21 Best Songs About Beautiful Women

Artists can be inspired by just about anything to create art, especially musicians. From heartache and terror to beauty and happiness, anything that makes you feel something in your soul can be the inspiration for a song. Beautiful things tend to be high on the list for inspiring tracks, with beautiful women being one of the most common things.

But outer beauty isn’t the only inspiring kind of beauty. In this article, we’ll look at the 21 best songs about beautiful women inside and out. 

1. Oh, Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

Oh, Pretty Woman is probably one of the most famous songs in all of history. It deals with seeing a beautiful woman walking down the street and everyone stopping to admire her. The track was actually inspired by Roy Orbison’s wife, who left the house to go shopping the day he wrote this song alongside Bill Dees.

Apparently, it didn’t take very long to write either, as it was completely finished by the time his wife returned home from her trip. Hopefully, she liked it just as much as the rest of the world after it came out. 

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2. The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra

The Way You Look Tonight (2008 Remastered)

The Way You Look Tonight is an all-time classic, mainly thanks to Frank Sinatra’s ridiculously popular version of the song. It started out as a track from the film Swing Time, starring Fred Astaire, winning an Academy Award in the process. Sinatra, like a lot of his tracks, was the one to popularize it and his version is the one best remembered today.

It’s a sweet, lounging love song about how beautiful he thinks the woman he’s singing to is. Eventually, it would become a jazz lounge standard, and it’s appeared in tons of other media since Astaire first sang it in the movie.

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3. Nothin’ On You – B.o.B. Feat. Bruno Mars

B.o.B - Nothin' On You (feat. Bruno Mars) [Official Video]

Sometimes, you just have to hype your girl up and tell her how absolutely stunning she is and how her beauty can’t even be compared to any other woman’s. She is the ultimate beauty standard to you, regardless of what anyone else says or how she feels about her looks.

Nothin’ On You by B.o.B is basically doing just that. It’s a track meant to hype up his woman, telling her that none of those other girls have anything on her—which is great. Because if that’s how you feel about your woman, it’s exactly what you should be telling her, especially if she has any insecurity issues. 

4. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World – Prince

Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl In the World

Prince became a massive worldwide star, but he had to get started somewhere. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World was his first number-one hit in the UK, and it’s still remembered as one of his best songs. He seems to imply that the woman he wrote the track for is the most beautiful woman in the world to him. It was actually written for a woman named Mayte Garcia, who he would ask to marry soon after writing and releasing this heartwarming love song. 

5. Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Sometimes, songs about beautiful women aren’t from the perspective of someone else. Sometimes, an artist just writes a track about themselves, inspiring themselves with their own beauty and asking very important questions. Lana Del Rey did that with Young And Beautiful, where she asks her potential partner if they will still love her when she gets older and her beauty fades. It went on to become the theme song for the film The Great Gatsby, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

6. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Official HD Video)

Christina Aguilera has a powerful voice, but it may not be on display better than in her song Beautiful. She released it as social media was on the rise before it was the norm we have today. Look, we know people say mean things on the internet and bullying is all too common online. She released this track in response to those things, encouraging listeners to feel confident in their insecurities and feel better about their appearances, regardless of what anyone says about them. 

7. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are (Official Music Video)

Bruno Mars’s career took off incredibly quickly, and it’s no wonder since the first song he ever released was Just The Way You Are. It sees help trying to help an insecure partner feel good about herself, begging her not to change anything about herself because he loves her and admires her beauty just the way she is now.

It was a massive hit single and was one of those tracks that just struck a chord with the general public. It’s a sentiment that a lot of people could both relate to and feel good about, something that doesn’t happen too often these days. 

8. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight [Official Live]

Do you ever just stop and look at your significant other and have to take a minute to enjoy how beautiful they are? That’s pretty much the sentiment put into Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. It was inspired by his waiting on his future wife Pattie Boyd to get ready. She looked

absolutely stunning once she came out, compelling him to put his feelings on paper, and what he came up with was this track about how wonderful she looked to him. 

9. Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (Official HD Video)

Beauty isn’t enough to hold a relationship together, and that is more than apparent in Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. The narrator of the song is a teenage boy who’s just had his heart broken by a beautiful girl, a story directly inspired by his own long relationship with an ex.

10. She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful – Sammy Kershaw

She Don't Know She's Beautiful

Sammy Kershaw wound up producing one of the best songs about a beautiful woman in history. She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful follows a woman on her daily travels, with everyone stopping and staring at her because of how pretty she is. Of course, she doesn’t notice because she has no idea how beautiful she is, which only makes her more beautiful to everyone around her. It’s got a great tune and it’s a classic country track. 

