Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Review

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Have you considered buying an online training course for singing but backed out because the course content seemed limited or dull?

Have you found that other online classes forced you into their rigid molds instead of training you to become a unique singer? 

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Well, Christina Aguilera's Masterclass has none of the things that might have turned you away from other online singing courses. 

This course is not like other online singing courses out there.

This e-course has no rules. It is a work-at-your-own-pace program, with lessons focused on inspiring you to be your own artist – whatever that looks like for you, in particular.

Maybe you do dream of becoming the next Christina. Or perhaps your goal is to stand out at open mics or talent competitions. Even if you just want to sound better when you sing in the shower, this course is for you! 

Christina Aguilera brings her skills and vast experience in the music industry to create a vocal performance training course like no other. If you're interested in becoming a performer or singing pop and rock music, you'll find yourself an especially improved singer by the end of the course. 

Are you still trying to decide if this is the program for you? Keep reading for my full Christina Aguilera's Masterclass review. 

What's Included in the Course?​​​​​

Masterclass includes 23 lessons – all of which Christina Aguilera teaches – and a PDF workbook. Each lesson comprises a video, a homework assignment, and takeaway notes. As I'll share later, the course goes at your own pace, and you never lose access to the information. 

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  • The lesson series begins with a video introduction from the pop goddess herself. 

Christina commences Masterclass lessons by sharing her background and experiences. You'll feel as if she's talking directly to you. This personalized perception extends throughout the course.

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  • Universal lessons about warm-ups follow.

We're all aware that warming up before singing is essential. However, it's often hard to know exactly how to do it, how much time to devote to it, and when it's necessary or not. 

 Christina teaches Masterclass students the very warm-ups she uses. She provides various warm-up options for practice sessions, recordings, and live performances, so you know what to use when.

She also speaks candidly about making time for warm-ups in your busy schedule. As such a famous performer, she doesn't have hours in her day to get ready. So, if Christina can fit warm-ups into her schedule, so can you.

  • Especially as a professional singer, it's vital to protect your vocal cords.
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Other singing courses gloss over the essential component of vocal protection. It’s almost as if they assume that your voice will never be your career, so this information doesn't matter to you. In the Masterclass courses, however, you’ll get the sense that Christina believes in you and wants you to be a successful singer. 

She talks about the importance of always keeping a water bottle nearby to stay hydrated and protect your body. What’s more, Christina shares that she keeps a plate of honey just off stage during all of her performances. To keep her throat lubed, she'll dip a finger into it and eat a drop of honey between songs. Who knew?

  • Who doesn't want to increase their vocal range as a singer?

In this lesson, Christina reveals that most of a person's vocal range is mental. You must first believe that it's possible to hit notes that are out of your comfort zone, and she'll help you get to that point. 

Personally, I do believe in vocal range archetypes that beginner to intermediate singers need to stick to, but I like her style and trust her professional take on vocal improvement. 

Then, she passes along tips for making it happen physically. They even include a range tester on the page of this lesson. How cool is that? 

  • Christina shares specific examples from her songs to teach specific techniques.

When diving into diction, technique, texture, and tone, Christina gives examples from her work. These samples are quite helpful because you likely already know her songs.

These aren't hypothetical sounds or scenarios that don't make sense. Christina sings songs that we've all belted in the car at one point or another, and she explains how she made them sound the way they do.

Christina really knows how to hit high notes with precision. I love her tips!

  • While many other courses stop short, Masterclass continues by teaching you about singing for duets and live performances.
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Singing with another person, a live audience, or real-time accompaniment takes special skills. Often, you learn these skills by doing them. It's hard to find teachers or opportunities to practice. 

Christina Aguilera hits the ball out of the park on this course. She gets deep into details that you both want and will need to know to enhance your singing voice.

  • One of the best ways to make a song your own is to change the beat.

Christina not only demonstrates how to own a song by changing the beat but also helps you practice making it happen. This practice is where you'll feel her wanting you to succeed at becoming an energetic singer and performer. The lesson teaches you what it takes to become an artist in your own right, not just a copy of someone else.

  • Microphones are not easy to work with, but Christina shares all that you need to know.

Christina devotes an entire lesson to live and studio microphones. These classes begin with the basics about how to use microphones and what to expect from each type. She also teaches you how to adjust your singing and performance according to the mic in front of you.

  • Did you know that even professionals can have performance anxiety?

The difference between stars and the rest of us is their ability to keep their anxiety in check.

The Masterclass delivers all of the tips and tricks you can use to put your nerves at ease while you sing your heart out. 

This Masterclass covers this issue far more in-depth than either the Superior Singing Method or Singorama. Take this information into account when choosing your ideal online singing course. 

  • In one of the last sections of the Masterclass, Christina teaches you how to plan a live show.

There are thousands of details that go into planning a live performance. Many of the necessities are probably situations you don’t even consider until it's too late. This lesson teaches you to prevent significant mess-ups before they happen on stage.

