25 Best Songs About Teamwork & Working Together

Songs about love are everywhere, but what about tracks dedicated to teamwork and supporting one another? These 25 best songs about teamwork and working together show that we can do amazing things when we’re united.

1. With a Little Help From My Friends — The Beatles 

With A Little Help From My Friends

With A Little Help From My Friends came out during The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine era. Life can be hard, and we’re all going through struggles, but having a good community at your back can help you get through anything. We’ll leave the interpretation of the lyrics “I get high with a little help from my friends” up to you. Back in 1967, that line could have gone in a couple of different directions.

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2. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough — Tammi Terrell & Marvin Gaye

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

This high-energy track is infectiously happy. You could interpret it as a love song, but ultimately, it’s all about supporting someone that you care about, no matter what obstacles are in the way. It is impossible to keep from dancing to the beat of this track, regardless of who comes to mind when you hear it. It vaguely seems to imply that the singers are a couple, but it works just as well for any relationship. 

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3. We Are The Champions — Queen

Queen - We Are The Champions (Official Video)

This might just be the most famous power ballad of all time. It has come to be associated with sports and is often played in celebration after winning a big game or championship. After all, being part of a sports team is a unique kind of teamwork, and the song’s celebratory feeling is perfect for that sense of triumph that you have in moments like those. But frankly, it’s such a great track that there’s never a bad time to play it. 

4. Together We Are — Arty Featuring Chris James

Arty feat. Chris James - Together We Are [Official Video]

This simple song from 2014 has a plain, repetitive message that’s hard to miss: “Together we are, Stronger, stronger.” The lyrics also make a point about how when people support one another, they can do amazing things, such as “pull down the stars from the sky.” 

5. We’re All in This Together — from High School Musical

High School Musical Cast - We're All In This Together (From "High School Musical")

Call it dorky, but We’re All In This Together, the closing number in High School Musical, has to be one of the top songs about being part of a team. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you probably know this catchy tune, which was played everywhere during the late aughts. 

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6. We Are One (Ole Ola) — Pitbull

We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song] (Olodum Mix)

You don’t really think of Pitbull when it comes to songs about teamwork, but in this case, it actually happened! This track was recorded for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and unsurprisingly, it’s all about uniting under one cause. The song did receive some criticism because it was recorded by a Cuban-American singer rather than a Brazilian artist since the World Cup was held in Brazil in 2014.

7. Lean On Me — Bill Withers

Lean On Me is a groovy, upbeat song that manages to be both catchy and emotional all at once. The lyrics are “Lean on me when you’re not strong, And I’ll be your friend… We all need somebody to lean on.” We’ve all been in a place where we desperately needed support and our loved ones came to our aid. It’s up to each of us to pay that support forward to others in need!

8. Get Along — Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney - Get Along (Official Music Video)

Get Along is a 2018 country track about trying to make it as part of a team. The song follows two people who get together on a road trip and don’t know if things will really work out. Ultimately, however, they are both dedicated to getting along and working together while they travel together. It’s a good metaphor for relationships and life, all rolled into one.

9. Whenever, Wherever — Shakira

Shakira - Whenever, Wherever (Official HD Video)

This Shakira throwback has become one of her most famous songs, and it’s not hard to see why. Like most of her music, it’s infectiously upbeat and fun to sing along to. But the lyrics are also heavy on promising to be there for someone no matter how hard it is. A great message and an ultra-catchy Colombian beat are hard to resist.

10. Team — Lorde

In typical Lorde style, Team is cloaked in layers of metaphor, and you can spend a long time sifting through those poetic lyrics to find out what they really mean. Ultimately, the true meaning of the song boils down to the last few lines of the chorus: “Livin’ in ruins of a palace within my dreams, And you know we’re on each other’s team.” She said that the song was written in honor of her friends and home in New Zealand.

11. Run The World — Beyoncé

Beyoncé - Run the World (Girls) (Official Video)

Beyoncé’s Run The World is known far and wide as an anthem of girl power, but it has another layer to it. It is also a track of solidarity for women everywhere. “This goes out to all my girls,” sings Beyoncé, pointing out all the things that women do that so often go unnoticed. From bearing children to running businesses, girls really do run the world, and that’s definitely worth a song.

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12. Count On Me — Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars - Count on Me (Official Lyric Video)

Bruno Mars is known for his dramatic love songs, maybe that’s why Count On Me isn’t talked about as much. Depending on who you ask, this track might be even more romantic than declarations of catching grenades and taking bullets for someone. Those things aren’t usually necessary, but what is necessary is promising to stand by a person that you care about and then holding to that promise. Now, that’s pretty romantic.

13. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now — Starship

Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Official Music Video) [HD]

Starship’s 1987 hit Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now has been played so many times over the years that almost everyone has heard it by now. It’s hard not to love this upbeat song that is full of hope. It is all about working together with the person that you love and looking forward to your life together. It’s true that love takes hard work, but it is worth it if you’re with the right person.

