Superior Singing Method Review – Is this Course Worth it?

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Note: I no longer recommend the Superior Singing Method. You can receive a free trial to another singing course that I highly recommend. Learn to sing with the 30 Day Singer. Check out the free trial here. It's cheaper and better than Superior Singing Method.

Great singers aren’t made, they’re born— this old adage is just not true!

Despite the popular belief that a person can’t be trained to be a beautiful singer, singing coaches have been around for generations taking skilled and unskilled singers to the next level.

Even better, with new technology comes new teaching aids. The rise of online singing classes has added a wealth of opportunity to the landscape. 

Of course, there is some skepticism as to the efficiency and plausibility of an online coach.

Can pre-recorded programs online help at an individual level? Is it really possible for everyone, even the “tone deaf” to sing? 

Well, the answer is yes to both. It’s about finding the right instruction for your needs and learning style and finding the right range to battle what many consider bad singing.

One program, ​The Superior Singing Method, offers newbies and advanced singers alike the opportunity to hone their craft. While the online singing course alone won’t make you the next superstar, it can elevate your craft and set you on your journey.

In this Superior Singing Method Review, I'll break down the program and help you decide if it’s the purchase for you! 

Meet Aaron, the Founder of the Course

A teacher is only as good as their credentials, and it’s safe to say the Superior Singing Method was created by experienced hands.

Aaron Anastasi, creator of the Superior Singing Method, did so with first-hand knowledge of what it was like to struggle to get his voice where he wanted it to be. 

From the lessons to the exercises, you can rest assured that they were created with real people in mind. 

Born in southern California, it’s no surprise Aaron took to the entertainment scene. When he was just thirteen, he started his musical career learning to play the guitar.

At eighteen, Aaron entered into the world of recording and released two EP’s. During that time, he too had to grow his voice, which makes him uniquely qualified to understand and put together a program like the Superior Singing Method for instructing people to sing better and improve.

While training himself to sing the way others needed him to (or how he wanted to sound), Aaron found not only tips but methods to bring out the singer in everyone.

For him, the journey took years, but he aims to cut down that timeframe for others with his program.

With other career projects including film and directing, it appears he’s the package deal to put together something designed to help others with singing.

He’s worked with some of the best of both worlds and understands the challenges people face when finding their singing voice.

Along with the Superior Singing Method, Aaron has created workshops around playing guitar, singing success, and songwriting. All areas where he has excelled in his own career.

His knowledge and coaching skills don’t stop with videos, either. He’s recently released two novels and has a singing and lifestyle channel on YouTube. 

Simply put, Aaron is a fantastic candidate who can not only do but teach!

What Do You Get with This Course?

The Superior Singing Method Review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t discuss the material itself. 

man singing into the studio recording equipment and microphone.

Throughout eight advertised modules over sixty days and a few bonus courses, you will have the world of singing deconstructed and explained.

You’ll learn to develop accurate pitch, have better vocal control, improve your vocal tone, improve power and projection of your voice, grow an ability to move effortlessly between notes, and develop advanced training vocal intonation (like singing high notes without strain) all with this eight-week course.

Though you can move at your own pace, it’s recommended to pursue this around fifteen to twenty minutes a day over the eight weeks.

You’ll begin with the basics, such as vocal exercises and breathing, as they make up the backbone of any good singing voice. As the weeks continue, you’ll go through tone, pitch, strengthening your registry, range, vocal agility, and more advanced exercises.

Module One: Vocal exercises exclusive to the program

Module Two: Diaphragm control and breathing

Module Three: Enhance tone

Module Four: Find your personal pitch and voice.

Module Five: Strengthen your vocal registry

Module Six: Hit high notes without damage

Module Seven: Improve your vocal agility

Module Eight: Advanced exercises

However, the courses don’t stop with the advertised eight. Owners of the program will unlock two courses geared toward career moves.

Module Nine: Teaches you what you need to know about live performances

Module Ten: The hidden world of marketing

Both bonus courses give you tools that go beyond singing to enhance your career.

Video lessons are not the only learning methods you’ll get. A PDF manual will guide you through the learnings, provide workouts, and additional tips. Plus, a members group to aid you as you complete the Superior Singing Method.

Join other students and professionals to share progress and ask questions. A community can help you over a hurdle.

Pros and Cons

As with all purchases, the Superior Singing Method has both pros and cons.

Let’s break them down to help you decide if they apply to you. One person’s disadvantage might be another person’s gift.


Results: Of course, the most obvious pro is results. If you put the time in, this program will work! It is detailed and impressive, leaving you with all the tools you need to succeed. 

Theory Explained: You’re getting knowledge training, too! It’s a treasure trove for any singer. All content is downloadable, making it easy to take your training on the go.

Bonus content: Once you purchase, you unlock two additional courses that focus on the industry

Member’s section: You’ll be able to interact with professionals and others taking the lessons. If you’ve got questions, they’ll have answers, and you can get back to your training with minimal delay.

Affordable:A sixty-day money-back guarantee makes this a risk-free purchase.


Too much information: While many see the detailed theory lessons as a positive aspect, it can be a bit confusing if you're not 100 percent focused on the learning. There are so many details and videos. It can be cumbersome for some.

A lot of videos: The videos are short, but if you’re not there to learn and just want the lessons, results will vary if your attention wanders. With over fifty videos, you have to go into the program knowing it’s a lot of learning, not just exercises.

It takes practice: Superior Singing Method takes longer and requires more work than other programs because there are so many useful tools. Ultimately, you get out what you put in, and that equates to a minimum of fifteen minutes daily to keep growing your potential over time.

Why You Should Get the Superior Singing Method

At the end of the day, you’re thinking about one thing, “is the Superior Singing Method right for me?”

This Superior Singing Method Review provides a breakdown, but you still might wonder if it’s the proper choice. 

Learning from predetermined lessons without a coach in the room could be concerning. However, Superior Singing Method utilizes more than just training to get you to your singing goals.

The video lessons encourage learning on top of skill-building, and the more knowledge you have, the better your voice can be.

Sometimes it’s not enough to know the diaphragm plays a role in a more powerful singing voice. Sometimes it matters to understand how it works to adjust your stance and focus on proper breathing. 

That is what the Superior Singing Method gives you.

Not just confidence. Not just an improved singing voice, but knowledge and exercises you can continue to use at any stage of your singing journey.

The member's community provides an additional layer of support that is priceless. While online singing lessons are often a solo endeavor, the community ties you back to others. You’re not going at it alone. You’re going at it as a team while still receiving a solo training lesson.

I won’t say it’s for everyone. People learn in different ways and with different styles, but what I will say is this program works when you’re ready to give it your all. Practice (and training) make perfect, which is what this program strives to teach and aid with all while remaining budget-friendly (in comparison to a real-world tutor). Plus, the money-back guarantee speaks to Aaron’s confidence in the program.

Whether you’re looking for a better singing voice for in the shower or on the big stage, Superior Singing Method will help you get there. Growth takes time, and these courses have been designed with that in mind.​

It’s not just about what you get with the course, but what you get from it, making Superior Singing Method a great singing program. You’ll get a better foundation of the tone that’s good for you, whilst also understanding specifics about your voice exclusively. While it might not be the fastest method, it’s a top method. 

Every journey is as much about what you put in as what you get from it. Superior Singing Method might not be the easiest way, but it’s the proper way.

Every great artist started somewhere. Superior Singing Method is a good place to make your start.

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