Best Online Singing Lessons – Learn to Sing in 2023

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Some of the best moments in our lives relate to music.

From graduation songs to first dances at weddings, music and vocals bring out powerful emotions in people. It's not surprising, then, that many people long for a desirable singing voice.

In this article, I will show you how to hone your singing chops through some amazing and affordable (my favorite one let's you get started for free) online singing lessons. Check out some of my top picks below:












Singorama 2.0



Roger Love's Singing Academy



Christina Aguilera's Masterclass



The Four Pillars of Singing


These are the Top 10 Best Online Singing Lessons in 2023

Here's a list of the overall top websites that will give you step-by-step instructions to learn to sing today:

1)The 30-Day Singer - Best Overall

Our Top Pick
30 Day Singer
9.8/10 Our Score

Best Course For Learning to Sing 

  • The 30 Day Singer Lessons are the #1 option for learning to sing today. 
  • Learn to sing like a natural within 30 days.
  • Full money back guarantee.
  • Comes with a 14 day free trial.

Often considered the top online vocal class, the 30-Day Singer program offers beginners and intermediate singers the ability to grow in a variety of skill sets to become a better singer in just thirty days. 

Go from drab to fab with thought-out, in-depth classes. This company firmly believes every person can be a singer—they just need to find their comfort level and range. 

With these classes for singing, you will extend your vocal range, develop vocal power, and build confidence all while learning the essentials behind a great singing voice — everything you need to get growing.

Through four tracks of study and over 150 lessons, the 30-Day Singer promises that, with daily work, users will experience an array of improvements in their vocal abilities

Video lessons help you to see, as well as hear, the powerful training methods at work.

The first class focuses on building a strong foundation of the basic techniques a singer needs and is a good starting block regardless of your skill level.

Course two focuses on the study of style, learning and analyzing some of the greatest names in singing history including, but not limited to, David Bowie, Ella Fitzgerald, and Adele. Get ready to learn from the greats.

Course three focuses on advanced training and takes the singer through more challenging elements like harmonizing and pitch. These lessons are designed to push you to the next level, regardless of your starting point.

educate reader on the features included in the 30 day singer program

Finally, the 30-Day Singer has a course on performance training. Build up your confidence, calm your nerves, and prepare as if you are going on tour! Also great for picking up skills like playing guitar and singing simultaneously.

What’s even better? The 30-Day Singer offers a fourteen-day free trial, and a money-back guarantee if you don't see results after daily practice after thirty days. Talk about a vote of confidence.

Though results will happen quick, repeating courses helps to continue to hone your skills and grow your voice to achieve new levels.

As with all skills, practice makes perfect, but the 30-Day Singer can be the best place to start.

Read the full review of 30 Day Singer here, too!

2) Singeo

Another modern and "hip" online singing lesson is the Singeo platform.

We love the platform itself, with modulization that makes it easy for users to expand their singing repertoire in a fun and intuitive fashion. 

Individual lessons are fleshed out in the platform and they are laid out in a way that allows for progression by the user, going from practicing basic singing techniques (which many other platforms mentioned on this list include) to expanding into instrument synchronization and live performances.

If you run through the gamut of what Singeo has to offer, you'll find unique exposure to classical, theatre, and opera singing to help you really become a stronger singer at your base. Then, you'll be able to really take your singing to the next level by working on songs from some of the most popular and best singers of all time (think Whitney Houston, Adele, and more).

We find the lessons from the coaches and the progression to be excellent at enhancing your singing skills with a more modern approach than you may typically get from other online singing lessons.

This lesson platform will certainly be making waves on this list as we continue to explore everything it has to offer, but we highly recommend you give it a go while as it's value packed and affordable.

3) Singorama 2.0

Singorama 2.0 is one of the most comprehensive platforms on the market.

Created by vocal coach and singing sensation Melanie Alexander, Singorama 2.0 is perfect for every skill level, but beginners and advanced singers alike can use the post-course program. 

The combination method of audio and workbooks showcases advanced techniques perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.

Melanie knows that, to be a great singer—one simply needs to be a nurtured singer, as she once went through the process herself.

There are no video instructions in Singorama 2.0, but there are twenty-eight audio lessons covering vocal exercises, practice songs, and a PDF workbook. 

Despite not having videos, the .mp3 instructional courses are top-notch and easy to follow along for any who worry that not having a video can lead to distraction or less overall 'oomph' to the lessons.