14. Teamwork — Kenzie

Mackenzie Ziegler - TEAMWORK - Official Music Video!

One of the biggest confidence boosts in the world is knowing that you have friends around you to help you if you get knocked down. Teamwork is a 2015 track by Kenzie, the professional name of Mackenzie Ziegler. The chorus includes the repeated play on the words “Watch my teamwork,” making the point that when people work together and support one another, they can do amazing things. 

15. We Are Family — Sister Sledge 

Sister Sledge - We Are Family (Official Music Video)

“Found family” can be a hugely important part of life, making this song strike an emotional chord even if your natural family doesn’t fit the bill. Sister Sledge really was composed of sisters Debbie, Joni, Kathy, and Kim. But this song is a great message about standing strong with your family, whether they are your blood relatives or the clan that you have created by choice.

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16. We Can Work It Out — The Beatles

The Beatles - We Can Work It Out

Every kind of relationship requires teamwork, from professional relationships to romantic ones. Ask any parent about the importance of working as a team with their partner! The Beatles’ 1965 track We Can Work It Out is said to have been written for Paul McCartney’s girlfriend, Jane Asher. Though it’s addressed to a romantic partner, the song goes to show the importance of working as a team even in a relationship. 

17. Imagine — John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band With The Flux Fiddlers

IMAGINE. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) - John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers) HD

Imagine isn’t necessarily about teamwork, but it is about community, which in some ways can be the same thing. The song imagines a world where everyone loves and helps one another, instead of being divided by class, race, or belief system. You might say that it’s impossible, but it is a worthy goal to work toward. 

18. Teamwork — Bob Hope

People have been singing about the importance of teamwork and mutual support for a long time, as shown in Bob Hope’s song from the 1962 film The Road To Hong Kong. The tune includes some questionable lyrics that probably wouldn’t fly today, but for the most part, it stands up remarkably well. If you love oldies music, you’ll get a kick out of this tongue-in-cheek song about the importance of working together (even if it’s with someone you don’t like). 

19. I’ll Be There For You — The Rembrandts

I'll Be There for You (Theme From "Friends")

Almost everyone is familiar with this track thanks to its use as the theme song of Friends. The high-energy song with its iconic clapping backtrack is almost as popular as the sitcom itself. I’ll Be There For You is all about supporting your friends, no matter what they’re going through. The song ends with the line: “I’ll be there for you, (‘Cause you’re there for me too).”

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20. Wavin’ Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix) — K’naan

K'NAAN - Wavin' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix)

Flags have long been a symbol of uniting under a single cause. They are a sign of a team, both for the people who belong to it and for people outside the group. K’naan’s 2009 song Wavin’ Flag is a metaphor for this kind of unity. It was written as a rallying song for the people of Somalia, who were entrenched in a struggle for freedom. It quickly gained widespread attention throughout the world and was even chosen as the 2010 promotional song for the FIFA World Cup

21. That’s What Friends Are For — Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, And Gladys Knight

“That’s What Friends are For” by Elton John, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, & Stevie Wonder

It makes sense that a song called That’s What Friends Are For was released by a group of pop singers who had known one another for years. The track was originally set to be recorded as a single for AIDS research by real-life friends Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, and Gladys Knight. Right before they were set to record, Warwick happened to run into Elton John in the grocery store and asked him to lend his vocals as well. It was a powerful message on behalf of patients, who were suffering from a lack of support during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. 

22. You’ve Got a Friend — Carole King

Carole King - You've Got a Friend (Official Audio)

Not to be confused with the Randy Newman song of Toy Story fame, Carole King’s You’ve Got a Friend came nearly 25 years earlier. This track is a message to a friend, expressing how the singer will always be there for them. All they have to do is ask, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get to them. Hopefully, we all have friends that care about us this much!

23. Heroes (We Could Be) — Alesso featuring Tove Lo

Alesso - Heroes (we could be) ft. Tove Lo

This 2014 house hit was recorded by Swedish artists Alesso and Tove Lo, but it was so widespread that it went to No. 1 on the US dance charts. The song is a subtle homage to the David Bowie song of the same name. Alesso said the track was about his feelings of wanting to do something important with his life and confiding those feelings in a friend, leading to support and understanding. 

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24. I Won’t Let You Down — OK Go

OK Go - I Won't Let You Down - Official Video

I Won’t Let You Down is a promise to someone to be a person they can trust with anything. The lyrics point out that we all need a person like this. It’s a moving, emotional song that is likely to bring a tear to your eye. The lyrics also discuss how difficult it can be to open yourself up to someone, fearing that they might end up hurting you. While the track can be interpreted as a love song, it’s also about the importance of having support from others.

25. Better Together — Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson’s simple indie pop song is summed up by the title—things are better when people are together. It’s easy to forget how important it is to have supportive people in your life. The track doesn’t make it completely clear whether the singer is addressing a friend, a lover, or someone else, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. We can all relate to the sensation of feeling better in the presence of the most important people in our lives. 

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