31 Country Songs About Family

Country music is something I love, and it’s because of the way that this musical genre manages to sing about almost any subject. However, one topic that country music loves is family, and it pops up a lot in various singles and albums. So, to give you some idea of just how popular it is to sing about the family, here’s a list of 31 country songs all about that topic.

1. Mama Tried – Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard - Mama Tried (Live)

Released in 1968, this song had to make it on the list as it’s a classic. It’s actually about the time he spent in prison and how it hurt his mother, so there’s a certain sadness behind it all which certainly comes through in the track.

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2. Daddy Sang Bass – Johnny Cash

This list couldn’t be complete without a Johnny Cash song, and Daddy Sang Bass was a number-one hit for him on the country charts. It’s all about his tough upbringing and how music kept them together through those hard times, but I just love how it has that authentic Cash appeal throughout the track.

3. Humble and Kind – Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw - Humble And Kind (Official Video)

Tim McGraw is always outstanding, and this song is the type that manages to leave a bit of a lump in your throat. It’s raw and emotional while there’s every possibility it will touch a nerve for every single person that listens to it. 

4. Family Man – Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell - Family Man (Official Music Video)

Released as his debut single, Family Man focuses on the story of a man trying to fight his way through a tough time and care for his family. Considering it’s a debut song, it’s seriously impressive how it captures so much emotion in the lyrics. It’s an amazing track to listen to.

5. The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me

Miranda Lambert is amazing, and this track from 2010 is viewed as one of the classics regarding family. It’s all about remembering her childhood, and it remains one of the most popular songs from her career.

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6. Family Tree – Caylee Hammack

Caylee Hammack - Family Tree (Official Music Video)

Caylee Hammack has an amazing voice, and it’s on full display with this track. It’s a country song filled with fun even though she talks about the darker side. It’s the type of track where you can just sing along and enjoy the experience.

7. Kinfolks – Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt - Kinfolks (Official Audio)

Released only a couple of years ago, I feel this track is already one of the best where family is the main topic. Its theme is about a lover and meeting the family, and it’s viewed as a real traditional country love song. If you prefer slower country music, then this is perfect for you.

8. Mom – Country Studio Crew

Released in 2014, I think this song by Garth Brooks contains so much feeling and emotion it’s impossible for it to not touch you in some way. Its focus is on an unborn child talking to God and becoming aware of the concept of “mom,” and it’s just an amazing track on so many levels. Check out this cover by Country Studio Crew.

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9. Family Feud – Pistol Annies

Pistol Annies - Family Feud (Official Audio)

Released in 2011, this female country band sings all about fights in a family, and I do admit it’s kind of dark and troubling. However, their delivery is outstanding, and I just appreciate how the song manages to really tell a story throughout, even though the lyrics are quite heavy.

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10. You’re Gonna Miss This – Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins - You're Gonna Miss This (Official Music Video)

This track topped the country charts, and for a good reason: it’s excellent to listen to. The lyrics are heartfelt as Trace Adkins tells a story about three young girls and the problems they face. It makes you stop and think about life in general, but at the same time, offers hope even when things look tough. It’s a gem of a song.

11. Big Family – Hailey Whitters

Hailey Whitters - Big Family (Lyric Video)

This may be a new song, but it’s an excellent one. It’s all about Hailey Whitters and singing about her family which she remains close to. So many people will find the lyrics resonate with them, and it’s just a happy and upbeat country track that is a joy to listen to.

12. He Walked On Water – Randy Travis

Randy Travis - He Walked On Water (Official Audio)

This song hit number two back in 1990, and it’s all about his great-grandfather, so you can see the family connection straight away. In the track, Randy Travis talks about how he felt he could walk on water, so this is a heartfelt song that will tug on your own heartstrings.

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13. Family Bible – Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Family Bible (Official Audio)

Willie Nelson actually wrote the song back in 1957 but didn’t release it until 1980. But what I love about this track is that it’s not your usual country song. Instead, it also incorporates gospel music, giving it a different slant to his usual tracks.

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14. Coal Miner’s Daughter – Loretta Lynn

Coal Miner's Daughter

Loretta Lynn is just fantastic, and the best thing about this song is that it’s all about her own childhood. You get a real feel for the emotion in the track and understand how hard things were for her when growing up. She delivers the song to absolute perfection, just as you would expect. 

15. Old Black Kettle – Dolly Parton

I had to include at least one hit by Dolly Parton, and I’ve opted for Old Black Kettle, which is a song focusing on the memories she has about her own mother from her own childhood. It’s like a snapshot into her past, and she delivers with her usual gusto, and who doesn’t like Dolly Parton?

