25 Best House Songs Of All Time

House music has been part of the club culture for generations, and it influenced society significantly. If you feel like dancing, then you might want to know what are some good house tracks to dance the night away. Read on below to find our list of the 25 best house songs of all time!

1. I Feel Love – Donna Summer 

Donna Summer needs no introduction, and her 1977 hit song I Feel Love from I Remember Yesterday tops our list. This track is probably the most influential in the house music genre, and she is known as the Queen Of Disco for a reason! This was her breakthrough hit and is a staple at the clubs until now.

The song reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when it came out in 1977 and reached number nine on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles chart. In the UK, it reached number one on the Singles chart. 

2. The Whistle Song – Frankie Knuckles 

We can’t have a list without mentioning The Whistle Song by Frankie Knuckles. This track was released in 1991, and it’s still one of the most popular house songs today with a catchy melody and vibrant feel. He is a legend and has mastered the art of creating tracks we all want to dance to all night long

3. Get Get Down – Paul Johnson 

Next is Paul Jonson with the hit Get Get Down from the album of the same name. This song has a very upbeat tempo that’ll get you on the dance floor within seconds.

The track became an international hit when it was released in 1999 because it’s bouncy, fun, and energetic. It reached number one on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart and five on the OCC UK Singles chart and is still one of the most popular dance house tracks today!

4. Fly Life – Basement Jaxx 

Basement Jaxx - Flylife ( Official Video ) Atlantic Jaxx Recordings - A Complication

In 1996, Basement Jaxx released Atlantic Jaxx, and Fly Life instantly jumped out as a great song that utilizes a lot of disco elements to make you want to dance and just get down! This track reached number three on the OCC UK Dance chart and 19 on the UK Singles chart. It is psychedelic, and the vocals are just insane that we’re at a loss for words at how amazing it is.

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5. Praise You – Fatboy Slim 

Fatboy Slim - Praise You [Official Video]

Fatboy Slim is a household name, and the hit song Praise You from the 1998 album You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby is one of the most timeless house tracks. It is high-energy and instantly went mainstream, reaching number two on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart, number five on the Billboard Dance Singles Sales chart, and 22 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart. It also hit 19 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 and 36 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

The video for it was rated as the best Video Of All Time in a poll and won three awards at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1999. This has remained not only an iconic and timeless track, but the video is also a hit for rock and house song fans everywhere. 

6. Around The World – Daft Punk 

Daft Punk - Around The World (Official Music Video Remastered)

Calling all Daft Punk fans, we’re sure you remember the 1997 hit, Around The World. This song has become so famous that even those not into house music or techno know this track and enjoy it! 

This song was everywhere when it was released and was successful in multiple countries with it hitting number one on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart and the UK Dance chart. It reached 12 on the Billboard Dance Singles Sales and five on the OCC UK Singles chart. It even made it to 61 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which shows the high energy and fame of their music, which still remains popular to this day. 

7. Playing With Knives – Bizarre Inc

Bizarre Inc - Playing with Knives (Official Video)

Originally released in 1991, Bizarre Inc came out with the song Playing With Knives on the album Energique. This track mixes both rave and house music plus it’s full of energy with the quick rhythm and fast piano parts. Not only is this a great dance song, but it’ll leave you pumped up to work out too!

When it was released in 1991, it peaked on the UK Dance chart by Music Week and hit number four on the UK Singles chart. 

8. La La Land – Green Velvet 

Green Velvet - La La Land

Released in 2001, La La Land by Green Velvet is one of the most iconic and revered house tracks that blend techno with house music to create a timeless dance song. They have been around since the 90s but went under the alias Cajmere at that time. When this track came out, it peaked at 12 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart and made it to 29 on the UK Singles chart. 

9. Where Love Lives – Alison Limerick 

Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives

Next on our list is the 1990 hit from Alison Limerick called Where Love Lives, and this is from the album of the same name. She is from Britain, and when you hear her singing, it’s amazing and shows off how house music and pop can bring two genres together to create a lovely masterpiece.

When this was released it peaked at number two on the UK Dance chart and was 27 on the OCC UK Singles chart while it hit number three on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in America. 

10. Sofi Needs A Ladder – Deadmau5

deadmau5 - Sofi Needs a Ladder

We don’t need to tell you too much about Deadmau5 because even people not into house music or techno have heard of him before. He’s one of the most popular and iconic EDM artists out there, and when Sofi Needs a Ladder came out in 2010 from the album 4X4=12, it brought even more attention to him. This is a song that shows off his skills, and it became one of the most popular tracks he ever released.

11. Day Dreaming – Gemini 

Gemini - Day Dreaming

Next on our list is Gemini with his hit song Day Dreaming from the 1997 album On The North Star With Gemini. Spencer Kincy is known by Gemini, and he was a huge figure in the Chicago house scene for the second generation.

Remixes and bootlegs of his music were released in the early 2000s which got a whole new group of people into his music. 

12. Needin’ U – David Morales 

David Morales - Needin' U (Official Music Video)

Needin’ U is a song by David Morales released in 1998, which quickly became an anthem for house songs and ended up being his biggest hit. This is a track that you’ll find in the movie Kevin & Perry Go Large. It went number one on the Dance Club Songs Billboard chart in America and number one in the UK on the OCC Dance chart.

