31 Songs About Candy

Candy has been a topic that’s been talked about in music for decades and is sometimes used as a double entendre. With so many tracks out there, do you know which ones are the best? Here are the 31 songs about candy that you should check out! 

1. Candy Shop – 50 Cent Feat. Olivia

50 Cent - Candy Shop (Official Music Video) ft. Olivia

First on our list is the hit song by 50 Cent called Candy Shop, which was released in 2005 on the album The Massacre. This track was very controversial when it came out because while the lyrics talk about candy, it’s explicit and makes references to sex and sexual activities. It was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as number one on the Rap Songs chart and the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts.

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2. I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow 

Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

Next is Bow Wow Wow with their cover version of I Want Candy, which came out in 1982 and was the most successful version of the song to be released. This version even beat the original version by The Strangeloves, which was released back in 1965. It made it to 22 on the Billboard Top Tracks list, 36 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, and 62 on the Billboard Hot 100.

3. Lollipop – The Chordettes 

In 1958, the all-girl group The Chordettes released Lollipop, which became a hit worldwide with the bouncy and bright sounds that brought positive vibes and grooves to get people up and dancing. The chorus is also great and one you won’t forget once you’ve heard it. The song is about how sweet being in love is and compares the guy to a lollipop. The track reached number three on the R&B Best Sellers In Stores chart and two on the Top 100 Sides chart.

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4. Candyman – Christina Aguilera 

Christina Aguilera - Candyman (Official Video)

We all know the next artist has a powerful booming voice, which is what made Candyman by Christina Aguilera a success. This song was released in 2007 on the Back To Basics album. Her voice is so sultry and sexy in this track that it’s clear it’s about being in love and realizing they are too good for you, and then it goes into more explicit topics. The beats are catchy, and this made it to 25 on the Billboard Hot 100, 23 on the Mainstream Top 40, and 18 on the Dance Club Songs chart. 

5. Cotton Candy Land – Elvis Presley 

Elvis Presley - Cotton Candy Land (Official Audio)

Calling all fans of Elvis Presley, he had a hit song in 1963 that was featured in the movie It Happened At The World’s Fair called Cotton Candy Land. This was a track that he sang to help a young girl fall asleep, and it’s about a land where everything is cotton candy and the place where you can find the sandman. 

6. Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard 

DEF LEPPARD - "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (Official Music Video)

Next up is Def Leppard with their incredibly popular song from 1987, Pour Some Sugar On Me. You may know this track from more recent times since it was featured in the 2000 movie Coyote Ugly. It quickly became a hit and is one of the most well-known songs of the decade.

There were a lot of sexual themes and references through innuendo in the song, but people also know it for its upbeat tempo and energetic feel. It made it to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 list and 25 on the Album Rock Tracks chart.

7. Hard Candy Christmas – Dolly Parton 

Dolly Parton - Hard Candy Christmas (Official Audio)

If you’ve heard of the film The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, then you may remember the song Hard Candy Christmas from the movie, which was released by Dolly Parton in 1982. This track is featured in the film when her character is thinking about where her life is going to go. Sadly, it is talking about how children may have only gotten hard candy for Christmas because times were tough. The song made it to number eight on the Hot Country Songs chart. 

8. Candy – Mandy Moore 

Mandy Moore - Candy (Video)

Calling all pop music fans, we have to mention the popular song Candy by Mandy Moore, which was released in 1999 on the album So Real. This was the first track that she released as part of her debut album. It’s about a guy that she misses and how this guy makes her feel—she craves and misses him like candy. This reached 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and 27 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart. It was featured in the 2022 movie Senior Year, which appeared on Netflix. 

