55 Best Drake Songs Of All Time

As rappers go, it’s tough to find someone as big as Drake. The Canadian superstar has been a force to be reckoned with for some time now thanks to his now timeless tracks.

But there’s a problem. He has produced so many songs that trying to narrow a list down to the best tracks he has ever released, or been involved with, is not easy. However, that is what we have tried to do, and it has led us to this list of the 55 best Drake songs of all time. 

1. Replacement Girl

Drake Replacement Girl (Feat Trey Songz) OFFICIAL VIDEO/LYRICS

This track also includes Trey Songz, and it’s from Drake’s second mixtape back in 2007. Now, the featured artist does come in strong in this song, but the rapper has all the confidence in the world to spit out a few bars with ease to just let you know he’s in the house. As one of his earlier tracks, it still shows how he was a force to be reckoned with.

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2. Lemon Pepper Freestyle

Lemon Pepper Freestyle

Along with Rick Ross, this track from 2021 shows how Drake is still going strong after a number of years in the industry. Complete with samples from the song Pressure by Quadron, this track is a bit more heartfelt than others he has produced over the years. It shows the rapper looking inward, and honestly, it’s the kind of song that could grab you if you listen carefully to the lyrics.

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3. God’s Plan

This 2018 track was huge, and for good reason. In the song, Drake sounds conflicted within his own thoughts, and he manages to put across a whole lot of emotion in the track for you to catch on to. The harmony throughout the song is gorgeous, and the beat is strong enough to pull you through while you allow yourself to be absorbed into every word he utters. 

4. Marvins Room

This track from 2011 is viewed as a major reason why Drake evolved into such a huge star. Incorporating some R&B into the track, he manages to engage with the listener within the first few seconds. With a deeper voice than normal, there’s a calmness about the song, allowing you to think deeply about his lyrics. It’s a cool track that’s intended to be more thoughtful than anything else.

5. Blessings

Big Sean - Blessings ft. Drake, Kanye West

Drake appears alongside Kanye West and Big Sean, so you have an explosion of hip hop talent appearing in one track. This track is all about the prosperity gospel, and it does come complete with a huge chorus that blasts into the deepest corners of your mind. It’s just outlandishly good, and the way the three of them work together is amazing.

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6. From Time

Drake - From Time (Feat. Jhene Aiko)

Also featuring Jhené Aiko, this track offers you a real balance between her vocals and the confident delivery of Drake. The two work well together and have good chemistry before he dives back into the world of introspection through the verses. It’s a powerful track that is brought to life by the American songstress.

7. The Calm

This track comes from the third mixtape that Drake produced, and it displays his growing belief in himself as an artist. He is in a reflective mood as he contemplates fame and what it means, and the potential alienation that could follow. It has a depth to it that goes beyond his relative inexperience at this point, making it fun to listen to as you consider how he continues to develop. 

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8. I Get Lonely Too

Drake - I Get Lonely Too

This 2010 track leans heavily on R&B influences, while Drake gets out his crooning skills. It results in him throwing on a huge helping of emotion, which then drags you through the song without you feeling drained by it all at the end. 

9. Stay Schemin

Drake appears in this track along with Rick Ross and French Montana, so it’s packed full of talent. It also includes a bit of a diss verse from him without it being full-on, as he clearly did not want to take away from the rest of the song. However, he still spits out some powerful lyrics while there’s something of a rough feel to it all that just makes the track even better to listen to as a result.

10. Work

Rihanna - Work (Explicit) ft. Drake

Featuring Rihanna, this duet was a real hit back in 2014. It manages to combine reggae sounds with pop and hip hop, leading to a track that has some real flow to it. This is one song where Drake is happy to sit back and let the Barbadian singer do her thing, but then his vocal harmonies add a real depth to the track. 

11. Look What You’ve Done

Look What You've Done

Drake spends time in this track paying tribute to both his mother and grandmother, so there’s a heartfelt feeling about it all. Sampling Static Major in the song, this has a mildness to it with him displaying his normal confident self in his delivery, which is flawless from the first bar. 

12. 10 Bands

What stands out with this track is the way Drake bounces through his bars with such an effortless flow that he just makes it sound so easy. He spits out lines with such confidence that you suddenly find yourself at the end of the song wondering how you got there. This is smoothness from a technical perspective.