There are several mixes and versions of this song, with a lot of them being mixed by the original artist, so you can find several versions to dance to in the club or elsewhere.  

13. Push The Feeling On – Nightcrawlers 

Push The Feeling On (Mk Dub Revisited Edit)

Push The Feeling On was a song released by the Nightcrawlers on the 1992 album of the same name. Marc Kinchen was a producer out of Detroit and redid the song for Nightcrawlers who was a funk band out of Scotland, so you know this track is definitely different from other house songs.

It peaked at number seven on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, number 37 on the Rhythmic Top 40, and reached 80 on the Billboard Hot 100.

14. The Ha Dance – Masters At Work 

Up next is a fun band and dance song you’ve probably heard a million times. We’re talking about Masters At Work and their 1991 hit The Ha Dance, which was sampled from the movie Trading Places. In the film, Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy repeatedly say “HA!” after a few mumbling words, so that’s where this song comes from.

On the fourth beat, you hear a crash sound, so it combines house music with some hip hop for the perfect dance anthem. 

15. Show Me Love – Robin S 

Robin S - Show Me Love (Official Music Video) [1993]

In 1993, Robin S released the song Show Me Love, which has remained an iconic track that you can listen to even now on trains and in other public places. This song featured synth strings, vocoder parts, and even an electric piano. He had a hoarse voice that delivered a raw feeling while the M1 Korg bassline helped create the distinctive sound in this track. It is a song you’ll not only want to dance to, but it’ll help you dance your worries and fears away because of its upbeat feeling. 

16. What You Need – Soft House Company 

Released in 1990, Soft House Company came out with the track What You Need, which is one of the most iconic piano house songs that utilize an Italian sound. In fact, the pirate stations in London still play this track today, so it’s stood the test of time to become an emotional classic house song that blends melodies to create a masterpiece. 

17. Deep End – John Summit 

John Summit - Deep End

Next on our list is Deep End by John Summit, which was released in 2020 from the album of the same name. This song is considered to be his breakout hit with it topping the charts and becoming the track that remained number one on Beatport during 2020. They even ranked him as the 2021 top-selling artist, so you can imagine just how powerful a song this was to make him more than just a festival artist. 

18. Freed From Desire – Gala 

GALA - Freed from desire [Official Video]

In 1997, Gala released Freed From Desire from the album Come Into My Life. This is one of the top house songs ever produced, and it’s a track you’ll clap to when you hear it. The “Na-Na” part makes you want to dance, and it’s just an incredible song you have to have in your mix since the vocals are nothing short of beautiful. 

19. No UFO’s – Model 500 

In 1987, Model 500, also known as Juan Atkins, released No UFO’s. He was a master at techno, and this song is spacey and robotic in nature, which made it stand out back then, and even still today, it’s a hit for its weird groove. This is a timeless classic from him under his Model 500 moniker, which is when he shined and produced some of the most amazing music that you’ll want to get up and dance to all night long. 

20. Acid Tracks – Phuture 

An acid house song you’re sure to enjoy is Acid Tracks by Phuture, which was released in 1987. This track helped create the rave sound and scene, and it’s more jagged than other house songs on our list. It’s weird, groovy, cool, and unique, and used a TB-303 synth to create the beauty and one of the most iconic releases from the group. 

21. Smile – Theo Parrish 

Theo Parrish is on our list with his 1997 hit Smile, which is a soulful mantra and the control he has in this song makes it perfect for a house track. The snare drum and basslines are incredible, and it’s more of a blues song with some darkness and has a refrain that has been dubbed out. When you hear this track, you’ll feel the energy and emotion and just want to sit back and enjoy the blues in a whole new way. 

22. The Wanderer – Romanthony 

The Wanderer (Romanthony)

Next up is Romanthony aka Anthony Wayne More, with the song The Wanderer, which was released in 1994. This track is very hypnotic since the refrain is coming from a deeper part of the chest, and the vocals are haunting and convey feelings of loneliness. This song has a groovy feel to it that’ll leave you in a trance from start to finish. 

23. Big Love – Pete Heller 

Pete Heller's Big Love - Big Love

Attention all people that want a longer song to listen to because Big Love by Pete Heller is over 10 minutes long! This is one of the longest house songs, and it has a lot of warm vocals with textures off in the distance. You get a calm and positive vibe from this track, and it’s just a song that makes you feel as if you’re floating, so it’s perfect for dancing. 

24. Finally – Kings Of Tomorrow 

Next on our list is Kings Of Tomorrow with the hit Finally, which was released in 2000 on the It’s In The Lifestyle album. This song reached 17 on the Billboard US Dance Club Songs chart, and it’ll make you dance anywhere you’re at when it comes on. This track is perfect when you’re feeling down and want an upbeat positive song to get you in a better mood. 

25. Who’s Afraid Of Detroit – Claude VonStroke 

Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit

Claude VonStroke released Who’s Afraid Of Detroit in 2006, which is one of the most popular house songs. This track is very synth-heavy, and it’s a lot darker than a lot of other house songs on our list. It’s a great track to put on if you’re in a different kind of mood and want a more mysterious or darker vibe.