How To See Your Spotify Stats: 9 Different Ways

Music is a very personal part of our lives, and for many of us, we tend to think, “I like what I like,” when it comes to our taste in music. However, sometimes it’s fun to take a deeper dive into your listening habits if for no other reason than to have an idea of what new artist you might enjoy. However, for many, taking a look at their Spotify stats can be a bit challenging.

There are different ways you can access your Spotify stats using different devices as well as innovative third-party applications that promise a more complete analysis. But, with all these options, it can still be daunting to figure out which is the right choice.

To help you out a bit, we’ve put together a list of 8 ways you can view your Spotify stats so you can better understand your listening habits. We’ll look at ways you can access your stats for Spotify in the app, some useful third-party applications that can do this, and much more.

1. See Stats for Spotify on PC and Mac

The Spotify algorithm uses several factors to calculate your top music tracks. The biggest factor is how often you’ve listened to a certain song from beginning to end.

If you listened to a song in its entirety every day, that song would be a lot higher up on your list as opposed to a song you consistently skip past after a couple of seconds.

Thankfully, you can always check your Spotify stats using the Spotify app on a web browser on your PC or Mac.

Follow these steps to see your Spotify stats.

  • Step 1: Log into your Spotify PC or Mac application or open Spotify’s web player.
  • Step 2: Click on your name and select your profile in the upper right corner.
  • Step 3: At the top section of the page, you should see your “Top Artists this month.” Then, scroll down a bit more and locate your “Top tracks this month.”
  • Step 4: Click on “See All” to see more detailed information about the top tracks and artists on your profile for the current month.

However, suppose you listened to your music offline or enabled private listening. In that case, that session will not be counted in the algorithm’s calculation, nor will they count in the algorithm calculating your monthly top tracks or artists.

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2. See Stats for Spotify on Mobile

Checking stats for Spotify on a mobile device is very similar to checking for this information on a Mac or PC desktop computer.

But, the viewing options are not as comprehensive. The mobile app has limits, only showing the most recently listened to playlists and artists — and does not consider how often you decided to play them.

Follow these steps to see your Spotify steps.

  • Step 1: Once logged into the Spotify app, choose “Your Library.”
  • Step 2: Then click on “Artists, Albums, Podcasts & Shows,” which will show you your recent artists and playlists.

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3. Spotify Wrapped

Spotify offers a recap at the end of the year featuring your listen-to habits along with the platform’s global trends in music for that year. It’s here where Spotify calculates all data collected from your individual listening history and compiles everything into a custom-made slideshow.

The sideshow features your most-played-to podcasts and songs, the minutes you’ve spent using the app, plus the genres and artists on your list over the last year.

You also have the ability to compare and share your personalized Spotify Wrapped with your friends using any linked social media profiles.

In 2021, Spotify Wrapped began to offer a few new features, such as “Audio Aura,” a feature that lets you know more about your primary music moods that year. Then there’s “The Movie,” a feature that joins many of your favorite songs with scenes from classic movies.

Want to see Spotify Wrapped from past years? Check out these links:

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4. Chosic

Chosic is a free web app that delivers insights into your favorite music without a lot of hassle. It will also recommend new music based on your preferences. 

The app will tell you who your favorite artists are and your preferred sub-genre. It will even guess your ideal musical decade. The program also keeps track of how your musical tastes have evolved over time and can display your top tracks based on your moods.

After analyzing your taste in music, the app is able to recommend new songs that it figures you will appreciate based on the music you currently enjoy.

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5. Zodiac Affinity

If you’re into astrology or you just want a unique and fun way to rediscover your favorite music, then Zodiac Affinity might be for you. This free app uses your zodiac sign to create a curated playlist based on your Spotify library.

However, the app does not offer in-depth analysis or stats concerning your musical taste. That said, it is a fun way to find out the “mood” of some of your favorite songs.

To link your Spotify account, you just have to visit the Zodiac Affinity website and sign up. From here, it will ask for your zodiac sign and then begin to tell you which of your favorite tunes best represents your sign.

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6. Stats.Fm

Stats.Fm is a movie app that used to be Spotistats for Spotify. With this app, you can take a deeper dive into your Spotify stats using a mobile device.

Just like similar apps, it will allow you to analyze your past and current listening trends by displaying the songs you play more often on Spotify as well as your favorite artists and genres of music. On top of that, it can also tell you how long you like to listen to your favorite songs.

And you’re able to see your music activity in four-week, six-month, and lifetime time ranges. With this feature, you’re able to effortlessly tell which kind of music you were enjoying at a certain point in time. Combined, all of these features should give you new insights into your preferred listening habits.

You download the Stats.Fm app on your iOS or Android device, then sign in using your Spotify account to get started. Once signed in, you will be able to browse all your stats. While the basic version of Stats.Fm is free. If you’re interested in seeing more detailed data, you’ll have to upgrade to premium for $3.99 per month. 

Also, Stats.Fm is very vocal concerning its commitment to maintaining user privacy. The app is vouched for by its developer and numerous users on Reddit, making it one of the safer alternatives among the ones we’ve listed.

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7. Receiptify

Receiptify reviews your top tracks and playlists on Spotify to generate a “receipt” that ranks the most played songs from top to bottom.

Blank Receiptify receipt example

You can easily share the screenshots on social media, and everyone following you has insight into your music world. 

The app is accessed via reciptify.herokuapp.com. On the main page, you will log in using your Spotify account. Once logged in, the app will begin to scan your music history on Spotify. 

After logging in, the app does all the rest and generates a personalized list containing your top ten most-listened-to songs. 

The receipt also features more details, such as the combined time you’ve listed to your top ten songs, along with personalized information such as the date and name of your receipt.

The app also lets you see your top tracks for the previous month, six months, and all. Plus, you can compare seeing how your listening preferences have evolved over that period.

9. Obscurify

Obscurify takes your Spotify listening information and compares it with others to give you an idea of how unique and off-beat your taste in music may be.

This is a great app for learning how obscure your taste in music is compared to most. After comparing your listening data to the Spotify users, your data is ranked to reflect how unique your music tastes are.

The app also lets you see your genre stats, current music moods, and most obscure artists and tracks. It will even offer song recommendations based on your music history.

You can also find out how rare some of your favorite songs are by linking your Spotify account to Obscurify. Once you give the app access to your listening data, you can see how your ranking compares to other Spotify users.

9. How bad is Your Spotify?

If you’re brave enough to have your taste in music judged by artificial intelligence, more snobbish than Simon Cowell, you can use The Pudding’s “Judge My Spotify.” 

Once you give the website permission to access your Spotify profile, be sure you’re prepared to have your taste in music ruthlessly scrutinized and judged without pity or regard for your feelings.

Needless to say, it’s not for everyone, but it can be a pretty fun game to play with your friends at parties — if you’re brave enough.

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