57 Best Sad Love Songs For Broken Hearts

Sad love songs are a perfect remedy for your broken heart. When you are going through a breakup, you might need a song to vibe with to ease your broken heart. Sad songs for broken hearts date back from the discovery of humankind. Sometimes when you love someone, they may break your heart if they decide you are not the ideal suitor. Therefore, many musician artists have come up with soothing sad love songs for your broken heart. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Linger – Cranberries

The Cranberries- Linger lyrics

The lyrics will give you just the feeling your broken heart needs. You might like it if you were from a relationship where you gave it your all and your partner let it linger that you were not good enough. The song has another level of melancholy and the feeling of pity, which is what you feel when your heart has broken.

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2. No more “I love yous” – Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox - No More "I Love You's" (Official Video)

If you need something to get into your feelings after a breakup, you might enjoy hearing an emotional song. The song has a soothing beat that will make your heart sink the moment you listen to it. If your aching spirit is bleeding and full of sorrow, here is a song for you.

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3. Beloved Wife – Natalie Merchant

The singer has a smooth ominous voice that sets you into a feeling of deep sorrow. Combined with her melancholic singing and piano playing, it is the perfect song for a heartbroken person. In your sad state, you might need to hug a pillow when listening to the tune.

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4. Punisher – Phoebe Bridgers

The lyrics and the singing will lift your spirits when you feel sad. The singer has a soft voice with a gloomy vibe ideal for your heartbreak or dull mood. We think you’ll really love this singer. You may need to turn down the lights and cuddle with your couch blanket while listening to the song.

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5. To build a home – Patrick Watson

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home (Ft. Patrick Watson)

You will get lost in an abyss of sorrow while listening to this song. The singer has a melancholy voice as his shaky and soft tone fades through the orchestra melody. If you need a sad song for your heartbreak, this song can be an ideal vibe.

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6. I can’t make you love me – Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me

The vocals of the singer will indeed move your heart. If you are sad because of heartbreak, you might want to chill in the house and listen to the song in the background. Besides, it is not uncommon to find you were in a relationship with someone who could not love you. You might shed a few tears and feel the sadness increasing as the song progresses, but it will soon go away.

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7. I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing (Official HD Video)

It is one of the heartbreaking songs that will send chills all over your spine. If you feel sad after a breakup, you might need to sing along with the lyrics. Being your first love, you might think that without them, you have nothing. Towards the end, she sings at a high pitch that can evoke intense emotions. Whitney Houston really is in a class of her own.

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8. Somebody that I used to know – Gotye

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) [Official Music Video]

The singer has a soft voice that calms your sad soul. It is one of the broken heart songs you can listen to when you need something calm and slow-paced. When you are grieving, music can make you feel resigned. The video is fun to meditate with, especially if you feel out of place. You can always find somewhere to blend in the universe.

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9. Visions of Gideon – Sufjan Stevens

It is one of the broken heart songs you can vibe with, especially if you need some soul music. His voice is almost whispery, with some words fading away slowly as you get deeper into the song. You might have to sit alone under a tree quietly and listen to the ripples of the music soothing your heart. There may be tears, but the sadness and the heartache will not stay with you.

10. Space Cowboy – Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves - Space Cowboy (Official Music Video)

While it may hurt and the sadness is hard to bear, sometimes it is best to let your ex have their space by telling them goodbye. This song has a unique melody. If you are looking for a sad love song, it might just be your remedy.

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11. Silver Lining – Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining (Video)

Listen to it when you are under your sheets, feeling down, to soothe your soul. You might not know the lyrics, but the beat will keep you engaged. Like a river, the voice and melody of the singer are smooth from beginning to end. You may like this song if you are in a nice chill spot.

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12. Last Kiss – Taylor Swift

It is one of the heart breaking songs you can listen to when you are in low spirits. You will soon get in touch with your feelings when you hear them sung in a soothing tone. No matter where you listen, music will capture your attention. In the final minutes of the song, you might feel the sadness fading away.

13. Stay – Rihanna

Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

It is an excellent sad song for heartbreak. Sometimes, you wish that they would stay and not leave. However, in the reality that they are departing, you may feel sad and helpless. The soft piano beat will inspire a wide range of emotions and give you a relaxing feeling. The vocals of the singer will make you forget all your sorrows.