16. Don’t Forget To Remember Me – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Don't Forget To Remember Me

Released in 2006, there’s a real sweetness about this song, but I feel that’s common with Carrie Underwood. This track shows a daughter leaving high school and how the mother deals with that time. It’s a song that can resonate with so many people for different reasons, and not just for that moment.

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17. Family – Dolly Parton

I’ve included another Dolly Parton song, and this time, I’ve gone for Family as it’s another great track. It focuses on how we accept and forgive our family even through all trials and tribulations. Again, it’s packed full of the emotion you expect from this singer, and she doesn’t disappoint at all.

18. He Didn’t Have to Be – Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley - He Didn't Have To Be (Official Video)

Released in 1999, this hit is all about the impact of a stepfather in a family, and how it then influenced a child to become a father. Many feel this is one of the best country songs where the family is the topic, and I find it hard to disagree as it has so much packed into just a few minutes for you to absorb.

19. Down This Road – Cam

Cam - Down This Road (Official Lyric Video)

This song came out in 2021, but it comes with real passion through the lyrics and how she talks about missing family and is on her way back to them. It’s a familiar story for so many, and it’s a track that will stick with you, even if you have never been in that position yourself.

20. He Gets That From Me – Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire - He Gets That From Me (Official Music Video)

The superstar that is Reba McEntire has produced so many stunning songs, but this one is impressive. It talks about the mannerisms her son gets from her and then switches to talking about his father who has died. It’s powerful and sad but still an amazing track to listen to.

21. Family Reunion – Corb Lund

Corb Lund - Family Reunion (Official Video)

Corb Lund tells a story in this song of those classic family reunion times when everyone comes together, and sometimes, it’s not always happy. There’s such an upbeat feel to the lyrics, and this is just a track packed full of fun.

22. Mama’s Song – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Mama's Song (Official Video)

I have another song by Carrie Underwood here, and this is another amazing tune that was nominated for a Grammy. It’s all about the singer telling her mother not to worry about things as she will marry the right guy. It’s touching and sung with passion.

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23. Love Triangle – RaeLynn

RaeLynn - Love Triangle (Official)

Released in 2017, this song is very personal for RaeLynn. It’s all about what it’s like to be a child when your parents get divorced, and she delivers in her usual style and power. Again, this track has the opportunity to resonate with so many.

24. Family Tradition – Hank Williams Jr

Hank Williams jr - Family tradition

I love this track. It’s all about his family and how they drink and fight, which is something so many families can understand. But he makes it sound like so much more fun than it perhaps was, and it’s a great country song about family.

25. Welcome to the Family – Little Big Town

Welcome To The Family

Released in 2005, this cool song focuses on a family welcoming a guy into their home as he’s about to marry their sister. It’s so much fun to listen along to while also discussing something so many people are familiar with.

26. In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride

In My Daughter's Eyes

This is one of those country songs with the ability to touch you. It’s all about how a daughter can see her mother as a hero and how the mother also sees the daughter as her hero for different reasons. It’s such an emotional track that’s sung brilliantly.

27. These are My People – Rodney Atkins

These Are My People

Released in 2006, this song comes with the usual gusto you get from Rodney Atkins. However, I also love the lyrics and story it tells throughout. It’s an upbeat track all about his upbringing in the country, so expect a lot of fun as you listen.

28. Homecoming – Tom T. Hall

Released in 1969, it’s a sad song about a struggling singer going home to see his father. Tom T. Hall sings it perfectly, and you should expect it to hit home thanks to the sheer amount of emotion that seeps through the track.

29. You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly – Loretta Lynn And Conway Twitty

You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly

I had to include this song just because of the title—who wouldn’t love it? I think the theme of the track is self-explanatory as it’s all about a mother and father fighting about things. There’s no way this song will not put a smile on your face. It’s a classic country.

30. The Dollar – Jamey Johnson

Jamey Johnson - The Dollar (Karaoke)

Released in 2006, this was his debut song, and what a great track it is. It is all about a boy seeing his father and how he views him when he goes off to work. It’s a sad song that leaves you enough to think about as you listen to it.

31. That’s What I Love About Sunday – Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan - That's What I Love About Sunday (Music Video)

From his 2005 album, the song focuses on going to church with his family on a Sunday and how he loves that time with them. It’s raw and well delivered, while the topic is just going to mean so much to so many people.

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