Singers, you can see results with just fifteen minutes of practice a day. Learn the basics of pitch, control, tone, and other cornerstones of a good singing voice. No stone is left unturned, and Singorama 2.0 expertly takes away the need for expensive private training coaches by covering everything from warm-ups and singing exercises to singing career tips.

You won’t stop there, either. Singorama 2.0 will push you further with advanced techniques perfect for beginners. Gain an extra octave, master the difficult high notes, correct bad habits, learn how to work in a band and top performance tips. 

A user favorite, Singorama offers a range of bonus tools as well, including a way to record your progress and playback. No need for external devices, or to ask others, Singorama 2.0 gives you a tangible way to listen to your growth.

Once you’ve completed the current program, you can unlock a monthly subscription with access to other users and more information for a small cost.

Singorama 2.0 offers a five-day mini-course to see if the program matches your needs, so you'll know beforehand if it's a good fit. The workbooks add an additional layer that many programs don't offer. 

Plus, with a sixty-day money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong honing your singing skills with Singorama 2.0.

From beginner to advanced, this program has everything you need to enjoy singing growth.

4) Roger Love's Singing Academy

Another great tool to take your singing to the next level is a course that many of you won't be aware of: Roger Love's Singing Academy

Developed by the singing maestro himself, Roger Love, this globally recognized singing coach pulls no punches in delivering exceptional value with his singing academy.

Roger understands that every singer has their own tone, singing capacity, register, voice type, etc. and helps you masterfully find yours during his training.

While going under his tutelage as a beginner to singing would be ideal, entering this course from intermediate or advanced levels is still going to yield fantastic results in improving your singing voice.

Roger himself has worked with artists such as Gwen Stefani, Eminem, & Jennifer Lawrence. His training has capatulted the singing careers of some of the most recognizable celebrity voices of all time, and the sheer amount of knowledge and insight he can impart on his students is astronmical!

The course itself is a 3-part, 14 week singing bootcamp programmed to make ANYONE a more powerful and impactful singer.

Hundreds of video lessons exist within the course and you are guided through complex singing practices and guides by Roger Love himself. 

The real value of the course, based on our opinion, is the sheer amount of gold nuggets of useful tips that the course provides that you're not going to find in ANY other singing course. Working with Roger Love is like being indoctrinated into a secret society of singing -- it really is that beneficial to your singing voice. 

The only reason this singing course isn't presented as my favorite overall, is due to the price.

The first course is $197, the second course is $297 and the final course is $597. Of course, this should be petty cash if you're serious about your singing voice (and considering a singing career), but it's definitely not as accessible as other more affordable options mentioned above.

Love makes the course easy enough to grasp and follow whilst also ensuring that the tutorials and guides are thorough enough to get you towards your singing goals. 

There's more than meets the eye to this course, and when you have access to hundreds of video lessons (with each one being catered specifically to improving important, minute details of your voice), you're singing capacity will skyrocket under Roger Love's guidance.

Again, just to stress the importance of having this course if you're serious about your singing abilities, the biggest advantage of this course is getting those insider secrets to singing that only the real masters of the craft can divulge. Love himself is so well touted in the singing community that this course really is one of the most value driven courses that exist on the planet!

5) Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no argument that Christina Aguilera isn’t one of the strongest voices in the current music scene.

This used to be one of our top picks for online singing lessons, but we think MOST people can get more value out of other programs offered on the marketplace. Having Christina Aguilera's tips for performing live though can make this a serious course for auditioning talent. 

With an impressive range and more power than most singers can pack, Aguilera not only knows music, but she’s fantastic at it. That makes her the perfect candidate to teach an online Masterclass.

This online singing lesson course is Aguilera’s first online instruction course, and one hundred percent exclusive to Masterclass users. What’s even better? Masterclass makes it feel like you’re working one-on-one with one of the most powerful voice coaches out there all for an affordable cost.

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass, like other online singing lessons, offers video lessons, a workbook to help guide you, and a range finder with a neat tracker, but also an exclusive chat group to connect with others who are taking the class.

With this program, you will find your voice and grow your style.

Designed to span six weeks, the program includes twenty-three HD video lessons from the star herself. You’ll go through video lessons and exercises geared toward emulating the pop sensation.

While this course is excellent for beginners with classes focused on warming up, protecting your voice and learning styles, it’s also a valuable tool for advanced singers and those looking to make a career of signing on stage. The later lessons in the course focus on singing with others, singing live, and even a look at the journey Christina took in growing her career as an additional course of study.

Throughout the study, Christina will break down some of her biggest hits. You learn her tips on breath control and voice vibrations, and how and why she applies those techniques in her music.