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14. Run to You – Lea Michele

Lea Michele - Run to You (Audio)

The ballad is perfect for a sorrowful heart. If you do not know the lyrics, you can listen to the satisfying beat of the piano. The vocals of the singer are calming. You can listen to the song when you need to keep your aching heart at ease.

15. I Don’t F*ck With You – Big Sean

Big Sean - I Don't Fuck With You ft. E-40 (Official Music Video)

Perhaps you would like to listen to this song if your girlfriend dumped you for someone else. It might help you get through your sadness and heartbreak. It may give you a feel-good vibe after a heartbreak, although it is old school.

16. Without You – Lana Del Rey

The song brings out the longing and emptiness that comes with heartbreak. It fits the bill as a sad song. Besides, sometimes we feel we are nothing without the person we miss.

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17. Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Official Video)

Calling your girlfriend after a breakup can sometimes be a good idea. In the aftermath of a breakup, it is always good to show some kindness to the losing party.

18. Skinny Love – Bon Iver

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

The song sounds mournful enough to nurture your sorrowful heartbreak through the guitar. The lyrics in the ballad will make your heart sing. It will make you feel as if you are part of a drama. Oh, yes! It was also one of the sad songs featured in the series Vampire Diaries.

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19. Two Birds – Regina Spektor

Two Birds • Regina Spektor | Lyrics

It is a sad song about how relationships end tragically and has an upbeat country feel. Sometimes, we do not understand why breakups hurt so bad. During a tragic separation, you might want to listen to the piano melody that Regina sings through.

20. I’ll Never Love Again – Lady Gaga

I'll Never Love Again (from A Star Is Born) (Official Music Video)

Sometimes you feel that you will never love again after a breakup with someone. The ballad of Lady Gaga makes you want to burst into tears as she sings through the piano music. After a breakup, meeting someone else is a complicated experience wrought with fear, hurt, and insecurity.

21. Back To December – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Back To December

There is something about replaying the exact moment over and over again. What you could have done, how it could have been, the things you would take back! But alas! A breakup is here, and you are left only with wishes. Taylor Swift tells it all in this heartbreaking song.

22. Heartbeats – José González

Heartbeats - José González

It is one of the most heart breaking songs you can listen to in the indie-folk genre. The guitar melody perfectly compliments the singer as he sings. You will feel your heart sink, especially if you are sad or heartbroken.

23. Losing You – Solange

Solange - LOSING YOU (Official Music Video)

The song has a piece of uptempo music that takes you through the dilemma of someone you loved leaving you for good. You start to feel hurt when you notice them drifting away from you slowly, which finally ends up in a breakup. The song exposes the end of a relationship in an old-fashioned way you will enjoy.

24. The One That Got Away – Katy Perry

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (Official Music Video)

Perry reminisces about a former lover in a way that reveals she wished they had stayed together. After a breakup, you might feel that you want your ex back since you still believe that you deserve to be together forever. However, as you listen to the song, you may want to look into your new reality and contemplate your heartbreak and grief.

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25. Unusual You – Britney Spears

The vocals of this song are dark, moody, gloomy, and drifty, perfect for a breakup song. In your sadness, you might want to sing along to the tune of the song. Due to her history of having rocky relationships, Britney Spears shares that she would not be surprised if her lover breaks her heart. She feels the lover is unpredictable and describes him as unusual.

26. Existentialism on Prom Night – Straylight Run

Straylight Run - Existentialism On Prom Night

Indie rock music for a sad song might be right up your alley. The song describes the devastation caused by a breakup and how fragile and sad it leaves your heart. If you sing along to the lyrics, the piano melody may take you to the depths of your emotions.

27. You Could Be Happy – Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy [HD]

The song expresses prolonged loneliness that hits you after someone you deeply love leaves you. Regret can result from letting someone go, especially if you loved them and wanted to make them happy. You are in the breakup stage now, so let this song take away your sorrowful heart. As you listen to his words, tears will stream down your cheeks.

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28. A Lack of Color – Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie - A Lack of Color

You might feel like your life has no color or significance after a breakup. Each time you experience heartbreak, you always think of things you could have done to make them stay with you. However, now that they are gone, you cannot help but feel alone.

29. Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Official Video)

You will enjoy listening to the altered acapella music. In times of sadness, you might play the song while contemplating how you ended up in the heartbroken situation in the first place.

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30. Someone Like You – Adele

Adele - Someone Like You (Official Music Video)

The song is perfect when you are going through a split. Even if you have unresolved feelings or a broken heart, sometimes it is good to wish them well in life. Adele tells them bluntly, “Never mind. I will find someone like you.”

31. Let Her Go – Passenger

Passenger | Let Her Go (Official Video)

A song like this will move your heart. It is such an intense guitar piece, and the singer seems resigned to letting her leave. The song is perfect for men going through a separation. You will certainly feel better after singing along with the lyrics.

32. St. Patrick’s Day – John Mayer

John Mayer - St. Patrick's Day

Everyone dislikes being alone at holidays, but sometimes breakups happen. If your relationship did not last until the holidays, you might want to listen to the song. It is the perfect guitar tune to soothe your hurt heart.

33. Somebody Else – The 1975

The 1975 - Somebody Else (Official Video)

Sometimes, it is hard to imagine someone you loved with somebody else. However, as painful as it may seem, it is inevitable that your ex will get somebody else after you split apart. If your ex moved on too quickly, you might like to sing along.

34. Never Let Me Go – Florence + the Machine

Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go

The track is a piano ballad about heartbreak after a separation. You will enjoy the song if you feel like your ex-lover should not have let you go. As the music dies off, you might also want to give in and let them go too.

35. Fix You – Coldplay

Coldplay - Fix You (Lyric Video)

You may find yourself crying after listening to this song if you are deeply emotional. The singer appeals to your heart that sometimes you might give your best in loving someone, then it all goes to waste. It is okay to let it go because something or someone else will make you feel whole again. The track is so captivating that you might find yourself listening to it countless times.

36. Dancing On My Own – Calum Scott

Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own (Official Video)

If your ex picked someone else over you, this could be the song for you. The pain of heartbreak is unbearable, but this sad melody may lift you out of it. It may hurt that you are not the person they are taking home. A tune like this might be just the thing to comfort you if you find yourself lonely and alone.

37. Rise Up – Andra Day

Andra Day - Rise Up (Lyrics)

It is an excellent song that can lift your spirits after a breakup. Although the song has a sad mood, if you sing along with the lyrics, a message of hope will get infused into your soul. Nothing is too hard for you to get over: you must rise and take charge of your life.

38. Un-Break My Heart – Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart (Official HD Video)

After a relationship ends, you can listen to the song as a sad breakup song. They ask their lover to unbreak their heart and bring joy back into their lives as they are so grieved. You might enjoy listening to it while wiping a few tears away.

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39. Crying – Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison - Crying

Whether the crying is physical or inside, it is all the same. Besides, it is the feeling we cannot run away from after you say goodbyes. Whenever you miss someone, you are likely to cry even in the middle of the night. Roy Orbison understands.

40. The Scientist – Coldplay

A piano ballad like this is sure to delight your ears, especially if you are sad and going through a heartbreak. At the beginning of the song, the singer wishes to meet up with their lover and tell them their sorry. Well, if only wishes were horses. You might find comfort while singing along to the lyrics. Coldplay understands that it is not easy to go through it alone. You can always plug in your earphones and let the music take the pain away.

41. Sandcastles – Beyoncé

Beyoncé - Sandcastles

If your heart is wounded, you may want to hear it from the voice of the singer. If you feel remorseful about leaving someone, you might want to listen to the song. You can also enjoy the lyrics through the piano rhythm while reflecting on those days and memories you had together. As the music fades away, you will feel some new home building in your heart.

42. Talia – King Princess

King Princess - Talia (Official Video)

You are bound to miss someone when they leave. If you are going through a separation, your nights may be cold and the mornings difficult while thinking about them, and it becomes hard to move on from them. In such cases, you may result in drinking so that their ghosts can haunt you again. You might feel like the feeling will go away, or you might live in the past for a little while. The singer understands your feelings.

43. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Official Video)

The song is a pop ballad for soothing a hurting heart. If you try your luck in love and it hits you hard, you might sing along to the lyrics. Although we all want the best outcome after loving someone, you may not always get what you want. After struggling to maintain a hopeless relationship, it is inevitable to feel wrecked and drained.

44. Death by a Thousand Cuts – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Death By A Thousand Cuts (Official Audio)

Taylor Swift compares possible breakups to a slow, painful death. If your ex makes you feel as if your heart is ripping out from your body, then he must be a brutal lover. However, you might love this track about death on a hundred cuts. If you have gone through unbearable heartaches, you might know what Taylor is saying!

45. Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved

When you love someone, you are bound to trust them with your heart and let them into your life. However, when they leave, it feels like they have pulled the rug from under your feet right when you have let your guard down. Lewis has experienced the kind of betrayal you feel after giving your heart to someone and then having them break it. After a breakup, you can sing along the lyrics to heal your wounded heart.

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46. Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart – Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart (Official Video)

The song is one of the best sad love songs of all time. It brims with hope for how to get through the cold nights without your ex-lover. Keep in mind the dreams and broken promises you shared with them when you remember your time with them. The song has a sweet piano beat that will make your heart melt.

47. We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez - We Don't Talk Anymore [Official Live Performance]

You might be full of regret after a break up which is normal. The song is about the reality of not talking after a breakup. Communication breaks down between the two of you, and you are bound to drift apart completely and separate. You might be wondering where your ex went, probably because you do not talk anymore.

48. Running Low – Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes - Running Low (Official Audio)

Maybe you should listen to this song if you have left someone and heartbroken them. Shawn Mendes has an easy way of telling them goodbye in an easy way. You can listen through the escalating piano melody to help ease your broken heart.

49. Shake It Out – Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

Once you suffer a broken heart, you might not see a way forward. Sometimes, the best way to deal with a hurting heart is to shake it out. You can close that door and never look back. Since romance is bound to leave you broken, you can shake him off, as the singer puts it.

50. Hard Feelings / Loveless – Lorde

Lorde - Hard Feelings / Loveless (Audio)

It is a calm and dreamy track that you can easily listen to the words. Breakups can leave you with unresolved feelings that make you feel cold and loveless. These feelings of a loveless relationship are the ones that make it hurt more. However, at the end of the song, you might feel relief from getting that you are indeed living in a loveless generation.

51. Never Be Like You – Flume feat. Kai

Flume - Never Be Like You feat. Kai

This song is ideal for people who have made mistakes in relationships and are fond of apologizing and wanting to be taken back. You can agree that it is easier to leave them than keep taking them back. Tell yourself that you will never be like them and walk away. It will be better to reminisce your sadness and heartbreak with this song than suffer for another minute.

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52. Stone Cold – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato - Stone Cold (Official Video)

The song is a tender ballad about wishing your ex all the best in their next relationship. Seeing your lover go and move on makes you stone-cold, but one way or another, you must find a way to make it through alone. If your ex moves on too quickly, you might want to be stone cold and be happy for them.

53. Slow Burn – Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves - Slow Burn (Music Video)

If you are experiencing a slow burn in your relationship, this song is for you. The tune says that you can always move from a condition that does not favor you to another better place. In short, you can always walk out of an unhealthy relationship. Call it a slow burn!

54. You Say – Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle - You Say (Official Music Video)

You may want to listen to this song if you feel sad after a breakup. The melody of the song is so beautiful. You will be feeling better in no time.

55. Self Care – Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Self Care

The song is about being able to handle yourself and overcoming hardship. If you have recently broken up, you should listen to this song. Listen closely to the lyrics, and you will be all right. The singer constantly reminds you to take care of yourself, something you might have forgotten to do in your previous relationship.

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56. Lonely – Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco

Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

After breaking up with someone, you are likely to feel lonely. You feel like you had everything at one point, but now you do not. Your life has changed, what was you sweet is now sour, and you feel like no one is there for you. You can vibe with this song in case you are feeling lonely.

57. Champagne Problems – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - champagne problems (Official Lyric Video)

If you turned down a relationship proposal from someone you have been dating, then this song is for you. It could be that you turned them down before Christmas, a big event, etc. You may want to soothe your sadness and heartbreak on this track on champagne problems.

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