25 Songs About Smiling And Smiles

Smiling is something that requires no translator. Everyone can understand that a smile means something positive—well, most of the time. Smiles are also incredibly powerful. They can be intoxicating, lift your mood on an awful day, or help you get through a hard time with a better outlook on life.

Smiling is so very important that it should come as no surprise that it’s a common thing to see in music. In this article, we’ll look at the 25 best songs about smiles and smiling out there. 

1. Smile – Lily Allen 

Lily Allen | Smile (Official Video)

Sometimes, a good sadistic smile is the best one to have. And while we here don’t recommend reveling in the pain of others, seeing an ex that hurt you in pain sure can make you feel a little bit better about the situation. Lily Allen’s Smile sees her doing just that, enjoying the fact that the ex who lost her is torn up about it and getting just a bit of pleasure from them feeling that way and getting what they deserved.

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2. Smile – Uncle Kracker 

Uncle Kracker - Smile [Official Video]

Love is the one thing that can really leave you with a smile plastered on your face that just can’t be wiped off, no matter how foolish you may look at the time. It’s also the thing that can inspire you to take on the world or overcome any odds. Uncle Kracker nails that sentiment in his song Smile.

3. Smile – Diana Ross 

Diana RossSmile is a wonderfully uplifting song. It’s all about how putting on a smile can give you the confidence to achieve anything or to face your fears head-on. No matter what things bring you down or come your way, forcing yourself to smile can bring you some small modicum of happiness. 

4. Just To See You Smile – Tim McGraw 

Just To See You Smile

Tim McGraw’s Just To See You Smile was one of the sweetest country love songs of 1997. The track details all of the hardships and struggles he would go through, with the smile of his lover being the one thing that makes it worth it for him. No matter the obstacle, he’s willing to face it down if it will bring a smile to their face, and despite not being rich, he’s willing to sacrifice any part of his life. 

5. Smile – Barbra Streisand

Do you ever smile at random people when you’re walking down the street? Having a smile on your own face can brighten not only your day but others’ as well. Barbra Streisand‘s Smile is an emotional and evocative song that discusses just that. Keeping a positive attitude, even if it’s just on your face, can help make a crappy day a little less crappy. 

6. Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers 

The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

Smile Like You Mean It has several different angles, all of which have a great amount of value to draw from. It discusses heavier topics like appreciating things before they are gone and the way we cope with growing old but also lighter themes like smiling through tough times and finding the good in a bad situation. 

7. I See Your Smile – Gloria Estefan 

Gloria Estefan - I See Your Smile

Love at first sight does exist in this world, but it isn’t until that person looks at you and smiles that you really fall all over yourself about them. That heart-stopping feeling is the subject of Gloria Estefan’s I See Your Smile, a wonderful love song about falling in love the instant you see a special person smiling back at you. 

8. You Always Make Me Smile – Kyle Andrews

Kyle Andrews "You Always Make Me Smile" Official Video

Love is a funny thing. Sometimes, all it takes to improve your mood is being with the person you love or them showing you a little affection. No matter what though, we all have one person that can put a smile on our faces regardless of our current mood. This is basically the premise for You Always Make Me Smile by Kyle Andrews

9. I Smile – Kirk Franklin 

Kirk Franklin - I Smile (Official Video)

Kirk Franklin knows for sure that a smile can make you feel better, even if you’re hurting on the inside. This uplifting Christian song encourages you to find joy in suffering, no matter what personal issues you may be dealing with at any given time. Always keep your faith and remember that a smile on your face can do a lot to numb the pain inside your heart. 

10. Unbreakable Smile – Tori Kelly 

Tori Kelly - Unbreakable Smile (Official Video)

It gets hard to keep your head up sometimes in life, with all sorts of negativity floating around that can come your way at any time. Unbreakable Smile is about overcoming everything with a smile on your face, facing down problems with an unbreakable will, and keeping a positive attitude no matter what challenges get thrown at you. It’s going to be hard to achieve, but it isn’t impossible, a fact many people will need to be reminded of. 

11. When I See You Smile – Bad English 

Bad English - When I See You Smile

Bad English’s When I See Your Smile has been a wedding and event classic for quite a long time. It’s another song that talks about the power smiles can hold in our lives. No matter the challenges or hardships that come for us in life, seeing the person you love smile at you can make it all seem insignificant. Lifting that weight can be massively influential on your mood and help you make it through the day. 

12. Smile – Lonestar 

Smile by Lonestar is the epitome of bittersweet country music. This 1999 release sees the narrator smiling through the pain to try bowing out of a relationship with grace. He’s absolutely in love with the woman in the song, but he wants her to be happy more than he wants to be with her, so he decides to let her go. It’s almost hauntingly sad, but in the end, the couple ends up separating because she wants to be with someone other than the singer. 

