Roger Love Singing Academy Review

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Roger Love is a singing industry favorite. His vocal lessons are some of the most sought after lessons in the industry.

His Singing Academy has garnered high praise from critics, and I wanted to get a copy myself to see what it's all about.

I thought it'd be fun and I'll pass along some of my thoughts about his academy in this Roger Love Singing Academy review. 

Note: I don't recommend Roger Love's Singing Academy anymore. Instead I recommend the 30 day singer program. Check out the free trial here.

Who is Roger Love?

Roger Love is a world-renowned vocal coach. He's done a lot of work in Hollywood and in the music world, including people like Gwen Stefani, Eminem, and Jennifer Lawrence. Strangely enough, it turns out that he's even helped Tony Robbins out, along with about one million other noteworthy celebrities and artists.

Also, if you were ever a GLEE fan, he's also done quite a bit of work for all of their cast members.

In any event, Roger Love is one of the foremost vocal coaches on the planet.

Breaking Down the Course

While it's good to understand the man's pedigree, it honestly doesn't mean all that much for a product review. After all, he can be a successful singer and offer an inferior product. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case here, as there is a wealth of information, technique, and motivation.

At current, there are three different courses offered in the academy. They all offer a variety of successful lessons and the like that span fourteen total weeks.

Here's how they break down:

Course Overview

The Roger Love Singing Academy is a three-course, 14-week program suited to make you a better singer. All three courses amount to one-hundred unique videos, spanning loads of content, technique, and little tips and tricks along the way. This is good for beginner, intermediate, and expert singers.

It does seem as if it's more suited for the beginner or intermediate singer, as much of the stuff is well-traveled ground for people who make their money singing. Even still, with all of this video content, there is more than enough to learn even if you are near Celine Dion with your vocal ability.

The first course is $197. The second is $297 and comes with the first. The final course is $597 and comes with the first and second. 

Course 1

The first part of the course is the foundation, which is generally how most of these things work. This five-week course covers things like eliminating pitch problems, singing vibrato, and intro to chest, middle, and head voices.

It also has stuff like how to play instruments while you sing, getting over an inability to read music, and how to get over stage fright. Essentially most of this is showing the student how to use their breathing to sing and techniques to sustain.

For example, in the first week of the course, you're focusing on diaphragmatic breathing after a vocal evaluation for male or female students. The second week ramps it up a bit, but it's more of a teaching lesson as he shows you the importance of the larynx and vocal cords in singing. 

The third week is pretty important as it goes back to the hard lessons, including developing the middle voice, head voice, and the chest voice. It's probably one of the more important lessons in the first course, but it was generally all that I needed to understand that this was going to be some pretty decent in-depth stuff.

Truth be told, I felt as if the first course actually improved my singing despite my notion that it was more suited for beginner singers.

I don't really suffer from stage fright, so I didn't particularly find that bit useful, but I did think he had some very interesting thoughts on diet and how it can impact your ability for your voice to perform.

Course 2

With being the second course, you get all of the stuff from the first plus some new lessons. As you'd expect, he ramps up the content even more. In this, he goes more into things like intermediate breathing techniques, advanced vibrato, and mouth positioning. There are also tips, as well as notes on how you're supposed to audition.

What's more interesting about the second course is that he starts to get a little genre specific. While I admittedly don't have a lot of interest in learning a good old country twang, it was certainly interesting for me to channel my inner Kenny Chesney for a few minutes.

I was more interested in the rock portion of the lesson, as he kind of touched on some of the stuff that I already had experimented with, though I can honestly say that I was pretty surprised that I could do it cleaner. As many of you probably know, rock singing can be especially scratchy on your throat, so some of the mouth positioning and breathing techniques reduced a decent amount of the strain on my voice.

Another note on the second course, he actually has some decent notes on how to choose the right song. This is obviously a matter of preference, but considering he's more or less a guru, it's still advice that I can take to heart.

Course 3

Course three is the highest level. It's more about the mental side of things, though there are some actual techniques that he's still willing to impart.

Anyway, this course obviously comes with the other two courses. It teaches you things on how to connect with an audience, how to work the microphone, and developing a stage presence.