With the ability to buy one-time access or an unlimited subscription, Christina Aguilera's Masterclass has options for every budget.

You'll learn from one of the top names in modern singing history and be off on your way.

6) The Vocalist Studio - The Four Pillars of Singing

Another very prominent program that offers singing lessons online would be the "Four Pillars of Singing" from Robert Lunte over at the Vocalist Studio.

I was intrigued by Robert’s assertion that singing properly was based on “The Four Pillars” that you could hone and refine to become a better singer. This notion that four critical components of singing could be so instrumental in improvement caused me to want to learn more, so I delved deeper into the program to find out what these Pillars are and how they can be improved!

While I can’t get too “into the weeds” with the course here in this review, I do want to reassure the readers that I found the course to be straightforward and thorough overall, with some unique aspects and value that can’t be found in other online singing lessons and courses.

Breakdown of The Features

What’s great about Robert is that he has a more analytical and data driven approach to learning. I personally find myself to be a person who thinks this way too, so the usage of scientific and technical terminology to explain and break down proper singing is refreshing. 

Too often I will be subjected to vocal coaches who aren’t giving detailed breakdowns of mechanics and functions, which I personally am not a big fan of.

However, while quite technical and detailed, the lessons aren’t bogged down with fluff and hard-to-understand concepts. Lunte’s guidance is practical, straightforward and effective to people from different backgrounds and “walks of life”. You won’t be lost within the materials.

Of course, like many of these courses offer, The Vocalist Studio purchase will provide you with lifetime access to all the content, lessons and add-on materials within the course.

Furthermore, the content is being worked on quite frequently by Robert and his team. This could be worrisome for potential buyers who would be turned off by a higher up-front price for the course than other alternatives. 

Rest assured, the content is constantly being worked on and is quite frequently updated without you needing to upgrade or pay extra for the newer material. It’s a “pay once and reap lifetime updates” kind of program, which is a huge plus in my book.

Lunte is also heavily involved in modern content delivery avenues for fresh content, and as a purchaser you’ll get access to new videos, webinars, articles and more as they are released. 

You can use this course any way you’d like and go through it at your own pace. It should take you anywhere from 1-3 months to get through all the base content in The Vocalist Studio by my estimations. However, I personally am a bit of a slower course taker as I like to get into the nitty gritty more, so it can certainly vary from person to person.

It is recommended that you practice for about ½ hour to 2 hours per session and to practice 3 to 6 days per week. This seems to fall in line with most singing course recommendations, and something that I also agree with based on my experience with previous vocal injuries. It’s important to stay strict and consistent, but to also not overdo things!

The website also has a forum and live chat feature which is quite a modern aspect of the course that I like. This allows you to seamlessly connect with your instructor without having to go through blander and less effective methods of communication. While email always works, this is a nice touch that adds a layer of professionalism and modernism to the course itself. 

Content and Value

As someone experienced in singing and vocal improvement, I argue that this course 100% will make you a better, more confident singer. 

The content itself goes through everything involved with skill improvement, and there are countless nuggets of gold that can take a beginner singer into more advanced territory, simply through the course’s impact itself. 

Like other singing courses mentioned in this list, TVS will go over common misconceptions and myths revolving around the act of singing improvement. From there, Lunte delves deeper into practical methods for improving singing with fundamental skill advancement and targeted exercises for breath control, diaphragm utilization, etc.

I was particularly impressed with Lunte’s ability to incorporate the “six different tones in head voice” and for properly utilizing head and chest voice in conjunction with one another. 

Even for someone who’s a more experienced vocalist, this content will certainly provide a refresher and is quite effective at presenting new and insightful ways for improving on very important skill-sets with the voice. 

There are also specific lessons for important skills to develop such as vocal range expansion and strengthening too for example. 

Overall, this makes TVS a great overall solution for all levels of singers to expand and grow their singing voice. The Four Pillars are certainly intriguing, and I strongly recommend this course. 

Who Should Consider Purchasing The Four Pillars?

I would say that you should consider this course if you have a decent level of experience in singing but want to take your talents and skills to the next level.

Now, beginners can also benefit strongly from this course in my belief, however the terminology and teachings are more catered towards intermediate to slightly more advanced singers. There simply may be too much complexity for a beginner to pick this up and really strive, which is why I would have some reservations towards this course for less experienced singers.

Again though, this is a solid option for singing lessons from a truly experienced singing course. 

7) Yousician Singing

Yousician is a large name in the online music lessons space. They feature primarily guitar lessons, but have also struck out into the world of singing instruction with their online lessons. 

