33 Best Spanish Karaoke Songs

According to NBC News, only about 20 percent of people can’t sing. This is a result of poor control over their vocal muscles. However, for the other 80 percent, doing a decent karaoke number is possible. If you really want to stand out in the crowd, pick a song to sing in Spanish. Fortunately, there are a number of Spanish karaoke songs that can impress and aren’t that difficult to learn. 

1. ¿Y cómo es él? – José Luis Perales

The original “¿Y Cómo Es Él?” debuted in 1981, and since then, gained the attention of singers like Marc Anthony and Raphael, who both redid the song. You, however, don’t have to be a world-famous singer to perform this number. And there’s even room for a bit of personalization in this tune.

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2. No Me Queda Más – Selena

Selena - No Me Queda Mas (Official Music Video)

In English, the title means “I have no more,” but we’re quite certain that’s not talent because this song was one of Selena’s most well-known, and she was a Grammy award-winning singer. At your next karaoke party, you can be a winner with this track. 

3. A Puro Dolor – Son by Four

Son By Four - A Puro Dolor (Video)

“A Puro Dolor” is a love ballad begging a person to return after a breakup. It sounds much prettier in Spanish than how we just described it, though. Two versions exist of this song, and either could work for karaoke, but you’ll get to showcase your vocals longer with the extended version.

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4. Vamos a Bailar – Paola & Chiara

Vamos a Bailar (English) - Paola & Chiara

This is a fun song to dance to and get the crowd involved. It’s about going dancing because of starting a new life, and that’s just what you can have the crowd doing with this number. 

5. Eres tú – Mocedades

Mocedades - Eres Tú (Sinfónico En Vivo)

Want a song with a laid-back, heartfelt vibe? Try “Eres Tú.” This won Mocedades second place in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973, and it just might be able to win you first or second place in a karaoke contest. 

6. Despacito – Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

While you’ve probably heard the English version of “Despacito” with Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee have a version in Spanish as well. While the English version hit the top of the charts in the U.S., the Spanish one was on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart for 56 consecutive weeks. You can give it your own style and make it yours.

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7. MÍA – Bad Bunny and Drake

BAD BUNNY x DRAKE - MÍA (Video Oficial)

Drake has surprised many by singing in Spanish on the track “MÍA.” But, he actually fluently speaks the language. Even if you don’t know how to speak Spanish, you can just take some time to practice this song for your next karaoke event.

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8. Criminal – Natti Natasha and Ozuna

Natti Natasha ❌ Ozuna - Criminal [Official Video]

Want to sing a duet in Spanish with that special somebody? Try Natti Natasha and Ozuna’s “Criminal.” Of all the Spanish karaoke songs on the list, this is the first that allows you to sing with another person. 

9. Sin Pijama – Becky G and Natti Natasha

Becky G, NATTI NATASHA - Sin Pijama (Official Video)

In “Sin Pijama,” Becky G and Natti Natasha talked about their sexual desires. You can do the same in front of your audience with this track. And this one probably surprised some people, seeing as how Becky G doesn’t speak Spanish in public

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10. Mayores – Becky G and Bad Bunny

Becky G, Bad Bunny - Mayores (Official Video)

Becky G and Bad Bunny sing about wanting a man that’s older and “bigger” if you know what we mean. The song came from a joke about Becky G and her boyfriend, but with this catchy beat, people will be nothing but dancing along as you sing. 

11. No Necesito – Ñejo & Dalmata

No Necesito Ñejo & Dalmata *Official Video* HD

They’re saying exactly what they don’t need in this song. And if you enjoy the energy of the crowd, this is full of it to get them up and dancing, even if they can’t sing along. 

12. Travesuras – Nicky Jam

Travesuras - Nicky Jam | Video Oficial

Whether you want to get up and dance or want the crowd to join in, this song is ideal. The beat is perfect to get into. And if you know Spanish already, it won’t be difficult to catch on to this jam. 

13. Fanatica Sensual – Plan B

Plan B - Fanatica Sensual Lyric Video

Do you have someone in the audience who you know wants you and you want to let them know you know and reciprocate? Try “Fanatica Sensual,” which means “She is a sex fanatic.” We should note this is another one of the fun Spanish karaoke songs with a good beat. 

14. Dura – Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee - Dura (Video Oficial)

This is a wonderful dance song that can surely get the crowd on their toes. It, however, takes someone who actually knows Spanish well to keep up with how fast Daddy Yankee sings this tune.

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15. Me Enamora – Juanes

Juanes - Me Enamora (Official Music Video)

Want a song that was well-known on the Latin charts? This was at the top of it back in 2007. In fact, it ranked highly in 14 different countries. And what’s neat about this song is it’s pop rock, appealing to a wide variety of people. 

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16. La Maza – Silvio Rodríguez

If you want a song with meaning to sing at karaoke, this could be the answer. “La Maza” takes a look at humanity and asks what it would be like if he didn’t believe in hope, etc. 

