Singorama Review – The Best Online Vocal Course?

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If you've ever sung in the shower, the car, or Happy Birthday, there's a good chance you've decided that you can sing, or you can't. 

For years, people have believed singing to be a natural talent that one couldn't learn.

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Well, it's a new age! With a little training and practice, you can train yourself to be a better singer no matter your starting point.

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Online singing lessons have become the newest tool, and Singorama is one at the top courses for beginner to advanced singers to hone their chops. 

This Singorama Review will dive in and breakdown the program so you can see how it works, and whether or not it's a good investment for your future singing improvement. 

Meet the Course Creator

A look at the creator behind Singorama can give you valuable insight into the program.

Melanie Alexander is an Australian singer/songwriter/vocal coach, and television personality. She created the Singorama program after years of being in the industry and addressing common issues she encountered.

In the early 90s, Melaine found herself at the start of a successful career as a member of the popular band, Girlfriend. Despite good success, she often talks about her struggles to get her voice where she wanted it to be when she was a young age. She understands and believes that everyone can be a singer if they're ready to put in the work.

Melanie pushed herself to succeed, learning tips and ways that worked for her as she went. With four top fifty hits and the number one hit "Take It from Me" while in Girlfriend, Melaine Alexander found her voice and knows what works. Now, she's committed to sharing the methods that worked for overall vocal improvement.

After the band parted ways, Melaine continued to train her voice and learn new styles.

Her experiences adds a fantastic layer of development to the program she devised and is unlike many other singing programs. Despite starting with pop, her career branched out to kid's music with The Maestro's, swing music with the Australian Swingers, and a variety of Jazz engagements around the world.

Along with her strong vocals and impressive style range, Melanie spent a number of years hosting television shows.

While much different than her other gigs, articulating on television often requires similar practices to proper singing.

Creators matter. After all, programs can be only as good as those who create them. She is well versed in the proper techniques to help, not hurt, your vocal cords. Singorama has top-notch talent and a qualified coach, which is huge in the overall value it brings to the table. 

Who Is This Course For? Why Should You Get it?

As with everything, Singorama isn’t right for everyone, though with how comprehensive this course truly is, it's right for almost everyone.

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Are you a beginner looking to learn the basics and find your voice? Are you an intermediate level singer striving to reach a grander range and tone? Perhaps you're more advanced, ready to take on the wide world of singing but aren't sure where to start for improvement.

Singorama can help all singers, no matter their current skill level.

This program will help grow and develop musical ability and knowledge. You'll be on your way after just one day, but it does take longer than that to succeed, of course.

Like all skills, you must be willing to put in the work to get the results out of the course.

Singorama isn't for anyone looking to wake up with the voice of an angel magically.

Singorama is for the dedicated singer ready to polish or grow their natural sound.

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When you've finished Singorama, you might not grab the spot as the next Xtina or T. Swift. However, when you're ready to start, Singorama is prepared to put through singing boot camp and make you a star—or you'll be set for killer shower concerts, at the least.

The power will be in your hands no matter why you are looking to grow your singing skills, especially if you don't mind a few minutes a day computer-side. 

It's like fire-side, but on a computer with your Singorama lessons!

It's more than "who you are" that plays into an ideal match for this program. You should be a self-starter, ready to take on a challenge and grow. How about a person on a mission to be their best? Interested singers need apply.

Sound a bit like a job description? I know, but really, Singorama is just what you need if a singing career is your goal. Skip the drama of wondering if you're talented enough or not. You will be when you finish these courses.

Now you know who it's for, but maybe not why you should grab it.

Singing in the shower doesn't need to be the extent of your singing career! Not even if you aren't sure you’re that great. Singorama can help. It's a program dedicated to helping you become the star you always knew you were. Whether that means the big leagues or happy birthday's, doesn't matter.

With a unique method focusing on audio learning, Singorama delivers a very different experience than other vocal classes.

You should absolutely bring the Singorama courses into your life if:

  • You're looking to improve anything from pitch to tone.
  • You want to improve your knowledge of what makes a song great.
  • You're ready to take on the wide world of singing and songwriting.
  • You want to improve your understanding of the industry itself.
  • You can't help but dream about singing in front of others without worry about what they'll think.