9. On The Good Ship Lollipop – Shirley Temple 

Shirley Temple - On The Good Ship Lollipop (From - Bright Eyes)

Next up is the classic and iconic song by Shirley Temple called On The Good Ship Lollipop, which was in the movie Bright Eyes from 1934. All of the choreography in the film with the track was thought of by her, and her career took off once this came out. Since then, the song has appeared in movies and television shows, including parodies on The Simpsons and The Brady Bunch, and was featured in Shrek The Third

10. A Marshmallow World – Bing Crosby 

A Marshmallow World

Next on our list is Bing Crosby’s hit A Marshmallow World, which was released in 1951 and was his first hit song. When it was released, it made it to 24 on the Billboard Best Selling Pop Singles chart. What’s great about this track is that it uses marshmallows as a comparison to snowflakes. You can find this upbeat and positive song in many movies and television shows such as Malcolm In The Middle

11. Sweets For My Sweet – The Drifters 

Sweets for My Sweet

In 1961, The Drifters released Sweets For My Sweet on the album Save The Last Dance For Me, and this is the perfect song about sweets and compares true love to them. It talks about the sweetness of falling in love, and if you work at it, that love will last forever. This track instantly became a hit thanks to the sweet melody and charming lyrics. It has been covered multiple times through the years including by Frank Alamo, Brian Wilson, and Super Cat. 

12. Candy Store Rock – Led Zeppelin 

Candy Store Rock (Remaster)

Attention all rock fans, you might be interested in listening to Candy Store Rock by Led Zeppelin, which deserves a spot on our list because it’s an awesome song where Robert Plant compares himself to candy. It was released in 1976 on the album Presence, and the woman in the track is then compared to being something that is sweet. We think that it’s a perfect song that uses candy as a metaphor. 

13. Sugartime – The McGuire Sisters 

The McGuire Sisters released Sugartime in 1957 on the album of the same name, and this is a super sweet and cute song where the woman is asking for the man to be her sugar and don’t leave her for someone else. She makes promises in the track that they are going to stay lovers and have a wonderful relationship together if he stays and becomes her sugar. Both Linda McCartney and Johnny Cash covered this, along with many others. 

14. Sex and Candy – Marcy Playground 

Marcy Playground - Sex & Candy (Official Music Video)

An oddly catchy song that has to be included on our list is the track Sex And Candy by Marcy Playground, which was released in 1997 from her self-titled album. There are a lot of psychedelic and punk rock vibes in the song, with the lyrics dealing with addiction, being infatuated with someone, and obsession. 

This peaked at number one on the Alternative Airplay chart, number three on the Mainstream Top 40 chart, and eight on the Billboard Hot 100. It has been in movies and television shows such as Hurricane Streets and True Blood and parodied by Weird Al Yankovic and Jimmy Fallon. 

15. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows – Lesley Gore 

Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

Next up is the happy song about candy called Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows by Lesley Gore, which was released in 1965. This track is all about a little girl who enjoys all three of the things in the title and it makes her happy. This is used in Ski Party, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, Alvin And The Chipmunks, The Simpsons, Green Eggs And Ham, and The Umbrella Academy.  

16. Candy – Cameo 

Attention all fans of R&B because the song Candy by Cameo is going on our list due to the fact the track is all about craving something sweet. It can be talking about love or some other thing such as a substance, and until his craving is fulfilled, he cannot move on. 

This song was released in 1986 and made it to number one on the Hot Black Singles chart, number 10 on the Hot Dance/Disco-Club Play chart, and number 21 on the Hot 100 chart. It can be found in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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17. Candy Rain – Soul For Real 

Soul For Real - Candy Rain (Official Music Video)

In 1994, Soul For Real released the song Candy Rain, and this track became the signature hit for the band. It reached number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It does sample a track that sampled the Minnie Riperton song Baby, This Love I Have and is using candy as the metaphor for trying to explain the love he feels for a woman. 

18. Kid In A Candy Store – JoJo Siwa 

JoJo Siwa Performs 'Kid in a Candy Store' | SlimeFest 🎀 | Nick

Next is JoJo Siwa with her popular dance song Kid In A Candy Store, which was released in 2017. This track is all about encouraging you to live your life to its fullest, so you should live life like you’re a kid hanging out in a candy store. It’s all about not holding back in life and taking risks, so it’s one song that can get you motivated to just go out and do something crazy.

19. Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles 

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)

Harry Styles released the song Watermelon Sugar in 2019 off of the album Fine Line, and this track is all about candy. The song hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Top 40 charts and has remained popular ever since it was released. Once you’ve heard it, it’s going to stick in your head because it’s snappy and catchy. 

20. Candy Man – The Mary Jane Girls 

Next up is The Mary Jane Girls with the popular song Candy Man from 1983. This group did not stick around long, and by 1987, they were no longer recording music. This has been a track that has stood the test of time and is still popular today since it’s about a guy who is sweet like candy and treats the woman well. It’s an R&B tune that’s funky and weird and will get you grooving. 

