25 Songs About Nurses

Nurses are some of the most hard-working professionals and have received praise in many songs throughout the years. If you’ve been wanting to hear some music that talks about or reminds you of nurses, keep reading to find out which tunes made our list of top 25 songs about nurses!

1. The Nurse Who Loved Me – A Perfect Circle 

The Nurse Who Loved Me

First on our list is A Perfect Circle, who released The Nurse Who Loved Me in 2003 on their album Thirteenth Step. This song is about a mentally ill patient with fantasies about his nurse, which is a typical situation in healthcare. When a nurse is friendly and has a good bedside manner, it can be mistaken by a patient as being flirty, so it’s relatable to many people in the healthcare field.

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2. Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs 

Attention all reggae lovers, Jamaican reggae musician Gregory Isaacs released the song Night Nurse in 1982 on the album with the same name. This is one of the best songs about nurses and one that quickly comes to mind when you think about nurses. So many bands have covered this song because it refers to a night lover.

This song has been used in advertisements for cold and flu medicines made by GlaxoSmithKline and can be found on British television. Night Nurse reached number 13 on the UK Singles chart. 

3. Sweet Nurse – Katatonia 

Katatonia released the song Sweet Nurse in 2001 on the album Last Fair Deal Gone Down, and it’s a heavy metal song that is dark and somber. The song is told from the point of view of someone dying in a hospital, and it’s about the healthcare system and how it treats patients.

In part of the song, a nurse cannot complete their rounds with the patient, just wanting their curtain opened up to see the bright sunlight.

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4. Fix You – Coldplay 

Coldplay - Fix You (Official Video)

In 2005 Coldplay released the song Fix You from their album X&Y, and while it’s not specifically about nurses, it was written as a way to help Gwyneth Paltrow get through the grief of losing her father

You can find Fix You in many movies and television shows, including Without A TraceThe Newsroom, and Cold Case. You, Me and Dupree featured the song, and it was also featured in the trailer for World Trade Center, which was the 2006 movie about the 9/11 attacks. It went to number three on the Adult Alternative Songs chart, number 18 on the Alternative Airplay chart, and hit 24 on the Adult Top 40 chart. On the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it managed to peak at number 59. 

5. The Nurse – The White Stripes 

Next on our list is The White Stripes with the song The Nurse, which was from the Get Behind Me Satan album from 2005. This song is a little different compared to other music by The White Stripes. There are maracas in the song, and then you hear the drums booming, making it classic White Stripes material. The song is about an ex who appears to be a nurse he had been in love with for over a decade, and it’s perfect for anyone who has been with a nurse and was hurt by them.

6. Infected – The The 

The The - Infected (Video)

Infected is the title track by The The for the Infected album, which was released in 1987, and it’s about a nurse but maybe not a professional nurse. It’s talking about how they want to be infected with a certain person’s love and then want the person to make them sick and nurse them back to health.

This song is relatable to people who wish to have someone care for them and in a sense be their nurse to keep them healthy and safe. 

7.  Sister Morphine – The Rolling Stones 

Sister Morphine (2009 Mix)

The Rolling Stones released the song Sister Morphine on their 1971 album Sticky Fingers, and it’s about a guy who was in a car wreck and then was hospitalized, where he is begging the nurse for pain medication.

In Britain, “sister” used to be what a nurse was called, so the song is likening a nurse to the drug morphine, and any drug addict or nurse can relate to that song. 

8. Music For A Nurse – Oceansize 

Calling all British music lovers, Oceansize released the song Music For A Nurse, which can be found in the movie The Invisibles. What’s cool about this song is that it’s more than 8 minutes long and a mix of progressive and indie rock with some somber and melancholy sounds.

It will pull at your heartstrings since it’s about someone who is clearly in a lot of pain emotionally and just wants some relief. 

9. Just Like A Pill – P!nk

P!nk - Just Like A Pill (Official Video)

We have to include P!nk on our list and the hit song Just Like a Pill. This song was released in 2001 on the album Missundaztood, and it has so many elements in it that a nurse would understand. It is one of the best songs referencing the medical field, liking someone to drugs like morphine. You think you’re going to feel good by taking medicine but end up just feeling sick, and it does reference a nurse but only for a slight second. 

10. Song For Nurses – Brad Emanuel 

"Song For Nurses" - Brad Emanuel

While not someone you’ve heard of before, we have to include Brad Emanuel on our list and Song For Nurses, which he wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic and released in 2020. This song is about appreciating nurses and everything they do since nurses were called “frontline heroes” and risking their lives to take care of patients without a vaccine to keep themselves from getting sick. 

11. Call The Nurse – Lee Harding 

Lee Harding is someone else you may not know, but his song Call The Nurse deserves to be on our list because it uses a nurse as a metaphor for being in love and needing the woman just as bad as a drug. This is a song full of energy that’ll leave you feeling ready to get to work. 

12. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor 

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor released the powerful anthem I Will Survive in 1978 from her album Love Tracks. This song is about a breakup, but it’s the perfect song for a nurse who needs some inspiration to get through a hard day. Whether you just lost a patient or are dealing with a difficult patient, this is the best song to make you feel like you can get through it all.