13. Headlines

Drake - Headlines (Explicit)

We love this track as Drake moves freely between delivering bars with a sense of freedom, to some good old-fashioned crooning. This change adds depth to the song as he thrashes through his lyrics without a care in the world. 

14. Big Rings

Also featuring Future, this song is designed to be played loud. With heavy-duty keyboards and a track bass to die for, this is a serious blast with Drake delivering punch after punch throughout.

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15. Teenage Fever

Even though the title of the track seems strange, it’s all about his own experiences of teenage romance. Throughout, Drake puts across that he’s fighting against his own thoughts, leading to a sense of conflict and tension in the song that just flows so well even though it’s such a jarring track. 

16. Back to Back

This is a diss track by Drake, and he certainly knows how to display his anger even though he does so in such a poetic form. Created in response to a challenge by Meek Mill, it sees the rapper being cutting with his words, delivered in a punch format with a thunderous beat that ultimately turns this song into a force to be reckoned with. 

17. In My Feelings

Drake - In My Feelings

This track comes with a whole lot of energy as Drake raps about relationships and even throws in the names of past girlfriends. It’s the type of song that comes with so much squeezed into just a few minutes, which takes a few listens before you get to grips with everything it has to offer. But when you do, you will be glad you took the time to do all of that. 

18. The Ride

We love this track primarily for the second verse as that’s where Drake comes into his own. He punches through with power and perfect flow riding along with the beat and delivering a masterclass. Also, The Weeknd makes an appearance, resulting in a stunning track.

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19. Moment 4 Life

Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life (Remastered) (Official Video) ft. Drake

This track also features Nicki Minaj, so you have two different styles and influences working together. But the best part is the melody. They are terrific and have turned this song into something that is almost anthemic. It’s a blindingly good track with the two artists bringing the best out of one another. 

20. Energy

This bouncing track from 2015 is nothing more than Drake effectively going on a rant for a full three minutes. However, he does it with control as he spits out his lyrics and leaves you in no doubt as to his thoughts and emotions. You can hear his frustration in his voice alongside a thumping beat that will vibe straight through you. It’s a blast to listen to and is aptly named for the energy it generates. 

21. Where Ya At

Future - Where Ya At (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

This song features Drake alongside Future, and it’s one hell of a cool track to check out. Complete with a trap beat and even some piano thrown in, what you have here are two artists bouncing off one another in perfect timing. He dominates with his verse, but overall, it’s a balanced song where both artists are given the opportunity to excel at what they do. 

22. Hold On, We’re Going Home

Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan

Featuring Majid Jordan, what you get here is a blend of hip hop alongside some synth-pop, and Drake just makes it sound oh so cool. It’s the kind of track that throws you back to the 80s, if you were alive then, and it comes across as a bit sentimental from him. A warning though, he doesn’t delve into that emotion too often, so best listen to this song. 

23. For Free

DJ Khaled ft Drake - For Free (Original Audio) HQ

Drake pops up alongside DJ Khaled in this rather funky track, and the harmonies that appear in the song are outstanding. But don’t think this is all about him because DJ Khaled also does more than enough to push his authority onto the track, with some thumping lines that connect perfectly with the angle the other pushes throughout. It’s certainly a harmonious song to listen to. 

24. Worst Behavior

Drake - Worst Behavior

This 2013 track shows Drake displaying a bit more aggression than we are used to with the way he rips through verse after verse without taking a moment to stop. It comes complete with a trap beat to help him along, but he doesn’t need any assistance to push across his thoughts and feelings, leaving you in no uncertain terms about what he wants in life. 

25. Nice for What

Drake - Nice For What

This is one cool song, and it’s Drake giving thanks to the 90s, which means keyboards and funky loops thrown into the mix. But the standout thing with this track is its simplicity. He doesn’t have to do too much to get you to sit up and take notice, delivering confident bars that manage to override that funky background beat. 

26. Free Smoke

During this track, Drake seeks to taunt and tempt others into a reaction, so there’s a brashness about the way he delivers. But he also loves to boast and does so by name-dropping throughout. Yet, it’s the air of confidence in this song that has led to us including it on the list as it’s infectious. 

