25 Best Songs About February

February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day on the 14th, but it’s also a very cold month for many parts of the country. Musicians have talked about February for decades in their tracks, and we’re going to list the 25 best songs about February below that you might want to listen to during the month. 

1. Xmas In February – Lou Reed 

First on our list is Lou Reed with Xmas In February, which was released in 1989 on the album New York. This song is all about a guy named Sam who was in the Vietnam War and lost an arm. It goes into detail about him not being able to find work after coming home from the war and his wife leaving with their kids. It also talks about opium and how Sam needs it to function because the pain is too much. 

2. February Stars – Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters - February Stars (from Skin And Bones, Live in Hollywood, 2006)

The Foo Fighters are on our list with February Stars from their 1997 album The Colour And The Shape. This song is all about trying to hold on and hoping that you don’t fall down because your fingertips are the only thing holding you up right now. There is a mellow part in the track before you hear the guitars and the song goes into heavy rock. 

You can immediately notice the distinctive vocal stylings of Dave Grohl when you hear this track including his raw voice that can be both sweet and soft but at times almost yelling at you. If you’re a fan of rock music or grunge then this song might be one of the best to check out about February. 

3. Two Days In February – The Goo Goo Dolls 

Two Days in February

The Goo Goo Dolls released the song Two Days In February in 1990, and this is from the album Hold Me Up. The track is all about a relationship between the lead singer while he was living in Buffalo but the woman was living in California. 

There are lyrics within the song that talk about how you know you’re going to get through tough times even though nothing is within your control. What’s fun about The Goo Goo Dolls is that it’s lighter rock music that you can listen to any time of the day or night and most of the songs will make you feel better because of the calming, sensual, and relaxing vocal style we hear from John Rzeznik. 

4. February Song – Josh Groban 

Josh Groban - February Song [Live]

February Song is up next, which is by Josh Groban and was released on the album Awake in 2006. This track made it onto the Adult Contemporary chart and landed at number 13. This song is all about how there was a specific February that changed aspects of his life. At this time, he was on tour and had just broken up with his girlfriend, so he was going through things he wanted to write down in a track. 

5. February Snow – Bobby Bare

Up next is Bobby Bare with the song February Snow, and this track was released on Bare in 1978. This song is about someone who died and the hope that the person finds what they were seeking in this life in the afterlife. The melody is very soft and slow, and it’ll remind you of a classic old-school country track. If you’ve lost a loved one then this song is going to make you reflect on that and hopefully help you heal from that pain.

6. February Seven – The Avett Brothers 

The Avett Brothers - February Seven (Closed-Captioned)

Calling all fans of folk music, next on our list is The Avett Brothers with the song February Seven. This track came out in 2012 on their album The Carpenter, and it’s a very folk-like song mixed with a little country.

In this track, February seventh is mentioned and it’s an important date when he learned a lesson in life but doesn’t go into details on what lessons he learned that day in February. You can guess from the lyrics that it might have something to do with the importance of your family and dealing with maturing into an adult. 

7. February Air – Lights 

Lights - February Air [Official Music Video]

Attention people who’ve lost a loved one, one February song you might want to listen to is February Air by Lights. Released in 2009, this track has a very bittersweet vibe to it because there is a feeling of loneliness in this song from losing someone but also lyrics that might make you feel nostalgic thinking about memories. Even though the track seems to be implying loss of some sort, it’s a very upbeat song that may make you feel better during a cold February night. 

8. March Winds In February – Van Morrison 

March Winds In February

Next on our list is Van Morrison who released March Winds In February back in 2019 on Three Chords & The Truth. This is a very classic tune by him where the melody is slow and the lyrics are spoken softly to give you a sense of peace and harmony. It is going to make you feel all of those emotions you’ve been trying to hide, and the lyrics mention facing yourself and the challenges you are going through.

9. February – Marcus Miller 

Marcus Miller February

Calling all Jazz fans, Marcus Miller released a song called February back in 2012 on his album Renaissance, and this is a very upbeat booming track you can dance to all night long. There are many elements to this song including the big bass, so it’s going to make you feel happy and upbeat even during the dark and cold February days.  

10. February Love – The-Dream 

In 2010, The-Dream released February Love, which is on Love King, and it’s a very seductive, sensual, and slow song that’s going to put you into a loving mood. It’s a track that’ll make you feel romantic so it’s great to listen to on or near Valentine’s Day. The lyrics talk about the singer trying to convince a girl to go on a date with him, and there are a lot of emotional elements in the song that you can relate to. 

11. Forever February – Regina Carter 

Attention all instrumental lovers out there, Regina Carter is a jazz singer who released the instrumental tune Forever February in 2000. This song comes from Motor City Moments, and it’s a track that pays homage to her Detroit roots, and you can hear that sound all throughout this classic jazz violinist. 

12. February Prorated Rent – Joe Kaplow 

February Prorated Rent

Joe Kaplow released February Prorated Rent in 2021 on his album Sending Money And Stems. It’s a folk song that has an indie vibe to it, and it’s all about how during February you pay more rent and how a quaint little town is being overrun by businesses. As cities get bigger, we often feel sad seeing the town we love become nothing but store after store. If you feel sentimental and a little sad during February, this track helps capture those emotions. 

13. February Winds – Billy Talent 

Billy Talent released the song February Winds in 2016, and this was on his album Afraid Of Height. A track that features incredible lyrics and amazing sound, this indie-sounding rock song is all about how we should all come together as one even though we all have differences in our lives. Whether we are of different classes or colors, the goal of this song is to help us focus on what unites us as a people instead of what divides us. It’s a perfect track for the sweet and loving feelings we should have during the month of February. 