11. You & I (Nobody In The World) – John Legend

John Legend - You & I (Nobody in the World) (Official Video)

A love song and one that tells a woman you’ll love her just the way she is—at any time—is a good one. In You & I (Nobody In The World), John Legend tells the woman he’s singing to that he would love her no matter what. She’s beautiful without any filters or gaudy jewelry. She doesn’t need makeup or certain clothes to be beautiful to him. It’s the little things she does for herself and for him, in addition to the love he has for her, that makes her beautiful. 

12. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Official Video)

Whether or not you like One Direction, they turned into international megastars. The first big hit for the group was What Makes You Beautiful, the song that helped them break out and stand above the rest, and a track full of confidence for their female teen audience.

Sometimes, not knowing how your looks appear to other people—or being indifferent about it—is what makes a person so beautiful. Even though that might mean lacking a little confidence, it’s better to be humble and gain confidence than be overtly overconfident. 

13. Beautiful Soul – Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul (Official Video)

A woman’s looks might captivate you or get you initially interested in her, but that isn’t going to keep you around. She should be beautiful —to you—all the way into her soul. Now, what that means is going to depend on what kind of person you find attractive, but it’s the sentiment wrapped up in Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney. He finds a woman with a pretty face but soon realizes he loves her because of how good a person she is more than just her looks. 

14. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Official Music Video)

It doesn’t matter who you end up in a relationship with. At some point—if it’s a woman—she’s going to think she looks like a mess. Funnily enough, from a guy’s perspective, those are some of the times our significant other is at their most beautiful. This kind of sentiment is the one captured in Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. It tells his then-girlfriend how perfect she looks, regardless of what she thinks. I think it worked out, as the two are now married. 

15. Who Says – Selena Gomez & The Scene

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says

Inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty, and feeling confident in yourself is incredibly important. Who Says by Selena Gomez isn’t just about how pretty a woman looks or how attractive she is to potential suitors. The song instead aims to inspire confidence in her listeners, especially younger women, and help them feel good about their uniqueness.

Comparisons are okay sometimes, but comparing yourself and how you look to others will almost always lead down a bad road, something this track tries to mitigate. 

16. She Drives Me Wild – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - She Drives Me Wild (Audio)

Sometimes, you see a woman so beautiful that something actually stirs inside you. Now, whether that is desire or admiration will vary by the person, but for Michael Jackson, it appears as though it was both. In She’s Driving Me Wild, he spots a beautiful woman who has exactly the look he wants, and it’s driving him crazy not being with her already. 

17. Scars to Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful (Official Video)

Women, especially young women, have a lot of pressure on them, specifically when it comes to their appearance. Social media, the world around them, everything seems to be telling them they have to look a certain way or they aren’t beautiful.

Alessia Cara released Scars To Your Beautiful to help listeners who have to deal with that pressure and love themselves no matter what anyone says. It’s a beautiful song full of positive vibes designed for all the beautiful girls out there, especially the ones who don’t think of themselves that way. 

18. Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs

Luke Combs - Beautiful Crazy

Beauty is more than skin deep, by quite a lot. But sometimes, the things that make a woman beautiful have nothing to do with her looks at all. Luke Combs wrote this touching track as a tribute to his wife and how well she deals with his crazy schedule, the kids, and taking care of things for him. Her crazy days do nothing but make her more beautiful to him and make him fall in love with her more and more. The song itself is beautiful and will make many people jealous of the love he has for her. 

19. What Makes You Different – Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys - What Makes You Different (Official Music Video)

The things about you that make you unique, the things that are different, are the things that add the most beauty to you. That’s what the Backstreet Boys were really on about in their song What Makes You Different (What Makes You Beautiful) back in 2000. You probably also heard it on the soundtrack for the film The Princess Diaries

20. You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker

You Are So Beautiful

A lot of people probably heard the awful—at least vocally—version of this song in the film The Little Rascals, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a wonderful song. Joe Cocker’s You Are So Beautiful is a simple and touching tribute to the woman he believes is the most beautiful thing in the world. To him, she is everything he could ever want. 

21. She – Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour - She (Official Music Video)

She has been recorded by several different artists, to varying degrees of success. In it, a man sees a beautiful woman and wants to know more about her. She’s either very mysterious in general or she’s a stranger to the man, but her looks have caught his attention. You can listen to this one in several different languages, inducing Spanish, German, French, English, and Italian.

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