35 Best Lil Wayne Songs Of All Time

Born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., the artist known as Lil Wayne has been viewed as an inspiration to many other rappers that have hit the scene over the years. This is partly due to his skills and ability as an artist, along with his powerful delivery that never misses a beat.

But then, don’t just take our word for it. Instead, check out our list of the 35 best Lil Wayne songs of all time to see what the hype is all about. 

1. Something You Forgot

Lil wayne - Something You Forgot

The one thing that stands out in this track is simply the emotion he has built into the track. Some even feel it’s difficult to listen to because it grabs your soul and doesn’t let go. However, even if that’s not the case for you, there’s no doubt it is a powerful song that is worthy of being listened to on repeat until you fully understand everything Lil Wayne wishes to say.

2. I Feel Like Dying

Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying

This is another track that pushes the boundaries when it comes to emotion. You can both hear and feel pain coming from him, and yet he still delivers his lyrics with precision, and it packs more than enough into it for you to also get the feeling that the track is cathartic for him.

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3. Famous

This track comes across as a bit more upbeat than some of the songs he produced. However, he does stick with his almost continual sense of introspection. With a snappy beat pushing him along, he delivers with his usual sense of confidence in his ability to put across exactly what he’s feeling at that time.

4. Dr. Carter

We love this track, as it almost comes across as a bit of fun from Lil Wayne, even though many feel it’s not exactly the best track on his album. Yet, who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves? Even though the song’s concept is a bit weird, being set in a hospital and Lil Wayne as a doctor.

5. Death Wish

Lil Wayne appears in this track alongside Jadakiss, and even though Jadakiss is the main star in the song, Lil Wayne still makes his presence known via his verse. While he may not be the main character here, he adds a thumping feel to the track.

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6. I’m Single

Lil Wayne - I'm Single (Official Audio)

The key to this track is the fact it’s so chilled in its approach. Also, Lil Wayne displays his best storytelling here as he takes you through the track with absolute ease. Somehow, he manages to create a real laid-back feel to the song that will ultimately make you appreciate his skill in doing that with a simple rap song.

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7. Shine

Lil Wayne - Shine (Official Music Video)

Lil Wayne goes back to talking about the common things that bother him in life, but that’s something he’s good at. With a perfect beat resonating throughout the song, he spits out bars without much of a care in the world, resulting in a fantastic track that just reminded the world of how cool an artist he is. 

8. How to Love

Lil Wayne - How To Love (Official Music Video)

This track has more of an R&B feel, but that’s not a bad thing when you consider the different emotions and feelings it gives to the song. Lil Wayne just allows the groove to guide his flow, working in perfect harmony with one another. It’s a classic track that deserves way more praise than it generally received. 

9. We Takin’ Over

Lil Wayne appears in this DJ Khaled track alongside Akon and Rick Ross, so he has to fight for some attention throughout. However, his poise and delivery stand out as he bursts through his lines, delivering them with depth.

10. Hustler Musik

Lil Wayne - Hustler Musik / Money On My Mind

This track brings heavy use of the snare, and it certainly adds a different vibe to the beat. Lil Wayne keeps things nice and simple though, with the beat just offering enough to add a sense of energy to proceedings. The idea is to make it feel as if the song hits your soul, and even if it fails to achieve that for you, it will certainly get you to think about the lyrics and how they relate to your life. 

11. Kush

With this track, you get Lil Wayne delving into one of his favorite subjects, and that’s weed. Basically, it’s a stoner type of song, so don’t expect too much energy blasting through it. Instead, it feels stripped back and a bit on the chill side, but that’s not always a bad thing.

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12. Right Above It

As a Lil Wayne track, this has to be one of the biggest bangers and beats you will ever hear from him. It’s thunderous from beginning to end, and it even starts off with some trumpets, which is pretty cool. Lil Wayne delivers a very fluid flow, and then the chorus really kicks into play, leaving you breathless. It’s one of his best-ever tracks, in our opinion.

13. Lollipop

Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Official Music Video) ft. Static

With some autotuned vocals thrown into the mix, this track is fine if you don’t mind Lil Wayne talking about the nitty-gritty of life. Sure it may be more of an adult taste thanks to the subject matter, but he still delivers a punch flow along with a thumping beat that ultimately pulls you through the song.

