31 Best Songs About Heaven Of All Time

There are so many faith-filled songs that talk about Heaven. However, not all of them are Christian songs. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are; some of the greatest songs ever made are about Heaven. Here are some of the best heaven songs you can listen to and have a great time.

1. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door — Guns N Roses

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

This has to be one of the biggest songs about Heaven. Everyone has sung along to the chorus at one point. It’s about someone dying and is hoping to get into Heaven. When the song is talking about Heaven, it’s usually a metaphor, but this classic hit is a bit more literal.

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2. I Can Only Imagine — MercyMe

MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine (Video)

Everyone has imagined what Heaven feels or looks like, and that’s what this Christian rock song is about. The singer wonders what he will be doing when she gets to Heaven. He highlights different scenarios, including dancing for joy. Whether you are religious or not, you will appreciate the lyrics and everything about the song. It’s visualizing how things will be when you finally meet the maker that makes this an entrancing track.

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3. Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven — Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven

No one wants to go to Heaven now, but everyone wants to get there someday. The narrator talks about what his preacher was telling him. You will hear scriptural imagery in the lyrics. He wants to hear God’s voice but doesn’t want it to be right now. The song makes a lot of sense because going to Heaven means dying on this earth.

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4. If Heaven — Andy Griggs

Andy Griggs - If Heaven (Official Video)

Country music is full of promises of better days in the afterlife. This song is mainly about death; the singer says no one should cry for him because there comes a time where everyone has to say goodbye. He even says he is not afraid of death if Heaven is the result. Going to Heaven is very consoling for everyone, especially at the last moments.

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5. Letter to Heaven — Dolly Parton

Letter To Heaven - Dolly Parton

This is a really sad story about a little girl and her grandfather. She asks him to write a letter to Heaven to her mother, who passed away. The sad passing of a loved one is difficult, but knowing they are resting in Heaven can be consoling. That is why the girl in the story hopes they will be reunited in Heaven soon. However, the girl ends up dead almost immediately after getting hit by a car.

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6. Tears in Heaven — Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven (Official Video)

This song comes after the death of Eric Clapton’s son, who he believes is in Heaven. He wonders if his child will remember him when he finally sees him in Heaven. It’s a very emotional song, and the artist expresses himself fully. But he is hopeful there will be no more tears in Heaven. At the end of the song, Eric says he doesn’t belong in Heaven. He feels he has to move on and be strong.

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7. Streets of Heaven — Sherrie Austin

Streets Of Heaven (Re-recorded 2011)

The “Streets of Heaven” song has a heartbreaking story of a mom saying goodbye to her little girl. It is one of the biggest country songs about Heaven to date and Austin’s number one hit. The mother feels like the streets of Heaven are pretty crowded, so why would God need her young daughter. The heart-wrenching song is worth listening to. The lyrics have rightfully captured all the emotions.

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8. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away — Justin Moore

Justin Moore - If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

Justin wishes Heaven wasn’t so far away so he could pack up the kids and take them to meet their grandpa. He wants to find his cousin in Heaven and show him a picture of his daughter. There is also his dog that he would like to take hunting one last time. The singer talks about Heaven as a place you can easily visit your loved ones.

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9. Stairway to Heaven — Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven (Official Audio)

This incredible rock song is about a lady conflicted between two paths. She hopes the one she has chosen will lead her to Heaven. The lyrics explain further the conflict and how the mystery lady is buying a stairway to Heaven. Of course, there are always deeper meanings in the most iconic of songs, and this track is no different.

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10. Dancing In The Sky — Dani and Lizzy

Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the Sky

Most songs that talk about a deceased loved one are usually sad. But this is an upbeat pop song you can enjoy listening to any day. It has a hopeful twist that doesn’t make the whole mood somber. The singers ask their loved ones what Heaven looks like. They hope the deceased is singing with angels and dancing in the sky.

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11. Heaven — Beyoncé

According to Beyoncé, the song is about death and finding consolation in knowing that the one dying lived an incredible life. The narrator is devastated by the impending death but still encourages them to go home. Home refers to Heaven, and she ends the song with a lord’s prayer. Despite the sad message, it’s still an iconic pop song from 2013.

12. Heaven — Jake Owen

In this song, the Heaven Jake is talking about sounds like a great romantic spot. The narrator describes it as a place you can see for miles. He even asks his lover for a trip to Heaven and promises to bring them back home by tonight. It’s more of a romantic country song than anything else.

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13. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel — Tavares

Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel (1976) • TopPop

This is a beautiful love and disco song about a woman. The singer believes his lady is an angel from Heaven, so they are missing one angel in the sky. He is amazed by everything about this woman and thinks that her love is heavenly. It’s an old tune from the 70s but one of the greats.

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14. Holes in the Floor of Heaven — Steve Wariner

Holes In The Floor Of Heaven

The guy in this song lost his grandmother, and he grows up, gets married, and loses his young wife after a while. His mother and daughter encourage him that their loved ones watch over him through the holes on Heaven’s floor. It deviates from the perfect image of Heaven most people try to depict.

