11 Best Apps to Listen to Music Without WiFi

Listening to music and passing the time has come a long way. From record players, cassettes, and CDs, to MP3 players and cloud-streaming, the evolution of music-streaming in the past few decades alone has been nothing short of amazing.

Today, listening to music can be done on the go with a smartphone of just about any kind. However, if you do not have Wifi or if you are traveling somewhere without internet access, you may be wondering which apps are best to listen to music, regardless of where you are and whether or not you have access to the internet.

In this list, we cover our 11 best music apps with no WiFi required, so you can enjoy your playlists wherever you are at any time:

1. Spotify

By now you have likely heard of Spotify, the world’s most used music app. Spotify is not only accessible for iOS and Android smartphone users, but it also provides an in-browser music player that can allow you to stream your playlists with your preferred web browser of choice.

One of the most notable features that Spotify has to offer is the ability to listen to playlists both online and off. Spotify provides users with the ability to download songs and entire playlists directly to their phones and/or hard drives for future listening and streaming without requiring WiFi or an ongoing internet connection. 

Once you launch the desktop version of Spotify, you can then choose which songs you would like to “Download” or which playlists you would like to save for offline use by switching the “Download” button above each playlist to on. You can also turn Spotify into “Offline Mode” with the following steps:

  • Launch Spotify’s desktop version
  • Select the “…” menu
  • Click “File” > “Offline Mode” to launch the software’s built-in offline mode.

If you are using your smartphone and want to switch your Spotify into offline mode, complete the following steps:

  • Launch your Spotify app
  • Click “Library” to visit your library of songs and/or playlists
  • Tap the settings icon (a widget located in the top right-hand corner of the Spotify app)
  • Select “Playback” > “Offline” to switch your app into offline mode for listening without the requirement of an internet connection. 

Pros of Using Spotify

  • User-friendly interface, making it perfect for those who are new to streaming apps
  • Expansive and ever-expanding online music catalog
  • Ability to listen online, offline, and even with a web browser music player
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Available for free, with ads
  • Download podcasts and music for offline and future use 

Cons of Using Spotify

  • Ads for all free users
  • Currently, Spotify is not available in all countries.
  • There is a lack of in-depth lyrical or community features available
  • The sound quality of Spotify is not as premium as other alternative platforms available today.

While Spotify is available for users to get started free of charge (with ads), there are also premium versions of Spotify available for a premium, ad-free experience. Currently, Spotify offers an individual plan for $9.99 a month, a duo plan for two individuals for $12.99 a month, as well as a family plan for up to 4 members of the same household, for $15.99 per month.

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2. TIDAL Music

One of the fastest-growing music-streaming services that allow users the ability to download and stream their favorite music offline is TIDAL Music. TIDAL Music, the music-streaming service owned by the iconic rapper Jay Z, is a premium music-streaming service that is dedicated to true and loyal fans of artists and musicians today. With TIDAL, there are no free plans available, as the music provided is all of CD and studio quality, compared to alternative platforms such as Spotify, which typically only produces radio quality. 

Because TIDAL does not offer a free streaming option, the premium subscriptions offer much more than any other music apps with no WiFi requirements available today. Subscribers of TIDAL will immediately gain access to high-quality recordings of their favorite songs and albums as well as access to earlier releases and TIDAL exclusives. Additionally, all members of TIDAL will also gain access to exclusive interviews, music videos, singles, and more that are only available on the platform and that have been created and shared by the artist(s) themselves.

TIDAL is currently available with a basic plan that begins at $9.99 but does not include high-quality sound access. For CD-level sound and quality, a membership for TIDAL will run you $19.99 per month for an individual account. 

Pros of TIDAL Music

  • Using TIDAL provides access to exclusive recordings, interviews, and in some cases, even new releases.
  • The ability to give back to artists that you genuinely wish to support 

Cons of TIDAL Music

  • Unfortunately, the $9.99 subscription service does not include access to high-quality sounds and recordings and, instead, provides lower-quality sound such as alternatives including Spotify, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music.
  • There are no free accounts available with TIDAL. Anyone who is interested in using TIDAL to stream music must do so with a premium account, which starts at $9.99 per month for an individual package. 

If you are interested in TIDAL’s offline mode, you will have the ability to do so on up to five separate devices or smartphones simultaneously, while still having access to the online version of the app using your preferred device. To enable Offline mode while using TIDAL on your preferred device, complete the following steps:

  • Launch the TIDAL app on your device or smartphone
  • Select “My Collection” at the bottom of the in-app menu.
  • Choose the “Settings” widget icon or gear (located in the top right-hand corner of the app)
  • Toggle your current TIDAL Offline Mode into the “On” position.

When you want to download your media using TIDAL’s Offline features, complete the following steps:

  • Launch the TIDAL app
  • Select “My Collection” towards the bottom of the app
  • Find the songs and/or playlists you would like to download
  • Select the three dots that are next to the song or playlist you want to download
  • Choose the “Download” option once the menu appears and unfolds.

