21 Best Songs About April

April for a lot of people is the beginning of spring and promise, and while you’re doing your spring cleaning, you might want to listen to some great tunes about this particular month. We’re going to give you a rundown of the 21 best songs about April below so keep reading to find out what made our list. 

1. April Fools – Aretha Franklin 

First up on our list is Aretha Franklin with April Fools, which was released in 1972 on the Young, Gifted, And Black album. What’s great about this song is that it’s using the premise of April Fool’s to ask whether or not love is going to last before she expresses the fact she’s found her one true love. Even though this isn’t the most popular track on this album, it is one of those great songs you can sing along to the catchy tune all month long. 

2. Pieces of April – Three Dog Night 

Three Dog Night also had a hit album in 1972 just like Aretha Franklin, and the album was Seven Separate Fools. This album contained the song Pieces Of April, which is all about love and spring. The track didn’t chart higher than 19 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it was still praised for being a slower and much more delicate song compared to the rest of the tracks on the album. 

3. April Again – Dean Martin 

Next on our list is April Again by Dean Martin, which was released in 1968, and this song seems to be a tribute to the month of April. When you look at the lyrics, it seems that he had a love in his life that brought him joy and pleasant memories during the month of April. Together, they put flowers inside of a book, and as it’s raining on his window, he is thinking about her. There was a particular April he thinks about in this song. He looks back fondly on that time, wishing he could go back to that time in their relationship. 

4. April – Beach Bunny 

Beach Bunny - April (Official Audio)

In 2020, Beach Bunny released the song April on the album Honeymoon, and this track is all about grieving after breaking up with someone. In this melancholy song, she is sad remembering that this relationship had ended during the month of April.

As the rain falls from the sky, so do the tears on her face as she realizes she will have to move on with her life without this special someone. She wants the guy back, but he doesn’t want to come back to her, and after a year of trying to get in touch with him, she realizes that it’s all in the past and just distant memories. 

5. Sometimes It Snows In April – Prince 

Sometimes It Snows in April

Calling all fans of Prince, have you heard the ballad Sometimes It Snows In April? This song was released on his album Under The Cherry Moon in 1986. This track is all about his character Christopher Tracy’s death and how it has affected him. There is hope that one day, they all will be together again in heaven. 

It was often performed as the ending song to his live concerts. Interestingly, this track had been recorded on April 21 and he died 31 years later on April 21, 2016, which put the song back into the spotlight where it reentered the charts. 

6. I Just Called To Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder 

I Just Called To Say I Love You

Next on our list is I Just Called To Say I Love You, which was released in 1984 on The Woman In Red album. This had also been in the comedy movie of the same name. It landed on the Billboard charts and peaked in the number one position in multiple categories including the Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts. 

In it, he talks about all of the events that might happen in life where you’d want to call someone special, such as Halloween or New Year’s Day, but none of those special events are behind his call. He just called because he wanted to tell this special someone he loved them, which is why this track is such a classic romantic love song. 

7. April Love – Pat Boone 

Up next is Pat Boone with the song April Love from the 1965 album Easy Listening Party. This track was in the movie April Love, which came out in 1957 and starred both Shirley Jones and Boone. This song spent a total of six weeks on the Billboard chart in the number one position and was nominated for awards including Best Original Song and Best Music. 

8. April Come She Will – Simon & Garfunkel 

Simon & Garfunkel - April Come She Will

Simon & Garfunkel are on our list with the song April Come She Will, which was on the Sounds Of Silence album released in 1966. This track isn’t even two minutes long, but it’s a breezy and light song full of guitar and the harmonic vocals of both Simon & Garfunkel. The track uses the seasons changing as a comparison to how a girl’s mood can change. It has been featured in a variety of television shows such as The Mindy Project as well as Parks And Recreation. 

9. April Skies – The Jesus and Mary Chain 

The Jesus And Mary Chain - April Skies (Official Music Video)

The Jesus And Mary Chain released a song called April Skies in 1987 on the album Darklands. This track talks about how during April the skies open up, which is referring to the month being a very rainy time of the year. The electric guitar in this song is amazing and part of the indie and pop genre, and it’s a track that’s perfect for listening to during those rainy April times. 

10. April In Paris – Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong 

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - April In Paris

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong make our list with the track April In Paris, which is a jazz song that was originally performed in 1932 by Evelyn Hoey. The lyrics in this track talk about the spring and what it looks like from where the narrator is from, such as blossoms from the chestnuts and tables being set up under trees. It’s a wonderful song to listen to and think about what springtime looks like in other parts of the world. 

11. April Fool – Patti Smith 

In 2012, Patti Smith released the song April Fool on the album Banga. This track is all about a memory of a particular April Fool. The title of the song relates to Nikolai Gogol, who was a short story and novelist. She sings about wanting a person to be her love, and it’s one of those tunes you can sing along to as you feel the optimism of love in the air during the spring. 

