21 Best Songs About June

June is one of the best months of the year with flowers blooming, clear skies, and warm temperatures. To help celebrate the lovely summer month, we’re going to tell you about the 21 best songs about June to help you ring in the sunny weather. 

1. June On The West Coast – Bright Eyes

June On The West Coast

In 1998, Bright Eyes released the song June On The West Coast from the album Letting Off The Happiness. This is one of the coolest tracks about June, and it’s about traveling along the west coast, dreaming about his love. There is more of a combination of indie and emo in its sound, and this song really focuses its lyrics and theme on self-discovery. 

2. June Hymn – The Decemberists

Released in 2011, June Hymn by The Decemberists comes from the album The King Is Dead, and it’s all about reflection and nostalgia. In the song, the person is reflecting on their childhood and thinking how much easier things were back then. The track goes into how when he was younger he caught fireflies outside, just playing, so it’s perfect for remembering your youthful summer activities.

3. June – Cameras


Up next is a song by Cameras called June, which came out in 2011 on the album In Your Room. This track is all about looking back at all of the relationships that ended in the month of June. Part of this song is happy and looking back fondly on the memories of those relationships, while other parts of the track talk about how painful it is knowing it’s over and just memories. The chorus is catchy, and if you’ve been heartbroken before, this is the perfect song. 

4. June In January – Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby is on our list with his 1934 song June In January, and his crooning is one of the most iconic aspects of this song. In the lyrics, he talks about how even in January, when you find someone that you’re in love with, it can make you feel happy and excited just like the sunshine in June. If you’ve ever been in love then you know how it can make you feel warm and happy inside regardless of what the weather is like outside. 

5. June, After Dark – Elliott Root

Next is Elliot Root with the song June, After Dark, which was released in 2017 on his self-titled album. This is a track that is all about a breakup and feeling lost after the relationship is over. When you listen to the lyrics, you can hear the pain and mourning in his voice as he is having some difficulties moving on after this relationship ended. 

6. Snow Falls In June – Ryan Bingham 

Ryan Bingham 'Snow Falls In June'

In 2015, Ryan Bingham released the song Snow Falls In June, which is about experiencing a tragic event in your life that happens to someone you love. The narrator goes into giving that person all of your support as they go through this difficult time, and it’s a very pretty track that is not only sweet but just emotional and full of love. It is the perfect rock and country song to lift you up while you’re going through hard times. 

7. Memphis In June – Nina Simone 

Nina Simone - Memphis In June (1961)

Nina Simone is on our list with her 1961 track Memphis In June, which is from her album Forbidden Fruit. This is a jazz song that is all about the reflection we have during the summer and how much time we spend reminiscing about the past. Her voice is not only full of soul but also full of love and joy. You can hear how happy she is when she talks about the fun summers she had during her childhood, and it’ll make you smile thinking about your own childhood summer fun. 

8. Girls In June – Dirty Art Club

If you love spending some time on the beach then the song Girls In June is going to be just what you want to hear. This 2013 track by Dirty Art Club can be found on the album Vermilion, and it’s all about things that happen in June, including how a lot of people enjoy going to parties or the beach during the summer. 

There is also some talk about how much pressure there is for girls in the summer because they are expected to look sexy and skinny in their bikinis. Not only is this song about reflection on summertime fun, but it’s also empowering to women because it talks about how each woman is unique and beautiful. 

9. Day In June – Kid Astray 

Attention all indie music fans, Kid Astray released the song Day In June in 2015 on the album Home Before The Dark. This track is all about breaking up and how bitter you might feel after it happens, but it’s a catchy song that is fun and filled with some cool drum beats. You may have broken up with someone in June and will be able to relate to this track if you’re still bitter about it. 

10. Evening In June – Van Morrison 

What’s Wrong With This Picture was an album released by Van Morrison in 2003, and the track Evening In June from this album makes our list. This romantic song is classic Morrison, and he talks about how much he loves this person and how much he loves to spend time with them during the month of June.

Romances in summer are nothing new, and if you’ve experienced one, then you’ll relate to this track. You’ll relate to and reflect back on how much fun summer nights can be when you spend them with that special someone. 

11. Rainy Day In June – Alan Jackson

Calling all country fans, you may have heard the song Rainy Day In June by Alan Jackson, which was released on his 2004 album What I Do. This track is very slow and sentimental, and you can feel the love and pain in his voice as he reflects on a lost love. Rain has been used in the song to be a metaphor for the depression he has experienced as a result of losing this person, and it’s one of the most gentle and somber breakup tracks to listen to. 