  • The course ends with more personal accounts from Christina Aguilera's life. 

In the final Masterclass section, Christina gives you her advice about journaling, handling busy schedules, haters, and self-expression. There's so much more to becoming a successful performer than what happens on stage. Christina speaks candidly and openly about how to juggle it all without losing yourself in the melee.

How Does It Compare to Other Courses?

Overall, Christina's Masterclass is a step above other online singing classes. Not only is the artist a tremendous teacher, but she's also lived and used everything she's sharing. 

  • Christina's course is intensive. 

While other courses give you information with minimal effort on your part, Christina requires that you be committed to putting in the time. The suggested class schedule involves six weeks of dedication to the course, though you can go at your own pace. 

If you choose not to fill out your workbook, do your homework assignments, or practice, then you will not get the most you can from the course. So, don’t start if you don’t really want to improve.

  • In the Masterclass, you're learning from experience.

Many other online vocals teachers may understand the techniques and share information, but few have made their careers as vocal performers. In this class, you get your instruction from someone who has lived it every day for most of her life. 

  • This course helps build connections and community within the industry.

Under each video lesson, you’ll find a discussion forum. You can share your thoughts, ask questions, and get feedback from others about your voice. The course may be at your own pace, but you aren't alone in it.

Christina takes the discussion community a step further via a private Facebook group for those who take the classes. You can make friends with other aspiring singers, find contacts in the industry, and enjoy sharing space with like-minded individuals.

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Who is Christina Targeting With Her Lessons?

Christina Aguilera became a household name for a reason. She is a talented singer and performer, with a bubbly personality – the perfect combo for success. Her personality and values greatly inform the lessons she shares.

As a pop and rock performer, Christina Aguilera is a force with which to be reckoned with when she’s on stage. Offstage, you’ll find her just as personable, with a cheerful and genuine personality.

On the surface, it might make sense for the Masterclass to target developing singers and performers who want to be whole-package popstars like Christina. But that’s not necessarily the case with these lessons. They share something for everyone. 

  • The lessons in this course are valid for singers in all genres and at all levels. 

Some parts of Masterclass are universal, including lessons about vocal theory, tips for how to rock a performance, and new ways of thinking about traditional singing techniques. Think about it – rock stars and classical-music soloists use the same microphones. Anyone can get stage fright. And every singer needs a proper warm-up, regardless of the genre of music you’re performing.

That said, Masterclass is also highly applicable to those who aspire to sing and perform like a superstar. Christina Aguilera’s experience informs the course, so maybe you can follow in her footsteps!

  • Live performers and people singing pop or rock music will find the most substantial connection to the content. 

Christina is trained across various musical genres and is a technically proficient vocalist. But her tips probably apply most to you if you want to sing pop or rock music. For example, opera soloists or blues-studio musicians probably have slightly different training and performance needs than you’ll find emphasized in this course.

The information in Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass will build your technique and boost your confidence if you’re looking to mimic Christina’s music. After all, you wouldn't look to a professional pastry chef for advice about becoming a better griller. The same goes for voice-performance inspiration.

  • Much of the course information targets those who perform live or hope to take the stage down the road.
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Singers who plan to enter competitions like America's Got Talent or The Voice will blossom under Christina’s tutelage. Similarly, the lessons will be uber-helpful if you frequent open-mic nights and other smaller stages.

Christina Aguilera earned her popularity with her stunning performances. Indeed, her singing skills are well above average, but what sells is her onstage performances and how they make fans feel!

When you see Christina perform, you connect with her personally. She's a presence, entity, and full picture. She doesn’t hide behind her music. So, if you want to be a pop star, Christina's all-in style – and, consequently, her Masterclass – is for you.

If you want to be a better singer and learn how to sing properly, then Christina's course is definitely for you.

You can receive a free trial to another singing course that I highly recommend. Learn to sing quick with the 30 day singer program. Check out the free trial here.

You Need This Course If …

... you want to become a better singer and enhance your performance skills. 

As I've highlighted, Christina Aguilera’s experience and success mean Masterclass delivers something for every vocalist to learn and apply to their own experiences. From beginners to advanced vocalists, all genres and levels of singers will grow from Christina's insights. 

Though the Masterclass also targets people who want to sing and perform like Christina, you'll also learn the foundational “musts” for singers of all varieties.

you have the time and energy to devote to making you a better singer and performer.

You must be willing to put in the time and effort for Masterclass to help you grow. Between the video lessons, homework assignments, and practice, the Masterclass is a big commitment. To get the most out of it, you need to make that commitment and follow Christina’s instructions to the letter.

you want a high-quality singing coach with personality.

One-on-one coaching with direct feedback is always the best way to improve. But qualified teachers are costly and hard to find. Working with Christina Aguilera's Masterclass is the next best thing. 

She won’t bore you. She has a career you might want to emulate, and she teaches with personality. Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass is a delight that will leave you feeling confident and excited about your singing career!