14. February – Dar Williams 

Next is Dar Williams with the 1996 song February, and the track is pretty heartbreaking as it’s dealing with a breakup. When you listen to the very slow and soft song, your mind will be filled with so many images of having to deal with a strained relationship where it’s obvious it’ll no longer work out. 

Just as it’s cold and chilly in February, this track details how you get that same chilly feeling when you know your relationship is on its last leg. The good thing is that towards the end of the song, a new relationship is formed and it goes into how he can prepare before the winter comes to stop that chilly feeling. 

15. February – The Getaway Plan 

In 2011, The Getaway Plan released the song February on their album Requiem, and it’s all about being in love as a young girl. If you like uplifting and upbeat tracks about the joys of young love then you’ll love listening to this song, especially around Valentine’s Day

When you are in love, you often feel like you’re on top and nothing can bring you down, and the lyrics provide great imagery to give you those positive feelings and emotions relating to loving someone. With a more punk and pop angle, this is one of those tracks that you can enjoy and rock out to regardless of how old you are or what time of day it is. 

16. February – The Chills 

February by The Chills is an indie rock song that comes off the EP called Stand By from 2004. This track is a little different from the previous songs they released; although it still has those vocals and a lot of reverb, which is what we’ve come to know from the New Zealand band. What we love about this track is that the vocals and instruments remind us of the indie rock scene and the voices are so unique and distinctive that it’s going to stand out in your playlist. 

17. Take Me Back To February – Seagloof 

Seagloof - "take me back to february" (Audio)

In 2020, Seagloof released the song Take Me Back To February, and this track is on the album Changes. It’s a song that talks all about how the person wishes they could turn back the hands of time to a point where everything was good with someone. The lyrics contain a lot of emotion, and it’s heartbreaking to hear the sorrow in the vocals as they wish they could change things with someone. This is a very slow track that mixes both hip hop and lo-fi, and you’re going to enjoy listening to this song on cold February nights. 

18. February 2017 -Charli XCX Feat. Clairo And Yaeji 

Charli XCX - February 2017 (Feat. Clairo and Yaeji) [Official Audio]

If you’ve ever hurt someone that was a really good person, then the song February 2017 by Charli XCX featuring Clairo and Yaeji is a wonderful song to listen to. This track comes from Charli, which was released in 2019, and this is an electro-pop song that is all about seeking forgiveness. 

The lyrics describe how the narrator ended up hurting someone and doing something really bad to them, even though they are an awesome person and didn’t deserve it. February is when the incident occurred, which is where the track title comes from, although we don’t know exactly what transpired during that situation. 

19. February – Joan Baez 

Joan Baez is a name that a lot of people recognize, and on her 1997 album Gone From Danger is the song February. If you’ve ever had a time in your life when you worried about getting through the month, such as because of the cold or lack of work, then this track is going to touch a nerve with you. She talks about the things you do during this month, including cutting firewood, and it’s a song that you can relate to if you have anxiety and worry about getting your family through this particularly bitterly cold month. 

20. The Fourteenth Of February – Billy Bragg 

The Fourteenth of February - Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg released Walking And Talking in 1996, and on this album is the song The Fourteenth Of February, which is obviously talking about Valentine’s Day. The track is all about wanting to remember every detail of your relationship with someone, including the first time your eyes met theirs, but you have trouble remembering all of these details. This is one of those pretty love songs that you can relate to if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and you long to remember those little things from when you first got together. 

21. February: Michelle Again – Local H 

February: Michelle Again

Alt-rock band Local H released February: Michelle (Again) on the 2008 album Twelve Angry Months. This entire album was written from the perspective of someone who went through a breakup, and each month there is a different song relating to the feelings and emotions of that breakup. 

What’s interesting about this track is that it’s the songwriter being annoyed that people keep asking him not only about his breakup but about the girl in the middle of it all, which is Michelle. No one really cares how she is doing or what happened with their relationship and it’s all a fake concern, so this song is about the people pretending to care about his personal life. 

22. February Brings The Rain – Julie London 

February Brings The Rain (Remastered)

Calling all fans of older music, you might want to check out Julie London and her song February Brings The Rain, which was released in 1956 on Calendar Girl. This track is perfect for February because it does a lot of rain and snow during this time of the year, and she is noting how this month is dreary, cold, and wet. 

23. February Tale – Pill-Oh

Next up is Pill-Oh with the song February Tale, and this is on the 2012 album called Vanishing Mirror. It’s a relaxing track that features not only a piano but a xylophone as well, which is different and that’s why it’s on our list. It is going to bring imagery of magic and mythical creatures, and it’s such a great song to have on your playlist this time of year. 

24. London In February – Coastal 

London In February

Coastal released a song in 2004 called London In February, and it’s an instrumental track that is very slow and not too loud, making it perfect for an evening with your sweetheart. This song comes from the album named Halfway To You, and it’s a very soothing and soft song that gives you a relaxed and sensual feeling.

25. One Heavy February – Architecture In Helsinki 

One Heavy February

Last on our list is One Heavy February by Architecture In Helsinki, which is from their debut album in 2003 called Fingers Crossed. While this song is about one minute long, it’s a track filled with synthesizers, and it’s incredibly upbeat. This is a completely instrumental track that’s going to leave you feeling energetic and happy, even during February.

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