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3. Soundcloud

Soundcloud, founded in 2008, is a leading music-streaming and uploading platform with more than 76 million active users as of March of 2019. Currently, Soundcloud offers users a library of more than 200 million songs and provides both free and premium streaming plans. When it comes to quality, Soundcloud maxes out at 128kbit/s, compared to Spotify’s 320kbits/s.

For those who are on the fence about signing up for a premium account with Soundcloud, there is also a free trial of subscription plans offered by Soundcloud for individuals who are new users of the platform. In some cases, a 7-day free trial may be available as well as a 30-day free trial, depending on what type(s) of services the user is interested in.

Currently, premium subscriptions from Soundcloud include Soundcloud Go for $4.99 per month as well as Soundcloud Go+ for $9.99. Both of the premium plans from Soundcloud offer unlimited streaming, offline downloading, and an ad-free experience. However, Soundcloud Go+ offers higher quality sound output and also has a more expansive music library. 

Pros of Soundcloud

  • Massively independent platform — ideal for discovering and exploring new artists, including local artists
  • Soundcloud’s platform is free to all users, including those who wish to upload their own audio files and/or tracks.
  • Desktop-based, streamlining the search and management process of your Soundcloud files as well as artists you enjoy listening to and following within the site and its own community 

Cons of Soundcloud 

  • Unfortunately, those who choose to use Soundcloud as a free user will be limited to around 15 million tracks. Other alternative platforms offer upwards of 100 million songs in their library, in contrast.
  • Not all sound output on Soundcloud is of high quality, which can turn audiophiles off and away.
  • For artists who are seeking a platform to upload and stream their own music without ads, restrictions, or limitations, Soundcloud can cause many barriers and obstacles. Additionally, artists are known to not receive a fair wage when streaming their music, podcasts, or other media through the Soundcloud platform. Artists who wish to remove the restrictions set on their account when uploading new music or audio files will need to subscribe to a premium plan available from Soundcloud first. 

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4. Deezer

One well-known French-based music streaming app that allows you to listen to music without WiFi is Deezer. Deezer, founded in 2007, has more than 16 million active monthly users and is available in more than 180 countries, making it one of the most accessible music streaming platforms worldwide. With music content, podcasts, and even live radio content, Deezer sets itself apart as one of the top-performing music streaming apps and services today. 

If you enjoy testing your favorite apps before paying for a premium subscription, you are in luck with Deezer. Deezer offers an all-free account that provides users with the ability to use the Deezer service to stream a wide range of audio files while also having the ability to create their own playlists. It is important to keep in mind that the free service from Deezer does include ads and does limit audio quality to 128 kbps. 

Pros of Deezer

  • A free account available that is ad-supported and useful for those who are just dipping their toes in the world of music streaming
  • Accounts start at $9.99 per month up to $14.99 per month, making Deezer a highly competitive music streaming solution.
  • Massive and ever-growing music library, which is accessible to all users.
  • Available in more than 180 countries, making Deezer a top choice for international listeners and users alike.
  • Supports song downloads for users who are interested in downloading their music for offline streaming.
  • MP3 uploads from your own hard drive into your Deezer account are also supported. 
  • User-friendly layout and interface

Cons of Deezer

  • Lack of in-app socialization and community features
  • Some songs available for Deezer Free users are limited to a 30-second preview.
  • Free accounts do not have access to the highest quality audio 
  • Podcasts, radio stations, and audiobooks are currently limited by the available library from Deezer. 

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5. Apple Music

Apple’s immensely popular iTunes branding has a new iteration – meet Apple Music! Apple Music’s extensive music catalog also comes chalk full of exclusive radio stations and music playlists for their listeners to enjoy.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Apple Music comes with a 30 day free trial to access all of the content within the platform free of charge during the time period.

Users can easily download and listen to music offline with this application. Be advised, however, that if you seek to utilize a system such as Google Assistant or Amazon’s Echo devices, Apple Music will not work with them. Instead, look to pick up the Apple HomePod to be able to utilize this technology with Apple Music.

Their plans breakdown as follows: Student Plan $4.99/mo, Individual Plan $9.99/mo, and the Family Plan at $14.99/mo.

Be sure to sign up for one of these plans by the end of your 30-day free trial to continue to access your music without WiFi wherever you are.

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6. Saavn

The very first India-based music streaming service to launch was Saavn, back in 2007. Since then, Saavn has amassed a major following with more than 13 million active monthly streamers on the app itself. Saavn’s streaming model allows unlimited music streaming without requiring users to purchase or download the songs individually. For those who are interested in streaming their music from their Saavn library offline, you will require a premium subscription. 

Pros of Saavn

  • More than 7 million song collections
  • Ideal for international users
  • Great UI/UX
  • Follow friends/community features are available
  • Shows and audio series are updated frequently for subscribers to enjoy.