27. Laugh Now Cry Later

Drake - Laugh Now Cry Later (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Durk

The thing we love most about this track is the chorus and its melody. It’s a brilliant piece of work, and then Lil Durk also adds their contribution to the song to give it a different twist from a normal Drake track. With a smooth and stylish beat, it’s the type of song that meanders along without stressing you out, making it a pleasure to listen to. 

28. Yes Indeed

Drake & Lil Baby- Yes Indeed | HiiiKey + Gang

Also featuring Lil Baby, it sees Drake taking more of a back seat. However, he still knows how to make his mark by kicking off the track with a smooth and powerful delivery that accompanies a thumping beat. 

29. Controlla

With this track, what you get is a more sensual Drake, and he’s pretty good at pulling that vibe off. The rhythm in the song is slow, but it adds to the overall feeling you get throughout. Add in some crooning by him, which is impressive, and some heavy keyboard playing, it’s like you get almost a ballad with how it comes across. It’s thanks to this different approach that we have had to include it here. 

30. Jodeci (Freestyle)

Drake - Jodeci (Freestyle) feat. J. Cole

Along with J Cole, this track was a hit in 2013, and it wasn’t the first collaboration this pair had done. It goes big on the synths and Drake is his usual boastful self throughout while the two bounce their own energy off one another to perfection.

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31. Right Above It

Drake produces this track alongside Lil Wayne, and that’s a powerful duo ready to throw down the gauntlet in their verses. Complete with a huge trap beat, the two bounce along through their verses with perfect flow creating a cool song that is easy on the ears. 

32. Passionfruit

We love this 2017 song because of how Drake blends so many musical genres into one single track. From R&B to some synth-pop, and don’t forget some classic hip hop, there’s so much going on for you to listen to. The rapper acts more like a crooner in this song, and it’s something he pulls off with ease, resulting in a gorgeously silky track. 

33. Weston Road Flows

Drake- Weston Road Flows "Views" (2016)

This song allows Drake to dive back into where he grew up, and it leads to a track that is heavy with emotion and some raw rap power from him. Filled with references to his childhood and the people around him, it flows with perfection as he opens up, giving you an indication of what made him into the person he is today. 

34. Best I Ever Had

This song from 2009 was really the thing that made Drake huge, and when you listen to the track, you will understand how it all happened. With a lively beat, he sets the tone for his career early on with some bragging lyrics while keeping his feet on the ground. Considering he was new to this game, it’s a cool song and deserves to be on the list to show how he has developed as an artist.

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35. Find Your Love

Drake - Find Your Love (Extended Version)

Drake dives into a blend of rap and R&B with this track, adding a whole new level of smoothness to the song. He croons and then raps with confidence in his delivery while still offering an almost romantic sense to the track. It’s laid-back and the type of song you could just chill to. 

36. You & the 6

An insightful song, some feel it’s an open letter to his mother, and it certainly has a really deep feeling to the track, which clearly represents something being on his mind. It’s the type of song that makes you sit and think about life from your own perspective. 

37. Hotline Bling

Drake - Hotline Bling

This track won a Grammy for Best Rap Song, and that lets you know that it has to be good. But there was a problem, Drake doesn’t even rap on it. Instead, his vocals take a different turn, and then there’s the video. It’s cool, but don’t allow it to distract your mind from the track as it’s amazing. 

38. Jungle

What stands out here is the haunting beat on a loop that permeates the track. You feel encapsulated by that alone while Drake delivers his lyrics with some aggression. His delivery is the height of perfection even though he clearly has a chip on his shoulder, which still makes it a fun song to check out. 

39. Started From the Bottom

Drake - Started From The Bottom

With a trap beat feeding the track, Drake tags in some hooks that come across as real powerhouses, and you just know you are in the presence of excellence. His lyrics are boastful, but then he has a lot to boast about, but he does it with such smoothness that it’s more than deserving to be on our list. 

40. Jumpman

This collaboration with Future introduces one of the bounciest beats you will ever listen to, and it adds so much vibrancy to the track as a result. With inspiration from trap music included, the title is a perfect description of how the energy of the song jumps around throughout both verse and chorus. It’s chaotic but controlled at the same time. 

41. Know Yourself

This track is where Drake starts to play around with some afrobeats but only at the end. It’s a prelude to other songs that would then follow, but this is the one where it all starts. Also, look out for the switch in beat at midway. It completely changes the vibe of the track. 