At the end of the day, ask yourself this. Will your singing be better or worse without a fun, technical, and proven singing course? Better, of course!

Best of all, it's risk-free. If you don't see results, you can get your money back. That should sum up just how much success others have found with this program.

Don't take my word for it—it is risk-free after all. Grab your computer and get ready for a free five-day mini-lesson. The proof is in the pudding, and you have access to proof for free.


Singorama is a comprehensive singing course designed to help you bring out your best natural singing voice. Regardless of your learning style, the program is equipped to take you from beginner through to advanced singer. All you need is fifteen minutes a day.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of this program is the wide range it offers singers. While many programs can’t cater to both beginner and advanced students, Singorama does not have that issue.

The focus starts general and slowly moves to a more sophisticated sound.

In addition, Singorama has many more advantages that keep it in place as one of the top--and favorite-- software singing classes around. More positive tools include:

  • Tons of material to help you learn everything from singing to career moves.
  • Available in both a physical product and an affordable digital download. Though you still need a computer, either way, the digital download is an affordable backup option and still gets you everything you need.
  • Bonus inclusions: A PDF workbook works as a written companion and Perfect Pitch Software and a mini recording studio to track your journey with Singorama and beyond.
  • Studio software so you can record and measure your growth. One of the hardest parts of courses like Singorama is the lack of feedback. With this tool, you'll be able to hear where you started and how far you've come each day. With studio quality, you're guaranteed to hear things just the way you would from a professional recording with no adjustments.
  • A variety of learning tools to help you regardless of how you learn best.
  • Singorama is a combination of audio lessons, a workbook, and vocal exercises designed to help you find your best pitch.
  • Five-day free mini lesson to learn the basics of how the program operates and what would be required of you.
  • Sixty-day money-back guarantee if you aren't happy with your results.
  • Of the top three singing platforms, it is the most cost-effective.
  • Has additional training for a monthly subscription to keep your singing voice on an upward climb.
  • Engaging, easy to follow audio lessons make it fun.
  • Includes lessons covering far more than just techniques to help you on your career path.

Singorama encompasses something for everyone all in one great platform with a step-by-step schedule.

Though it contains a lot, if you stay on course, you'll be on your way to becoming a stronger singer in no time!


While Singorama boasts many outstanding advantages, it is not without a few hiccups. Many of these disadvantages can be worked around, such as trading the physical product for the more affordable digital download. However, this would not be a complete Singorama Review if I didn't touch on those potential flaws.

  • The physical product is expensive
  • With so much to go through, it can be tricky managing it all. It takes up a bit more time than other programs. 
  • Requires a fast internet to download the product and get started.
  • No ability to download and take on the go. This can be restricting if you've got a busy lifestyle and can't be around your computer for the recommended fifteen minutes daily.
  • There are no videos, only audio, which can make it hard for visual learners.
  • No resource to answer direct questions when you find yourself challenged. There's no feedback aside from what you record and deduce yourself.
  • Does require a $27 a month plan to continue once the course is complete.

Overall, the cons are few and often solvable with no additional cost. Despite a few rough patches, I think you'll agree with me that the advantages far outweigh them. 

Let's Breakdown the Components of Singorama

The Singorama program contains twenty-eight audio tutorials broken down into six different segments.

Part One – Getting Started

Part one contains lessons to help you familiarize yourself with your vocals. Warm-up exercises get the journey started, while proper breathing and posture tips keep you singing safe.

  • Lesson One: Introduction and How to Understand Your Voice
  • Lesson Two: Voice Strengthening
  • Lesson Three: Loaded Sonancy Method

This may be one of the most useful modules for complete beginners - as it's very possible to cause permanent damage to your vocal chords by attempting to sing notes with serious strain. 

Part Two – Voice Techniques

Part two of the software breaks down the different techniques used in singing and how to practice them. I love lesson seven – who doesn't want to avoid bad habits?

  • Lesson Four: Tone
  • Lesson Five: Pitch
  • Lesson Six: Bridged Vocalization
  • Lesson Seven: Avoiding Bad Habits
  • Lesson Eight: Octave Power Generator Part 1 (Extending Your Range)

Part Three – Music Theory

This segment takes a look at what makes music, music. Music theory is what's behind the music – essentially, what makes the sounds we hear. To sing well, one must know how it works, and this part breaks it down.

