25 Best Songs About Blue Eyes

Songwriters have composed songs about crystal blue eyes, soft blue eyes, sky blue eyes, and icy blue eyes. While there may be a lot of songs about blue eyes, finding someone who has them or having them is rare because only about 8 to 10 percent of the people in the world have this eye color. 

If you did find someone or have this eye color, then you’ll probably enjoy this list of the 25 best songs about blue eyes. 

1. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills & Nash

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Official Audio)

For those of us who can remember the 1967 love affair between music greats, Judy Collins and Stephen Stills, we experience heartwarming, nostalgic memories when hearing Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. Although their romance ended in 1969, Stills’ song about Collins became a hit and immortalized their love. After 50 years, they’re still friends and even tour with each other.

2. Tim McGraw – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw

To Tim McGraw’s surprise, Taylor Swift released her debut song, titled after him, in 2006. As it turned out, she wrote the song while sitting in her math class in the seventh grade. She mentions her blue eyes in the song and driving in a truck with her teenage boyfriend while listening to McGraw. The song sparked a friendship between McGraw and Swift.

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3. Blue Eyes – Elton John

Elton John - Blue Eyes

Elton John released Blue Eyes on his 1982 album, Jump Up. He earned a Grammy Award nomination for this song. He performed this song at the memorial service of his long-time friend, Elizabeth Taylor. Some people speculate that he originally wrote the song in tribute to Marylin Monroe.

4. Hey Blue Eyes – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen released Hey Blue Eyes in 2014. It has a dark, hopelessness to it that’s unsettling, but at the end, he offers a ray of hope with the words, “Hey Blue Eyes, it’s alright.”

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5. Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Official Music Video)

Ocean Eyes, written by Finneas O’Connell and performed by his little sister, Billie Eilish, was her second single. He wrote the song for his band, but he thought it was better suited to his little sister’s voice. In 2015, the brother and sister duo uploaded it to SoundCloud where it went viral.

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 6. I Still Miss Someone – Johnny Cash

I Still Miss Someone

I Still Miss Someone takes us back to 1958 when Johnny Cash released this original track. He re-released it in 2002. It’s a simple love song that laments missing the blue eyes of his lover that left him. He has hopes of finding someone else but still misses his partner.

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7. Blue Eyes – Mika

MIKA - Blue Eyes (CD Version)

Although Blue Eyes, written and performed by Mika, has a cheery tune, the lyrics tell us a different story. Released in 2009, this is a song about a woman with blue eyes who loses her heart on the subway and tries to find it. 

8. Behind Blue Eyes – The Who

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes (Lyric Video)

Released by The Who in 1971 on their fifth album, Behind Blue Eyes was written by Pete Townshend. This song is one of The Who’s best-known hits. It tells about dealing with stress, loneliness, and temptation, even when appearing happy and successful.

9. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain – Willie Nelson 

Willie Nelson - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Official Video)

Like only Willie Nelson can do, his 2013 song, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, can bring a tear to even our eyes. With his expressive, melodic guitar phrasing and mournful voice, we also feel the pang of memories and lost love.

10. Blue Eyes Blue – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton - Blue Eyes Blue (Video)

Written by Diane Warren, Blue Eyes Blue is the 1999 soundtrack to the romantic comedy, Runaway Bride. Eric Clapton recorded it for the film from the perspective of the jilted groom.  

11. Grey Blue Eyes – Dave Matthews Band

Released on the album, Some Devil, in 2003, Dave Matthews sings with sorrowful and painful vocals in Grey Blue Eyes. We can debate whether it’s about lost love or lost faith, but in any case, it makes us think.

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12. Clear Blue Eyes – Amos Lee

Amos Lee - Clear Blue Eyes (Live At Dominion, NY)

Amos Lee released Clear Blue Eyes in 2011 on his album, Mission Bell. His soulful country voice reminds us of bittersweet moments when we were left alone to cry on a dark night. We can consider ourselves lucky that Lee left teaching second graders and bartending to share his musical talent with us.

13. I Cried the Blue (Right Out of My Eyes) – Crystal Gayle

I Cried the Blue (Right out of My Eyes)

In 1970, Crystal Gayle performed the hit song, I Cried The Blue (Right Out Of My Eyes). It reached number 23 on the Billboard Country Singles chart. Her older sister, Loretta Lynn, wrote the song for her, which boosted her career. Gayle went on to win a Grammy Award and five Academy of Country Music Awards.

