’s greatest mysteries. The lyrics strike a chord with anyone who’s ever been in love.

“We have been united as two bodies, To become one heart, You are everything to me.” It’s passionate yet intimate and builds to an emotional crescendo that culminates with a haunting saxophone solo that will leave you breathless. This is real, genuine music for any lover, Christian or not, and holds a special place in our hearts.

21. First Love Song – Across the Sky

First Love Song is a great song to listen to when you’re feeling down or lonely. The lyrics are heartfelt and speak of how thankful they are for their lover’s support, but that their faith in God is greater. It’s a great inspirational song that reminds us there is always hope.

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