21 Best Songs About New Love & New Relationships

Let’s hear it for new love! What better way to celebrate than listen to some music that makes us feel giddy? To help you keep the vibe going, we’ve gathered the top 21 songs about new love and new relationships. From bops to ballads, there’s plenty here to match your merry mood.

1. Be My Baby – The Ronettes

The Ronettes - Be My Baby (Official Audio)

Let’s start off with a classic. This smile-inducing track from 1963 was actually the first single from The Ronettes. The group went on to release four more Top 40 songs in the next few years, establishing them forever in the hearts of romantics everywhere.

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2. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love ('68 Comeback Special)

The King recorded this in 1961 for the film Blue Hawaii, but it has become more famous than the film. This is one of the most popular slow dance tunes of all time. With Elvis Presley’s velvet voice and the song’s to-die-for romantic lyrics, this certified Platinum song is ideal for falling in love.

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3. The Longest Time – Billy Joel

Billy Joel - The Longest Time (Official HD Video)

How about some 1984 doo-wop? Billy Joel is known for his ability to handle all different genres of music, and this one was an instant success. He recorded all of the parts himself, so those happy-making harmonies are all the same singer.

4. Something – The Beatles

The Beatles - Something

On their 1969 Abbey Road album, The Beatles included this simple tune about love that reached directly into the hearts of fans worldwide. Most sources believe this was a love song to George Harrison’s first wife, Pattie Boyd, but there is some debate about whether this is true. Whoever the inspiration was, we’re glad the song exists.

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5. Don’t Know Much – Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Nevile

Don't Know Much (with Aaron Neville)

The combination of these two voices has been described as “heavenly,” and once you listen, you’ll know why. This beautiful 1983 depiction of lasting love is one of the ultimate songs to play when you’re thinking you might have found The One.

6. Shivers – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - Shivers [Official Video]

If your new romance has you in the mood to dance, Ed Sheeran has just what you need. He wrote this 2021 pop hit in only three days—which is apparently a long time for him. It’s been a smash around the world, hanging out at the top of the charts and making people smile.

7. Say Love – James TW

James TW - Say Love (Official Audio)

Released in 2019 on his debut album, Chapters, this song is all about new love. In fact, it’s about love so fresh that the lovers are worried they’ll jinx their relationship if they actually say those famous three words to each other. This is a song about staying up late together and enjoying being in the moment.

8. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & the Waves

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (Official Music Video)

The 1980s were filled with happy love songs, and this is one of the best. Released in 1985, this song has been called “a piece of simple fun, an optimistic song” by the songwriter. This is exactly the song you want to listen to when you’re bubbling over with new love.

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9. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (Official Video) [4K Remaster]

This remains one of the best-selling digital songs of all time, though it was released in 2008. Jason Mraz’s playful melody and happy lyrics get right to the heart of what’s important when love is at stake. It captures the essence of joyful romance, bottles it, and shares it with the world.

10. Nights in White Satin – The Moody Blues

Nights In White Satin

This trippy 1967 song may technically be about unrequited love, but it’s been a favorite of happy lovers for decades. The repeated “Yes I love you, Oh, how I love you” in the lyrics probably has something to do with that.

11. All My Life – K-Ci & JoJo

K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life (Official Music Video)

This 1998 soul R&B hit topped the charts for three weeks in a row. It’s remained a smash around the world, with people playing it on nearly any occasion that has emotional moments. Whether it’s a happy time or a sad time, it seems this versatile song meets the mark. That means it’s a great choice for falling in love.

12. The Cure – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - The Cure (Official Audio)

Lady Gaga is an icon in her own right. She has been inspiring fans for years, and this synth-pop-soul song from 2017 is all about the ability of love to heal all wounds. Whether you’re thinking about global scale love or your own budding romance, this song is ready to match you, heartbeat for heartbeat.

13. Brighter Than the Sun – Colbie Callait

Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than The Sun (Official Video)

This 2011 folk-pop release is upbeat and cheerful. It describes the way we all get zapped by the power of love when we fall. It’s shocking and bright and oh, so awesome.

14. All of Me – John Legend

John Legend - All of Me (Official Video)

Straight from his fourth studio album, Love In The Future, this track is dedicated to John Legend’s wife. In 2014, it became his first number 1 single in the United States, and he proved himself a master of the love song.

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15. Make Me Feel – Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel [Official Music Video]

Spin Magazine called this 2018 track “a high-energy funk song,” and many people have noted that it sounds reminiscent of Prince’s music. Always a musical innovator, Janelle Monáe dove into this song with gusto and created a bouncy, happy song that’s since been called a “bisexual anthem.”

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16. You’ve Got the Love – Florence + the Machine

Florence + The Machine - You've Got the Love

Originally released in the 1980s, this popular dance song has been covered several times. When Florence + The Machine released their version in 2009, it shot up to number five on the UK chart.

17. Trip – Ella Mai

Ella Mai - Trip (Audio)

This song came out in 2018 on Ella Mai’s debut album, and it has had a successful career since then. The R&B sound appealed to fans, and it gained a lot of popularity online, where people began covering it.

18. Lovesong – Adele

Leave it to Adele to take a classic The Cure song and give it a modern interpretation that absolutely nails it. Her version came out in 2011, and fans went wild. It’s an excellent love anthem for the soul.

19. Lover – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Lover (Official Music Video)

Taylor Swift has established herself as an authority on writing love songs. As this 2019 folk-pop song demonstrates, she doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable with her feelings in a song. Fans love this one for its raw emotion and uplifting lyrics.

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20. Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens

“Mystery of Love” by Sufjan Stevens from the Call Me By Your Name Soundtrack

Released in 2017 for the award-winning film Call Me By Your Name, this song also received tons of awards and nominations. The acoustic sound and broad vocal range express the highs and lows of falling in love, with all the pain and joy that are so central to romance.

21. Adore You – Harry Styles

Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video – Extended Version)

This 2019 single has been called everything from mid-tempo pop to disco, and it uses synth sounds for a psychedelic tone throughout. It takes the audience on a journey through the beginning of new love, and the journey is a joy to go on.

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