15. Heaven Is Closed — Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Heaven Is Closed (Official Video)

Willie Nelson sings that Heaven is closed and hell is overcrowded, so he would rather stay where he is at the moment. Based on the lyrics, he disqualifies himself from Heaven but doesn’t choose hell either. He implies that wicked people are many; that is why hell is overcrowded. There is a lot to explore from the lyrics; you have to listen and see what you come up with.

16. When I Get Where I Am Going — Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley - When I Get Where I'm Going (Official Video) ft. Dolly Parton

This is one of the most absurd descriptions of Heaven you will ever encounter. The singer talks about many things, including flying, playing with a lion’s mane, and riding a drop of rain. But Brad also says he will shed all the struggles and sins when he gets to Heaven. There will be only happy tears remaining.

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17. Wrong Side of Heaven — Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven

This heavy song describes the feelings of a conflicted soldier. He feels like God is ashamed of all the killing he has done in the line of duty and the devil is not to blame. He says he is not a hero, and he can hardly tell between right and wrong. That is how he has ended up on the wrong side of Heaven.

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18. Well Done — Deitrick Haddon

Deitrick Haddon - Well Done (Official Video)

Talk of a progressive gospel song that almost sounds like a pop song. Haddon wants to live a good life so that he can make it to Heaven after his death. That final well done from the creator is what most Christians work towards.

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19. If You Came Back From Heaven — Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan - If You Came Back from Heaven

Lorrie basically imagines what she would do and how she would feel if a loved one came back from Heaven. She says if Gold lets her loved one go, she won’t ever send him back again. The song makes you think about how you would spend time with a deceased loved one if you had the chance.

20. Heaven Can Wait — Meat Loaf

The singer is in no hurry to get to Heaven and the afterlife. This rock song from the 70s will make you appreciate life before you die and get to Heaven. The singer wants to dream, sing and do other things before he gets to Heaven.

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21. Outskirts of Heaven — Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell - Outskirts of Heaven (Official Lyric Video)

This song came after Craig read the Bible description of Heaven. He realized he wanted slightly different things in his Heaven, including dirt roads for miles. He is excited about going to Heaven, but he wants the version he describes in the song. It’s completely understandable because everyone has an idea of what they consider Heaven.

22. Threaten Me with Heaven — Vince Gill

Threaten Me With Heaven

According to the lyrics of this song, the worst thing anyone can do on your death bed is threaten you with Heaven. The character in the song can already hear the angels calling them. Even if you due no can take away all the love and memories you shared with your family and friends. That’s what the song emphasizes most.

23. When We All Get To Heaven — Alan Jackson

When We All Get To Heaven

This is one of those Christian heaven songs that spark your curiosity. The song describes the excitement of reuniting with Jesus. It will be a day of rejoicing, according to the lyrics. It came out in 2006, and you don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the track. It draws most of the explanations from the scripture.

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24. Heaven Is A Place on Earth — Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Official Music Video)

It’s a sweet love song, but it adapts the concept of Heaven. The narrator wants to create their piece of Heaven here on earth. They are just starting to understand the miracle of life. There aren’t many details about the Heaven they want to create but based on the song, it’s filled with love.

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25. Heaven’s Just a Sin Away — Jeannie Kendall

Jeannie Kendall - Heaven's Just A Sin Away

The singer feels Heaven is just a sin away, and she is starting to give in because she can’t wait another day. She feels that the devil has overpowered her, and she can’t fight anymore. She even asks the heavens for help. It is a highly rated country song with multiple awards.

26. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be — George Jones

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

This song makes you view Heaven as the ultimate resting place and where you have all the freedom and happiness you could ever need. George Jones describes all the things that make Heaven beautiful. He talks about sweet chords, God’s light shining forever, among other things. It’s a faith-filled song that gives listeners a glimpse at the afterlife.

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27. In My Heaven — Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is a renowned country singer. He talks about his Heaven by giving different scenarios all through the song. There is no dying young, no lying, no crying, and no one is scared or lonely in his Heaven. The song is more about the heaven people can create here on earth. The song is from The Dreamer album in 2003.

28. Telephone in Heaven — Kelly Ray

Telephone In Heaven.

Most people who have lost a loved one wish they could talk one last time. Kelly Ray wishes there was a telephone in Heaven so he could talk to his dad. The singer even wonders what the phone call charges will be. He expresses so many things he would tell his father through the telephone.

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29. Can I Take My Gun To Heaven? — Cracker

Can I Take My Gun To Heaven

There are so many things people want to bring with them to the afterlife, and this singer chose their gun. If he had a loyal woman, he would take her to Heaven, but since there is none, he wants his gun. However, the song also sounds like a complaint about a woman who is not loyal.

30. Locked Out Of Heaven — Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven (Official Music Video)

Bruno Mars is talking about a different kind of Heaven. It’s a confession of a sensual relationship that is so good that it makes him feel like he has been out of Heaven for far too long. He compares the state of being in Heaven to this new love interest.

31. Heaven — 3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down - Heaven

The singers from this American rock band deliver a beautiful love song. They believe they did not have to die to go to Heaven because their home was Heaven enough. The lyrics equate the mystery lover to an angel. The singer feels great in the arms of the angel.

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