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14. I’m Me

Viewed by some as the song that has defined his career, Lil Wayne pumps through the track without a care in the world. Along with some heady samples throughout, the song allows Lil Wayne to really showcase his skills, and boy does he manage to do exactly that. 

15. Get ‘Em

If you spend time really listening to this track, then one thing that stands out is that Lil Wayne is exceptionally calculated throughout. He is highly focused from the first bar, and the beat that’s incorporated into the track certainly helps to boost that feeling of something special about to happen. If you want to hear a masterclass in how to spit out your lyrics, then this is the track you need to listen to. 

16. Popular

Popular (Explicit)

This track also features Lil Twist, so you have two artists effectively bouncing off one another throughout the song. What you get here is Lil Wayne rocking the world delivering deadly lyrics with precision and emotion. Ultimately, he uses this track to remind us how he has long been viewed as one of the most definitive rappers of his generation, and when you have a flow as good as this, then there’s not much debate. 

17. I’m Goin In

This track also includes Drake and Young Jeezy, so you have several artists fighting to stand out, which always adds extra depth to the track. As you would expect with these guys, you get a thumping tune with heavy-duty beats—the three of them adding their own twist and take to the verses. It’s really more like a work of art rather than anything else. 

18. She Will

Lil Wayne - She Will (Visualizer) ft. Drake

With more of a pop-rap feel to it, this track comes across as a bit lighter than the tracks Lil Wayne produces, where you can seriously feel his pain. What’s cool about it, though, is the use of instruments such as violins to add a different vibe, and this works surprisingly well with the bass-heavy beat that permeates the song. With so much going on from an instrumental side, it’s no surprise Lil Wayne has to do very little from a lyrical point of view, but he still delivers with that powerful vibe everyone is accustomed to.

19. Miss Me

Drake - Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne

This track is another collab with Drake, and the two just always work well together, no matter the subject matter. It’s immediately apparent that they plan on having some fun with this track, and it does come across as loud and clear. It’s almost as if they are setting off fireworks through the song, helped out by a stunning beat that helps them to ride along on the crest of a musical wave. 

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20. Shoot Me Down

Lil Wayne - Shoot Me Down

We love this track because it comes with a real retro feel from the outset, and that’s cool. But be warned, this track comes across as something of a slow-burner, but it builds tempo and vibe, resulting in a thunderous conclusion. Through it all, Lil Wayne keeps the energy pumping with his spot-on delivery that bounces along with a feeling of determination behind it.

21. Money to Blow

Birdman - Money To Blow (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Wayne, Drake

This is another song produced alongside Drake, and Birdman is included as well, resulting in a heavy song from the outset. The delivery of their verses is timeless, and they use the power of one another to push them along, spitting out bars with confidence and determination. It’s just a cool track to listen to, and it had to be on our list.

22. Leather So Soft

Birdman, Lil Wayne - Leather So Soft (Official Video)

This song brings Birdman and Lil Wayne back together again, and it’s a duo that always produces something that will blow you off your feet. This track is certainly not about to change that. It delivers a real groove to the track, and with Lil Wayne producing his usual explosive lyrics, you crash along through the song without even being aware of how you did it. Ultimately, it’s a fantastic track to check out, and one we think needs to be added to your playlist.

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23. Tha Mobb

What stands out for us with this track is that Lil Wayne has a witty approach to his verses, while he blends that in with a sense of aggression that you just cannot ignore. The beat is dark, but it draws you in and holds you there to allow Lil Wayne to deliver with a powerful flow that is all about him telling you how amazing he is. Seriously, when he produces something this good, then it’s tough to argue against him. 

24. Duffle Bag Boy

Playaz Circle - Duffle Bag Boy ft. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne produces this song along with Playaz Circle, and once again you get a stunning track packed full of more energy than you will be able to cope with. But the thing that stands out is the hook that they bring into the track. It’s insane and will instantly grab you. If it wasn’t for the hook, then this song would still be good, but it just takes everything to a whole new level, and that’s why we had to include it in our list of his best songs. 

25. I Miss My Dawgs

This Lil Wayne track comes across as pretty well-rounded with there being nothing outlandishly good, but all the individual parts just work together, creating a blended track that’s great to listen to. But also, this is a tribute track to Slim 400, so there’s also a sense of it, meaning something mixed in with real emotion. He is a master of adding feelings of pain and hurt into his tracks, and this is yet another one where he excels at that particular part of his art.