42. Crew Love

Drake takes a bit more of a backseat in the track alongside The Weeknd to really add his strong vocals to proceedings. It does lead to something of a real balance between the two styles, which fits in with the overall sense of control the rapper exhibits with his verses. It’s smooth and a joy to listen to. 

43. Fountains

Drake - Fountains (Audio) ft. Tems

Drake dives back into those afrobeats in this track alongside Nigerian singer, Tems. It has a cool vibe throughout with an almost sensual feeling, thanks to the crooning that takes place. This song is perfect if you’re searching for something a bit more laid-back. 

44. 5AM in Toronto

Drake - 5AM In Toronto (Official Video)

The cool thing about this track is the synth keyboard part that dominates the beat throughout the song. It pumps you up even without Drake adding his own sense of energy to proceedings, and that’s such a cool thing to achieve. He spits out his verse with ferocity, leading to it thumping its energy deep into your core. It’s funky, groovy, and seriously addictive. 

45. 6PM in New York

Drake has a thing about times in places, but this track is all over the place, moving from bragging to incorporating a diss toward Tyga. At times, he’s scathing in his words, but he does it with some serious class that you cannot help but feel drawn in. It’s a cool song simply because it covers so many different approaches to rap. 

46. Come Closer

Wizkid - Come Closer ft. Drake

This song also features Wizkid, and it’s a thumping track you will want to listen to on repeat. Complete with some afrobeats all the way from Nigeria, it will light up the room as Drake utilizes the beat to its full effect.

47. The Motto

Drake - The Motto (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

This track also features Lil Wayne, and it’s clear from the outset that these two guys effectively feed off the energy that the other one brings to the song. With a pumping beat in the background, both artists deliver their lyrics with power and a rawness that just adds to the overall vibe you get here. 

48. Over

The standout thing with this track has to be the orchestral flare that appears. It’s just something you don’t expect, and then there are the harmonies Drake also includes. It shows an artist willing to create something out of the ordinary, which is a good reason to include it in our list. 

49. Take Care

Drake - Take Care ft. Rihanna

This track was another collaboration with Rihanna, and once again, the two create a chemistry that is spellbinding in the song. But there’s a difference as Drake doesn’t croon. Instead, he delivers a more powerful performance than you expect. That power blended with the Barbadian singer doing her thing resulted in a track that became a favorite in clubs around the world. 

50. Say What’s Real

This is more of a blog rap track rather than the usual song, and that means you have a single verse and no chorus. But Drake does something else here. He displays some raw emotion, and it’s intense, so prepare yourself for it. 

51. Poetic Justice

Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice (Explicit) ft. Drake

Drake teams up with Kendrick Lamar in this track, and the two clearly work well together. It includes a sample from a Janet Jackson song as well, giving it a more upbeat tempo. He raps in more of a crooning way through the track, which works well in combo with Lamar while they both examine their own thoughts via some deep lyrics in the song. 

52. Jimmy Cooks

Drake - Jimmy Cooks ft. 21 Savage

Drake appears alongside 21 Savage in this track, and what you have here is a song that brings into play a beat that can only be described by one word: soulful. As a result, the track has a depth to it that you cannot miss, and both artists manage to incorporate their own emotions into a song that just sits there and makes you think about it all. 

53. Sneakin’

Drake - Sneakin' ft. 21 Savage (Official Video)

Drake produced this track alongside 21 Savage, and it was the first of a few collaborations the two have done. It works as they have different approaches to their art, leading to opposite styles that simply blend and create their own energy. This song works as the perfect example of that. 

54. One Dance

Drake - One Dance (Live On SNL) ft. Wizkid, Kyla

Drake creates this masterpiece along with both Wizkid and Kyla, and it’s a fantastic song. It blends afrobeats with influences from Jamaica, and basically, it’s a track that borrows from so many areas of inspiration that it feels almost global. But with the rapper, you can expect a smoothness to his vocals that’s often not there, and that’s why we had to add it to this list. 

55. March 14

This song was dedicated to his newborn son, so it’s something quite personal for him. There’s a poignancy about it all, which makes it the perfect final track on his album. He sounds mournful in his voice at times, and it certainly creates a somber mood, but he somehow pulls it all together yet again. 

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