Cons of Saavn

  • Unfortunately, the bitrate of songs is not always premium quality.
  • Users must manually turn on Discovery mode when they are interested in using it.
  • Not the best for streaming music when doing so directly from your smartphone device 

7. Amazon Music

You have likely heard of and/or used Amazon by now, whether you do so for household items or even when shopping for books, gifts, and other gadgets. Using Amazon is a great way to find products from around the world–but, did you know that Amazon also offers its very own music-streaming service or Amazon Music? Amazon Music is an unlimited streaming service built around music, as opposed to Amazon Prime, which is centered around streaming television shows, documentaries, and full-length feature films.

Amazon Music costs $7.99 per month for those who are already premium subscribers of Amazon Prime, although it is possible to purchase Amazon Music separately and apart from an Amazon Prime membership if you do not currently have one. For those who do not currently have an Amazon Prime membership but are interested in the Amazon Music service, an individual membership begins at $9.99 per month. 

Pros of Amazon Music

  • Access to more than 50 million songs in a built-in Amazon library of music
  • Three-month free trials are available to all new users of Amazon Music.
  • It is possible to download music for offline listening for all premium subscribers. 
  • Both desktop and mobile apps are available with Amazon Music.

Cons of Amazon Music

  • Not all features of Amazon Music can be accessed for free.
  • It is not possible to download and store songs for offline use if you do not have an Amazon Music account.
  • The user interface of Amazon Music is not as friendly or as welcoming to beginners, which may be more confusing to those who are not as tech-savvy or for anyone who is just getting started with a brand new music-streaming service. 

8. Musify

Musify is another streaming app that allows users to find and stream songs or entire playlists with just a click of a button. Create your own playlists or stream your preferred audiobooks with Musify. With Musify, all users have access to the features available free of charge, making this a stand-out app. Unfortunately, the app is not designed for beginners, which can be a turnoff for those who are new to streaming music or creating their own playlists.

Pros of Musify

  • Free of charge
  • Available to download on desktops
  • Download songs from more than 1,000 websites in total
  • Download your own playlists from Spotify, Youtube, and more
  • Convert music files using a batch converter system and solution
  • Avoid geographical limitations and restrictions with a built-in proxy (that is independently managed)

Cons of Musify

  • Unfortunately, Musify is not currently available for iOS devices and is only available for desktop users as well as those with Android smartphones. 
  • Advanced software for those who are interested in manually uploading, downloading, and organizing music files and songs they would like to save for future streaming purposes. 

9. Gaana App

For those who are interested in international music apps with no wifi requirements, Gaana App may be right for you. Originally launched in 2010, it currently has an expansive library of more than 10 million song collections in total. The Gaana App is an India-based app that is useful for providing plenty of streaming options when it comes to popular music today, both online and off.

With Gaana App, users have the ability to search through a wide range of Indian-based music genres as well as English libraries of music. In total, there is support for more than 10 languages worldwide with the Gaana App music collection. Additionally, Gaana App is also compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices along with desktop computers. Whether you enjoy a range of international music or if you are native to India and are looking for a way to listen to your favorite songs offline, Gaana App cannot be missed. 

Pros of Gaana App

  • Large expansive international catalog
  • Support for 10+ international languages
  • Vast Bollywood/Hindi music collections
  • Growing collection of English songs and collections
  • Follow friends/social community available
  • On-screen equalizer built-in
  • Includes a complete video catalog 

Cons of Gaana App

  • Not as expansive as alternatives such as Spotify and Google Play Music
  • Loading times are noticeably longer than alternative music-streaming apps.
  • Not always updated with the latest music releases or artists 

10. Napster

If you have been around since the dawn of music-streaming on the internet, you have likely heard of Napster. The once infamous downloading service was shut down and acquired by Rhapsody in 2011, transforming Napster into the premium music-streaming service that it is today. Napster ad-free plans begin at $4.99 and go upwards of $14.99 per month. There is also a 30-day free trial for Napster available for certain users, based on predetermined qualifications. 

Napster’s premium subscription service offers users the ability to download and stream music even when they are offline. To do so, complete the following steps:

  • Download and install the Napster app for your Windows or Mac computer (or your preferred smartphone device)
  • Locate the track(s) you want to download in your Napster library
  • Select the button shaped like an arrow once you have highlighted the song you would like to download and store it to begin downloading the file.

11. Pandora

Ah yes, good ol’ Pandora. How could we forget about you?

While many people utilize Pandora to listen to music with an internet connection, you can access music offline as well with one of Pandora’s paid subscriptions. This immensely popular platform has been around since 2000 and currently has 60+ million users with iOS or Android devices.

Possibly the most notorious streaming platform today, Pandora’s algorithms are great at creating playlists based on the user’s previous engagements with the application.

One of the offline listening modes will run you $4.99/month or $12.99/month, respectively.

Pandora continues to live on as one of the best music streaming applications that exists today, and we suspect that it will continue to do so due to it’s substantial market share. If you’re not based in the United States, it’s worth it to check and see if Pandora is available in your country, as we consider it one of the best options to listen to music without WiFi (or offline) that you can choose.

Whenever you plan to listen to music without WiFi, knowing some of today’s best apps for music without WiFi can go a long way. With an app that suits your needs and provides you with the listening features you want, you can enjoy all of your favorite artists and songs without requirements, restrictions, or limitations of any kind.

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