What’s interesting about Yousician singing is that they have an app that is meant to improve your singing voice incorporated with their lessons. 


I like the concept of an app to help you improve your singing. So often the online lessons space is cluttered with large .pdfs and hundreds of hours of video tutorials and guides. While I do believe this to be highly effective in improving performance in the relevant craft, I do understand the need to simplify and streamline the learning process for students - hence the usefulness of an online singing application. 

Interestingly, the app also has tremendous value for what it is. You can get instant feedback on your singing by having the application record your voice and provide recommendations on timing, accuracy, etc. of the notes you are hitting whilst singing.

The application works with iOS, Mac, PC and Android, so you have a wide variety of options for getting the usefulness from it.

Yousician is really well laid out, and is almost like a video game or simulation that you get to follow to improve your singing voice. 


There are sections inside the Yousician singing course that break down all of the essential things that you need to know as a beginner. The basics are well covered with heavy emphasis on skills such as breath control, harmony, melody, ear recognition and much, much more.

The application itself is quite user friendly and customizable for your level of skill and learning preferences. I think it’s really neat that you can control things such as the speed of the song you are learning. Being able to speed up and slow down the track so that you can really focus on hitting the right notes was highly beneficial  in honing in and refining my voice from the lessons.

Overall, the content is quite solid but could be more in-depth and encompassing in my opinion.

Who Should Purchase Yousician Singing?

If you’re a singer who’s not very refined (intermediate) or simply brand new to the craft of vocal control and proper singing technique, then this online singing application and course will be highly useful for you.

Beginner and intermediate level singers should strongly consider Yousician for their vocal refinement.

It’s application based content is also highly suited for younger people. Teenagers and 20-somethings in general will find this highly user-friendly and easy to digest, while older generations may be turned off by some of the content digestion practices of the course. 

Again, not every course is for every person, but Yousician itself is a solid overall option for less experienced singers. 

8) Artistworks Vocal School 

Artistworks is well known for their guitar and piano lessons. In fact, they have a plethora of lessons for various musical instruments. However, they also feature a quality singing program that makes its way onto this list - enter the Artistworks Vocal School!

Jeannie Deva is the creator of the course and she shares her wisdom, experience and intricate knowledge of the craft of singing for her students in the Artistworks program.

Her lessons are suitable for complete beginners and intermediates I would say, based on my digestion of the course’s content. Not too shabby!

Purchase of the course gets you important fundamentals such as vocal warm-up exercises, step-by-step breakdown of vocal control through stomach, diaphragmatic breathing, and much more!

This highly affordable course features the unique value of Deva’s personalized one-on-one response to your inquiry. If your record yourself singing and send a video to Deva she will provide a detailed and personalized feedback video back to you - talk about real value from a course!

Artistworks is great because of the community - and you get access to just that with the purchase of the course, a real bonus that cannot be overstated, in my humble opinion.


Learn how to control specific functions of the body that contribute to a high-level singing voice with the Artistworks program. Fundamentals such as proper breath control and execution of synchronized head and chest voice are detailed quite effectively by the instruction, which is essential for catering a course towards beginners and intermediates.

More advanced singers may find this course a bit below their level, but they can also get some value out of the analysis of contemporary vs. classical singing and more advanced techniques for establishing harmony and hitting high notes properly.

The course also details important aspects of the singing career - watch and learn from Deva as you navigate through lessons describing the audition and performance aspect of becoming a professional singer. This is something that was present in Christina Aguilera’s Singing Masterclass, but is often absent in many of the other singing programs - which is something that I noticed and am high on in this one.

Who Should Buy This Artistworks Course? 

This online singing class is really dedicated towards the beginner and novice singers more so than advanced performers. 

However, if you’re a quite eager learner and more on the advanced side of singing development, there are still plenty of tidbits of information that can help you become a better overall singer in the course, you just may have to sit through some less engaging lessons to get to the real juicy information for your needs. 

Overall, it’s a solid option for advancing your singing development, and particularly useful for those seeking information on real-world singing competitions, auditions and performance!

9) Singdaptive

This relatively new platform really provides its value from the one-on-one support that students get with their instructors. Their technology allows for students to submit clips of them singing to the platform for the vocal coaches to review and provide feedback upon. This then creates an insane amount of value for the students due to the actual optimization that they'll receive from real instructor feedback. 

We really think that this is what sets Singdaptive apart from other online singing lessons in this list, and what makes it a really novel and engaging service in the space. However, this isn't the only benefit you get from the platform. Singdaptive also contains 350+ on-demand videos to help studentsl learn singing techniques and tips on their own time. 