12. Paris In June – Johnnyswim

JOHNNYSWIM: Paris In June (Official Audio)

Johnnyswim released the track Paris In June on the album Diamonds in 2014, and this is a great folk song to listen to if you love harmonies and strings. The band is a husband and wife, and when you listen to this track, you’ll feel the love and romance the two share as they talk about the month of June and all of the fun you can have during this time.  

13. Junebug – The B-52’s

In 1989, The B-52’s released the album Cosmic Thing, which contains the song Junebug. This is a great track about June and about all of the fun events that happen during the month, such as going to summer weddings and dancing. If you want to relive the joy and fun of summer, then this is the perfect song to put on regardless of what time of year it is. 

14. Seven Days In Sunny June – Jamiroquai 

Jamiroquai - Seven Days In Sunny June

In 2006, Jamiroquai released the album Dynamite, which contains the song Seven Days In Sunny June. On the UK Singles chart, this track landed at number 14, and it’s a song that mixes funk and pop to create an upbeat and energetic track about June. There is talk in this song about the summer solstice, and in the music video, you can see people playing beach ball and having fun throwing around confetti. 

15. Christmas In June – AJR

AJR - Christmas in June (Official Video)

Next up is AJR with the song Christmas In June, which is all about how the narrator wants his partner to allow him to celebrate various holidays early because of their career in music. They dive into how being successful does come with some negatives, such as not being around when Christmas actually hits, which is why it’s proposed to have the holiday early. 

16. The Jewel Of June – The Milk Carton Kids

The Milk Carton Kids - "The Jewel Of June" (Full Album Stream)

The Milk Carton Kids released a song called The Jewel Of June on the 2013 album The Ash & Clay, and this is a beautiful track reflecting how beautiful Mother Nature is in June. The song is slower and features an acoustic guitar, so it’s calming and gentle compared to heavier tracks on our list. There are also lyrics that deal with how brief and fleeting life is, so it’s a very reflective tune you can listen to as you look under the stars during the hot summer month of June. 

17. Belly Of June – Horse Feathers 

Horse Feathers - Belly of June (Official Music Video)

Horse Feathers makes our list next with the 2010 song Belly Of June from the album Thistled Spring. This track is all about June and the heat that it brings with it. There is talk in the lyrics about being trapped by the heat, and there is some frustration with that in the voice of the singer. 

However, there is also a feeling of love and admiration for the beauty that happens in June, such as the fireflies and wildflowers. It is all about contrasting the heat of the summer with the beauty we all see around us, and it’s not only thought-provoking but shows a deep appreciation for Mother Nature during the month of June. 

18. Middle Of June – Noah Gunderson 

Next is the 2009 song Middle Of June by Noah Gunderson on the album Saints & Liars. This track is all about two people who love each other but cannot be together and have been forced to break up. It’s a sad song but there is a lot of hope in it too as the narrator looks forward to the future and talks about how much fun he had with his lover. If you’ve experienced loving someone and then losing them, for any reason, you will understand and relate to this track. 

19. June Is As Cold As December – The Everly Brothers 

June Is as Cold as December

If you’re a fan of The Everly Brothers then you might want to listen to June Is As Cold As December, which was released in 1966 on the album In Our Image. This song is all about a woman who is named June and not the month, although the track itself plays off of the month of June. 

There is a comparison between the bitterly cold temperatures in December and this female that is named June, which means she is as cold as ice just like December. As you might guess, the person in this song singing is the jilted lover, so it’s no wonder they compare the woman June to December. 

20. Bye June – The Smashing Pumpkins 

Bye June (Ignoffo Sessions / 2012 Mix)

The Smashing Pumpkins make our list with the song Bye June from the 2005 album Rarities And B-Sides. While there are several ways you can interpret the lyrics to this track, you can feel the sense of loss in the song as he mourns June. It’s a very short track that you could take as a goodbye letter or suicide note or you could take it as just leaving something behind or someone behind. 

21. June – Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw: June (Official Video)

Lastly, we have Tigers Jaw with their track June, which is about a relationship that has ended and reflects on how the couple spent the month of June. This is a first-person song that talks about it, even though the relationship is over. There are still moments when they think of that other person and how much regret there is that the relationship didn’t work out. If you’ve ever been in a relationship then you’ll relate to the lyrics of both nostalgia and also remorse and regret about it not working out the way you’d hoped it would.

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