14. Pretty Blue Eyes – Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence recorded Pretty Blue Eyes in 1959. This popular tune was on Billboard’s top 100 for 18 weeks. He sings this fun, 50s pop song as a boy who looks out his window to see the new girl next door. All the boys want to get to know this blue-eyed beauty. He hopes she’ll come outside, so he can tell her that he loves her.

15. Blue As Your Eyes – Scouting for Girls

Scouting For Girls - Blue as Your Eyes (Audio)

The frenzied beat in the Scouting For Girls song, Blue As Your Eyes keeps our minds spinning like the ‘cyclone’ in the lyrics. The band sings about falling in love, but not being able to hold on to that love. So, the rejected love makes him or her as “blue as your eyes.” 

16. Baby Blue – George Strait

This 2004 release of Baby Blue performed by George Strait is a sad, heartfelt ballad written for his 13-year-old daughter, Jenifer. She died tragically in a car accident in 1986,  two years before he released the song. He describes her baby blue eyes like the skies of Colorado, and she was a breath of spring. We can’t listen to this song without feeling a father’s pain at losing his daughter way too soon.

17. No Light, No Light – Florence + the Machine

Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light

Florence + The Machine, a British indie rock and soul band, released No Light, No Light in 2011. Lead vocalist, Florence Welch, draws us into the song’s theme of broken relationships and the frustration of trying to hold them together. With an eerie, supernatural quality, we hear the fevered wail of “No light, no light in your bright blue eyes.” 

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18. Pale Blue Eyes – The Velvet Underground

Lou Reed wrote and performed the 1969 song, Pale Blue Eyes with his band, The Velvet Underground. He said that his inspiration for the song came from his first love, who really doesn’t have pale blue eyes, and her marriage to another man.

19. Fast Cars and Freedom – Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts - Fast Cars And Freedom (Live)

The US country group, Rascal Flatts released Fast Cars And Freedom in 2005. Like eight other number-one songs by the group, this one was no exception. It also reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Country chart because of its popular rock and country style. It’s a peppy, country tune about a man’s first love and his first car, an “old red Nova.” He thinks about his girl’s blue eyes and head on his shoulder as they ride in the car. 

 20. Hazey – Glass Animals

Glass Animals - Hazey (Official Video)

The British indie rock band, Glass Animals, released Hazey in June 2014. This song became one of their most popular songs. Its eclectic, electronic rock tone gives the track a dreamy feel as it talks about the misleading nature of blue eyes.

21. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (Official Music Video)

With over one billion views on YouTube, this Guns N’ Roses classic song appeared on their debut album. Sweet Child O’ Mine, released in 1988, became a number-one single in the United States. The song has a heavy, circus-like beat, and Axl Rose, who wrote the lyrics, based the ‘blue eyes’ on Don Everly’s daughter. She was his first love.

22. I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis - I love you always forever Live Performance

This mesmerizing love song, released in 1996 by Welsh singer, Donna Lewis, describes her lover’s “unbelievable blue eyes.” She said that the novel, Love For Lydia by H.E. Bates inspired her to write the song. I Love You Always Forever became a hit in 15 countries and reached number two on Billboard in the US.

23. Feels Like Summer – Weezer

Weezer - Feels Like Summer (Official Video)

For those of us who enjoy upbeat reggae and rock, Feels Like Summer has everything. It features horns and a steel drumbeat that keep us rockin’. Don’t be fooled by its easygoing sound. The lyrics tell a different story of a boy who lost his blue-eyed angel. Weezer released the song in 2017, and it was nominated for a Grammy at the 61st awards show. 

24. Red Dirt, Blue Eyes – Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch - Red Dirt, Blue Eyes (Official Audio)

Country singer, Dustin Lynch released Red Dirt, Blue Eyes in 2019. The song appears on his Tullahoma album. He dedicated the album to his hometown of the same name in Tennessee. In the song, the young man wants to take his girl to where it’s quiet, on the bank of a river, and get lost in her blue eyes. 

25. Blue Eyes Blind – ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward - Blue Eyes Blind (Audio Only)

Blue Eyes Blind is an intense, energetic song released by ZZ Ward in 2012. It’s the third track on her album, Til The Casket Drops. The theme revolves around someone blinded by a love so intense, it makes her “blue eyes blind.” The song also compares their love to Hughes and Harlow, and the stars and the silver sky.

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