21. Sell Me Candy – Rihanna 

In 2007, Rihanna released Good Girl Gone Bad, and one song that stood out on this album is Sell Me Candy. The track is about a guy that may be the one, and she’s trying to find out so she’s not wasting her time with him. All the while, she is having a lot of fun with the guy and wants him to prove to her that he’s worth it.

22. Candy and a Currant Bun – Pink Floyd 

Candy And A Currant Bun

Next is a song by Pink Floyd called Candy And A Currant Bun from 1967, and this track can be found on the first single they released on the B-side. The record label had pressured the group to rewrite some of the lyrics because they were explicit, but the band decided to make them even more explicit instead. In the song, you can tell that the person is very happy with the lover they have, and “candy” is used as a metaphor in the track. 

23. Hard Candy – Counting Crows 

The Counting Crows released Hard Candy in 2002 on the album of the same name, and in this song, candy is the representation of a girl who is playing hard to get. Its lyrics talk about how when this girl is around, the entire world seems different and spins around because of how special and awesome she is. The album itself is viewed as the best album they have released after their debut album. 

24. Kitchenware & Candybars – Stone Temple Pilots 

Kitchenware & Candybars

Next on our list is Stone Temple Pilots with the song Kitchenware & Candybars, which comes from the 1994 album Purple. Candy is used in this track to reference other topics, some of which are difficult to discuss in music, such as racial disparities. 

Another part of the song is talking about getting an abortion. It was talked about on VH1 Storytellers where frontman Scott Weiland and his wife made the difficult decision to have an abortion, but they were happy to have the choice.

25. Sugar Walls – Sheena Easton 

Sugar Walls (1993 Remastered Version)

Sheena Easton was a very popular Scottish singer who won Grammys, and when she released Sugar Walls in 1984, it went to number one on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart and nine on the Billboard Hot 100. It was written by Prince, and the song is about sex, and “candy” is used as a metaphor. Interestingly, it was so sexual that it made it onto the Filthy Fifteen list because of its explicit content. 

26. Candy Girl – The Four Seasons 

The Four Seasons - Candy Girl (Official Audio)

Next on our list is Candy Girl from The Four Seasons, which was released in 1963. It’s all about the girl being cute and sweet, with both her and the guy falling in love with one another. This was a huge hit, with it topping out at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and 13 on the R&B chart. It would be the last song by the group to make it onto the R&B chart. 

27. Sugar Mountain – Neil Young 

Sugar Mountain (Live) (2016 Remaster)

In 1977, Neil Young released Sugar Mountain, which is a metaphor for his childhood and how when you reach a specific age you realize you can’t go back to that time. In the song, all of the fun and sweet aspects of childhood are mentioned including fairs, carnivals, and balloons.

28. Spoonful Of Sugar – Julie Andrews 

DISNEY SING-ALONGS | A Spoonful Of Sugar - Mary Poppins Lyric Video | Official Disney UK

We all know this song from the 1964 movie Mary Poppins, which is Spoonful Of Sugar by Julie Andrews. Not only is this track fun since it’s about sugar, but it’s also inspiring and motivating. It’s a song that brings back memories and is nostalgic for many. It is one of the most well-known Disney tracks ever and is simply timeless. 

29. Candy Shop – Madonna 

Next up is Madonna and the song Candy Shop from 2008, which was different in style and tone than the other tracks she had released previously. Candy is a metaphor in the song for love, pleasure, and sex, and the term candy shop is her talking about sweets she can offer her lover. 

30. Sugar Sugar – The Archies 

In 1969, The Archies, which was a fictional band that comes from both The Archie Show and Archie Comics, but the band released Sugar Sugar and everyone fell in love with this pop song. It landed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It’s a traditional love track where the girl is mentioned as being as sweet as candy, and it was the biggest hit The Archies ever had that is still played today. 

31. I Want Candy – Aaron Carter

In 2000, Aaron Carter released Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) with the hit song I Want Candy, which we all remember since it was very popular in the early 2000s. This track even appeared on Lizzy McGuire. It is a fun upbeat song with a little more lighthearted childlike lyrics.

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