12. April 8th – Neutral Milk Hotel 

Next on our list is Neutral Milk Hotel with the song April 8th from the album On Avery Island from 1996. This is a track that is all about loneliness and not having anyone in his life to share special moments with. This is an indie band that is known for having more depressing and sad themes in their songs, and April 8th is no exception to that. 

While this isn’t an upbeat and positive track like a lot of other ones on our list, it’s a great April song because it’s talking about previous April moments he had with someone special. He talks about having memories of the time with her under a blanket. It’s one of those tracks you hear and makes you feel thankful if you do have that special someone in your life to share moments with. 

13. April 29, 1992 (Miami) – Sublime 

April 29, 1992 (Miami)

Next is Sublime with their song April 29, 1992, and this track is found on their 1996 self-titled album. The song doesn’t have a lot of references to the month of April, but the title of the track references a specific date that is famous for being when the Los Angeles Riots took place

To refresh your memory, this was the date that the four officers were found not guilty of the beating of Rodney King. What’s interesting is that in the song, the date the 26th is used, with the band saying it was a mistake, but that the recording of the track was so good that they just rolled with it. 

14. April Sun In Cuba – Dragon 

Next is the 1977 song April Sun In Cuba by Dragon, which came from the album Running Free. In Cuba, it’s very warm in April, and they decided to write a track about that, so it’s all about that warm Cuban sun during April when most people have to deal with rain and clouds. If it’s raining where you’re at right now, throw this song on and daydream about the warmer weather that’s right around the corner. 

15. April In Paris – Count Basie 

Count Basie - April In Paris

Count Basie released a version of April In Paris in 1955, and it comes from the album of the same name. His version of the song is the most famous, and it was even put into the Grammy Hall of Fame. There was a revised version of the track that was featured in the movie Blazing Saddles in 1974. This version of the song is so popular that it was also used in Grand Theft Auto IV. If you’re a fan of jazz music then this version is the one you should check out. 

16. I’ll Remember April – Frank Sinatra 

I'll Remember April (Remastered)

Frank Sinatra is on our list with the hit song I’ll Remember April, which is all about the beginning and ending of a romance with the seasons being used as a metaphor. The flames of a fire are being compared to how a relationship can be strong at first and then slowly fade out.

April could also be used as the month when new relationships began when you were younger and you’re looking back on those memories fondly. One of the main feelings you’ll get from this track is nostalgia and that’s a major theme of this song from beginning to end.

17. April Showers – ProleteR

ProleteR - April Showers

Next up is an artist you might not have heard of before, which is ProleteR. He is a producer from France known for hip hop and electro-swing. The song April Showers was released in 2011 on the album Curses From Past Times. 

This track is in reality a cover of a 20s by Al Jolson that made its way onto Broadway, but he made it unique by adding beats and turning it into a more hip hop tune. It is all about the rain that most of us have to endure during the spring, and sometimes, how it can turn into snow even though it’s no longer winter. 

18. April Fools – Rufus Wainwright 

Rufus Wainwright - April Fools (Official Music Video)

April Fools by Rufus Wainwright is one of those songs that’s different because he relates believing in love to an April Fool’s joke. Released in 1998 on his self-titled debut album, he had thought of this track when he was in the bathtub, and it hit him as he was standing there naked, which is a very interesting time to have an idea for a song. It is one of those tracks that you have to hear because it’s timeless and relatable. You will enjoy his vocal performance alongside the piano and guitar.

19. Do Away With April – Sarah Vaughan 

Do Away With April

Jazz singer Sarah Vaughn makes our list with her song Do Away With April. This track is all about her wishing that April wasn’t real and how we could just replace this month by doubling March. The lyrics make it clear that there was a love that went wrong during April and is likely when the breakup happened, so she doesn’t want this month to exist and remind her of that love that went wrong. 

20. Soft Rains Of April – a-ha

Soft Rains of April

Pop group a-ha makes our list next with the song Soft Rains Of April, which comes from the 1986 album Scoundrel Days. This track is great because it’s all about how much the narrator misses being home, and he’s homesick for his girl and his family. If you’ve had to travel and be apart from your family for an extended period of time, then you’ll relate to the lyrics and the somber mood portrayed in this tune. 

21. April 2031 – Warrant 

Last on our list is Warrant with the 1992 song April 2031, which came from the album Dog Eat Dog. This track is very interesting because while it’s similar to a late 80s rock song, it’s also full of deep thoughts while still being catchy enough to entertain.

The track is set in the future and the lyrics are from the perspective of a person experiencing life after the environment all around has been destroyed. Unlike a lot of other rock songs from this time, it is a little more serious and doesn’t have the same superficial vibe, so it’s worth a listen!

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