It also focuses on the user and how they can bring out their originality. This bit is interesting because it gives you a bit of information on how Roger Love's mind works and how you can be a stellar entertainer using your god-given abilities. Generally, this is something that I'd write off because the information can be too open-ended.

However, this is a guy who has been paid to work with some of the industry's biggest stars, so of course, it's important to listen to what he had to say.

Still, it's true to a point here as he doesn't particularly know you or your story, but this is where I think you get some of the actual value of the program. With the third course, you actually get some one-on-one time with Roger Love.

While you can't expect him to be your vocal coach without a decent fee, the feedback that you get from him could potentially take you to the next level. Hearing one of the best help you is invaluable, even though it's probably a little scary at first.

What's Unique About His Teaching

Off the bat, the first thing that you'll respect about his teacher is that the man obviously produces results. There aren't too many people who can say that they have personally criticized singers who, combined, have sold hundreds of millions of albums. This is one of the few who did it, so you're not just getting advice from someone who has flirted with the industry and flamed out.

Secondarily, he's a surprisingly great communicator. He really seems to be adjacent to you as you're running through the lessons. Roger has a knack for breaking down some of the sophisticated techniques and jargon used in singing and presents it in laymen's terms. It's refreshing and needed for those who may feel as if there's this aura of pretentiousness permeating in the world of singing.

While that's true, Roger certainly doesn't present his lessons that way, even though you can totally tell that he absolutely knows what he's talking about. He even breaks out the piano and plays his stuff in real-time on video, as opposed to you just following along without a personal touch.

He'll also kind of stop and provide extra motivation and extra instruction where he knows that you're going to be tackling more difficult notes. In that way, it's kind of like having a famous family member who is not only interested in your success but actively encouraging you to get there.

The Hidden Nugget I Loved

Outside of the pedigree and good tutelage, Roger actually has a decent development team behind him. He came up with the idea of "Love Notes", which is a song training system for all of his students. Love Notes is basically like a karaoke system, where you sing songs that are played on a track and you match up the lyrics.

However, it differs when you have special instructions on what you should be doing depending on where you are in the song.

Love Notes will tell you when you should add some vibrato, when to take a diaphragmatic breath, when to get quieter, or whether or not you should be singing with your head, middle, or chest voice.

I felt that I needed to include this in the review because it's something that I personally didn't know that existed on any platform, and I honestly haven't found anything that really compares. While I can't particularly speak to the coding behind it, it does seem to register and passes muster when I sing the song without the aid of Love Notes.

The difference is night and day, so at least it works for me.

Pros and Cons

Obviously, I really like this program. At current, there simply can't be that many singing programs out there that have over one-hundred videos on how to get the ball rolling in the entertainment industry, at least for less than $600. That said, this is by no means a perfect program, even though it's probably the highest-rated one in the industry.

That said, here's some of the stuff I specifically liked, as well as the stuff that I'd like to have seen done better.


  • You get to learn from one of the proven people in the industry, not someone who hasn't reached these heights. This offers incredibly valuable perspective for making singing a career.
  • Gain confidence in building a strong vocal range and the ability to command power from your voice.
  • Love Notes song training is probably one of the most inventive pieces of software available.
  • You get to learn some trade secrets used by celebrities and titans in the music industry.


  • The price point isn't the best for everyone.
  • The lessons don't have HD video. Something we come to expect in 2021!
  • No visual aid is available in the video lessons.

While the price point can be seen to be a bit high, especially when compared to other top onling singing courses, the overall exposure that you're getting to one of the biggest singing coaches in the world definitely makes the higher fees worthwhile (that is, if you can afford it, then you'd be hard pressed to find a better course solution.

Final Verdict

I didn't really expect this to be that great of a training, even though I did happen to shell out a good chunk of change for it. It turns out that while I'm pretty sure that I won't be topping the charts any time soon, I'm definitely much more confident in something that I fancied myself pretty well versed at.

Roger has a true ability in instructing and breaking down some of the finer notes. The easily digestible lessons are easy to re-watch even if you're just hanging out. I also like playing around with Love Notes, as well as oddly trying my hand at singing kitschy country songs.

All in all, this is a fine product that will most definitely help out singers of all ability. If you like singing and you want to take it to the next level, you'd be hard-pressed to find something that's as comprehensive as Roger Love's Singing Academy.

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