13. Survivor – Destiny’s Child 

Destiny's Child - Survivor (Official Video)

Up next is the hit female group Destiny’s Child, who released Survivor in 2001, and this song is one that will leave you feeling energetic and ready to start your day! While not technically about nurses, it’s a song that you can listen to when you’re in the middle of a long shift, and you need a song to pick you up and get you through the grueling schedule. It reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and three on the Dance Club Songs chart. 

14. A Nurse’s Life Is Full Of Woe – Billy Bragg 

A Nurse's Life Is Full of Woe

Billy Bragg wrote a song called A Nurse’s Life, which goes into the fact that being a nurse isn’t easy, including overtime and having to work long hours, and how it’s detrimental. He talks about how great of a career it is but how demanding it is, and any nurse can relate to those lyrics. 

15. Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees 

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (Official Music Video)

Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees is a classic song from 1977, and it’s going to get you ready to start your shift as a nurse! Not only that, but Stayin’ Alive is now the song that is referenced for how you should do chest compressions when you’re giving CPR. When the song was released, it went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, three on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, four on the Hot Soul Singles chart, and 28 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

16. Rock N Roll Nurse – The Compulsive Gamblers 

Up next is The Compulsive Gamblers and their song Rock N Roll Nurse, which comes from the 2000 album Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing. While this is a lesser-known band, this song is great because it has many medical references within it, and any nurse would enjoy the lyrics and find them relatable to their job.

It also is catchy, simple, and has a blues feel to it, so it’s upbeat and energetic

17. Somebody Get Me A Doctor – Van Halen 

Somebody Get Me a Doctor (2015 Remaster)

Classic rock fans will know the next song on our list because it’s Van Halen with their hit song Somebody Get Me a Doctor, which was released in 1979 off of the album Van Halen II. The song is about someone that needs a doctor because they are doing drugs and getting high but enjoying it way too much and then suffering an overdose.  

18. My Hero – Foo Fighters 

Foo Fighters - My Hero (Official HD Video)

Attention all grunge and rock fans, the next song on our list is The Foo Fighters, which Dave Grohl fronts. My Hero was released in 1998 and is an iconic song for all of the heroes of everyday life who don’t get their dues, such as nurses and doctors.  

The song was a huge hit and made it to number six on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart and eight on the Mainstream Rock chart. It peaked at number 59 on the Billboard Radio Songs list and has become more popular as the years have passed. My Hero is a song that Foo Fighters play in almost every concert, and fans adore it.

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19. Salute To The Nurses – Barry Sadler

SSGT Barry Sadler - Salute to the Nurses - The Angels of War

Barry Sadler released Salute to The Nurses in 1966 off of Ballads Of The Green Berets to thank the nurses in the Vietnam War since he was a Staff Sergeant and saw how much those nurses helped his fellow military men and women. The public doesn’t see just what those military nurses do, and he felt that a song was the best way to let the public know and acknowledge their dedication and hard work. 

20. Spoonful Of Sugar – Julie Andrews 

A Spoonful of Sugar (From "Mary Poppins" / Soundtrack Version)

You may know the next song from the 1964 movie Mary Poppins: Spoonful of Sugar by Julie Andrews. Almost everyone recognizes this song, and it’s relatable for nurses and virtually anyone with experience in the medical field as a caregiver or patient. The iconic song has also been featured in television shows such as How I Met Your Mother

21. The Cure – Lady Gaga 

Lady Gaga - The Cure (Official Audio)

A relatively new song we’re including on our list is The Cure by Lady Gaga off her 2022 album Workout Banging Beats. This song is about someone being sick and trying to find a cure for their medical condition, which is a personal story for Gaga since she had to cancel a tour because of her fibromyalgia.  

The Cure did well on the charts and reached 39 on the Billboard Hot 100, 33 on the Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart, and 28 on the Adult Contemporary chart. It also peaked at 23 on the Dance Club Songs chart, 20 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart, and hit number 17 on the Adult Top 40. 

22. The Nurse – The Slackers 

Attention all lovers of Ska music, The Slackers released the song The Nurse from their 2001 album Wasted Days. Since this is ska music, it’s really upbeat and has a weird funky style to it that will make you want to dance. 

23. Nursie – Jethro Tull 

In 1971, Jethro Tull released Aqualung, which had the song Nursie on it, and this is a lovely song that thanks nurses and shows appreciation for what nurses do to help people. Suppose you’ve ever been a patient or family member of someone in the hospital. In that case, you can understand the sentiment of appreciation and thankfulness that is directed toward nurses in this song.

24. Hospital – Counting Crows 

Next up is the song Hospital, which was released on the 2012 album Underwater Sunshine by the band Counting Crows. Lyrically, the hospital is being used as a metaphor, and the thoughts and feelings conveyed in this song will remind you of the same thoughts and feelings you have in the hospital.

It is about the withdrawals you may suffer when you’re taken off psychiatric medication or other types of medication, so it’s a relatable song for both nurses and patients. 

25. Roses – Kanye West 

Kanye West rounds out the list with the song Roses, which came out in 2005 off of the album Late Registration. This is a darker and deeper song that delves into bad nurses and how he has anger towards the nurses caring for his grandmother when she was in the hospital. We’ve all come across bad nurses at one point or another and this song goes into those thoughts and feelings.


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