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26. Fireman

Lil Wayne - Fireman (Official Music Video)

Released back in 2005, Lil Wayne has the ability to get goosebumps popping out all over you via this track, and that’s a great skill to have. This is one seriously banging track to listen to, and it was produced at a time when Lil Wayne probably was the best rapper around. It’s forceful and delivers a determination that you cannot ignore. Ultimately, it leaves you open-mouthed when you discover just exactly how good this track is. If you have never listened to it before, you cannot fully understand Lil Wayne. It’s just that good.

27. A Milli

Lil Wayne - A Milli

The beat in this track ensures it gets its place on this list because it’s one of the best around. But also, Lil Wayne delivers so smoothly that it’s almost like silk coming out of him. He just never seems to stop in the track, but he doesn’t use too many huge hooks to pull you in. Instead, he lets his words do the talking, and there’s no doubt you will sit up and take notice. This is a powerful track that will manage to reach deep down inside of you and take a piece of your soul.

28. Mr. Carter

This song also features Jay-Z, so that’s a good enough reason to add it to your playlist. But for us, it’s the wordplay that means we need to add it to our list. The way he messes around with words and their meanings is the thing that makes you want to pay attention, and the fact he delivers with so much strength just helps to enforce the apparent importance of what he’s telling you. Basically, you need to sit down and think about the lyrics to fall in love with this track fully. 

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29. 6 Foot 7 Foot

Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot ft. Cory Gunz (Explicit) (Official Music Video)

Also featuring Cory Gunz, this is Lil Wayne just doing the thing he does best: playing with words, creating imagery in his lyrics, and blasting his thoughts out of your speakers and directly onto you. While the beat is not his best, his bars are out of this world, resulting in you becoming absorbed into the track within seconds of hitting play. Just do yourself a favor, and focus more on his delivery rather than what’s going on in the back.

30. Stuntin’ Like My Daddy

Birdman, Lil Wayne - Stuntin' Like My Daddy (Official Music Video)

This is another track alongside Birdman, and they are a cool duo when you look at the tracks they have produced together. What you have here is the two of them working in complete harmony with one another, which means it’s a smooth track where both feed off the other’s vibe. But look out for the chorus. It’s probably the best part of the song and helps to lift the entire track up from being average to something that is stunning to listen to.

31. Maybach Music 2

This track is produced along with Rick Ross, Kanye, and T-Pain, so once again, you have ample talent, all fighting one another in the song. It’s actually more of a Rick Ross track, so he does dominate proceedings, but Lil Wayne certainly makes himself known when delivering his verse. He manages this by delivering a real punch making his presence known even within such an elite company.

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32. Mrs. Officer

Lil Wayne - Mrs. Officer/Comfortable ft. Bobby V.

While the beat accompanying this track is more than decent, the fun Lil Wayne is having via the lyrics and delivery helps this track stand out. Also featuring both Bobby Valentino and Kidd Kidd, this track was a huge hit, and it still resonates with people today. It came out at a time when Lil Wayne was at the top of his game, producing hit after hit, and this was simply another one off the production line. 

33. Georgia… Bush

Lil Wayne - Georgia Bush

This track is all about Lil Wayne getting political, and it’s a scathing attack and description of exactly how he felt about President George W. Bush. Through the track, Lil Wayne never holds back with his lyrics as he discusses his absolute disgust at how the government handled Hurricane Katrina.

Now, remember that Lil Wayne came from that area, so it was very personal to him. It leads to a thumping track full of understandable anger, and he leaves you in no doubt as to how he feels about the entire situation. 

34. Gossip

What stands out from this track is the way in which Lil Wayne was so focused on seeking to become the greatest rapper around. His drive and determination are the mainstays of the track, and it has to be said that there’s something poetic about the song. The song is delivered to perfection, and the entire track is so well put together that it flows along without difficulty. Sadly, this song tends to fly under the radar, which is insane because how could you underrate a track like this?

35. Tha Block is Hot

Lil Wayne - Tha Block Is Hot

For us, the key to this song is the insane energy and vibe that burst from the track within the first few seconds. His flow is highly engaging, and he delivers with pinpoint accuracy as he brings you into the track and makes you feel as if he’s talking to you and you alone. By the end of the track, you will feel pumped and ready for anything as Lil Wayne fills you with such a positive vibe you will notice how it flows through your veins. It’s not only the block that’s hot but also this song.

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