25 Best Spanish Love Songs of All Time

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Spanish is arguably one of the most romantic languages. There are countless of perfect background songs for romantic moments. Whether you are of Spanish ethnicity or not, you can appreciate the impact these songs have. Here is a list of the best Spanish love songs:

1. Te Amo – Franco De Vita

This is a love song that belongs to every playlist. It’s a 1980s song that celebrates the feeling of love. The slow yet hype song is very common in weddings because it fits the occasion perfectly. If you create a romantic playlist, you should start with Te Amo.

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2. A Puro Dolor – Son by Four

This song has a message to an ex-lover that can move you to tears. It was one of the biggest lain songs in the 2000s. The boy band delivers excellent vocals and a very touching romantic message.

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3. Disfruto – Carla Morisson

This song has a sweet sadness to it, but you can listen to it on repeat for hours because it’s that good. Carla has always been so authentic, and she delivers raw emotions beautifully. Find the song and see if it fits your romantic playlist.

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4. Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor – Juanes

This Spanish song talks about a couple going through life and growing old together. It’s great for your first wedding dance or any other romantic scene. You can also dedicate it to your significant other.

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5. El Amor De Mi Vida – Ricky Martin

This is one of the earliest of Ricky Martin’s songs. It came out in 1991 and talked about first love. If you are Ricky’s fan, you probably know most of his romantic songs because they are plenty. But there is something about this one that feels different.

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6. Te Amare – Miguel Bosé

The artist vows to love their partner like no other before. It embraces your partner’s flaws. The romantic song has a lot of lovely lyrics. Even if you don’t understand, you can feel what the singer is talking about. Since it’s packed with promises and vows, you can use it to express your commitment.

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7. Ley De Newton – Beatriz Luengo and Jesus Navarro

This is a very charming track with an intimate conversation between two lovers. Everyone has had that conversation with a lover where you vow to let go of the past and focus on the love you share. That’s the scenario this song highlights.

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8. Si Nos Dejan – José Alfredo Jiménez

This song can make you picture a happily ever after with your partner. The lyrics are full of love, and the mariachi rendition of the song is even more romantic. There are other versions, but this one is pretty exceptional.

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9. Maná – Rayando El Sol 

You can’t help but sing along to this song, even if you are just struggling through the lyrics. It celebrates love in every way, and that’s what you want in a song.

10. Tú – Shakira

You can never go wrong with this track. Like most songs from Shakira, this song is romantic and sensual. It came out in 2011, and since then, many couples have used it to celebrate their love. You don’t even need a special reason to listen to it.

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11. Cactus – Gustavo Cerati

The vivid imagery from the lyrics beautifully describes eternal love. Finding this kind of love is not easy; that’s why it’s worth acknowledging. This was one of the best and greatest songs ever from Gustavo.

12. El Perdon – Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias

If you have lost love at one point in your life, this will be a heart-wrenching song for you. It was number one on Hot Latin Songs for weeks. Romances come to an end, and such songs are relevant when they do.

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13. Entra En Mi Vida – Sin Bandera

Everyone remembers those moments when you started falling in love with someone. This pop song describes the beautiful start of a romantic journey. It’s very sentimental, and it became a love anthem for young people.

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14. Eso Y Más – Joan Sebastian

This love poem talks about hopeless romantics that would do anything for their lovers. Most Spanish love songs accompany the lyrics with a beautiful tone. This track is everything you need when in love.

15. Por Ti Mi Casare – Eros Ramazzotti

This song’s title direct translation in English is ‘because of you; I will get married.’ You can already tell the lyrics on this 1980s ballad are filled with love.

16. Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

If you a looking for an upbeat romantic song, this is excellent. It’s one of the most viewed songs on YouTube. When translated to English, the lyrics are very raunchy.

17. Me Voy Enamorando – Chino and Nacho ft. Farruko

Many people around the world connected to this song in 2015. The romantic music video makes it more relatable, and you can put actions to the lyrics.

18. Vivir Mi Vida – Marc Anthony

Your love celebration won’t be complete without this famous single from Marc Anthony. It’s common in weddings because of the up-tempo beat and the lovely lyrics.

19. Es Por Ti – Juanes

Juanes is an incredible Latin singer, and this is one of their most touching love songs from him. Ensure you check out the live version.

20. Yo No Se Mañana – Luis Enrique

This is more light-hearted, but it’s still romantic. It addresses the uncertainties you have with new love. The salsa tone will get you off the seat.

21. Si Tú No Estás – Rosana

This is for a couple who have been through thick and thin. It captures the giddiness that comes with love as well.

22. Ojos Color Sol – Calle 13

This song describes the kind of love that gives you butterflies which usually happens at the beginning. Ensure you watch the video as well to see the innocent young love.

23. BÉSAME MUCHO – Andrea Bocelli

Do you love the sounds of a Spanish guitar? Check out this iconic hit from Andrea Bocelli for one of the best Latin love tracks ever created.

24. Esto Es Vida – Draco Rosa

This intimate song shows you how love is a beautiful and powerful emotion. It’s a life-affirming track that brings all the feelings.

25. MI RAZÓN DE SER – Banda MS

You can use this beautiful ode to serenade your lover. The title alone is very romantic, not to talk of the lyrics. You will enjoy the song even if you are not fluent in Spanish.

These songs make a nice Spanish playlist for all your romantic scenes. Looking at translations will help you understand what the artists are saying.