  • Lesson Nine: Rhythm, Key Signatures, and Time Signatures
  • Lesson Ten: Minor and Major Keys: The Solfege System
  • Lesson Eleven: Solfege and Intervals (Reading Music)

Part Four – Styles of Singing

  • Lesson Twelve: Different Singing Styles
  • Lesson Thirteen: Recognizing Progressive Intervals
  • Lesson Fourteen: Singing a Variety of Music Genres

Part four can easily be viewed as the most fun in the journey. Everything in these lessons is geared toward making you a better singer in a variety of styles. Melaine Alexander's unique experience in a broad range of genres really helps these lessons to shine.

Part Five – Breaking Down a Song

This part is all about the song itself.

While singing is about your voice, if you're looking for career movement, understanding songs is critical to know just how you're supposed to perform them. 

Using practical examples, you'll be able to take the knowledge and apply it to songs you've never heard sung before!

  • Lesson Fifteen: Song Meaning Comprehension – Lyrics and Overall Tone
  • Lesson Sixteen: Song Meaning Comprehension – Emotion & Personality
  • Lesson Seventeen: Creating Your Song
  • Lesson Eighteen: Learning Full Songs Part One
  • Lesson Nineteen: Learning Full Songs Part Two

Part Six – Moving Forward in Your Music Career

Part six is for those people looking to take it out of the classroom and out in the real world. Melaine's vast career provides insight and tips you won't find from other singing programs.

  • Lesson Twenty: Common Problem Solutions
  • Lesson Twenty-one: Your Future Career as a Singer
  • Lesson Twenty-two: Octave Power Generator Part 2
  • Lesson Twenty-three: Tips for Performing Live
  • Lesson Twenty-four: How to Nail Auditions
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Your First Songwriting
  • Lesson Twenty-Six: Singing with a Band
  • Lesson Twenty-Seven: Overcoming Stage Fright
  • Lesson Twenty-Eight: Final Analysis

Singorama also includes bonus tools including a PDF workbook, training software to find your pitch, and recording software to track your progress.

This Course is a Must Own!

I hope my Singorama Review has given you the breakdown you need to make a decision. At the end of the day, Singorama is one of the top vocal courses and a real crowd-pleaser.

If you're just learning how to sing or need a little tune-up, Singorama's comprehensive program pulls out all the stops to ensure you have the experience and tools needed to grow your singing voice. If you're looking to sing in the church choir or on the big stage, Singorama is right for you.

The workbook and lessons are easily divided if you're an intermediate singer—you don’t have to take every lesson or do the lessons in order. However, the first lessons offer valuable insight that any singer would benefit from using for a quick study. The step-by-step guide is as good as having someone by your side in an expensive private lesson.

Easily the most comprehensive course of its kind, there’s a lesson—or 28— in this program for everyone. Not to mention having access to studio software to record yourself. With the recorder, you can track and measure your progress over the suggested eight-week course.

You'll learn the ins and outs of music theory and the best tips to hone your talent. Plus, with access to a community for a monthly fee, you can continue your journey with new tools and others by your side once you've completed Singorama.

Singorama even helps you create a hydration and food schedule to help your vocal cords. It's about more than just practice makes perfect.

With a free five-day mini-course, you can take a peek behind the curtain risk-free. Once you're ready to get started, the multiple purchase options make it an excellent fit for every budget. Trying before you buy ensures you're prepared and aware of what the program brings beyond just reading about it in helpful reviews like this one.

The course is designed and outlined to create a stress-free learning environment. There is no pressure from a coach standing beside you, just you and your talent moving through top-notch courses.

When you're ready to dedicate the time to a comprehensive teaching tool, you'll walk away with a professional singing voice. Will you be the next singing Diva? Maybe, maybe not—but you, without a doubt, will have the tools to get you there.

Singorama is a comprehensive course compiled by an all-star in the industry. The results will be more than just a beautiful singing voice. They'll include vast knowledge that helps you grow into a career.