13. U Smile – Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber - U Smile

U Smile is puppy love Justin Bieber at its finest. Even a smile is something that can get you addicted to a person, or at the very least get you addicted to seeing them smile and the feelings it brings up inside you. But don’t let the young love angle of the song fool you, this is a feeling you can get no matter how much of an experienced romantic you are. 

14. Make Me Smile – Chicago 

Simple things are sometimes the things that make you the most happy, especially in relationships. It isn’t the fancy dinners or big events—though things like that are nice—it’s the small moments like smiles and inside jokes that give you a feeling of satisfaction. That simplicity is what makes Make Me Smile such a great song. 

15. Can’t Smile Without You – Barry Manilow 

Barry Manilow - Can't Smile Without You (Audio)

Being away from the person you love can also have a big impact on your mood. You may not even be able to find a reason to smile when they aren’t around, simply because of how happy they make you feel when they are with you. Barry Manilow captured that loving feeling in Can’t Smile Without You.

16. My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face – Craig Wayne Boyd 

Craig Wayne Boyd - My Baby's Got a Smile on Her Face - Official Video

Seeing the person you love smile is one of life’s little pleasures, and it’s those little things that make a relationship—or life in general—worthwhile. Your partner’s smile in particular can have a major effect on your entire outlook on life. And really that’s the feeling Craig Wayne Boyd is singing about in My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face.

17. God Put A Smile on Your Face – Coldplay 

Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Official Video)

Coldplay talks about smiles—just like the rest of the songs on this list—but comes at it from a different angle. Much of the meaning of God Put A Smile On Your Face is left up to the listener, which leaves some people wanting more answers. Rather than discussing how a smile can brighten your mood or make you feel loved, it’s more about having faith and pondering over where we actually go when we pass on from this mortal plane. 

18. Crooked Smile – J. Cole Feat. TLC

J. Cole - Crooked Smile (Video) ft. TLC

J. Cole’s Crooked Smile is an amazing song about self-love. He believes he has a crooked smile himself, meaning he isn’t perfect. He uses that to relate to anyone out there looking at their own imperfections and struggling with learning to love themselves. It also tells women to stop chasing perfection with all kinds of cosmetic products because inner beauty and acceptance are much more important. 

19. International Smile – Katy Perry 

International Smile

Smiling is a part of human nature, and while some cultures may find it inappropriate at different times, a smile is something everyone can understand regardless of language barriers. Katy Perry sort of takes that sentiment on in International Smile. It’s all about using a smile to give you confidence and help you have a good time no matter where you are in the world or who you happen to be around. 

20. Helpless When She Smiles – Backstreet Boys 

Helpless When She Smiles (Radio Version)

We’ve talked about smiles being addicting in this article a couple of times, but the Backstreet Boys take it to another level. They know the girl they want is bad news. They know she’s going to hurt them. But they overlook all of the obvious red flags because they love seeing her smile so darn much. Regardless of whether she’s good for them, she’s already hooked her claws into them and there’s no going back now. All because of a stupid grin. 

21. Why Don’t You Smile – All Night Workers 

Why Don't You Smile?

Here’s another great example of a person smugly enjoying the fact that an ex is now in an unhappy relationship. Why Don’t You Smile sees the All Night Workers questioning why their now-ex isn’t happier with the person the ex replaced them with than they were with them originally. It has a sense of satisfaction to it of the ‘I-told-you-so’ variety that is palpable. Anyone who’s been dumped and watched an ex make a mistake right after leaving is going to enjoy this song quite a bit. 

22. Smile – Avril Lavigne 

Avril Lavigne - Smile (Official Video)

Avril Lavigne’s Smile is really a fake one. While she tries to pretend she’s so happy in a new relationship, there are more than enough red flags and actual bad situations she’s found herself in to warrant a hasty exit. Instead of smiling, she should probably be finding some help and getting away from her toxic partner. 

23. A Wink and a Smile – Harry Connick, Jr. 

A Wink and a Smile

If you know you’re good at flirting, you’re going to be exceedingly confident while you’re doing it. Just like anything else, confidence comes from experience and knowledge. However, Harry Connick Jr.’s song A Wink And A Smile is all about romance. It’s an upbeat tune that you can easily get up and dance to, reveling in the confidence of an experienced flirt that believes he can open any door with a wink and a smile. 

24. A Certain Smile – Johnny Mathis 

A Certain Smile is a classic love song that describes the way a smile from a certain person can make you feel. When you’re helplessly in love or helplessly looking for something to hold on to, a smile can mean the world to you. This one is intense, full of love, and accurately describes how easily a smile can trigger feelings like that.

25. Smile – Mcfly

Smile is a cheesy pop song from McFly that’s all about the simple things you can do to snatch a man’s heart. Namely, smiling at him is going to do more for you than any amount of makeup or how stereotypically beautiful you are. Being kind, nice, and smiling will all get you farther.

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