17. Chantaje – Shakira featuring Maluma

Shakira - Chantaje (Official Video) ft. Maluma

As only one of the few duets on our list of Spanish karaoke songs, this is to get your partner up to sing with you. It’s an exchange between a man and a woman. Just don’t tell your partner that the girl isn’t interested in the man in this song if he doesn’t know Spanish well.

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18. Échame la Culpa – Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato

Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato - Échame La Culpa

Although Demi Lovato is of Spanish descent, she can’t speak the language at all. However, in this track and a few others, she showed she can sing it. This is a fun song for a couple. You’ll even get a break to sing in English if you’re taking on Demi’s role. 

19. Con Calma – Daddy Yankee and Snow

Daddy Yankee & Snow - Con Calma (Video Oficial)

Do you remember the song “Informer” by Snow from the 1990s? He shook the tune up a bit and brought Daddy Yankee on the track for this Spanish version. 

20. Gasolina – Daddy Yankee featuring Glory

Daddy Yankee - Gasolina (Video Oficial)

Daddy Yankee sang “Gasolina” at the Lo Nuestro Awards and the MTV awards. It’s an upbeat song that was quite a hit in 2005. It’s also been featured in advertisements and political campaigns. This could be the song that will help you and a partner make your name in the karaoke world.

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21. Rompe – Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee - Rompe (Letras)

This is a fierce number for someone who wants to put some energy into their Spanish karaoke song. It’s not completely in Spanish, but it’s a good tune to dance to. 

22. Pepas – Farruko

Farruko - Pepas (Official Video)

“Pepas” by Farruko is a dance hit and great for anyone who wants to encourage the audience to get up and have a good time. The entire track is about partying all night. 

23. Hablando Claro – Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme - Grupo Recluta - Hablando Claro (Video Oficial)

If you’re looking for one of the Spanish karaoke songs you can sing with a friend, or alone if you desire, this one is ideal. It’s condemning envy and living life without taking revenge. 

24. La Tortura – Shakira Featuring Alejandro Sanz

Shakira - La Tortura (Official HD Video) ft. Alejandro Sanz

Want to put some emotion into your next Spanish karaoke song? “La Tortura” has the drama you want. It’s a duet, and the entire number is about a woman who’s angry with her unfaithful boyfriend. 

25. Mediterráneo – Joan Manuel Serrat

Even if you can’t relate to this song because you didn’t grow up in the Mediterranean, this gives you an opportunity to pretend. For a few minutes in time, you get to imagine you grew up near the beautiful beaches of that region. It’s not necessarily the party hit that many of the other previous tracks were, but it’s not too slow either.

26. Suavemente – Elvis Crespo

Elvis Crespo - Suavemente

Dance songs make excellent karaoke songs, and “Suavemente” is no exception. If your Spanish isn’t perfect as of yet, you could also opt for the Spanglish version. 

27. Macarena – Los Del Rio

Los Del Rio - Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)

Anyone who grew up in the U.S. in the 90s knows “Macarena.” It was quite a hit. Nowadays, it’s played at weddings across the country. Despite the lyrics being about a woman cheating on her boyfriend, the song is quite fun to dance to.

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28. La Bamba – Los Lobos

This upbeat song is a classic at weddings, so it won’t be hard to get people on the floor when singing this. The version that most people know is by Los Lobos, but Ritchie Valens is the original singer of this track. 

29. Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano

José Feliciano - Feliz Navidad (Official Audio)

This is one of the Spanish karaoke songs that have a good bit of English in it as well. And this is the perfect tune to get people into the holiday spirit.

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30. Si no te Hubieras Ido – Marco Antonio Solís

Marco Antonio Solís - Si No Te Hubieras Ido (Live)

If you’re looking for a break-up song to sing in Spanish, this is an option for you. It’s a bit slower than the other tracks on this list, making it easier for a beginner to sing, possibly even for someone who isn’t the most fluent in Spanish. 

31. De Música Ligera – Soda Stereo

Soda Stereo - De Música Ligera (Official Video)

Those who are looking for a rock song to sing on stage in Spanish could choose this number. It has a very catchy beat. Plus, the lyrics are quite repetitive, allowing someone who isn’t the most fluent in Spanish to sing it like a pro. 

32. Déjala Que Vuelva – Piso 21 Featuring Manuel Turizo

Piso 21 - Déjala Que Vuelva (feat. Manuel Turizo) [Video Oficial]

This is the ideal song to sing in a Hawaiian shirt, just like the original singer. It is a breakup song, though, so make sure if your Spanish is a bit rusty, you review the lyrics first so as to not upset your current significant other as you pine over an ex on stage. 

33. El Perdedor – Enrique Iglesias Featuring Marco Antonio Solís

Enrique Iglesias - El Perdedor (Pop) ft. Marco Antonio Solís

Whether you choose to do this track as a duet or sing it by yourself, it’s an emotional ballad about a break-up, perfect if you want to put heart into your karaoke song. 

Spanish karaoke songs are an excellent way to surprise everyone that you’re bilingual. Or, if you’re not quite bilingual, still impress everyone that you could memorize a song in another language. Try out these options that could be a hit on your next karaoke night. 

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