13 Best Songs About March

March is an exciting month because it’s about to be spring and flowers are starting to bloom as the warmth sets in. One way to celebrate this month is with special March tracks, so read on to find what made our list of the 13 best songs about March. 

1. Winds Of March – Journey 

Journey - Winds of March (Official Audio)

Journey makes our list with their song Winds Of March, which was released in 1978. This track comes from the album Infinity, and Steve Perry provides some of the most chilling vocals ever on this track. There is a lot of reflective emotion and nostalgia found in the lyrics as he talks about the seasons changing and time going by.

It is a great song to put on when the flowers begin blooming and spring is in the air. Even though it isn’t as popular as other Journey tracks, it’s a lovely song that deserves rotation on every playlist.

2. Ides Of March – Silverstein

On the 2005 album Discovering The Waterfront by Silverstein, there is a song called Ides Of March, and this track is all about an upcoming tragedy happening. A lot of people know Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 B.C. on March 15th, and that is referenced in this song. It is haunting because it’s all about someone who is trying to bargain with death or a person that might be willing to kill, so you may assume it’s a lover who feels jilted or a friend who feels betrayed.

3. March Madness – Future 

Future - March Madness (Audio)

If you’re into trap music then the track March Madness by Future is the best March song to listen to. It comes from the mixtape 56 Nights, which he released in 2015. This track features a beat that not only booms but will get you energized. He has such a raspy voice that it works with the song where he flaunts his money and ability to buy luxurious items. He also goes into how he struggled before he became famous. He compares all of this to March Madness, and it just matches the hype we feel during the basketball season. 

4. March – Deacon Blue 

In 2014, Deacon Blue released March, which comes from a small EP album that they released, and the track is about as short as the EP itself. It talks about how spring is coming and how much hope and excitement there is for the sun to be coming out again as winter ends. There are also references in the song to how people are strong just like the month of March, and how we will all get through our problems and grow just like the blooming flowers. 

5. These Arms – Amanda Perez

Amanda Perez released These Arms in 2007, and this is one of those R&B songs that is filled with soul and love that you’ll enjoy listening to. In the track, she talks about how in March 2002, she fell in love with someone, and through the years, her desire and love for that person have become even stronger. There are strings in the song as well as a lovely piano, which sets the emotional mood for it.

6. Lakes Of Pontchartrain – Aoife O’Donovan 

Aoife O'Donovan - "Lakes of Pontchartrain" (Official Audio)

While you might not have heard of Aoife O’Donovan, you should give Lakes Of Pontchartrain a listen because it’s one of those haunting tracks that tells a beautiful story. This folk song is all about a man who meets a woman in March while near Lake Pontchartrain. However, the woman ends up dying from a medical illness, and it’s one of those emotional folk tracks that could easily bring a tear to your eye.

7. One Last Love – Edda Works

Up next is Edda with the song One Last Love, which came out in 1998, and this is a track all about heartbreak. The song is about a relationship ending in March and how the month felt so long because they were lonely and lost without their love. The vocals and lyrics are moving, and if you’ve ever been dumped by someone you really loved, then you’ll relate to this emotional ballad that has some hope, romance, and heartbreak all in one moving track. 

8. Don’t Make Sense – Caspr 

Caspr - Don't Make Sense [Official Music Video]

If you’ve heard the Iron Maiden song The Ides Of March then you’ll love Don’t Make Sense by Caspr since that track is referenced in this song. This track is about a relationship where there are a lot of complicated and mixed emotions, with it hard to define what exactly is going on in the relationship. 

The other person in the relationship is being compared to the song The Ides Of March because of having a heart made of metal and their hair is nothing but plastic, which is an obvious reference to Iron Maiden. Not only are the lyrics relatable, but it’s a catchy track from 2021 that you’ll want to play more than once during the spring months. 

9. The Ides Of March – Iron Maiden 

The Ides of March (2015 Remaster)

Speaking of Iron Maiden, they are up next on our list with their song The Ides Of March, which we just talked about a little bit above.  This 1981 track is an instrumental, and it’s the introduction song on their Killers album. The guitar riffs in the track are classic Iron Maiden, and they are spooky, haunting, and incredibly powerful, which we’ve come to know from the metal band. 

The song speaks of the murder of Julius Caesar and other historical events are also referenced in the track too. The heavy metal aspect of the band, including their instruments, really helps build the haunting and ominous feelings and emotions conveyed in it. While not an upbeat song, this is the perfect tune to put on during a rainy March day. 

10. The Planters Daughter – Johnny McEvoy 

The Planters Daughter

Next, we’re going to talk about The Planters Daughter, which was a 2014 track released by Johnny McEvoy. This is a folk song that talks about the daughter of a rich landowner who has met a man from the working class and is different from her, but she met him in March and fell in love. While it’s forbidden for them to be together because they’re not in the same socio-economic class, they are trying their best to stay together.

There is a lot of heartache and pain in the track, and you feel that emotion deeply with the smooth and chilling vocals of McEvoy. 

11. Bones – Low Roar Feat. Jófríõur Ákadóttir

Low Roar - "Bones" (feat. Jófríõur Ákadóttir) [Official Audio]

If you want to hear songs that are about March, then the 2017 track Bones by Low Roar needs to be on your list because it’s on ours! This song begins by talking about the first of March when he had an epiphany and everything just became more clear to him. The guitar in the track builds as he begins to experience a release whether it’s about his own mortality or a longing for a loved one or lover. 

There are parts of this beautifully haunting song that are very open to interpretation so you may notice themes that you can relate to in other ways. You’ll feel that when you listen to its melodies, which are very slow and make you want to daydream.

12. Seventeen – Tyler Braden

Tyler Braden - Seventeen (Audio)

In 2022, Tyler Braden came out with the song Seventeen, which will remind you of March because it’s about how during that month one year when he received a letter that led him to go across the country. This is a track told from the point of view of a guy who is reflecting back on his teenage years. 

In it, he details all of the good and bad experiences he had during that time, including his friendships and romantic entanglements. We all like to sit back sometimes and think of our teenage years and all of the crazy things we’ve gone through, which is what this is all about. It’s not only relatable but emotional and will make you feel nostalgic. 

13. March – Jack Hartmann 

The Month of March | Calendar Song for Kids | Month of the Year Song | Jack Hartmann

Lastly, we’re going to mention the kids’ song March by Jack Hartmann because it’s a great upbeat track that is educational. In the song, kids are encouraged to dance along to the track while he tells them things about March, including how it begins with unpredictable weather and it’s the start of spring. 

He talks about how in March, there are special days including St. Patrick’s Day, and he brings up that it is considered Women’s History Month. Even if you’re an adult, you’ll enjoy this catchy tune that’ll remind you of everything special about March.

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