Now, we think that Singdaptive can improve a bit on the value that students receive from the standard plan. With the standard plan, you get one feedback session per month from instructors. However, with the premium plan, you get an unlimited amount of video exchanges per month (though this could be subject to change as the platform scales). For this reason, it can get quite pricey to get the amount of support that you may need in your singing journey (although, the premium plan would end up being far less money than traditional singing lessons if you use it quite frequently). 

10) Elite Singing Techniques

Eric Arceneaux's Udemy course on singing techniques is a very good supplementary option to some of the other courses listed on this page. We've found that the techniques you'll find in these lessons are mostly aimed at beginners, but they provide a good way to establish proper vocal technique & learn some key terminology related to music theory.

With over 10,000 enrolled students on the course on Udemy rest assured you'll be in good hands as Eric's 20+ years of experience really shines through. His detailed lessons often contain multiple videos per lesson, which helps to establish further understanding in the student as they go through the course.

We must admit, the sticker price is a bit higher than others in this list for this Udemy course (but you can almost always snag a discount if you look hard enough). However, the value that you're receiving on a stable platform such as Udemy (it really is one of the best course hosting platforms for students) cannot be understated. 

Which Singing Class Is Best for You?

Singing in the shower not quite the sound you're looking for? Does the idea of singing in a car full of people make you nervous? Maybe singing Happy Birthday makes you flush and barely sing above a whisper.

Perhaps your voice is pretty, but not powerful. Maybe you’re just not ready to sing in that choir due to performance nerves. Don’t worry—there are ways to step up your singing game.

If you’ve ever researched private singing coaches, your wallet might have cringed, and the lessons may have seemed like a distant dream.

That’s okay!

Vocal lessons can be a large expense (some courses, like Superior Singing Method, can be expensive and not deliver tons of value). Understandably, you're nervous about taking a risk on such a hefty expense if you haven't seen proven results. There's a new way to grow your singing voice through lessons, though, and you might not be aware of it.

Whether you’ve got natural-born talent or have a lot of work to do to up your game, singing lessons online are an affordable, popular, and measurable way to find your voice.

Never heard of computer programs to help you sing better? Not certain how they function if a live person can’t hear your progress? There’s good news! Video learning is on the rise, and more importantly? These programs work! 

Top-notch programs will offer you the ability to learn about the craft, exercise to grow and understand your voice, and help you prepare for stage-ready performances. 

There’s nothing like these private lessons. Plus, they’re an affordable way to get the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Finding the perfect online vocal classes can be tricky with so many options, which is why we wanted to spotlight some of the top options for students. Singorama 2.0, 30-Day Singer, Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass, and the Roger Love's Singing Academy are four of the best in the business currently, and all of them can cause massive improvements in beginners and intermediates.

Now you might ask, will these programs make me the next Beyoncé? Well, no, but they are the start to your best singing voice and potential career.

 A little singing practice. A little online singing class. You’ll be well on your way to belting out the lyrics to every song. What could be better than that?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but there are elements that make one program a better fit than others. It comes down to your personal needs, both for singing and a possible career move.

The 30-Day Singer program is perfect for beginners looking for fast results – the name says it all! The lesson plans are simple but effective, and it boasts both the longest trial and a money-back guarantee.

If video learning isn’t for you, and you aren’t worried about a comprehensive program, Singorama 2.0 is your class. 

This software features top lessons, but without videos. It is a good fit for someone detail-oriented as it’s the most comprehensive course. 

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass is excellent if you’re more interested in learning performance. While it covers singing must-haves, this class goes in detail about performing from microphone tips to getting ready. Plus, it has two access options depending on your budget needs. What more could you want than to learn from a master?

Finally, Roger Love's Singing Academy is a program created by a vocal coach with proven success. The lesson plans are more compact than Singorama 2.0, but no less thorough. 

This course does not cover performance tips outside of the bonus sections, which makes it great for people who already have the confidence to shine. 

That being said, what's MY top pick? After spending time evaluating the value that all courses give you... I believe that the 30 day Singer is currently the BEST option for online singing lessons!

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn a little about four of the top online classes for singing, it’s time to see which is right for you. Grab your mic and get to singing! Also, try pairing your singing lessons with some of the best online guitar lessons to really become a well-rounded musician!

We also recommend trying out the Singdaptive app for its modern approach to learning how to sing. Another great course too is the Singeo course, which is new to the singing lessons space but is certainly worthwhile too! Check out our Singeo review here.

Still not sure what's best for you? Try out this brief quiz to determine the best option for you!