9 Best Singing Apps (Android and iPhone)

A singer needs to be able to sight-read music from the page and keep up with various tempos. Singing comes naturally for some; others have to work hard to achieve the sound they strive for. We’ve done a little research to help you pick the best singing app for your needs.

1) Sing! Karaoke

Sing! Karaoke is a free singing app for your iOS or Android. It’s a fantastic karaoke app, but it’s also perfect for practicing your craft at home. This app has a selection of over 800,000 karaoke songs of all genres and skill levels, so there is literally no way you won’t be able to find your jam.

You can record yourself while attempting vocal runs or letting your vibrato wave, and take a listen later on to critique your efforts. Before you know it, you may be on par with the vibrato of some of today’s top vocal artists, like Post Malone.

Record yourself over the weeks and months to see how your talent is coming along. There is no such thing as too much karaoke so practice your heart out.


  • Different types of plug-ins that allow you to modulate your voice
  • Recording proved to have high clarity
  • Includes background tracks to sing with
  • Can record and upload to YouTube
  • Can sing with or without video


  • Need VIP account for top quality recordings
  • One of the pricier apps if you want the full song and feature selection
  • Limited free songs compared to other apps

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2) VoCo Vocal Coach

All iPhone users rejoice, as this app is for your platform only, and it’s a great app to have if you’re looking for one of the best singing apps. It offers the ability to perform warm-up exercises on the go, wherever you go.

The scales and arpeggios (the notes of a chord that are in rapid succession) are for both beginner and advanced singers alike and are designed to grow with your abilities. As your voice becomes more in tune and trained with the arpeggios, you can make the lesson more difficult. 

You’ve never had such a portable and convenient vocal coach as this singing app, and it’s also great to experience it with your friends and family.


  • Adjust playback pitch based on your voice
  • Change playback speed
  • Create playlist
  • Various learning techniques: experimental, systematic, diagnostic, and vicarious


  • Not Bluetooth compatible
  • App tends to crash
  • Smaller list of songs compared to other apps

3) Sing Harmonies

You can get this amazing app that is excellent for advanced vocalists or vocalists who require technical tweaking. This app has a variety of four-part arrangements for vocalists that will help you to sing harmonies better and be able to hear them better as well.

This is perfect for anyone struggling with tuning out the other voices to hear their own. It doesn’t matter if you are a tenor, alto, base, or soprano. They are all available to choose from. Just adjust your volume with that of other singers, so your vocals stand out.

Learning to sing in a group and really pull out your vocal stylings has never been easier. iPhone users can now hone their skills while learning how each vocal range fits together to stand out.


  • Gives four-part harmonies
  • Ability to adjust the sound, so your part is the loudest
  • Able to isolate vocal solos (tenor, soprano, etc.)


  • It doesn’t teach ‘how’ to harmonize
  • Limited song selection
  • Better for beginners rather than advanced signers

4) Singing Vocal Warm – Singer’s Friend

Often, your singing lessons aren’t enough to really get you to your peak production. With this app, you can practice your singing warm-ups anytime, anywhere, simply by downloading the app onto your phone.

With 16 scale patterns and genuine piano sounds, you don’t have to wait until your next lesson to get some practice in. Choose from the baritone, tenor, bass, alto, soprano, or mezzo-soprano options, and start warming up your vocal range wherever you are. This app is available on iOS, and it’s fabulous.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for warming up your voice using scales
  • Numerous scale patterns


  • No ability to create a playlist
  • Does not have the ability to customize scales
  • Limited number of songs compared to other apps

5) Warm Me Up For Singers

You can download this app on iOS or Android and dive into the more than 50 vocal warm-up exercises from five different categories. This app is great because you get to choose warm-ups according to how much available time you have.

Tips that you can view on your phone screen will help maximize your warm-up potential and get you a leg up on any competition you may have. The price is well worth it for the extra control you will have over your voice. 


  • Ability to choose from soprano, alto, bass, or tenor
  • Can make your own vocal warm-up plan to replay
  • Pitch training


  • Needs more frequent updates
  • Sometimes crashes
  • Limited number of songs compared to other apps

6) Perfect Piano

This app is great for the aspiring pianist who is predominantly looking to strengthen their vocal skills. If you don’t see the relation, it’s easy; tuning your vocals to a piano or other instrument is how you know if you are in the right key.

You don’t have to be a key master already to play this app, but work up some basic skills as you go. Work on your singing pitch, warm up your vocals, and maybe brush up on your ability to sight-read.

This app teaches you how to play along to certain songs but is not a full tutorial on playing the piano. Its musical selections are limited, but you can choose the progress rate at which you learn the songs they do have.

This is a fairly good alternative for someone who might not have access to a piano all the time. Understanding the piano notes is especially important for singers to help grow their vocal abilities and to hear the proper pitch. So download this piano on the go with your Android or iOS now.


  • Easy to use
  • Ability to take the piano with you anywhere
  • Can adjust how many keys you want to use
  • Teaches you step by step how to play songs


  • Does not teach you how to play the actual piano
  • App needs frequent updating
  • Sometimes crashes

7) Pocket Pitch

It is important as a singer to always be pitch-perfect, but you can’t always have someone strike a chord on a piano for you. The Pocket Pitch app, available on iOS or Android, is perfect for getting your pitch just right to practice a cappella and get the notes right. Warming up and being pitch-perfect has rarely been so effortless and convenient.


  • Covers a wide range of keys
  • Incredibly accurate to a real pitch pipe
  • Easy to use


  • Does not include how to find key signature
  • Better for beginners than advanced singers
  • Limited selection of songs compared to other apps

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8) Tempo by Frozen Ape

The ability to stay on tempo is essential for any musician, exactly what this app is meant to do. This app is perfect for beginners and seasoned musicians to stay on the beat while singing or to become familiar with tempo paces.

For a small price, you can have the convenience of Tempo by Frozen Ape in your back pocket, and it could become an invaluable tool when performing or practicing your craft. 


  • Metronome compression rate setting
  • Easy to use
  • Great accuracy


  • Doesn’t tell you when to take a breath
  • Doesn’t count cycles
  • Better for advanced singers

9) Voice Tutor

This app is great for those who do not want to go to a vocal coach; although it doesn’t replace their experience, it will get you off to a good start. When you first set up this app, it will analyze your voice and let you know the areas that need improvement. 

There are a series of scales that you will follow, warm-up exercises, and other instruction that rivals that of an actual vocal teacher. While this app does not take a real teacher’s place, it comes pretty close.

Depending on the suggestions offered by the app, according to the scales you went through, you can choose to personalize your vocal lessons to hone in on your issues and work on building those skills. This app will put you in one of four categories to work on Cracking, Breathiness, Connected, or Tension.


  • Very effective app
  • Trained vocal professionals made the app
  • Follow instructions from a real-life recorder instructor
  • Vocal scales
  • Easy to use


  • None

Final Thoughts

Whether you require perfecting your vocal range, holding a note for an extended period of time, or keeping up with a fast tempo, there is an app out there for you, and it’s available for both iPhone and Android phones. Anyone learning to harmonize, to just setting out in their vocal journey, will find an app in these reviews that will work for them.

Now that you know the nine best singing apps, all you have to do is download and catch your moment to be the amazing vocalist you know you can be.

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